Nouvelle version pour ce bon émulateur de Sinclair Zx Spectrum dont voici les améliorations:

v – 18-02-2003
– Change all the Gui to AGUP (by NOP)
– About dialog and Keyboard reference screen
– Support for loading of TZX (by Alea)

Comme on avait pas newsé depuis la 1.3, voici les derniers ajouts qu’il y a eu depuis:

v – 11-10-2002
– Bugfixed
– Confirmation Dialog on Exit
– support 320×240 and 320×200 if first is not avalible
– Better estetical dialogs thanks to AGUP (by Alea)

v 0.1.6 – 1-10-2002
– compile under windows/VisualC
– a more recent getopt.c
– a new and better sound engine
– port FF emulation
– correct times of z80 (by Kak)
– Gui bugs, and tape loading by gui (by Alea)

v – 2-5-2002
– a primitive sound engine (by Alea)

v – 22-1-2002
– now emulated the border graphics correctly. (by Alea)

v 0.1.5 – 1-1-2002
– compile under windows/mingw32.
– rewrote the graphic routine, now flash attrib emulated.
– F7 General Options menu.
– Added gunstick emulation.
– Added suport for command line parameters.
– Some name file changes to use GNU Doc style. (by Alea)

v 0.1.4 – 08-08-2001
– Added the use of Allegro GUI routines to select the files to
load or save. They’re not nice but… they work! Thanks another
time to Allegro guys 🙂

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