Officieusement appelé Mame And Mess Emulators, MAME est un émulateur Arcade et Consoles/Ordinateurs qui relie les anciens MAME et MESS dans un seul émulateur multi-usages émulant plus de 2150 systèmes différents. Couplé au frontend QMC2, vous pouvez alors utiliser tous les fichiers Mame extras & Mess Extras.

En résumé:
It’s the moment you’ve surely been waiting for: the release of MAME 0.212! A huge amount of work has gone into this release in a number of different areas. Starting with the software lists, you’ll find hundreds more clean cracks for Apple II, the Rainbow on Disk collection for Tandy Color Computer, all the latest Game Boy Advance dumps, and thousands more ZX Spectrum cassette images. Chess computers now support chess piece simulation using the built-in artwork, support has been added for several more chess computers from Hegener & Glaser, Novag and Saitek, and the Tasc ChessSystem R30 is now working. Three Game & Watch titles, Bomb Sweeper, Gold Cliff and Safe Buster, have been added for this release.
Protection microcontrollers continue to fall, with Rainbow Islands – Extra Version, Choplifter, Wyvern F-0, 1943: The Battle of Midway and Bionic Commando no longer needing simulation, hacks or patches. In some cases, the dumps have confirmed that the protection had been reverse-engineered correctly and the simulation was correct, but it’s still important to preserve these programs. It’s also important for people repairing these systems if the original microcontrollers have failed.
There are three important sound-related fixes in this release: FM Towns CD audio playback positions have been fixed, Konami System 573 digital audio synchronisation has been improved, and a special low latency mode has been added for the PortAudio sound module.
For more advanced users and developers, more functionality has been exposed to Lua scripts and plugins. The layout file format has been overhauled to better support systems that make creative use of LEDs and LCDs. Disassembler support has been added for the Fujitsu F2MC-16 and National Semiconductor CompactRISC CR16B architectures. And if you’ve been following along, you might notice that we’ve waved goodbye to a little more of our C legacy with the removal of the MACHINE_CONFIG_START macro and its associated crud.


Les changements sont les suivants:


0.212 2019-08-03

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00349: [Graphics] (shaolins.cpp) kicker: Graphical artefacts after going through service mode tests. (Angelo Salese)
- 02060: [Graphics] (aerofgt.cpp) spinlbrk, spinlbrku, spinlbrkj: Incorrect graphics priorities. (Mamesick)
- 04159: [DIP/Input] (segas24.cpp) sgmast, sgmastc, sgmastj: Swing power input doesn't work correctly. (Angelo Salese)
- 05516: [Misc.] Systems using TZX cassette format: [debug] Allocated memory is not freed correctly. (AmatCoder)
- 06231: [Interface] (poly88.cpp) poly88: Cassette is not working. (Robbbert)
- 06654: [Interface] (c64.cpp) c64: In some cases, changing slot cards and choosing RESET crashes MAME. (AmatCoder)
- 06655: [Interface] cgenie, coco3: Unloading and big changes in interface slots can cause crash. (AmatCoder)
- 06677: [Interface] MAME may crash when selecting a new machine if current machine has empty image slots. (AmatCoder)
- 06716: [Media Support] (spectrum.cpp) specpl3e: Fatal error when launching ZX Spectrum disks. (AmatCoder)
- 06756: [Interface] (nascom1.cpp) nascom2, nascom1: Cassette records no signal. (Robbbert)
- 06880: [Crash/Freeze] (coco3.cpp) All machines in coco12.cpp, coco3.cpp: UI/MAME crash when configuring MPI options. (AmatCoder)
- 07098: [Sound] (itech32.cpp) gt3d, gt97, gt98, gt99, gt2k, gtclassc: Incorrect sounds play during gameplay. (AJR)
- 07188: [DIP/Input] (zr107.cpp) jetwave and clones: Analog controls do not respond in game. (Hydreigon)
- 07331: [DIP/Input] (vsnes.cpp) pc_duckh, pc_hgaly, pc_wgnmn, duckhunt, hogalley: Lightgun games doesn't work. (enik2)
- 07357: [Crash/Freeze] (taitojc.cpp) All sets in taitojc.cpp: Reset loop after startup screen. (AJR)
- 07362: [Crash/Freeze] (vii.cpp) jak_spdm, jak_pooh, others: [debug] DRC assertion failure. (Ryan Holtz)
- 07370: [Crash/Freeze] (namconb1.cpp) sws95, sws96, sws97: Crash during attract mode. (hap)
- 07373: [Gameplay] (iteagle.cpp) gtfore02, gtfore03, gtfore04, gtfore05, gtfore06 and clones: Games fail to boot. (Samuele Zannoli)
- 07377: [Crash/Freeze] Crash or segmentation fault when removing some slot cards. (AmatCoder)
- 07385: [Interface] (wrally.cpp) wrally: Coin inputs are don't work. (O. Galibert)

New working machines
The Boat [AJR, Roberto Fresca, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
Commodore Chessmate [hap]
Double Joker Poker (CGI) [Stu, hammy, The Dumping Union]
Energopribor Debut-M [hap, Berger]
Game & Watch: Bomb Sweeper [algestam, jeffpar, mattl]
Game & Watch: Gold Cliff [algestam, hydef, Ewzzy, laurenstrenger, antimoof]
Game & Watch: Safe Buster [algestam, Rygar9, Moose, foxxtrot]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Berlin 68000 [Sandro Ronco]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Mondial [CB-Emu, Sandro Ronco]
Kazaam (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle, handheldgamefan89]
Novag Constellation [hap, Berger]
Novag Savant [hap, Berger, Sean Riddle]
The Open University Hektor III [Nigel Barnes, jltursan]
Saitek Kasparov Corona (ver. D+) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
Saitek Kasparov Turbo King (ver. D) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
Super 21 [Roberto Freeze, Grull Osgo, TeamEurope]
Tangerine/ETI Space Invasion (ETI) [Nigel Barnes]

New working clones
Dragon World 3 EX / Zhongguo Long 3 EX / Dungfong Zi Zyu 3 EX / Chuugokuryuu 3 EX (ver. 101CN) [GC8TECH]
F1 Super Lap (World, Unprotected) [Corral Tomaselli, The Dumping Union]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto B&P [CB-Emu, Sandro Ronco]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Berlin 68000 London Upgrade [Sandro Ronco]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Super Mondial (Ver B) [CB-Emu, Sandro Ronco]
New Lucky 8 Lines (set 7, W-4, encrypted) [TeamEurope]
Novag Chess Champion: MK II (ver. 2) [hap]
Royal Casino (D-2608208A1-1, Smaller Board, set 2) [TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
Saitek Kasparov Corona (ver. C) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
Saitek Kasparov Turbo King (ver. B, set 1) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
Saitek Kasparov Turbo King (ver. B, set 2) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
SciSys Kasparov Stratos (set 2) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
Tangerine Micron [Nigel Barnes]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Turtles in Time (4 Players ver UEA) [Stephan Suys]
Wyvern F-0 [jordigahan, ClawGrip, The Dumping Union]
Zip & Zap (Less Explicit) [system11, The Dumping Union]

Machines promoted to working
David Griffiths DG680 with DGOS-Z80 1.4 [Robbbert]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto MM IV [Sandro Ronco]
Ninja Gaiden (handheld) [hap, Sean Riddle]
SciSys Kasparov Stratos (set 1) [hap, Berger, CB-Emu]
Tasc ChessSystem R30 [Sandro Ronco]
VEB Mikroelektronik Erfurt Chess-Master (set 1) [Sandro Ronco]
VEB Mikroelektronik Erfurt Chess-Master Diamond [Sandro Ronco]

Clones promoted to working
hack Mephisto MM IV (TurboKit) [Sandro Ronco]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto MM II [Sandro Ronco]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto MM V [Sandro Ronco]
Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Rebell 5.0 [Sandro Ronco]
Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (RK, bootleg) [hammy, ClawGrip]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Bingo Time [TeamEurope]
Bonanza Enterprises' Joker Poker [TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]
Coleco / Ganz Talking Wrinkles [hap, David Viens]
Cue (Prototype) [The Sanctum, PinMAME]
H/H Microcomputers H/H Tiger [Centre for Computing History]
Kodai Ouja Kyouryuu King - Mezame yo! Arata-naru Chikara!! (Japan, Ver 4.000) (MDA-C0061) [SauraphaganaxRex, MetalliC]
Lucky 21 [TeamEurope]
Lucky 21-D [TeamEurope]
Lucky 25 [TeamEurope]
Lucky 37 [TeamEurope]
Reuters Model SK 101 BL [MCbx Old Computer Collection]
Silicon Graphics Inc Personal Iris 4D/25 [Patrick Mackinlay]
Southwest Technical Products Corporation SWTPC 8212 [Robbbert]
Space Byte 8085 [AJR,]
unknown Chang Yu Electronic gambling game 1 [TeamEurope]
unknown Chang Yu Electronic gambling game 2 [TeamEurope]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Black Tiger (Modular System) [Juan Romero,, ClawGrip]
Casino Poker (Ver PM88-01-21, German) [TeamEurope]
Gold Strike (Barcrest) (MPU5) (V1.00, Spanish, Bilso S.A.) [jordigahan, ClawGrip,]
Honeywell Bull Questar/M [rfka01, aquarius]
Legend of Hero Tonma (Gaelco bootleg, Modular System) [ArcadeHacker,, ClawGrip]
Lion 3500 [rfka01]
Octek Fox II [rfka01]
Photo Y2K 2 / Chaoji Bi Yi Bi 2 / Dajia Lai Zhao Cha 2 / Real and Fake 2 Photo Y2K (ver. 100, Japanese Board) [GC8TECH]
Tangerine Microtan 6809 System [Nigel Barnes]
Video Hustler (bootleg, set 4) [f205v]

New working software list additions
  Ace Explorer (cleanly cracked), Ace Inquirer (cleanly cracked), Ace Reporter (cleanly cracked),
  AceCalc (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked), Acid/Base Reactions (cleanly cracked), Adding Fractions (cleanly cracked),
  Addition (Prescription Learning) (cleanly cracked), Addition Magician (cleanly cracked),
  Addition of Fractions: Common Denominators (cleanly cracked), Addition: 4-Digit Numerals with Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Addition: Multiple Renamings (cleanly cracked), Addition: Two Renamings (cleanly cracked), The Address Book (cleanly cracked),
