RascalBoy Advance est un émulateut Game Boy Advance d’origine italienne qui est programmé en C/C++. Voici les news :

+ Fixed bug in EEPROM management (Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance doesn’t save)
+ Fixed bug in SRAM management (Super Mario Advance 4 save is corrupted)
+ Fixed various bugs and added new skin for VU-Meter audio plugin
+ Fixed bug in key configuration panel
+ Fixed bug in DISPCNT OBJ Double size (Final Fantasy Tatics)
+ Added new features to audio and video plugins
+ Fixed bug in Enable/Disable DMA (GBAGO doesn’t sound)
+ Fixed bug occuring when writing BGl_X and BGl_Y

Télécharger InfoVectrex 0.3J (46,8 Ko)

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