Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Apple II dont voici les nouveautés :

– Add new speed, 8.0MHz directly using right-clicking or F6.
– Sim speed and Video update interval added to Config panel.
– Various cycle timing bugs in engine_c.c fixed.
– Add Config Panel entry to mask serial output to 7-bit, to enable PR#2 to
work better with an external telnet.
– In Config Panel file selection, typing a letter jumps to the first file
beginning with that letter.
– Fixed various serial socket bugs. Now you can disconnect a telnet session
and start a new one, and a Linux hang is fixed.
– Default GS memory size increased to 8MB.
– Small fix to double-hires color table.
– X windows can now send displays to other-endian X servers.

Télécharger KEGS 0.91 (808,2 Ko)

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