Il s’agit d’un émulateur sonore pour les systèmes d’arcades mais aussi jeux de Flippers. Créé par R. Belmont, le frère de Simon il supporte un bon paquet de jeux. La version tourne sous Windows mais un build Linux est aussi disponible sur le site officiel.

En voici les améliorations:

– ROM sets synced with the latest MAME and PinMAME.
– Clipping problems fixed in Konami GT and Namco System 86.
– PCM added for IREM games like Gallop.
– PCM added for Namco System 86 (e.g. Genpei Tourmaden)
– Core crash with malformed .lst files under some conditions.
– SegaPCM rewrite gives much better results in many Sega games.
– Fixed looping in Guwange and ESP Ra De
– Fixed voice balance in Gaiapolis
– Fixed FM/PCM balance for X-Men, Air Buster, Kitten Kaboodle, City
Bomber, Namco System 2 games, MX5000, Task Force Harrier, and
Konami GX400 games.
– Fixed tempo for Flower (not guaranteed right, but sounds better)
– Fixed missing PCM in Combatribes
– Fixed tempo in Hachoo
– Fixed clipping and tempo in later Data East games, notably dragngun
– Fixed several Konami and Capcom games that were not playing in stereo
– Fixed missing voice samples in Raiga/Strato Fighter
– The NinjaWarriors and Darius 2 have a unique cabinet and don’t map
the stereo channels to conventional left and right. People were all
whiny about this so those games have been made mono.
– Some Namco System 2 games had some tempo anomolies due to the CPU
being clocked too slowly. Fixed.
– PSG volume for Neo Geo games was too low. This is noticable
mostly in Magical Drop 2. Fixed.
– Fixed CPS1 games that could not play all their songs.
– Fixed missing drum/instrument/voice samples in Chase HQ and Ghost Pilots.
– and more that I can’t remember/didn’t log 😉

De plus BridgeM1, un excellent front end pour M1, a été mis à jour pour l’occasion mais ne supporte pas encore toutes les fonctions de ce dernier. .

Télécharger M1 v0.7.9a1 (6,6 Mo)

Télécharger SSSPSX (CPU Type Interpreter) 0.0.11 (34,1 Ko)

Télécharger Good Work v1.23b (230,2 Ko)

Site Officiel

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