  Advanced Analogies (Version 29.06.84) (cleanly cracked), Advanced Math Shop (cleanly cracked), Adventure (cleanly cracked),
  Adventure Alpha (cleanly cracked), Adventure Construction Set (cleanly cracked), The Adventures of Sinbad (cleanly cracked),
  Alge-Blaster (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), Alge-Blaster Plus (800K 3.5") (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  The Algebra Coach II: Introduction to Quadratic Equations (cleanly cracked), Alibi (cleanly cracked),
  Alien Munchies (cleanly cracked), Aliencounter and Face Flash (cleanly cracked),
  Alphabet Fun: Learning The Alphabet (cleanly cracked), The Ancient Art of War (cleanly cracked),
  The Apple Grade Book (Version 2.5) (cleanly cracked), The Apple Grade Book (Version 4.1) (cleanly cracked),
  The Artist (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked), The Astronomy Disk (cleanly cracked),
  ATI Training Power for CP/M (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked), ATI Training Power for MultiPlan (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked),
  ATI Training Power for SuperCalc (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked),
  ATI Training Power for WordStar Volume 1 (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked),
  ATI Training Power for WordStar Volume 2 (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked),
  ATI Training Power for dBASE II Volume 1 (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked),
  ATI Training Power for dBASE II Volume 2 (Version 2.25a) (cleanly cracked),
  Around The World: Getting The Main Idea (cleanly cracked), The Babysitting Experience (cleanly cracked),
  The Bard's Tale (cleanly cracked), The Bard's Tale II (cleanly cracked), The Battle of Shiloh (cleanly cracked),
  Basic Fraction Concepts (cleanly cracked), Bats in the Belfry (cleanly cracked),
  The Battle of the Bulge: Tigers in the Snow (cleanly cracked), The Bilestoad (cleanly cracked),
  Binomial Multiplication (Microcomputer Workshops) (cleanly cracked), The Black Cauldron (cleanly cracked),
  The Boars Tell Time (cleanly cracked), The Boars' Store (cleanly cracked), The Body Transparent (cleanly cracked),
  The Botanist's Apprentice: Desert, Forest, and Wetland (cleanly cracked),
  The Botanist's Apprentice: Farmland, Grassland, and Town (cleanly cracked), The Brain Game (cleanly cracked),
  The Brain Surgeon (Nikrom) (cleanly cracked), The Breckenridge Caper of 1798 (cleanly cracked),
  Buzz Bang Harvey (cleanly cracked), The Caverns of Freitag (cleanly cracked), The Caves of Olympus (cleanly cracked),
  The Chalice of Mostania (cleanly cracked), The Chambers of Vocab (cleanly cracked), The Changing Earth (cleanly cracked),
  The Chief of Detectives: Drawing Conclusions (cleanly cracked), Choplifter (cleanly cracked),
  The Circuit Simulator (cleanly cracked), The Coin Changer (cleanly cracked), The Comic Book Maker (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked),
  The Comic Book Maker (cleanly cracked), The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet (cleanly cracked),
  The Computer Almanac (cleanly cracked), The Counting Bee (Version 1.2, 14-MAY-83) (cleanly cracked),
  Creative Contraptions (cleanly cracked), The Crimson Crown (1985 Version) (cleanly cracked),
  The Curse of Crowley Manor (cleanly cracked), The Dark Crystal (cleanly cracked), The Decades Game 2 (cleanly cracked),
  The Decades Game 3 (cleanly cracked), Un Dia Tipico (cleanly cracked), Diet Analysis Program (cleanly cracked),
  The Digestive and Excretory Systems (cleanly cracked), Dino Dig: Dictionary Skills (cleanly cracked),
  The Disappearing Dinner: The Digestive System (cleanly cracked), Dragonworld (cleanly cracked), Dueling Digits (cleanly cracked),
  The Early Church (cleanly cracked), The Eating Machine (Version 08.15.83)(cleanly cracked), Eggs-It (cleanly cracked),
  The Eidolon (cleanly cracked), The Electric Crayon: ABCs (cleanly cracked),
  The Electric Crayon: This Land Is Your Land (cleanly cracked), The Electronic Atlas (cleanly cracked),
  Elements of Music (cleanly cracked), The Elysian Fields and Other Greek Myths (cleanly cracked),
  The Eternal Dagger (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), The Factory (1983 Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  The Factory (1983 Version) (cleanly cracked), The Factory (cleanly cracked), The Final Conflict (cleanly cracked),
  The First Thanksgiving (cleanly cracked), Fish Scales (cleanly cracked), Forbidden Castle (cleanly cracked),
  The Flying Carpet (cleanly cracked), Fore (cleanly cracked), The Fourth R - Reasoning (cleanly cracked),
  Fractions (Version 3.1 / 25-NOV-83) (cleanly cracked), The Function Game (cleanly cracked), The Game (cleanly cracked),
  The Game (self-running demo) (cleanly cracked), Garfield Trivia Game (cleanly cracked),
  The Geometric Supposer: Quadrilaterals (cleanly cracked), The Geometric Supposer: Triangles (cleanly cracked),
  Good Thinking - Cause and Effect Level Two (cleanly cracked), Good Thinking - Details Level One (cleanly cracked),
  Good Thinking - Details Level Two (cleanly cracked), Good Thinking - Drawing Conclusions Level Two (cleanly cracked),
  Good Thinking - Fact and Opinion Level Two (cleanly cracked), Good Thinking - Main Idea Level Two (cleanly cracked),
  Good Thinking - Predicting Outcomes Level One (cleanly cracked), Good Thinking - Sequencing Events Level Two (cleanly cracked),
  The Goofy Ghost (cleanly cracked), The Grabit Factory (cleanly cracked), The Grammar Examiner (cleanly cracked),
  Grammar Gremlins (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), The Great American Cross-Country Road Race (cleanly cracked),
  The Great American States Race (cleanly cracked), The Great Computer GameWorks (cleanly cracked),
  The Great Maine to Calfornia Race (cleanly cracked), The Great Number Chase (cleanly cracked),
  The Great States Race (cleanly cracked), The Gruneberg Linkword Language Course: French (cleanly cracked),
  The Gruneberg Linkword Language Course: German (cleanly cracked),
  The Gruneberg Linkword Language Course: Spanish (cleanly cracked), The Halley Project (cleanly cracked),
  The Hangtown Trilogy (Version 2.2) (cleanly cracked), High Orbit (cleanly cracked),
  High Wire Logic (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Release 47 / 840914) (cleanly cracked),
  The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Release 56 / 841221) (cleanly cracked), The Home Accountant (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked),
  The Home Accountant (Version 2.01) (cleanly cracked), Horizon V (cleanly cracked),
  The Human Body and How It Works: The Skeletal and Muscular Systems (cleanly cracked), The Human Fly (cleanly cracked),
  Ikari Warriors 2: Victory Road (cleanly cracked), The Incredible Laboratory: Strategies in Problem Solving (cleanly cracked),
  The Inferno (cleanly cracked), The Invoice Factory (Version 1.5) (cleanly cracked), The Jar Game and Chaos (cleanly cracked),
  Jenny of the Prairie (cleanly cracked), Kaves of Karkhan (cleanly cracked), Keyworks: First Keyboarding Skills (cleanly cracked),
  The King's Rule (cleanly cracked), The Kingdom of Facts (cleanly cracked), Labyrinth (cleanly cracked),
  The Last Gladiator (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), The Last Gladiator (cleanly cracked), Latin Tutor (cleanly cracked),
  Lazer Silk (cleanly cracked), Let's Learn About Computers (cleanly cracked), Mad Rat (cleanly cracked),
  The Magic String (cleanly cracked), Magic Words (cleanly cracked), Marty's Reading Workout (cleanly cracked),
  The Mask of the Sun (Version 2.1) (cleanly cracked), Masquerade (cleanly cracked), Mastering the SAT (cleanly cracked),
  Math Blaster Mystery (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), Math Blaster Plus (800K 3.5") (Version 3.7) (cleanly cracked),
  Math Blaster Plus (Version 3.6) (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), The Math Busters (Version 1) (cleanly cracked),
  The Math Busters (cleanly cracked), The Math Doctor (cleanly cracked), Math Strategy (cleanly cracked),
  Math and Me (800K 3.5") (Version 1.6) (cleanly cracked),
  MECC A-732 Elementary Volume 8 Geometry (Points and Angles) (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  MECC-A191 Odell Lake (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), MECC-A756 Food Facts (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked),
  MECC-A771 Grade Manager (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), The Memory Machine (cleanly cracked),
  Micro Skillbuilder Set II: The Summer of the Swans (cleanly cracked), Micro-Typewriter (Version 3.1) (cleanly cracked),
  MicroTutor II - Prefixes, Suffixes, Capitalization (cleanly cracked),
  MicroType - The Wonderful World of Paws (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Microwave (cleanly cracked),
  The Milliken Word Processor (cleanly cracked), Millionaire (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Millionaire Release 2 (cleanly cracked), Milt's Math Drills - Addition and Subtraction (cleanly cracked),
  Milt's Math Drills - K-1 Concepts (cleanly cracked), Mind Castle II (cleanly cracked), Mind Mirror (cleanly cracked),
  Mind Prober demo (cleanly cracked), Miner 2049er (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Miner 2049er II (cleanly cracked),
  Minit Man (cleanly cracked), Minus Mission (1985 Version) (cleanly cracked), Minus Mission (Version 1982.0) (cleanly cracked),
  MIRV (cleanly cracked), Missile Defense (cleanly cracked), Mission Algebra (cleanly cracked),
  Mission Control Word Games - Homonyms, Antonyms, and Synonyms (Version 4.1.6) (cleanly cracked),
  Mission Impossible (Version 2.1/306), The Mist (cleanly cracked), Mix and Match (cleanly cracked),
  Mixed-Up Mother Goose (cleanly cracked), Moebius, Money Money (Version 07.24.87) (cleanly cracked),
