Il s’agit d’un gestionnaire de Rom entièrement écrit en Java et publié sous licence GPL v3.

Les changements:
– Custom scan settings for dir updater batch tool
– Details and Report lists in Batch dir updater
– Torrent checker is able to detect wrongly archived folders and unzip them
– Created our own overlay for Gentoo Linux, releases will be in sync for this distribution :
add the overlay using command layman -o -f -a jrommanager
to keep in sync use layman -s jrommanager
Minor enhancements
– Torrent checker can now delete useless files and wrong files
– Report log now include datetime in its name and does not overwrite the former log
– Report log now include informations about originating dat/xml file and used scan settings
– Added file selectors to Dir Updater and Torrent checker (drag & drop alternative)
– Added tooltips in table headers (batch tools and profile viewer)
– Bad Zip64 reading header
– Performance problem with machines with lot of roms (and so archives with lot of entries to compare to)


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