Emu80 est un émulateur de plateformes « Radio-86RK », « Partner », « Apogee », « Mikrosha », « specialist », « Orion », « Micro-80 », « UT-88 » pour Windows.

Merci à Breaker pour la news.
+ Innovation
* Change / Improvement
– Fixed a bug
!! Known issue
+ New keyboard layout mode (smart layout). In this mode, there is no one-to-one correspondence of the keys.
Just type the text, including in Russian, switching in the usual way – all the necessary
keystrokes will be emulated automatically. Switch to this mode using the Alt-K key combination.
By default, the mode is set for RC-86, Apogee, Partner and Microsha. In other PCs in the correctness of the work is not sure,
but you can try.
* The rk-file request is removed when trying to input from the tape recorder if a wav-file is already playing
* Implemented the ability to read configuration files from BOM UTF-8, all BOMs were added to the configuration files
* Improved accuracy of support for specified frame rate
* Improved the behavior of the emulator when running on slow PCs that do not provide emulation in real time,
in particular, improved response to keyboard input
* Sound output from the timer is now inverted to avoid in most cases a constant component in the absence of sound
* Separate Makefile for the lite-version in the sources
– Fixed the appearance of a process without a window in case of problems in configuration files
– Fixed problems with displaying the current value of an alternative font in the configuration menu
– Fixed small bugs in emulation

Unfortunately, much of the work that has already been started has not yet been completed (including the Qt version), so at the moment it’s just an intermediate build without significant innovations.

Site de développement.

Télécharger Emu80 (beta) v4.0.323 (10,6 Mo)

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