  Money Money (Version 09.13.84) (cleanly cracked), Money Munchers (cleanly cracked),
  Money and Time Adventures of the Lollipop Dragon (cleanly cracked), The Money Series - Step 1 Counting (cleanly cracked),
  The Money Series: Step 2 More Counting (Version 12.21.89) (cleanly cracked), Monkey Business (cleanly cracked),
  Monkey Math (cleanly cracked), Monster Mash (cleanly cracked), Monsters and Make Believe Plus (cleanly cracked),
  Monstrous Monsters (cleanly cracked), Montana Reading Program (cleanly cracked),
  Monty Plays Scrabble (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked), Monty Plays Scrabble (Version 4.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Moon Bingo (cleanly cracked), Moptown (1981 Version) (cleanly cracked), Moptown Hotel (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked),
  Moptown Hotel (cleanly cracked), Moses Leads His People (cleanly cracked), Motorcycles (cleanly cracked),
  Mountain Climbing - Cause and Effect (cleanly cracked), Movie Maker, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head (cleanly cracked),
  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head demo (cleanly cracked), Mr. Cool (cleanly cracked), Mr. Pixel's Cartoon Kit (cleanly cracked),
  Mr. Pixel's Programming Paint Set (cleanly cracked), Mr. Popper's Penguins (cleanly cracked),
  Mr. Robot and His Robot Factory (cleanly cracked), Mrs. Wigglesworth's Secret (cleanly cracked), Mud Pies (cleanly cracked),
  MultiPloy (K-12 Micromedia) (cleanly cracked), MultiPloy (cleanly cracked), Multiple Choices (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication (Prescription Learning) (cleanly cracked), Multiplication Advanced Level (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication Brigade (Version 1.5) (cleanly cracked), Multiplication One-Digit x Multi-Digit Two Renamings (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication One-Digit x Three-Digit No Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication One-Digit x Three-Digit One Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication One-Digit x Two-Digit No Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication One-Digit x Two-Digit with Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication Two-Digit Numbers No Renaming (cleanly cracked), Multiplication Two-Digit Numbers with Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication and Division of Fractions (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication of 2, 3, and 4 Digits by 1 Digit with Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Multiplication of 2-Digits by 1-Digit Numerals No Renaming (cleanly cracked), Mummy's Curse (cleanly cracked),
  Muppet Slate (cleanly cracked), Muppet Word Book (cleanly cracked), Muppets On Stage (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Muppets On Stage (cleanly cracked), Muppetville (cleanly cracked), Murder on the Mississippi (cleanly cracked),
  Murder on the Zinderneuf (cleanly cracked), The Music Class - Symbols (cleanly cracked),
  The Music Class Series: Fundamentals (cleanly cracked), Music Construction Set (cleanly cracked),
  Music Fundamentals I (cleanly cracked), Music Maestro (cleanly cracked), MusiComp (cleanly cracked),
  Mystery Double Feature (cleanly cracked), Mystery House (cleanly cracked),
  Mystery Mazes Case 1 - The Carnival Caper (cleanly cracked), Mystery Sentences (cleanly cracked),
  Mystery of the Witch's Shoes (cleanly cracked), NAM (cleanly cracked), Nemesis (cleanly cracked), Neptune (cleanly cracked),
  Neutrons (cleanly cracked), The Newsroom (Self-Running Demo) (cleanly cracked), Nikrom Disk Drive Analyzer (cleanly cracked),
  Nine Princes in Amber, North Atlantic 86 (cleanly cracked), The Notable Phantom (cleanly cracked),
  NoteCard Maker (cleanly cracked), Nouns-Pronouns (Version 04.13.84) (cleanly cracked),
  Nouns-Pronouns (Version 09.04.87) (cleanly cracked), Nouns-Pronouns (cleanly cracked),
  Now You See It Now You Don't - Pick The Part (cleanly cracked),
  Now You See It Now You Don't - Was It There - Was It Missing (cleanly cracked), Nuclear Reactions (cleanly cracked),
  Number Concepts (cleanly cracked), Number Farm (cleanly cracked), Number Patterns (cleanly cracked),
  Number Please (cleanly cracked), Number Quest (cleanly cracked), Number Stumper (cleanly cracked),
  Number Words Level 1 (cleanly cracked), Numeration and Missing Elements (cleanly cracked), The Observatory (cleanly cracked),
  OGRE (cleanly cracked), Oil Rig (cleanly cracked), Oil's Well (cleanly cracked), Oliver's Crosswords (cleanly cracked),
  Omega (cleanly cracked), Oo-Topos (cleanly cracked), Operation Apocalypse (cleanly cracked), Operation Frog (cleanly cracked),
  Opposites (Version 09.15.87) (cleanly cracked), Opposites Attract (cleanly cracked), Order of Operations (cleanly cracked),
  Ordering Letters and Words (cleanly cracked), Ortho's Personalized Plant Selector (cleanly cracked),
  The Otters' Adventure (cleanly cracked), Outpost (cleanly cracked), Overview of The Bible (cleanly cracked),
  Pandora's Box (cleanly cracked), Panzer Grenadier (cleanly cracked), Parallel and Perpendicular Lines (cleanly cracked),
  Parquetry and Pictures (Version 06.24.86) (cleanly cracked), Parts of Speech - Fun with Nouns and Pronouns (cleanly cracked),
  Parts of Speech - Fun with Verbs (cleanly cracked), Parts of Speech: Fun with Nouns and Pronouns (cleanly cracked),
  Pathwords (Thunder Mountain) (cleanly cracked), Pattern Completion (cleanly cracked), PatternMaker (cleanly cracked),
  Paul Bunyan (cleanly cracked), Paul's Missionary Journeys (cleanly cracked), Peanuts Maze Marathon (cleanly cracked),
  Peanuts Picture Puzzlers (cleanly cracked), Pecos Bill (cleanly cracked), Pegasus II (cleanly cracked),
  Pentapus (cleanly cracked), The Perfect College (cleanly cracked),
  The Perfect Score: Computer Preparation for the SAT (cleanly cracked),
  Perimeter, Area, and Volume (Version 2.1.6) (cleanly cracked), Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin Murder (cleanly cracked),
  Personal Finance Manager (cleanly cracked), Peter Rabbit Reading (cleanly cracked), Peter and the Wolf (cleanly cracked),
  Phantasie (cleanly cracked), Phantasie II (cleanly cracked), Phaser Fire (cleanly cracked), The Philistine Ploy (cleanly cracked),
  PHM Pegasus (cleanly cracked), Photar (cleanly cracked), Physical Science Series - Sound (cleanly cracked),
  Picnic Paranoia (cleanly cracked), Pictographs Bar Graphs (cleanly cracked), Picture Parade (Version 11.24.88) (cleanly cracked),
  Picture Perfect (cleanly cracked), Pie-Man (cleanly cracked), Pinball Construction Set (cleanly cracked),
  Pirate's Treasure (cleanly cracked), Place Value Recognition I (cleanly cracked), Place Value Recognition II (cleanly cracked),
  The Planetary Guide (cleanly cracked), Platoon (cleanly cracked), Play Ball, Kate (cleanly cracked),
  The Playroom (cleanly cracked), Pollywog (cleanly cracked), The Pond (cleanly cracked), Pop 'R Spell (cleanly cracked),
  Power Drill (cleanly cracked), Practical Algebra (cleanly cracked),
  Practical Composition II - Clear Logical Sentences (cleanly cracked), Practical Grammar (cleanly cracked),
  Prescriptive Math Drill (cleanly cracked), President Elect (1988 Edition) (cleanly cracked), President Elect (cleanly cracked),
  Principal's Assistant (cleanly cracked), The Print Shop Companion (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked),
  Prisoner 2 (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Prisoner 2 (Version 1.0.1) (cleanly cracked),
  Professional Tour Golf (cleanly cracked), Project Space Station (cleanly cracked), Pronouns I (cleanly cracked),
  Pronouns II (cleanly cracked), Property Management System demonstration disk,
  PSAT Word Attack Skills - Diagnostic (cleanly cracked), PSAT Word Attack Skills - Prefixes (cleanly cracked),
  PSAT Word Attack Skills - Roots (cleanly cracked), PsychDisk (cleanly cracked), Publishing (cleanly cracked),
  A Puff of Air: The Respiratory System (cleanly cracked), Punctuation II - Commas, Commas, Commas (cleanly cracked),
  Puzzle Master (cleanly cracked), Puzzle Tanks (cleanly cracked), The Puzzler (cleanly cracked), Pyramid Puzzler (cleanly cracked),
  Quadrilaterals (cleanly cracked), The Quarter Mile (Version 4.1) (cleanly cracked), The Quarter Mile (cleanly cracked),
  Queen of Hearts (cleanly cracked), The Queen of Phobos (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Math 3-1 Place Value to 6 Digits (cleanly cracked), Quest - Math 3-6 Bar Graphs (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 1-13 Main Idea for Passages Level 1 (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 1-15 Making Inferences from Passages 1 (cleanly cracked), Quest - Reading 2-1 Consonant Blends (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 2-2 Consonant Digraphs (cleanly cracked), Quest - Reading 2-3 Vowel Digraphs (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 2-4 Vowel Dipthongs (cleanly cracked), Quest - Reading 2-5 Context Clues (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 2-7 Variant Consonant Sounds (cleanly cracked), Quest - Reading 3-1 Silent Sleeping Letters (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 3-2 R-Controlled Vowels (cleanly cracked),
  Quest - Reading 3-3 Making Inferences from Passages 3 (cleanly cracked), The Quest (Revision 2, 1984) (cleanly cracked),
  The Quest for the Scarlet Letter (cleanly cracked), Quest Intro Disk (Prescription Learning) (cleanly cracked),
  Questprobe featuring The Hulk (cleanly cracked), Quink (Thunder Mountain) (cleanly cracked), Quotation Marks (cleanly cracked),
  Race Cars (cleanly cracked), Race the Clock (cleanly cracked), RAF - The Battle of Britain (cleanly cracked),
  The Railroad Works (cleanly cracked), Rails West! (cleanly cracked), Rainbow Keyboarding (cleanly cracked),
