Il s’agit d’un émulateur de Playstation. (Builds automatiques).

19.11.2018 – added .chd file support
9.11.2018 – XA-ADPCM (streaming audio) and Red Book audio support – music should play in most games, SPU samples interpolation (sounds less harsh), Pitch modulation support (used by few games), refactored CDROM reading and cue parsing subsystems, various fixes, hardware (OpenGL) rendering
27.08.2018 – Support for digital controller, DualShock (without vibrations) and mouse. Two controllers are supported (no multitap for now)
19.08.2018 – Memory card support
11.08.2018 – Partial SPU implementation – sound working



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Télécharger Avocado (x64) r447 (5,4 Mo)

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