DS4Windows est un programme portable qui vous permet d’obtenir la meilleure expérience lors de l’utilisation d’un DualShock 4 sur votre PC, en émulant un contrôleur Xbox 360, beaucoup de jeux deviennent alors accessibles.


– Moved output data copying to dedicated thread for USB and Sony Wireless Adapter connections. Lead to a good speed boost
– Added flag to allow skipping a lock when applicable. Skip thread event queue check if no events are in the queue.
– Corrected unregister notify call
– Changed index increment placement for UDP server routines. Hopefully it resolves issue #454 for other people. It does on my machine.
– Fixed extra utilities control display in flow control of Settings tab



Télécharger DS4Windows (x86) v2.0.10 (2,6 Mo)

Télécharger DS4Windows (x64) v2.0.10 (2,6 Mo)

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