  Rapid Reader (cleanly cracked), Read 'N Roll (800K 3.5") (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Read 'N Roll (cleanly cracked),
  Read and Spell with Affixes (cleanly cracked), Read and Spell: Affixes, Compounds, and Syllables (cleanly cracked),
  Read and Spell: In the Days of Knights and Castles (cleanly cracked), Readability Analysis (Version 1.5) (cleanly cracked),
  Reader Rabbit (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Reader Rabbit (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked),
  Reading & Writing! with The Boars (cleanly cracked), Reading Adventure 1 (cleanly cracked), Reading and Me (cleanly cracked),
  Reading Comprehension (cleanly cracked), Reading Comprehension Skills 2 (cleanly cracked),
  Reading Comprehension: What's Different (cleanly cracked), Reading for Meaning Level 1 (Version 03.11.86) (cleanly cracked),
  Reading for Meaning: Level 2 (cleanly cracked), Reading Fun: Beginning Consonant Sounds (cleanly cracked),
  Reading Fun: Final Consonant Sounds (cleanly cracked), Reading Fun: Vowel Sounds (cleanly cracked),
  The Reading Machine (Version 1.3, 1984-03-02) (cleanly cracked), The Reading Machine (Version 1.4, 06/25/85) (cleanly cracked),
  Reading Magic Library: Jack in the Beanstalk (cleanly cracked), Reading Workshop: Distant Views (cleanly cracked),
  Reading Workshop: Running Free (cleanly cracked), Realm of Impossibility (cleanly cracked),
  Rebel Charge at Chickamauga (cleanly cracked), Reference Micro Mysteries: Textbook Skills (cleanly cracked),
  Reforger 88 (cleanly cracked), Regrouping (27-JUN-1989 Version) (cleanly cracked), Regrouping (cleanly cracked),
  Remember (Revision 2, 1985) (cleanly cracked), Rendezvous (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked),
  Rendezvous (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), Rendezvous (Version 1.4) (cleanly cracked),
  Rendezvous with Rama (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Reptiles (cleanly cracked), Repton (cleanly cracked),
  Return of Heracles (cleanly cracked), Return to Reading: Charlotte's Web (cleanly cracked),
  Return to Reading: Lord of the Flies (cleanly cracked), Return to Reading: The Hobbit (cleanly cracked),
  Return to Reading: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe (cleanly cracked), Return to Reading: Tom Sawyer (cleanly cracked),
  Rhyme Land (cleanly cracked), Rhyme-A-Line (cleanly cracked), Rhymes and Riddles (cleanly cracked),
  Rhyming Pictures (cleanly cracked), Rhymo's Falling Star (cleanly cracked), Ribbit (cleanly cracked),
  Riddle Magic (cleanly cracked), The Right Resume Writer II (cleanly cracked), The Right Turn (Revision 0) (cleanly cracked),
  The Right Turn (cleanly cracked), Rings of Saturn (cleanly cracked), Rings of Zilfin (cleanly cracked),
  Ringside Seat (cleanly cracked), The Ripple That Changed American History (cleanly cracked), Road Rally USA (cleanly cracked),
  Roadwar 2000 (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), Roadwar 2000 (cleanly cracked), Roadwar Europa (cleanly cracked),
  RoboMath (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), RoboMath (cleanly cracked), Robot Odyssey (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked),
  Robot Odyssey I (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked), Robot Rascals (cleanly cracked), RobotWar (cleanly cracked),
  Robotron 2084 (cleanly cracked), Robots of Dawn (cleanly cracked), Rocky Horror Picture Show (cleanly cracked),
  Rocky's Boots (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Rocky's Boots (Version 4.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Roman Numerals: Numbers from 1 to 100 (cleanly cracked), Rosie the Counting Rabbit (cleanly cracked),
  Round Two-Digit and Three-Digit Numbers (cleanly cracked), Round Up, Round Down (cleanly cracked), Roundabout (cleanly cracked),
  Rounding 2- and 3-Digit Numerals (cleanly cracked), The Royal Rules (cleanly cracked), Rubik's Cube Unlocked (cleanly cracked),
  Rumpelstiltskin (cleanly cracked), Run For It (cleanly cracked), Run Your Own Train (cleanly cracked),
  Russki Duck (cleanly cracked), Safari Search (Version 1987.08.24) (cleanly cracked),
  Safari Search: Problem Solving and Inference (cleanly cracked), Sailing Through Story Problems (cleanly cracked),
  Salina Math Games Volume 1 (cleanly cracked), Salina Math Games Volume 2 (cleanly cracked),
  Salina Math Games Volume 3 (cleanly cracked), Sammy Lightfoot (4am and san inc crack),
  SAT Score Improvement System: Algebra (cleanly cracked), SAT Score Improvement System: Geometry (cleanly cracked),
  SAT Score Improvement System: Quantitative Comparisons (cleanly cracked),
  SAT Score Improvement System: Reading Comprehension (cleanly cracked), SAT Score Improvement System: Vocabulary (cleanly cracked),
  Scholastic Reading Comprehension (cleanly cracked),
  The School Speller Manager for Magic Slate II 40-/80-column (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  The School Speller for Magic Slate II 40-column (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  The School Speller for Magic Slate II 80-column (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  The Science Professor Unit 10: Resources (cleanly cracked), The Science Professor Unit 1: Insects (cleanly cracked),
  The Science Professor Unit 2: Machines (cleanly cracked), The Science Professor Unit 3: Muscles and Bones (cleanly cracked),
  The Science Professor Unit 4: Matter (cleanly cracked), The Science Professor Unit 5: Our Atmosphere (cleanly cracked),
  The Science Professor Unit 6: The Solar System (cleanly cracked), The Science Professor Unit 7: Planet Hopping (cleanly cracked),
  The Science Professor Unit 8: Rocks and Minerals (cleanly cracked), The Science Professor Unit 9: Green Plants (cleanly cracked),
  Science Volume 2: Geology (cleanly cracked), Science Volume 3: Matter, Liquid, and Solid (cleanly cracked),
  Science Volume 4: Space (cleanly cracked), Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 1: Adventureland (Version 2.0/416) (cleanly cracked),
  Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 1: Adventureland (Version 2.1/416) (cleanly cracked),
  Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 2: Pirate Adventure (Version 2.1/408) (cleanly cracked),
  Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 4: Voodoo Castle (Version 2.1/119) (cleanly cracked),
  Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 5: The Count (Version 2.1/115) (cleanly cracked),
  Scott Adams Graphic Adventure 6: Strange Odyssey (Version 2.1/119) (cleanly cracked), Scrambled Eggs (cleanly cracked),
  Scrambled Words: Red Level (cleanly cracked), Screen Writer (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Scuffy and Friends (Version 03.19.86) (cleanly cracked), Scuffy and Friends (Version 07.05.89) (cleanly cracked),
  Seafox (cleanly cracked), Search (Version 1.4) (cleanly cracked), Searching for a King (cleanly cracked),
  Seasons (cleanly cracked), Seastalker (Release 15 / 840501) (cleanly cracked), Secret Filer (cleanly cracked),
  The Secrets of Science Island (cleanly cracked), The Semantic Calculator (cleanly cracked),
  Sentence Diagramming (cleanly cracked), Sentence Fun (cleanly cracked), Sentence Structure (cleanly cracked),
  Sequence: Blue Level (cleanly cracked), Sequence: Red Level (cleanly cracked), The Serpent's Star (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Serpentine (cleanly cracked), Shape and Color Rodeo (cleanly cracked), Shapes and Patterns (cleanly cracked),
  The Shard of Spring (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), The Shard of Spring (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked),
  The Shattered Alliance (cleanly cracked), Sheila (cleanly cracked), Sherlock Holmes in Another Bow (cleanly cracked),
  Shifty Sam (cleanly cracked), Shiloh: Grant's Trial in the West (cleanly cracked), Shop Right (cleanly cracked),
  Shopping with the Yellow Pages (cleanly cracked), Short Circuit (cleanly cracked),
  The Shot Heard Round The World (cleanly cracked), Shuttle Intercept (cleanly cracked),
  Sierra Championship Boxing (cleanly cracked), Simon Says... (cleanly cracked), Simple Sentence Structure (cleanly cracked),
  Simplest Form of a Fraction (cleanly cracked), The Simplest Living Things (cleanly cracked),
  Simultaneous Linear Functions (cleanly cracked), Sir Isaac Newton's Games (cleanly cracked), Sky Blazer (cleanly cracked),
  Skyfox (cleanly cracked), Slide Shop (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Sliding Block (cleanly cracked),
  Smartype (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Snack Attack and Friends (cleanly cracked),
  Snooper Troops 1: The Case of the Granite Point Ghost (cleanly cracked),
  Snooper Troops 2: The Case of the Disappearing Dolphin (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Snooper Troops and the Case of the Disappearing Dolphin (cleanly cracked), Snoopy Writer (cleanly cracked),
  Snoopy to the Rescue (cleanly cracked), Snoopy's Reading Machine (cleanly cracked), Softporn Adventure (cleanly cracked),
  Soko-Ban (cleanly cracked), Solar Reading Flight 1: Blast Off (cleanly cracked),
  Solar Reading Flight 1: Jupiter (cleanly cracked), Solar Reading Flight 1: Neptune (cleanly cracked),
  Solar Reading Flight 1: Saturn (cleanly cracked), Solar Reading Flight 1: Uranus (cleanly cracked),
  Solar Reading: Mercury (cleanly cracked), Solar Reading: Venus (cleanly cracked), Solve It (cleanly cracked),
  Solving Quadratic Equations (cleanly cracked), Sorcerer of Siva (cleanly cracked), Sound Ideas: Consonants (cleanly cracked),
  Sound Ideas: Vowels (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Sound Ideas: Vowels (cleanly cracked),
