Un émulateur de Rolant MT-32.


Les changements sont les suivants:


* Improved emulation of partial allocator. It still handles individual partials
as entities and not pairs, but now it keeps inactive partials on a stack
rather than assigns the first free partial sorted by index. This behaviour
better corresponds to how the real units allocate partials though.
* Fixed various issues with accessing ROM files with localised pathnames.
* Fixed old thinko about MIDI channel mapping when a MIDI channel is assigned
to multiple parts. In this case, the messages received on that MIDI channel
are now handled by all the parts.
* Changed semantic of the build option libmt32emu_WITH_INTERNAL_RESAMPLER. When
disabled, the built-in resampler support is no longer included in the build
implicitly. In case no external resampler library is found, a simple stub
is used instead, that either outputs at the internal synth sample rate
or is muted. This is mainly intended to reduce the library size when
the sample rate conversion is handled externally.


* Updated mt32emu library to version 2.3.0.
* Replaced application icon for mt32emu-qt with a new nicer one.
* Fixed a few minor bugs in MIDI player dialog.
* Fixed various issues with accessing files with localised pathnames.
* Improved timing accuracy of realtime rendering.
* Added experimental support for Windows 9x platform. As a side effect,
Qt version 4.5.3 is now supported.
* Added new option « Max Partials » in synth configuration. It allows setting
the maximum number of partials playing simultaneously.


* Updated mt32emu library to version 2.3.0.
* Fixed inappropriate implementation of MODM_GETDEVCAPS message that sometimes
resulted in returning unreadable driver name to the consumer MIDI
* In Windows MIDI driver setup tool, implemented « repair » command. This command
allows to restore the registry entry used by driver which may be overwritten
by Windows or some other application.
* Reimplemented Windows MIDI driver setup tool for x64 platform. It no longer
allows to install 32-bit and 64-bit drivers separately since this way doesn’t
seem to be supported by Windows. Instead, the setup tool now detects
the platform it runs on and installs the drivers as appropriate. This should
improve stability of the 32-bit driver on 64-bit systems.
* Added support for new synth profile option « Max Partials ». It allows setting
the maximum number of partials playing simultaneously.


Nous recommandons d’utiliser VirtualMIDISynth pour faire office de switch midi / midi mapper (choisir le output midi en VirtualMIDISynth lui même ou MT-32 Synth Emulator).
Fonctionne également à merveille avec la Version spéciale Daum Dos box qui supporte Munt. Fonctionne très bien avec Hoot! Media player classic notamment avec le playback des fichiers .mid!
Les résultats sont à des années lumière de tout ce que VirtualMIDISynth peut accomplir avec une banque soundfont MT-32.
Bonus! ROM nécessaire au bon fonctionnement de Munt: ici ou .


Télécharger Munt (x86/x64) v2.3.0 (update 1.5.0) (21,3 Mo)

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