No$NES est un émulateur et débugger de Nintendo NES/FDS/PC10/VS.


– web: created no$project patreon page,
– mapper 218: updated magic floor (ntsc fix, bigger boulder, smaller floors)
– mapper 218: ported herve couppe’s starfight to nes
– apu: mutes all sound channels on apu reset
– a22i: refuses bytes >FFh (eg. important range check for ‘mov [nn+x],y’)
– xed editor: fixed scrolling upon backspace in first some lines (thanks yuki)
– apu: fixed PAL sound frequencies (nes_sound_factor) (thanks Dwedit)
– debug: vram viewer fixed missing invalidate’s on each 2nd obj in oam-screen
– gui: changed icon (higher contrast, inverse/white plug, 12/16/32/48-pix sizes)
– fixed intcount on F2/F4 breaks (showing correct scanline in debug status bar)
– emu/help: added mapper 28 emu/specs (action 53 homebrew X-in-1 multicart’s)
– emu/help: added some MMC5 details (irq,chr_bank_msbs + info on sound/multiply)
– help: added note on Orb-3D glasses (pulfrich effect with dark/clear glasses)
– added aspect ratio option (square pixels, or real PAL/NTSC ratios)
– gui: setup uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet
– gui: created own help engine (instead of microcrap’s suicidal windows .hlp)
– added donate button in help dropdown, added uforce in controller summary


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