  Sound Ideas: Word Attack (Version 5220C) (cleanly cracked), Sound Ideas: Word Attack (cleanly cracked),
  Southern Command (cleanly cracked), Space Games: Appointment at Aldebaran and Procyon Warrior (cleanly cracked),
  Space Kadet (cleanly cracked), Space Math (cleanly cracked), Space Quest I (cleanly cracked),
  Space Quest II (Version 2.0A) (cleanly cracked), Space Vikings (cleanly cracked), Spanish Achievement I (cleanly cracked),
  Spanish Classroom Words (cleanly cracked), Spanish Foreign Frenzy (cleanly cracked), Spanish Fun and Games (cleanly cracked),
  Spanish Grammar Review: Familiar and Formal Commands in the Affirmative and Negative (cleanly cracked),
  Spanish Grammar Review: Future and Conditional Tenses of Regular and Irregular Verbs (cleanly cracked),
  Spanish Verb Concepts (cleanly cracked), Spanish Verb Concepts and Exercises (1987 Version) (cleanly cracked),
  Spanish Verb Drill (1987 Version) (cleanly cracked), Spanish Verb Pairs (cleanly cracked),
  Spanish Vocabulary Builder (cleanly cracked), Spanish Vocabulary Drill (cleanly cracked), Spectrum (cleanly cracked),
  The Speed Reader (cleanly cracked), Speed Reader II (Version 06.12.85) (cleanly cracked),
  Speed Reader II (Version 09.12.86) (cleanly cracked), Speed Reader II (cleanly cracked), Speedy Delivery (cleanly cracked),
  Spell It (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), Spell It Plus (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), Spell It Plus (cleanly cracked),
  Spell It! (cleanly cracked), Spellagraph (cleanly cracked), Spellakazam (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Spellicopter (cleanly cracked), Spelling and Sound Relationships (cleanly cracked),
  Spelling Attack (Version 84-01) (cleanly cracked), The Spelling Bee (cleanly cracked),
  Spelling Bee (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Spelling Bee Games (Version 1.1.1) (cleanly cracked),
  Spelling Bee and Reading Primer (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked), Spelling Carnival (cleanly cracked),
  The Spelling Machine (cleanly cracked), Spelling Mastery (cleanly cracked), Spelling Rules (Optimum Resource) (cleanly cracked),
  Spelling Rules (cleanly cracked), Spelling Strategy (cleanly cracked), The Spelling System (cleanly cracked),
  Spelltronics Lessons 3-4 (cleanly cracked), Spelltronics Lessons 5-6 (cleanly cracked), Spotlight (cleanly cracked),
  Spy Hunter (cleanly cracked), The Spy Strikes Back (cleanly cracked),
  The Spy's Adventures in Europe (Version 1987-05-04) (cleanly cracked),
  The Spy's Adventures in North America (Version 1987-05-04) (cleanly cracked),
  The Spy's Adventures in South America (Version 1987-08-12) (cleanly cracked), Squeegee Learns About Drugs (cleanly cracked),
  Squire: The Financial Planning Simulation (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Star Blazer (cleanly cracked),
  Star Maze (Scott, Foresman and Company) (cleanly cracked), Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative (cleanly cracked),
  Star Warrior (cleanly cracked), Starblaster (Softsmith) (cleanly cracked), Starblaster (cleanly cracked),
  Starcross (Release 15 / 820901) (cleanly cracked), Stargate (cleanly cracked), Starting with Phonics (cleanly cracked),
  States and Traits (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), States and Traits (cleanly cracked), The States Game (cleanly cracked),
  Station 5 (cleanly cracked), Stellar 7 (cleanly cracked), Stepwise Multiple Regression (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear ABC (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Basket Bounce (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Basket Bounce (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Math (Revision 3) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Math (Revision 4) (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Math 2 (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Math 2 (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Music (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Numbers (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Numbers (Version 18-JAN-89) (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Numbers (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Opposites (Revision 3) (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Opposites (Version 13-JUL-1989) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Opposites (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Parts of Speech (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Reading (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Reading Comprehension (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Shapes (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Shapes (Version 03-FEB-1989) (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Shapes (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Spellgrabber (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Spellgrabber (Revision 3) (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Town Builder (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Typing (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Stickybear Typing (cleanly cracked),
  Stickybear Word Problems (cleanly cracked), Stoichiometry (cleanly cracked), Story Machine (cleanly cracked),
  The Story Machine (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Story Maker (64K Version) (cleanly cracked),
  The Story of Miss Mouse (cleanly cracked), Story Starters: Science (cleanly cracked), Story Tree (Version 1.4) (cleanly cracked),
  Strategies for Problem Solving II (cleanly cracked), Sub Mission (cleanly cracked), Submarine Commander (cleanly cracked),
  Subtract with Balancing Bear (cleanly cracked), Subtracting Mixed Fractions (cleanly cracked),
  Subtraction (Prescription Learning) (cleanly cracked), Subtraction Defenders (Version 1.5) (cleanly cracked),
  Subtraction of Fractions - Common Denominators (cleanly cracked), Subtraction with Zero in the Minuend (cleanly cracked),
  Subtraction: 3-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping (cleanly cracked), Subtraction: 4-Digit Numerals with Renaming (cleanly cracked),
  Success with Math: Addition/Subtraction (cleanly cracked),
  Success with Math: Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (cleanly cracked), Success with Reading (cleanly cracked),
  Success with Typing (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), Success with Typing (cleanly cracked),
  Success with Writing (cleanly cracked), Succession (cleanly cracked), Sum Ducks (cleanly cracked), Super Bunny (cleanly cracked),
  The Super Factory (cleanly cracked), Super Huey (cleanly cracked), Super Sunday (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Super Taxman II (cleanly cracked), Super Wordfind (Version 03.13.86) (cleanly cracked), Super-Text II (cleanly cracked),
  Super-Text II Form Letter Module (cleanly cracked), SuperPrint (cleanly cracked), Survey Taker (cleanly cracked),
  Survival Math (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked), Suspect (Release 14 / 841005) (cleanly cracked),
  Suspended (Release 5 / 830222) (cleanly cracked), Suspended (Release 8 / 830521) (cleanly cracked),
  Swashbuckler (cleanly cracked), Swiss Family Robinson (cleanly cracked), Swordthrust (cleanly cracked),
  Syllabication (cleanly cracked), Syllable Stress (cleanly cracked), Syllable Stress, Affixes, and Compounds (cleanly cracked),
  T.A.C.: Tactical Armour Command (cleanly cracked), Tag Team Wrestling (cleanly cracked), Take 1 (cleanly cracked),
  Taking Chances (cleanly cracked), Tales From History (cleanly cracked), Tales of Fantasy (cleanly cracked),
  Tales of Mystery (cleanly cracked), Tales of Suspense (cleanly cracked),
  Talisman: Challenging the Sands of Time (128K) (cleanly cracked), Talking Text Writer (cleanly cracked),
  Tangrams Puzzler (cleanly cracked), Tank Attack and Death Run (cleanly cracked), Targets: A Number Game (cleanly cracked),
  TEAM Vocabulary: Science and Health (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Teasers by Tobbs (cleanly cracked),
  Teasers by Tobbs with Integers (cleanly cracked), Techno Cop (cleanly cracked), Teddy Bear-rels of Fun (cleanly cracked),
  Teddy and Iggy (30-JUN-1989 Version) (cleanly cracked), Teddy and Iggy (cleanly cracked), TellStar II (cleanly cracked),
  Ten Clues (cleanly cracked), Ten Little Robots (Older Version) (cleanly cracked), Ten Little Robots (cleanly cracked),
  Terrapin Logo (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Terrapin Logo (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked),
  Terrapin Logo (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked), Terrapin Logo (Version 2.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Terrapin Logo (Version 2.00) (cleanly cracked), Terrapin Logo (Version 3.0) (cleanly cracked),
  The Testing Genie (cleanly cracked), Tetrad (cleanly cracked), Tharolian Tunnels (cleanly cracked),
  That's My Job Level 1 (cleanly cracked), That's My Story (cleanly cracked), The Time Tunnel: The Presidents (cleanly cracked),
  Think Quick 1.2 (cleanly cracked), Three Mile Island (cleanly cracked), Threshold (cleanly cracked),
  Thunder and Lightning (cleanly cracked), Thunder Bombs (cleanly cracked), Thwart (cleanly cracked),
  Tiger's Tales (cleanly cracked), Tim and the Cat and Jen the Hen (cleanly cracked),
  Tim and the Cat and the Big Red Hat (cleanly cracked), Tim and the Cat and the Fish Dish (cleanly cracked),
  Time Measurement: AM/PM (cleanly cracked), Time Traveler (Revision 0) (cleanly cracked),
  Time Zone (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Times of Lore (cleanly cracked), Tink Tonk - Tuk Goes to Town (cleanly cracked),
  Tink! Tink! Tink's Subtraction Fair (cleanly cracked), Tink's Adventure (cleanly cracked),
