Un excellent émulateur de Sega Dreamcast, Naomi 1 et 2 (+GD), Atomiswave, Gaelco, Hikaru et Cave 3rd (le Model 3 ayant été mis en standby au profit de SuperModel, plus performant). Programmé par Wind (principal codeur), CaH4e3 (co-codeur), Ajax16384 (co-codeur), DreamZzz (co-codeur), MetalliC (co-codeur). Il s’agit d’une version en cours de développement.
– fully emulated scaler/filter, should fix most if not all games which was cut in size if in TV-modes
– filtered NaN UV texture coordinates (Soul Reaver lifebar)
– filtered negative vertex coords (MK Gold with ATI fix)
– allowed upto 128 layers
– emulated primary/secondary render target buffers for Opaque/PunchTrought lists (Arartha proto flashlight)
– fixed MvSC2 SCORE blinking
– handle edge case ELAN IRQs
– auto hide mouse cursor when in full screen (5sec timeout)
– prettify « start in full screen » option
– renamed SPG/GPU display to FPS/RPS
– corrected purupuru device reply (Resident Evil 2)
– fixed xinput crash if attempt to configure inputs during emulation
– fixed few games with inverted « pedal » inputs
– fixed AEG/FEG which might stuck in edge cases (some sounds in MvSC2, ReVolt jump sound, etc)
– fixed RF ID generators for Dinoking, Love&Berry, etc
– small correction JVS I/O Sense line
– patch for Orion Puzzle Collection (workaround for Kalisti SDK bug)
– documented actual game developers in game list


Télécharger Demul (WIP) v0.7 (28/04/2018) (2,8 Mo)

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