Il s’agit d’un fork du plugin RDP d’Angrylion qui vise à améliorer les performances, ajouter de nouvelles fonctionnalités tout en conservant la précision du plugin d’origine.

Current features
– More maintainable code base by dividing the huge n64video.cpp into smaller pieces.
– Improved portability by separating the emulator plugin interface and window management from the RDP emulation core.
– Multi-threaded rendering support, which increases performance on multi-core CPUs significantly.
– Replaced deprecated DirectDraw interface with a modern OpenGL 3.3 implementation.
– Added manual window sizing.
– Added fullscreen support.
– Added BMP screenshot support.
– Added settings GUI.
– Added Mupen64Plus support.
– Added PJ64 support.
Tested with Project64 2.3+. May also work with Project64 1.7 with a RSP plugin of newer builds (1.7.1+).

Les changements sont les suivants:
– The overscan area is now visible on default. It still can be hidden in the options when desired.
– Improved Linux performance significantly by replacing thread-local storage globals with a struct-based system.
– Screenshots are now captured in the same size as the output window.
– Added linear filtering option as an alternative to nearest-neighbor filtering, which was previously the default. Note: this option is unrelated to the 3D texture filtering, it just affects the 2D upscaling of the final render output.
– Fixed several issues with unfiltered output mode (#32, #51).
– Fixed incorrect screen offset when using fullscreen on multi-screen systems under Windows (#13).
– Fixed some multithreading stability issues (#44).
– Fixed Majora’s Mask Bombers Notebook wobbling with filtered output mode (#27).
Note about the downloads:

– angrylion-plus.dll – Project64 plugin
– mupen64plus-video-angrylion-plus.dll – Mupen64Plus plugin


Source des builds WIP.

Télécharger Angrylion RDP Plus R7 (2019/05/23) (1,2 Mo)

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