  Tiny Troll (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Tiny Troll (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), Tip 'N Flip (cleanly cracked),
  Titan Empire (cleanly cracked), Tobbs Learns Algebra (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Tomahawk (cleanly cracked),
  Tommy the Time Telling Turtle (cleanly cracked), Tonk in the Land of the Buddy-Bots (cleanly cracked),
  Top Fuel Eliminator (cleanly cracked), Torpedo Fire (cleanly cracked), Toward Better Reading Skills (cleanly cracked),
  The Tracer Sanction (cleanly cracked), Trading Post (cleanly cracked), Trains (cleanly cracked),
  Transportation Transformation (cleanly cracked), Transylvania (1982 Version) (cleanly cracked),
  Transylvania (1984 Version) (128K) (cleanly cracked), Transylvania (1985 Version) (cleanly cracked),
  Trap-A-Zoid (cleanly cracked), Travels with Za-Zoom: The United States (cleanly cracked),
  Travels with Za-Zoom: The World (cleanly cracked), Treasure Dive: Reading for Meaning Level B (Version 4.1.6) (cleanly cracked),
  Treasure Hunter (cleanly cracked), Treasure Island (cleanly cracked), Triangles Through Octagons (cleanly cracked),
  Trickster Coyote (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Troll First Start: Biographies (cleanly cracked),
  Troll First Start: Science (cleanly cracked), Troll Printmaker: Holiday Fun (cleanly cracked),
  Troll Reading Games: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (cleanly cracked), Troll's Tale (cleanly cracked), Tsushima (cleanly cracked),
  Tubeway (cleanly cracked), Tuesday Morning Quarterback (cleanly cracked), Tune It ][ (cleanly cracked),
  Tutorial Quiz Master (cleanly cracked), Tycoon (cleanly cracked), Type to Learn (Version 08-OCT-85) (cleanly cracked),
  The Typewriter (128K) (cleanly cracked), Typing Is A Ball, Charlie Brown (Demo) (cleanly cracked),
  Typing Is A Ball, Charlie Brown (Random House release) (cleanly cracked), Typing Is A Ball, Charlie Brown (cleanly cracked),
  Typing Strategy (cleanly cracked), U.S. Atlas Action: Geography Facts (cleanly cracked),
  U.S. Atlas Action: Map Activities (cleanly cracked), U.S.A.A.F. (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked),
  Ultima I: The Beginning (cleanly cracked), Ultima V (cleanly cracked), Understanding Maps and Globes (cleanly cracked),
  Up'N Down (cleanly cracked), The Usurper Book Three: The Mines of Qyntarr (cleanly cracked),
  The Valentine's Day Grump (cleanly cracked), Vaults of Zurich (cleanly cracked),
  VCR Companion (Version 1988-09-28) (cleanly cracked), Verb Usage 1 (Version 08.17.87) (cleanly cracked),
  Verb Usage 2 (Version 08.17.87) (cleanly cracked), Verb Usage 3 (Version 08.17.87) (cleanly cracked),
  Verb Usage 4 (Version 09.08.86) (cleanly cracked), Verb Viper (cleanly cracked),
  Verbal Item Banks 1-14 (Version 3.1E) (cleanly cracked), Verbs (Version 05.23.87) (cleanly cracked),
  Verbs (Version 09.15.87) (cleanly cracked), Verbs I (cleanly cracked), Verbs II (cleanly cracked),
  Video Title Shop (cleanly cracked), Video Vegas (cleanly cracked), Viewmax-80 Pre-Boot (cleanly cracked),
  The Visible Computer (cleanly cracked), Vocabulary Builder I (cleanly cracked), Vocabulary Challenge (cleanly cracked),
  Vocabulary Development (cleanly cracked), Vocabulary Flashcards (Version 3.1E) (cleanly cracked),
  The Vocabulary Game: Senior Level (cleanly cracked), Vocabulary Skills: Context Clues (cleanly cracked),
  Voodoo Island (cleanly cracked), Vowel Corral (cleanly cracked), Voyage of the Mimi (cleanly cracked),
  Voyages of Discovery: Lewis and Clark (cleanly cracked), Wagons West (cleanly cracked),
  War in the South Pacific (cleanly cracked), Wargle (cleanly cracked), The Warp Factor (cleanly cracked),
  Warship (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Warship (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Water in the Air (cleanly cracked),
  Water in the Air Quiz (cleanly cracked), Wavy Navy (cleanly cracked), Weather Forecasting (Prentice-Hall) (cleanly cracked),
  Weather Forecasting (cleanly cracked), The Weather Machine (cleanly cracked), A Week That Changed The World (cleanly cracked),
  Whales and Dolphins (cleanly cracked), What Makes A Dinosaur Sore (cleanly cracked),
  What's First? What's Next? (Version 03.07.86) (cleanly cracked), Where Did My Toothbrush Go (cleanly cracked),
  Where in Europe is Carmen Sandiego? (cleanly cracked),
  Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego? (Version 26-APR-1989) (cleanly cracked),
  Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Version 15-AUG-1989) (cleanly cracked),
  Who Am I? Birds, Trees, and Flowers (cleanly cracked), Who Am I? Mammals, Reptiles, and Insects (cleanly cracked),
  Who Am I? Plants and Animals of the Desert (cleanly cracked), Who What When Where (cleanly cracked),
  Who What When Where Why (Version 01.27.89) (cleanly cracked), Who What Where When Why (Version 02.05.86) (cleanly cracked),
  Whole Number Practice (cleanly cracked), Widespread (cleanly cracked), Wild West Math Level 3 (cleanly cracked),
  Wild West Math Level 4 (cleanly cracked), Wild West Math Level 5 (cleanly cracked),
  Wilderness: Sierra Nevada (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), Windwalker (cleanly cracked), Winged Samurai (cleanly cracked),
  Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood (Sierra On-Line) (cleanly cracked), WISC-R (cleanly cracked),
  Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood (Sunburst Communications release) (cleanly cracked),
  Witness (Release 13 / 830524) (cleanly cracked), Witness (Release 18 / 830910) (cleanly cracked),
  The Wizard of Oz (cleanly cracked), Wizard of Words (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), WonderQuest (cleanly cracked),
  Word Attack (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), Word Attack (Revision 06-12-85) (cleanly cracked),
  Word Attack (Version 1983) (cleanly cracked), Word Attack (cleanly cracked), Word Attack German / Wortgefecht (cleanly cracked),
  Word Attack Plus (cleanly cracked), Word Attack Plus French (800K 3.5") (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked),
  Word Attack Plus Spanish (800K 3.5") (cleanly cracked), Word Attack Plus! French (cleanly cracked),
  Word Attack Plus! Spanish (cleanly cracked), Word Detective (cleanly cracked), Word Invasion (Revision 0) (cleanly cracked),
  Word Invasion (cleanly cracked), Word Ladders (Version 12.29.88) (cleanly cracked), Word Man (cleanly cracked),
  Word Master (cleanly cracked), Word Mentor: ABC Order (cleanly cracked), Word Mentor: Antonyms 2 (cleanly cracked),
  Word Mentor: Blends (cleanly cracked), Word Mentor: Early Words (cleanly cracked), Word Mentor: Endings (cleanly cracked),
  Word Mentor: Fact or Opinion (cleanly cracked), Word Mentor: Homonyms (cleanly cracked),
  Word Mentor: Picture Matching (cleanly cracked), Word Mentor: Rhyming Words (cleanly cracked),
  Word Play (Version 01.27.85) (cleanly cracked), The Word Problem Game Show Level B (Version 4.1.5) (cleanly cracked),
  Word Problems Level B (Version 3.1.6) (cleanly cracked),
  Word Problems: Combinations of Addition and Subtraction (cleanly cracked),
  Word Problems: Multiplication or Division Basic Facts (cleanly cracked), Word Puzzles for Creative Teaching (cleanly cracked),
  Word Quest (cleanly cracked), Word Radar (cleanly cracked), Word Roulette (cleanly cracked),
  Word Search (Version 09.20.84) (cleanly cracked), Word Search and Super Wordfind (Version 02.28.89) (cleanly cracked),
  Word Unscramble (cleanly cracked), Word Walk (cleanly cracked), Word-a-Mation: Exploring Word Relationships (cleanly cracked),
  WordMath: Addition and Subtraction (cleanly cracked), WordMath: Advanced Mixed Practice (cleanly cracked),
  WordMath: Basic Problems (cleanly cracked), WordMath: Dictionary (cleanly cracked), WordMath: Extra Numbers (cleanly cracked),
  WordMath: Forward Order, Reverse Order (cleanly cracked), WordMath: Hidden Numbers (cleanly cracked),
  WordMath: Key Words (cleanly cracked), WordMath: Mixed Practice (cleanly cracked), Words and Concepts (cleanly cracked),
  Wordspinner (cleanly cracked), Wordzzzearch (cleanly cracked), Working Together (cleanly cracked),
  World Atlas Action: Map Activities (cleanly cracked), World Geography Trivia (cleanly cracked),
  The World of Insects (cleanly cracked), World War II (Micro Learningware) (cleanly cracked), World War III (cleanly cracked),
  Write It Right: Punctuation and Capitalization (cleanly cracked), Writer Rabbit (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked),
  Writer Rabbit (Version 1.2) (cleanly cracked), Writer Rabbit (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked),
  Writing Skills volume 2 (cleanly cracked), Writing Skills volume 3 (cleanly cracked), Writing Skills volume 4 (cleanly cracked),
  Writing Skills volume 5 (cleanly cracked), The Writing Workshop (cleanly cracked), Xyphus (cleanly cracked),
  Your Personal Net Worth (cleanly cracked), Your Universe Volume 2: The Planet Earth (cleanly cracked),
  Your Universe Volume 3: The Weather (cleanly cracked), Yummy, Yummy (cleanly cracked), Zoo Builder (cleanly cracked),
  Zoo Collector (cleanly cracked), Zoo Goer (cleanly cracked), Zoom Grafix (Revision 25-MAY-83) (cleanly cracked),
  Zoom Grafix (Version 26-JAN-82) (cleanly cracked), Zoom Grafix (Version 29-APR-82) (cleanly cracked),
  Zoom Grafix 05-OCT-83 (cleanly cracked), Zoom Grafix Second Edition (cleanly cracked),
  Zork I (Release 26 / 820803) (cleanly cracked), Zork I (Release 75 / 830929 / earlier interpreter) (cleanly cracked),
  Zork I (Release 75 / 830929) (cleanly cracked), Zork I (Release 88 / 840726 / interpreter B) (cleanly cracked),
  Zork I (Revision 15 / UG3AU5) (cleanly cracked), Zork I (Revision 5) (cleanly cracked),
  Zork II (Release 22 / 830331) (cleanly cracked), Zork II (Release 48 / 840904 / interpreter B) (cleanly cracked),
