News d’avant hier, concernant l’update du site officiel de Magic Engine :

We are currently working on the new GUI system of MagicEngine, this is another big part of the emulator but once it will be done we will be very near of the release of version 1.0.

PC-Engine compatibility is also getting better and better, we recently fixed a new CD-ROM game : Top O Nerae! GunBuster Vol. 1

Voici un petit graphe pour montrer l’avancement du nouvel émulateur MagicEngine / PC-FX emulator :

90% means that it’s complete, but code still need to be cleaned and there might be a few bugs left to fix.

[ The PC-FX emulation core is complete, but that doesn’t mean that compatibility is at 100%, actually compatibility is lower than that, there are still a few emulation bugs. (^^; ]

Site Officiel

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