Il s’agit d’un fork de DOSBox des plus intéressant, destiné à Windows Linux et MacOS et créé par Jon Campbell. Il possède une compatibilité excellente et met l’accent sur la précision d’émulation notamment en ce qui concerne l’émulation de Windows 3.x à ME. En outre il ajoute des améliorations en provenance d’autres builds comme DOSBox ECE avec l’émulation de la 3DFX en interne.



Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– The Windows maximize button no longer triggers fullscreen mode.
– Direct3D, OpenGL, and Surface outputs updated to fill the window in Windows builds when the window is maximized. If aspect correction is enabled, the Direct3D and OpenGL outputs will scale the DOS screen (with pillarbox/letterbox padding) to the correct aspect ratio and center within the maximized window.
– Fixed minor memory leak in MT32 (MUNT) synthesizer usage.
– Fixed uninitialized state issues with DMA channel 4 (cascade).
– IMGMOUNT now allows mounting the El Torito bootable floppy image of a CD-ROM drive as a drive letter and accessible (read only) filesystem. The FAT filesystem driver was fixed to support working from sources other than a direct file.
– PC-98 mode fixed not to register certain built-in commands and binaries to drive Z:\ that are not compatible with PC-98 mode.
MEM.EXE in particular uses IBM PC-specific techniques to gather it’s information, and is therefore incompatible with PC-98 mode.
This can be verified from the source code as MEM.EXE was evidently borrowed from the FreeDOS project.


Télécharger DOSBox-X v0.82.14 (2019/01/01) (12,2 Mo)

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