Ipher vient de compilé une nouvelle version de FakeNES, un émulateur Nintendo 8 Bits dont voici les améliorations:

– Renamed interpolated blitter to interpolated 2x, added interpolated 3x blitter. [stainlessKnight]
– Added global solid color mapping table to improve performance in 8-bit drawing. [stainlessKnight]
– Made all blitters work in any supported color depth. [stainlessKnight]
(Super) 2xSCL crash in high resolutions fix. [stainlessKnight]
– Fixed blitter size check macro to accept any resolution. [stainlessKnight]
-Replaced ‘mix_half’ with ‘mix’ to improve interpolated blitters quality. [stainlessKnight]
– Separated blitters into individual header files. [stainlessKnight]
– Overhauled dithering functions. [stainlessKnight]
– Color corruption on switch from 16-bit to 8-bit fix. [stainlessKnight]
– Added color indexing for all non-32-bit modes. [stainlessKnight]
-Added CPU_TYPE and CPU_ARCH and improved some behavior. [stainlessKnight]
– Updated dependancies. [stainlessKnight]
-Added numbers to the items in Video > Blitter menu. [stainlessKnight]

Télécharger FakeNES (Dos) WIP 13/01/06 (177,0 Ko)

Télécharger FakesNES (Win) v0.59 Beta3 (845,9 Ko)

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