Il s’agit d’un gestionnaire de Rom entièrement écrit en Java et publié sous licence GPL v3.

Les changements:
– New progress bar which show multithreaded operations separately
– Added intermediate progression for fix operations and TorrentZipping
– HalfDumb mode (also known as PD Mame merged mode), works a bit better but still only 99.8% torrent join
– Rom reading order is now kept
– Added menu shortcut Presets on scanner settings panel
– new Non-Merge mode which include devices (PD Mame Non-Merged mode)
– new options to exclude games and machines and to generate bios/devices only sets, or machine/bios/devices only sets
– network access fix for zipfilesystem
– Fixed status in profile viewer (again) for files with same crc in same dir but one is not present (should be green)
– added an extra « media » argument on command line to launch a software available for the same computer in multiple format (floppy, cartridge, tape, …)
– avoid extra torrentzip check when not needed
– don’t create empty folders for software list until we find roms or chds to put in
– CHD files were not anymore refreshed in profile viewer
– New merge hash collision option that will make subirs for clone also for chds
– JUpdater does not cause a fail and quit anymore when connect timed out on update url
– JUpdater is now copying attributes, that should resolve problem encountered to launch .sh


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