Il s’agit d’un fork de DOSBox des plus intéressant, destiné à Windows Linux et MacOS et créé par Jon Campbell. Il possède une compatibilité excellente et met l’accent sur la précision d’émulation notamment en ce qui concerne l’émulation de Windows 3.x à ME. En outre il ajoute des améliorations en provenance d’autres builds comme DOSBox ECE avec l’émulation de la 3DFX en interne.



Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– SDL 1.x Windows mouse motion fix. No more large sudden jumps when run on Windows 8 or higher.
– doublescan=false no longer leaves the screen vertically stretched.
– PC-98 support can now use either ANEX86.BMP or FREECG98.BMP. FREECG98.BMP is a free open source generated version that can be used if real hardware is not available to dump the CG font from for your use.
– PC-98 support: Released binaries now include FREECG98.BMP
– Build configuration updated so that released binaries can run under Windows XP
– SDL 2.x touchscreen vs guest pointer integration bugfix for Windows
– SDL 1.x mouse event handling fixed to properly report mouse motion before button events, which fixes guest pointer integration
– SDL 1.x rate-limit mouse motion detection on Windows to prevent random large jumps in your games. On Windows 10 SetCursorPos() no longer has an immediate effect which breaks the traditional mouse motion detector technique when the message pump is run too often.
– Simple core now defers to normal core when paging is enabled, instead of auto-switching from simple core
– Simple core fixed to range-check instruction pointer against system memory, to avoid segfaults when CS:IP is beyond available memory (such as, when DOSBox-X is beginning execution of the BIOS).


Télécharger DOSBox-X (x86) v0.82.1 (2018/01/08) (2,3 Mo)

Télécharger DOSBox-X (x64) v0.82.1 (2018/01/08) (2,6 Mo)

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