Codé en C++ et C#, il s’agit d’un émulateur de Super Nintendo multi-plateforme pour Windows et Linux.

This release greatly improves accuracy, compatibility and adds support for some of the enhancement chips. The vast majority of (supported) SNES games should play without any issues – if you find problems in a game (freezes, graphical bugs, etc.), please report them!
– Greatly improved timing/accuracy for everything: CPU, PPU, SPC, DMA, etc. Including:
_Numerous PPU fixes – graphical issues have been fixed in several games.
_Freezes in several games have been fixed by improving the SPC emulation accuracy.
– Support for games using the DSP-1/2/3/4 and ST010/ST011 enhancement chips. Note: A firmware is required for these – the emulator will ask for the firmware when loading a game that requires one.
– Libretro support
– Added a number of UI options (mute in background, etc.) and corrected a few UI problems.
– SPC debugger window (along with breakpoints, watch, labels, etc.)
– Sprite viewer
– Lua scripting
– Improved usability and added new features to tile/tilemap viewers
– DMA channel filters for the event viewer
– Misc. debugger features (break options, disassembly options, etc.)
– Ability to log the SPC and DSP-n chips in the trace logger.
– CC65/CA65 source code and symbols integration
– Labels/comments in the disassembly view


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