Nouvelle version officielle de Mame32 avec des modifications aux niveaux des fichiers driver.ini et vector.ini de façon à être conforme avec les dernières améliorations de l’émulateur, qui par ailleur a été patché avec les améliorations de 76u2.

Quelques infos en plus (inclus dans le futur 0.77):

Fulfilling the longstanding feature req. added the ability to globally alter vector.ini and driver.ini’s to match the core. Secondary click on the vector folder • properties in the folder pane to set options for that group of games. To alter global settings for game families, drill down into the source folder in the folder pane, and secondary click on a driver’s properties i.e. 1942.c. This will change options for all games based on that driver. The different levels of alteration are color coded, vector.ini changes are red, driver.ini changes are green, and individual game settings are blue. Thus there is the possibility to have four color/levels of alterations when a game’s individual properties are viewed in All Games or any folder. The changes can be backed out of hierarchically with reset to default on each respective properties, the reset to default global option, or by deleting the .ini files in the ini directory. Note: Currently the color alterations do not display properly with XP in themed mode, but the functionality works [bug 462]. Coded solutions to this issue via DIFF are welcomed. [René Single / Chris Kirmse / John IV]

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