Madrigal CD Collection regroupe spécifiquement la totalité des simulateurs de Madrigal. Ce set est en complément au « Handheld Remakes (Simulators) » afin de respecter le nom d’origine des simulateurs de Madrigal.



The time has come to release the final version of all (59) games to the newest Standard 5 format. This update was announced over one month ago and follows about six months of hard programming work and one month of intense beta-testing and refinements. During this time, i have been working closely with very talented programmers and graphic artists who helped out a lot.
In addition to all the features of the « beta versions » published in October, the new releases feature new functionalities and bug-fixes. For example, it is now possible to switch full-screen and windowed modes from the on-screen menu or by pressing F12 in-game.
Today’s news is not just about the release of all Windows versions of my games. Thanks to the effort of great guys like Andre Leiradella, HCF Retrocoder and KMFDManic, all games are now fully playable on more than 15 platforms including Android, Apple, Raspberry, Linux, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, WiiU and the newest NES and SNES Mini consoles!
The list of new files updated during the past few weeks is impressive:
Standalone simulators
– All 59 games for Windows – version 5.00 (many of which with source code)
– All 59 games for RetroArch/Libretro – portings by Andre Leiradella, based on Standard 4 sources Collections
– MADrigal CD Collection for Windows and ClrMamePro DATfile – version 59.S5
– MADrigalPSP for Sony PSP and PSVita – version 1.0 by HCF Retrocoder, based on Standard 4 sources
– MADrigal for NES and SNES Classic – version 2017-11-05 by KMFDManic, based on Standard 4 sources


MADrigal’s Simulators has gone social! The brand new Facebook page will provide updates on the world of handheld simulators on a regular basis, so get connected!
A new article and video review of this project was recently published on Emumovies. The article is now available for download on the usual Press Review page.

ClrMamePro DATfile ver. 20171204 [59.S5]

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