Emu80 est un émulateur de plateformes « Radio-86RK », « Partner », « Apogee », « Mikrosha », « specialist », « Orion », « Micro-80 », « UT-88 » pour Windows.

Merci à Breaker pour la news.
+ Innovation
* Change / Improvement
– Fixed a bug
!! Known issue
Changes in version 4.0.307:
+ Added support for RK-SD controller for RC-86 and Apogee (currently only in read only mode)
+ New option: « show only the visible area », hides the region of the damping of the beam on TV (for now only VG75)
+ New option: « widescreen (16: 9) », calculates the aspect ratio for 16: 9 TV
+ Option to copy graphic screen to clipboard (Alt-Ins) (qt)
+ Added display of screen sizes in the status bar (qt)
+ Added AssociateFiles.cmd script for associating emulator with program files, added file type icons
(association is made for the current user, cancel associations – DeassociateFiles.cmd) (qt)
+ Added RestoreSettings.cmd script to restore emulator default settings in case of problems (qt)
– Fixed loading of certain file types from the command line
– Fixed emulator crash in alternate font mode for UT-88 and Micro-80
– Alt-S key combination did not work in full screen mode (qt)
– Fixed saving screenshots in wx / SDL version
– Other minor fixes

Site de développement.

Télécharger Emu80 (beta) v4.0.333 (10,7 Mo)

Télécharger Emu80 QT (beta) v4.0.333 (17,8 Mo)

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