Il s’agit d’une version de développement de Snes9x dont le but est d’améliorer la gestion des fonctions d’enregistrement vidéos. On y retrouve également les améliorations d’autres builds en provenances d’OV2, Gocha, Nitsujrehtona, Air et bien sur Zones.
– Appveyor: Re-enable master branch build
– Fix compiler warnings of snes9x-rr specific part
– Merge tag ‘1.56.2’ from ‘snes9xgit/snes9x’
– Get rid of « Unable to find msu file » console spam.
– Use port commands for quickload to allow undo.
– Revert « Save oops unconditionally on loading state. »
– Save oops unconditionally on loading state.
– Break a specific SMP opcode into cycles. Fixes Little Magic.
– Do not prematurely close unzFiles for ips, properly close for ups
– win32: move shader param dialog to VideoDriver container
– Clear WAI at different location. Fixes Top Gear 3000.
– GTK+: Make ALSA driver more verbose.
– changes.txt
– GTK+, Unix: Preserve current joypad state when rewinding.
– Bump version number to 1.56.2. Update changes.txt.
– win32: Allow disabling of NTSC Filter Scanlines.
– Fix wrong tile choice in mosaic mode.
– When image is below 1x scale, don’t use integer scaling.
– GTK+: use new constant name (#338)
– Fix Umihara Kawase’s brightness fluctuation.
– win32: clear extra line when doubling for blargg so that mixing does not
– win32: Add integer scaling option.
– GTK+: Add integer scaling settings to aspect ratio
– Divert IRQTransition for the moment. Increase time after WAI to 14 cycles.
– Add an undo load state option.
– Changes.txt.
– More sanity checking.
– Bump version number.
– Bound values in preferences.
– Sanity check input rate better.
– win32: Populate cheat dialog in correct order.
– Check for GTK+ 3.22 or above when using GTK+ 3.
– Fix height resizing of code and description field in cheat dialog.
– Sanity check automatic input rate for deviations > 5%.
– Merge pull request #327 from Dwedit/snes9xgit
– Backport Hermite Resampler bypass code from Libretro version
– Reword the new cheat style.
– Changes.txt again.
– Changes.txt
– Update readme-windows.txt.
– Set minimum width for these columns.
– More cheat window improvements.
– Update changes.txt with some revisions.
– Don’t do anything when write to $4200 is the same.
– Some cheat dialog QOL improvements.
– Use « enable » instead of « enabled. »
– Remove forced alignment on landing buffer.
– Save MACS rifle data in snapshot, increase snapshot version
– Merge pull request #324 from kps501/macsrifle
– add macs rifle controller (win32)
– Fix crash when elements are missing.
– Cheats: Use « name » instead of « description ». Allow whitespace.
– Output leading zeroes.
– Switch back to .cht format. Update to byuu’s new form.
– Fix casting on MSU1 volume.
– Fix MSU1 swapping.
– Use IRQTransition again.
– Go back to allowing writes to 4200 and vtimerpos to trigger immediately.
– Apply IRQ flag changes before triggering NMI (#318)
– Edge case when setting vtimer only on same scanline
– Use OpenBus here like we used to.
– Disable tree-vrp on GCC for this function. GCC miscompiles it.
– Use OpenBus as intermediary here to fix Funaki Masakatsu.
– Use OpenBus for these two.
– Some simplification.
– Don’t use initial variable.
– This was wrong.
– The flag pushed on to the stack before IRQ is the updated one.
– Fix line doubling in interlaced mode.
– Update GTK+ README.
– Update readme-windows.txt slightly.
– Bump appveyor build number.
– But don’t break SA1.
– Proper for Marko AND Super Ghouls and Ghosts.

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Télécharger Snes9x (Interim/x86) v1.57 Re-recording r16 (1,2 Mo)

Télécharger Snes9x (Interim/x64) v1.57 Re-recording r16 (1,7 Mo)

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