Des infos sur le développement de RockNES v2.0 (Dos) ont été rendu disponible :

– I finally got fixed that MMC3 IRQ problem with games like Gauntlet 2, SMB3 or MegaMan3 (garbaged scanline), now they are *perfect*, except MM3 in the weapon menu, hell 😛 Yes, more games are less glitched because I reworked the MMC3 IRQ emulation;
– Saved states (RSx) have a new format, smaller. Graphics data are no more saved to disk (illegal and still a waste of space), so i use pointers. This time, your saved states can be compressed for loading, but not for saving (ZIP or GZip), and the same is valid for movies (RMx) files;
– I simply cannot report the bugs fixed since it´s too many for listing but be sure this emu won´t have annoyances;
– The speed might be faster due to a few optimizations;
– Err… I reworked the memory allocation to use a large block instead of

Une fois la version Dos finit, elle sera porté sous Windows (en utilisant l’interface de RockNES X ainsi que ses grands possibilitées).

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