Créé par Zeroone, il s’agit d’un émulateur de NES/Famicom/Dendy en phase de développement.

– Made Show | More Than 8 Sprites Per Scanline compatible with rewind time.
– Show | More Than 8 Sprites Per Scanline now works properly with the commercial games that use excess sprites for masking.
– Save Screenshot now functions correctly when the emulator is paused.
– Fixed a Program Server Controls bug where termination of the remote API client could cause the emulator to freeze.
– Fixed a Debugger issue where loading save states inhibited the creation of breakpoints.
– Fixed a keyboard shortcut problem where Alt+# (resize) interfered with # (quick load state).
– Fixed a Netplay Server Controls glitch where a checkbox was not disabled on server start.


Télécharger Nintaco (2020/05/01) (3.1 Mo)

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