JoyToKey (shareware) est un émulateur de clavier pour les joysticks. Il convertit les contrôles clavier (et souris). Utilisez-le lorsque vous désirez contrôler une application qui ne supporte pas les contrôles joystick. Vous pouvez même contrôler Word, Excel, etc…


* Supported additional key-code emulations such as the volume control,
media control (prev / next / play / stop), and SCROLL_LOCK.
* Changed the default key emulation code for arrow keys, R-Alt and
R-Ctrl, to fix compatibility issue with recent Windows 10.
In case it causes a problem for certain games and you want to
use the old key code, please select an equivalent key (from
right-click menu) which is labeled as « for DirectInput ».
* Refresh joystick connections whenever a task tray icon is clicked.
When you connect a new joystick to the PC, just click the task tray
icon to get it recognized (either left click or right click).
* Ability to re-process the key emulation event when the same key
continues during the processing of Input1-Input4 sequence (Keyboard 2).
By default, when processing the sequence of Input1 through Input4,
if the same key assignment continues, it’s emulated only once.
In the example below, key « « » will be only pressed once and will
be kept pressed until Input2 is released.

Input1 = « ↓ »
Input2 = « ↓ » + « → »
Input3 = « → »

This behaviour can be changed from « Options » tab with the option:
« Re-process when the same key continues in sequence »
* Misc bug fixes such as button highlighting


Télécharger JoyToKey v6.2 (918,8 Ko)

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