Replouf66 a releasé une nouvelle version de l’excellente OfflineList v0.7, « Mais qui a t-il de nouveau dans cette version, ben plein de choses » :

Version 0.7b (2003/12/20)

– Fix small bug : empty value was inserted in some case into search field.
– User request : save the view options for each dat.

Version 0.7a (2003/12/19)

– Fix install script.
– Folder « caches » was not created, this is provoque a very slow scan of the roms.
– The europe field not appear in the search filter.
– Flag added for other dat file, consult the SDK for more information.
– SDK v0.5 for the plugins available.
– Plugins Selector and Extractor updated with the SDK v0.5

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