Bobby a mis à jour hier sa page web consacré aux « Unmamed »:

– Updated for MAME 0.76.

– Removed Vs. Super Xevious, Vs. Freedom Force, Bishi Bashi, OutRunners, Lady Frog, Sundance, Main Event (SNK).

– Changed TESTDRIVER section to Not Working – STV, WIP, and Broken. Let me know if I got everything right, I’m not sure about Catapult, Final Lap 3, and Suzuka 8 Hours, and the only broken games I know of are the Sega System 16 ones (not able to check the games right now).

– Added (Pro Yakyuu) TryOut, Whizz, Marine Date to Not Working WIP. Added Dox’s new WIP page and Thunder Ceptor II WIP page to links.

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