QMC2 – M.A.M.E. est une interface graphique pour l’émulateur de jeux d’arcade M.A.M.E. Il est le successeur d’une des premières interfaces graphiques UNIX pour M.A.M.E. : QMamecat, et est aujourd’hui le projet le plus actif dans le domaine. QMC2 repose sur l’utilisation de la bibliothèque graphique Qt4.


Changements :
– fix: corrected build issues when using Qt 5.9.x (BT #157)
– fix: software-lists: repeat the last search when the software-list is reloaded and a non-empty search pattern is present (BT #158)
– fix: software-lists: corrected statistics string to also include the number of search matches (S:) when state-checking is disabled
– fix: welcome dialog: explicitly set the GUI font if it has been customized before
– fix: welcome dialog: fixed reverting to the current language setting when the dialog is reject()’ed (i.e. Cancel is clicked or Escape is pressed)
– fix: video player: avoid some of the possible race conditions related to switching machines quickly while the attached videos list is being created
– fix: video player: do not request video image data from YouTube again when the image is already cached, and don’t request anything for local videos (oops)
– fix: avoid updating detail-tabs while the tab-widget itself is being recreated (BT #160)
– fix: worked around a Qt bug to fix initial detail-tab header scrolling when the current tab is far to the right (BT #161)
– fix: video player: avoid loading the video info map multiple times
– fix: video overlay widget: don’t display status messages when the main GUI is minimized (as the overlay is actually a parentless window it’s not receiving the “minimize event” implicitly)
– fix: avoid UI flicker when initially showing the loading animation with active category- or version-view
– fix: example system-notes template: when on Windows, provide a play/pause button alternative for controlling the HTML5 video canvas as the built-in controls don’t work
– imp: ignore the new dtd emulator option when checking the template map
– imp: MinGW builds: changed the Makefile to support the newer MAME-dev tools, including Qt 5, but Qt 4 is still recommended (note that for Qt 5 /usr/bin/sh.exe must be renamed or removed, otherwise qmake won’t produce correct paths – see QTBUG-48876 which unfortunately isn’t fixed but closed)
– imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.192
– imp: obsolete (or invalid) emulator options are now automatically removed when the options are stored
– imp: video player: greatly improved the way the widget is reloaded upon changing the current system
– imp: replaced the ghost video thumbnail with a more neutral image to avoid misinterpretation (also renamed the corresponding notes-template macro from $GHOST_VIDEO$ to $VIDEO_THUMBNAIL$)
– imp: revised or replaced several icons
– imp: example system notes template: removed the “opacity fade in” feature from the fancy image style (CSS) as it takes a duration of 1s that may cause issues if systems are switched very quickly
– imp: added a key-event filter for the search boxes in order to disable their default handling of Up / Down key input (because this causes issues with the way QMC2 uses the drop-down list as a search history)
– new: finalized the advanced setup wizard (started in 0.186) and promoted it to non-WIP
– new: notes-templates: added a new JavaScript-accessible funtion to query the current operating system name (see wiki)
– wip: adding freely customizable filtered machine list views (consumers of the machine list database added in 0.66, aka custom views) that can optionally be attached to the UI
– doc: added a note about escaping special characters to both the software-search’s tool-tip and the QMC2 guide (BT #153)


Télécharger QMC2 (x86) v0.195 fix (32.5 Mo)

Télécharger QMC2 (x64) v0.195 fix (35.9 Mo)

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