  Zork II (Release 7 / UG3AU5) (cleanly cracked), Zork III (Release 10 / 820818) (cleanly cracked),
  Zork III (Release 16 / 830410) (cleanly cracked), Zork III (Release 17 / 840727) (cleanly cracked),
  Zork Quest II: The Crystal of Doom (cleanly cracked), Zork Quest: Assault on Egreth Castle (cleanly cracked),
  Zykron Hearts (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
  2400 A.D., Advanced Math Shop, Algebra Shop, Alice in Wonderland, Alternate Reality: The Dungeon (Version 2.1), Both Barrels,
  Bureaucracy (Release 116 / 870602), Congo, Copy II Plus (Version 2.0), The Dark Crystal, Dark Lord,
  Dr. Ruth's Computer Game of Good Sex, Enchanter (Release 15 / 831107), Escape!, Hollywood Hijinx (Release 37 / 861215),
  Infidel (Release 22 / 830916), Maniac Mansion, Math Shop, Math Shop Jr., Maxwell Manor,
  MECC-A279 Lewis and Clark Stayed Home (Version 1.0), MECC-A315 Freedom! (Version 1.0), Moonmist (Release 9 / 861022),
  The Neverending Story, Operation: FROG, Quadrant 6112, Sherwood Forest, Short Circuit, Space Shuttle: A Journey Into Space,
  The Sporting News: Baseball, Suspect (Release 14 / 841005), Suspended (Release 8 / 830521), Tetrad, Witness (Release 22 / 840924),
  World War III [4am, Firehawke]
  Rainbow on Disk 1986-10 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1986-11 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1986-12 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-01 issue,
  Rainbow on Disk 1987-02 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-03 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-04 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-05 issue,
  Rainbow on Disk 1987-06 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-07 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-08 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-09 issue,
  Rainbow on Disk 1987-10 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-11 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1987-12 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1988-01 issue,
  Rainbow on Disk 1988-02 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1988-03 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1988-04 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1988-05 issue,
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  Rainbow on Disk 1992-10 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1992-11 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1992-12 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1993-01 issue,
  Rainbow on Disk 1993-02 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1993-03 issue, Rainbow on Disk 1994-01 issue [Firehawke]
bbc_rom: Uniterm, Vax [Nigel Barnes]
cd32: Vital Light (Amiga CD32 Special) [, FakeShemp]
dragon_cart: Test De Conducción [robcfg]
  Cat's Part-1, DOR Best Selection Gekan, G5, Gokko Vol. 01 - Doctor, Leading Company, Professional Mahjong Goku, Sekigahara,
  Shinjuku Labyrinth, Taiken Shiyou! Marty Channel [, r09]
  Aging Cartridge (World, Rev. 1), Bibi und Tina - Ferien auf dem Martinshof (Ger, Rev. 1),
  Blue Angelo - Angels from the Shrine (Europe, Prototype 1), Blue Angelo - Angels from the Shrine (Europe, Prototype 2),
  Disney's Peter Pan - Return to Neverland (USA, Rev. 1), Dogz 2 (USA, Rev. 1), EX Monopoly (Jpn, Rev. 1), Hardcore Pool (Fra),
  Hunter X Hunter - Minna Tomodachi Daisakusen!! (Jpn, Rev. 1), J.League Pocket (Jpn, Rev. 1),
  The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (USA, Rev. 1),
  King Kong - The Official Game of the Movie (Euro, English / Swedish / Norwegian / Danish / Finnish),
  Matantei Loki Ragnarok - Gensou no Labyrinth (Jpn, Rev. 1), Paws & Claws - Pet Vet (USA),
  Pocket Monsters - Leaf Green (Jpn, Rev. 1), Power Pro Kun Pocket 5 (Jpn, Rev. 1),
  Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time (USA, Rev. 1), Racing Fever (Fra), Riviera - Yakusoku no Chi Riviera (Jpn, Rev. 1),
  Shrek - Swamp Kart Speedway (USA, Rev. 1), Sim City 2000 (USA, Rev. 1), SN Systems (Jpn),
  Strawberry Shortcake - Ice Cream Island - Riding Camp (Euro, Rev. 1), Super Dodge Ball Advance (USA, Rev. 1),
  Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (USA, Rev. 1), Tweety and the Magic Gems (Ned), Ultimate Card Games (USA, Rev. 1),
  Ultimate Card Games (USA, Rev. 2), Wizardry Summoner (Jpn, Rev. 1), Zoids Saga (Jpn, Rev. 1) [No-Intro, FakeShemp]
  SimEarth: The Living Planet (3.5", v1.1), SimEarth: The Living Planet (3.5", v1.3), SimEarth: The Living Planet (5.25", v1.1),
  SimEarth: The Living Planet (Europe, 3.5", v1.0) [Justin Kerk]
  Mephisto HG 240 Opening Library [CB-Emu, Sandro Ronco]
  Mephisto HG 440 Opening Library, Mephisto HG 550 Opening Library [Sandro Ronco]
mt65_cass: Columbia Word, PGM Design Aid, Space Invasion, TUG EPROM Programmer, Tan-Forth []
  2-Pass Assembler v1.2, DASM, Fig-FORTH 1.2, HRG Toolkit, Microsoft BASIC, Microsoft BASIC (Mousepacket Colour VDU), PGM Toolkit,
  Space Invasion, Toolkit, Video 80/82 Toolkit, XBug 5.2, XBug 5.3 []
odyssey2: AMOK!, Calculator!, Pong for Videopac and Odyssey2! [Justin Kerk]
saitek_egr: Endgame ROM (ver. 1), Endgame ROM (ver. 2) [hap, Berger]
sorcerer_cart: System Software Basic v1.1 [Robbbert]
  +80 Address Manager, +80 Finance Manager, +80 Finance Manager (set 2), +80 Finance Manager - Disciple Version,
  +80 Full Screen Editor - Assembler, +80 Stock Manager, +80 VAT Manager, +80 Word Manager, 007 De-Pulsar, 007 Disassembler,
  007 Fast, 007 Header Reader, 007 MD, 007 Spy, 007 Spy (set 2), 007 Spy (set 3), 007 Spy - Cassette, 007 Spy - Microdrive,
  007 Spy H, 007 Spy M, 007 Spy M (set 2), 007 Spy N, 007 Spy Tape 2, 007 Spy v2, 007 Super File 2, 10 Adventure Game Pack,
  10 Adventure Game Pack - Volume 2, 10 Computer Hits 1, 10 Computer Hits 2, 10 Computer Hits 3, 10 Computer Hits 4,
  10 Computer Hits 5, 10 Great Games, 10 Great Games 3, 10 Great Games II (set 1), 10 Great Games II (set 2), 10 Juegos I,
  10 Juegos II, 10 Mega Games Volume One, 10 Mega Hits, 10 Pack, 10 Titles For The Spectrum Plus, 100 Programs For The ZX Spectrum,
  100% Dynamite, 105 Grafikzeichen, 10th Frame, 10th Frame (Erbe), 10th Frame (Kixx), The 11th Hour, The 11th Hour (set 2),
  The 11th Hour (set 3), 123 (compilation), 128 - 4 Pack, 128 - 6 Pack, 128 Music, 128 Music & Carols, 128 Music & Carols (set 2),
  128-48 Copy v1.3, 128-48 Copy v1.3 (set 2), 13 Rue Del Percebe, 15 Giochi Grafici (J. Soft), 16-48 Boxe, 16-os Puzzle,
  1648 (Issue 01), 1648 (Issue 02), 1648 (Issue 03), 1648 (Issue 04), 1648 (Issue 05), 1648 (Issue 06), 1648 (Issue 07),
  1648 (Issue 08), 1648 (Issue 09), 1648 (Issue 10), 1648 (Issue 11), 1648 (Issue 12), 1648 (Issue 13), 1648 (Issue 14),
  1648 (Issue 15), 1648 (Issue 16), 1648 (Issue 17), 1648 (Issue 18), 1648 (Issue 19), 1648 (Issue 20), 1648 (Issue 21),
  1648 (Issue 22), 1648 (Issue 23), 1648 (Issue 24), 1648 (Issue 25), 1648 (Issue 26), 16k Superchess, 16k Value Pack,
  180, 180 (CCS), 180 (MAD), 180 (Sparklers), 19 Part 1 - Boot Camp, 1942, 1942 (EDOS), 1942 (Encore), 1942 Mission,
  1942 Mission (CCS), 1943, 1943 (Kixx), 1960's Locospotter, 1984, 1984 Locospotter, 1985, 1994, 1994 (Currys), 1994 (set 2),
  1994 Locospotter, 1999, 2 Hot 2 Handle, 2 Player Soccer Squad, 20 Character Sets (Tilt Software), 20 Game Pack, 20-20 Vision,
  2003, 2088, 2088 (Mastering Tape), 2088 (Summit), 2112 AD, 24 Colour Copy, 2D Game Maker, 3 Channel Sound Synthesiser,
  3 Deep Space, 3 Games For Children - 2nd Edition, 3 Reyes Magos, 3-2-1, 3-D Cube, 3-D Graphics, 3-D Monster Chase,
  30 Games (Argus Press Software) (Carpet Capers, Antics, Planetfall, Gridrunner, Bismark, Meteor Storm, Jet Set Gertie, Tunnel 3D,
  Stock Market, Fridge Frenzy, The Valley, Dragonsbane, Demon Knight, Ned's Garden, Space Intruders, Mighty Magus, The Fall of Rome,
  Draughts, Xadom, Detective, 20 Tons, The Chess Player, Micro Mouse Goes De-bugging, Tube Cube, Strategy 1 - Invasion, Escape,
  Laser Zone, Strontium Dog - The Killing, Pyramania, Blood 'n' Guts), 30 Hour Basic, 30 Red Hot Hits, 321, 3D Bat Attack,
  3D Combat Zone, 3D Combat Zone & Spectrum Chess II, 3D Construction Kit, 3D Deathchase, 3D Deathchase (2.99 Classics),
  3D Deathchase (Mastering Tape), 3D Defenda (Contrast Software), 3D Desert Patrol, 3D Game Maker, 3D Game Maker (Dro Soft),
  3D Grand Prix, 3D Lunattack, 3D Maze, 3D Maze Of Gold, 3D Monstruos (Investronica), 3d Mover, 3D Paint, 3D Painter, 3D Plot,
  3D Pool, 3D Pool (Kixx), 3D Pool - French Instructions, 3D Quadracube, 3D Seiddab Attack, 3D Seiddab Attack (ZX Data), 3D Snooker,
  3D Snooker (EDOS), 3D Space Wars, 3D Space Wars (Riko Data), 3D Spawn Of Evil, 3D Speed Duel,
  3D Star Wars (Custom Cables International), 3D Star Wars (no loading screen), 3D Starstrike, 3D Starstrike (299),
  3D Starstrike (set 2), 3D Stock Car Championship, 3D Stock Car Championship (MCM), 3D Stock Cars 2, 3D Strategy, 3D Tank Duel,
  3D Tank Duel (299), 3D Tanx, 3D Tanx (Prism), 3D Tunel (Investronica), 3D Tunnel (ZX Data), 3D Tunnel (set 1), 3D Tunnel (set 2),
  3D Vortex, 3D-Interceptor, 3D-Labyrinth, 3D-Ravijn, 3DC, 4 Aces (compilation) (side b only) (Tomahawk, TT Racer),
  4 Adventure Games, 4 Crash Smashes, 4 Crash Smashes II, 4 Game Pack No. 1, 4 Game Pack No. 2, 4 Game Pack No. 3,
  4 Games For Children, 4 In 1 (set 1), 4 In 1 (set 2), 4 Logiciels, 4 Minute Warning, 4 Most Action, 4 Most Action (set 2),
  4 Most Adventures, 4 Most Airpower, 4 Most Balls, Boots & Brains, 4 Most Big Hits, 4 Most Cute, 4 Most Fight & Fright, 4 Most Fun,
  4 Most Horrors, 4 Most Megaheros, 4 Most Speedstunts, 4 Most Sport, 4 Most Super Sports, 4 Most Thrillers, 4 Most Toppers,
  4 Most War Zone, 4 Most World Sport, 4 Quality Games,
  4 Soccer Simulators (11 A-Side Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Soccer Skills, Street Soccer) (Codemasters Gold, 2 tapes),
