Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Nintendo GameBoy créé par Julien Magnin (MS-DOS1999).
Voici les features de cette version Chili Hot Dog:
– Full CPU Emulation (Passed all blargg tests)
– Good PPU Emulation (Minors Bugs, but not visible on screen)
– Good Sound Emulation (Use Blargg sound emulation)
– MMU Emulation, Support NOROM – MBC1 – MBC2 – MBC3(with timer 😀 ) – MBC5 Mappers, Support RAM
– Multiple Resolution and a pretty cool Gameboy Layer, Original(160×144 with Gameboy Layer), Double(320×288 with Gameboy Layer), Triple Fullscreen(480×432 Fullscreen Mode)
– File browser to select your favorite rom
– Support save, enregistred like this -> CURRENT_ROM.sav
– Multiple Filter, Original Gameboy, Gameboy Pocket, Used Gameboy



Télécharger GameBoo Chili Hot Dog Version v2 (2,3 Mo)

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