Il s’agit d’un fork de DOSBox des plus intéressant, destiné à Windows Linux et MacOS et créé par Jon Campbell. Il possède une compatibilité excellente et met l’accent sur la précision d’émulation notamment en ce qui concerne l’émulation de Windows 3.x à ME. En outre il ajoute des améliorations en provenance d’autres builds comme DOSBox ECE avec l’émulation de la 3DFX en interne.



Les améliorations sont les suivantes:

– Added code to force redrawing additional frames when
output=opengl, in order to correct a bug with Linux/X11
and MesaGL where the first OpenGL buffer swap after
SDL_SetVideoMode() is misplaced when the window size
– Renderer SSE line comparison fixed to use correct sizeof()
of the integer type during compare.
– Renderer fixed not to use SSE and non-SSE line comparision
at the same time, if SSE was enabled at compile time.
– Fixed in-tree SDL 1.x library to allow DOSBox-X to disable
auto-refresh of the window in Linux/X11 after SDL_SetVideoMode
to prevent visible flickering when resizing the window.
– Conditional support for Direct3D (9) output enabled for
MinGW builds, if the MinGW headers are available (yksoft1).
Option is disabled by default.
– Configuration GUI dialog box widened to accomodate buttons
that were previously cut off on the right.
– Replace E_Exit() with LOG_MSG() for key codes from the mapper
that a keyboard scan code generator does not recognize. This
fixes E_Exit() crashes if typing certain keys on a Japanese
keyboard with no equivalent in IBM PC/AT mode.
– Added code to double the size of the menu and menu items if
the window is 1280×800 or larger, for users with high
definition laptop displays and screens.
– Enforce minimum window size of 640×400 if the menu bar is
visible and DOSBox-X is drawing them, to make sure the menus
are accessible on screen.
– Removed auto-scalar-size code when output=surface that was
causing problems when resizing the window.
– Do not show « screenshot » menu item if screenshot support not
available at compile time.
– Remove « always on top » for anything but Windows at this time.
– Disable « Show debugger » option on Linux and Mac OS X if no
console attached to STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR.
– Disable « Show console » option on Linux and Mac OS X since
the console is not under our control.
– Windows « Always on top » fixed to remember selection and
enforce it between SDL_SetVideoMode and fullscreen entry/exit.
– Windows builds fixed NOT to change window Z-order on the
screen when updating the window on SDL_SetVideoMode.
– HX DOS builds fixed to keep window maximized at all times
to fill the otherwise unused space on the screen since
– HXGUI only supports one window.
– Menu framework support for any other platform (including
Linux) added. The menus are drawn by DOSBox-X itself
using the 8×16 VGA font. This also gives SDL 2.x builds
a working menu. These menus are used if no other platform
specific menus are available. These menus are NOT AVAILABLE
at this time if output=opengl.
– Cycle count edit dialog box fixed to immediately place
keyboard focus in the text field, and to process
– ENTER and ESCAPE keyboard input as OK and CANCEL
button input. You can type a new cycles count without
having to click on the text field first.
– Menu framework and mapper fixed so that menus always
reflect the mapper binding in the menu.
– Windows SDL 1.x fixed async hack to properly destroy
and shut down the parent window again.
– Fixed output=opengl crash on Mac OS X.
– Menu framework support for Mac OS X NSMenu objects added.
– This gives DOSBox-X the same useful menu on Mac OS X
instead of the useless default menu SDL 1.x offers.
– Menu framework support for Windows win32 menu resources
added. The Windows menu is now generated at runtime,
the static IDR_MENU resource is no longer used.
– New platform independent menu framework added. Menus
that were once Windows-only are now available on
any other platform including Linux and Mac OS X.
– In-tree SDL 1.x library fixed to #define a special
variable that the code now requires to compile
SDL 1.x builds. The option to use your host SDL 2.x
library is left open.
– C++11 is now mandatory to compile DOSBox-X


Télécharger DOSBox-X (Hx DOS) v0.82.14 (2019/01/01) (2,7 Mo)

Télécharger DOSBox-X (LowEnd) v0.82.14 (2019/01/01) (3,5 Mo)

Télécharger DOSBox-X (XP) v0.82.14 (2019/01/01) (7,5 Mo)

Télécharger DOSBox-X v0.82.14 (2019/01/01) (12,2 Mo)

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