Il s’agit d’un émulateur Commodore 64 & 128 Scala.



– Minor bug fixing. Added more command line options (see them with –help).
– Added support for right shift key
– Rotation calibrated with a correction factor of 1.025: Now the rpm is about 300 and most of the non running demos now run properly
– Added test cart to execute test bench (Writing at $D7FF will force the emulator to exit with the given exit code)
– Keyboard Editor: fixed TAB key handling
– REU fixed minor bugs about FF00 management. Fixed 128K size broken reu.
– Digimax now the user can choose which is the sampling frequency. Now modplay runs properly (used 11K)
– 128 MMU fixed page1 pointer at startup
– added k64s.bat & k128s.bat to run emulator with shell support


Télécharger Kernal64 v1.4.6.b1 (10,9 Mo)

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