  4 Soccer Simulators (11 A-Side Soccer, Indoor Soccer, Soccer Skills, Street Soccer) (Codemasters, single tape), 4 Spill,
  4 Super 4, 4 X 1 (Dinamic), 40 Characters Per Line, 40-80 Forth, 48K (Issue 02) - Panzer 3D, 48K (Issue 04) - Challenger,
  48K (Issue 07) - Especial Comecocos, 48K (Issue 08) - Pistolero, 48k Assembler, 48k Assembler (Peker Computers),
  48k Keyboard Program, 48k Super Saver, 48k Toolkit, 48k Value Pack, 4D Defender, 4Star, 4th Dimension (compilation),
  4x4 Off-Road Racing, 4x4 Off-Road Racing (Kixx), 5 Computer Hits, 5 In A Row, 5 Treasures Of Ryzar, 55, 6 Computer Hits,
  6 Game Action Pack, 6-Pak, 6-Pak (Zafiro), 6-Pak Vol 2, 6-Pak Vol 3, 6-Pak Vol 3 (Zafiro), 60 Games, 64 Column Text, 720,
  720 (Erbe), 720 (Kixx), 747 Flight Simulator, 8 Letter Anagrams, 8 Multi-Track Composer Program, 911TS, A Lenda Da Gavea,
  The A Team, a,b,c...Lift-Off!, A. Remic's 4 Pack, A.T.A.C, A.T.RAM, A.Y. Tracker v1.0, Aaargh!, Aackoboek, Aackotax 83,
  La Abadia Del Crimen (MCM), La Abadia Del Crimen (set 1), La Abadia Del Crimen (set 2), L'Abbaye Des Morts,
  Abbey Of Crime - English Beta, ABC, Abersoft Forth, Abersoft Forth (Melbourne House), Abington, Abu Simbel Profanation,
  Abu Simbel Profanation (Erbe), Abu Simbel Profanation (Gremlin), Abu Simbel Profanation - Medium Case, Abyss, Academy,
  Academy (Pim Software), Academy (Summit), Accelerator, Accelerator (Mind Games Espana), Account, ACE, ACE (Encore),
  ACE (Game Busters), ACE (Game Busters) (set 2), ACE (Issue 01), ACE (Issue 02), ACE (Issue 09), ACE (Issue 10), ACE (Issue 16),
  ACE (Issue 17), ACE (MCM), Ace 1 & 2 (Encore), ACE 2 (Encore), ACE 2 (Zafiro), ACE 2 - 128k, ACE 2 - 128k (Game Busters),
  ACE 2 - 48k, ACE 2 - 48k (Game Busters), ACE 2 {}, ACE 2088, Ace In The Hole, Ace In The Hole (Add-On Electronics), Ace Low,
  Ace Of Aces, Ace Of Aces (Ablex), Ace Of Aces (Erbe), Ace Of Aces (Kixx), Acolyte, Acorn's Quest, Acro Jet, Acro Jet (Kixx),
  Acro Jet - Bonus Game With Breakthru, Action Biker, Action Countdown, Action Double, Action Fighter, Action Fighter (Kixx),
  Action Force, Action Force (Mastertronic), Action Force (set 2), Action Force 2, Action Pack, Action Pack 1, Action Pack 3,
  Action Pack Lightgun, Action Reflex, Action Reflex (Ricochet), Action Replay, Active Computer Learning, Ad Astra,
  Ad Astra (Rebound), Adaptador SITI, Add Venture, Add-On Demo Tape, The Addams Family, The Addams Family (The Hit Squad),
  Adder Attack, Addicta Pack, Adding & Subtracting, Address Manager, Adidas Championship Football,
  Adidas Championship Football (Erbe - Musical 1), Adidas Championship Tie Break, Admiral Graf Spee, Adultia,
  Advanced Graphics With The Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Advanced Mathematics, The Advanced OCP Art Studio - 128k,
  Advanced Soccer Simulator, Adventure 1, Adventure 1 (set 2), Adventure 1 (set 3), Adventure 10 Pack, Adventure 100,
  Adventure 100 (set 2), Adventure 200, Adventure 2001, Adventure 4-Pack, Adventure Builder System, Adventure Holiday,
  Adventure In Bristol, Adventure Island, Adventure Playground, Adventure Probe Offer Tape, Adventure Quest - Release 1,
  Adventure Quest - Release 2, Adventure Tape 1, Adventure-Link - Issue 2, Adventureland, Adventureland (set 2),
  Adventurer's Nightmare, Adventurers Nightmare, Adventures In The Lost Valley, The Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf,
  The Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf (set 2), The Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf (set 3),
  The Adventures Of Barsak The Dwarf (set 4), The Adventures Of Brian The Bold, The Adventures Of Brian The Bold & Survival,
  The Adventures Of Eric Bean - The Lost Gnomes, The Adventures Of Sinbad, The Adventures Of St. Bernard,
  The Adventures Of St. Bernard (Mastertronic), The Adventures Of Winnie-the-Pooh, Adversary, Aegean Voyage, Afghan Attack,
  Africa Gardens, Africa Gardens (set 2), After Shock, After Shock (set 2), After The War, Afterburner, Afterburner (MCM),
  Afterburner (The Hit Squad), Aftermath, Aftermath (Alternative), Aftermath (Alternative) - Bugfix, Afteroids, Agatha's Folly,
  Agent - X 2 (Dro Soft), Agent Orange, Agent X, Agent X (loading screen hack), Agent X 2, AGF Teletext Adaptor, Agua Ski,
  Ah Diddums, Ah Diddums (set 2), Ah Diddums (set 3), Ahhh!!!, Air Defence, Air Raid, Air Raid (Pulsonic), Air Traffic Control,
  Air Traffic Control (set 2), Air-Sea Supremacy (set 1), Air-Sea Supremacy (set 2), Airbase Invader, Airborne Ranger,
  Airborne Ranger (Erbe), Airborne Ranger (Kixx), Airbrush, Aircraft, Airline, Airliner, Airwolf, Airwolf (Encore), Airwolf (MCM),
  Airwolf (Zafiro), Airwolf 2, Ajedrez Para Maestros, Al's Double Bill - English, Al's Double Bill - French,
  Al's Double Bill - German, Al's Double Bill - Italian, Al's Double Bill - Portuguese, Al's Double Bill - Spanish, Aladdin's Cave,
  Albatrossity, Albert The Wolf, Alcatraz II - The Doomsday Mission, Alcatrazz Harry, The Alchemist, The Alchemist (Currys),
  The Alchemist - Gold Inlay, The Alchemist - White Inlay, La Alhambra, Ali-Bebe, Alien, Alien (Bug-Byte), Alien (Stewart Green),
  Alien (bugfix), Alien 8, Alien 8 (Ricochet), Alien 8 (Set 1), Alien 8 (loading screen hack),
  Alien 8 (loading screen hack, alkatraz loader), Alien 8 (set 2), Alien Adventure, Alien Attack, Alien Attack (R D Foord Software),
  Alien City, Alien City (set 2), Alien Command (Microware), Alien Curse, Alien Destroyer, Alien Evolution, Alien Evolution (Erbe),
  Alien Highway (set 1), Alien Highway (set 2, Americana), Alien Highway (set 3), Alien Highway (set 4, Americana), Alien Insects,
  Alien Kill, Alien Maze, Alien Planet & Lords Of Magic, Alien Research Centre & Hit, Alien Storm, Alien Swarm, Alien Swarm & Arena,
  Alien Swarm (K-Tel), Alien Syndrome, Alien Syndrome (Dro Soft), Alien Syndrome (RAD), Aliens, Aliens (Proein),
  Aliens (Professional Software), Aliens (Ricochet), Aliens US, Aliens US (Alternative), Aliens US (EDOS), Alky Ollie,
  Alky Ollie (Firecracker), All In A Day's Work, All In A Days Work (set 2), All Or Nothing, All Or Nothing (Prism Leisure),
  All Present And Correct, All Stars, All Time Great Tour (1), All Time Great Tour (2), All-American Basketball, All-Sort S1,
  Alles Wat U Moet Weten Over De ZX Spectrum, Alma De Guerrero, Alpha Graph, Alpha-Gen, Alpha-Num, Alphabet, Alphabet Games,
  Alphabet Soup, Alphabet Zoo, Alphabetter, Alpine Games, Alstrad, Alta Tension (Erbe), Alter Ego, Alter Ego (Custom Loader),
  Alter-Earth, Altered Beast (set 1), Altered Beast (set 2, MCM), Altered Beast (set 3, The Hit Squad), Alternative World Games,
  Alternative World Games (Erbe), Amadeus, Amateur Radio Log Book, Amateur Radio Log Book (set 2), Amateur Television Test Cards,
  Amaurote, Amaurote (Dro Soft), Amaurote - v1.0, Amazing Ollie, Amazonia, Amazonia - Bugfix, American 3D Pool,
  American Billards (Monser), American Football, American Football (Bug-Byte), American Football (Softstone),
  American Football (Softstone) (set 2), American Football (Sparklers), American Turbo King (Mastertronic, Joystick),
  American Turbo King (Mastertronic, Lightgun), Amity's Vile, Amity's Vile (set 2), Amnesia, Amnesia v1.02 - English, Amo Del Mundo,
  Amo Del Mundo (alt 2), Amo Del Mundo (alt), Los Amores De Brunilda (English), Los Amores De Brunilda (Spanish), Amtrak Rail Pass,
  The Amulet, The Amulet Of Darath, The Amulet Of Darath (Zenobi), Amunt La Informatica (Issue 02), AMX Art,
  An Everyday Tale Of A Seeker Of Gold, Anaconda - 128k, Anaconda - 48k, Anagram (Ed. Soft), Anagrams, The Anamagon's Temple,
  Anarchy, Ancient Battles, Ancient Battles (System 4), Ancient Quests, Andre's Night Off, Android 2 (Aackosoft),
  Android 2 (Release 1), Android 2 (Release 2), Android One - The Reactor Run, Android One - The Reactor Run (Kempsoft),
  Android One - The Reactor Run (Ventamatic, Spanish), Androide (1984, ERE Informatique, French), Androide (2014, Pixelsoft),
  Androids, Androids (Firefly Software), Andromeda 3, The Andromeda Trophy, Andy Capp, Andy Capp (Alternative), Anfractuos,
  Anfractuos (Compulogical), Angel Nieto Pole 500cc, Angel Nieto Pole 500cc - Large Cardboard Case, Angle,
  Angle Turner - Demonstration 1, Angle Turner - Demonstration 2, Angle Turner - Practice, Angle Turner - Tutorial, Angleball,
  Angler, ANGLES, Anglia Rover, Anglo Scot, Angry Birds, Anhk Morpork, Animal Anagrams, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral,
  Animal, Vegetable, Mineral - Sample Tape, Animals, Animated Arithmetic, Animated Arithmetic (LCL), Animated Strip Poker,
  Animator 1, Annals Of Rome, Another Brick On The Wall 2 - English version, Another Brick On The Wall 2 - Spanish version,
  Answer Back Factfile 500 - Natural History, Answer Back Factfile 500 - Spelling, Answer Back Junior, Ant Attack,
  Ant Attack (Hansesoft), Ant Town, Anteater, Antennas And Feeders, Anthony P Hamilton Mastering Tape / Development Tape collection,
  Antiquity Jones, Antteroo & Prelude, The Anttilis Mission & Deep Probe, Anttilis Mission (Mastering Tape),
  Anttilis Mission (set 1), Anttilis Mission (set 2), Anttown-3D (Monser), Apache Gold, Apache Raid, APB, APB (The Hit Squad),
  Apfelkobold, Apocalypse, Apocalypse (Command Software), Apocalypse (set 2), Apocalypse - Expansion Volume 1,
  Apocalypse - Expansion Volume 2 - Chapter 1, Apollo 11, Apollo 11 (Mastertronic), Apostle, The Apostrophe, Appel Vanger,
  Apple Jam, The Appleton, The Appleton (set 2), The Apprentice, April 7th, Apulija-13 v1.1 - English, Apulija-13 v1.1 - German,
  Apulija-13 v1.1 - Italian, Apulija-13 v1.1 - Spanish, Apulija-13 v1.2 - English, Aqua Squad, Aquarius, Arany Pince,
  The Arc Of Yesod (128k release), The Arc Of Yesod (48k release), Arcade Classics (MCM), Arcade Classics (Silverbird),
  Arcade Creator, Arcade Force Four, Arcade Fruit Machine, Arcade Hall Of Fame, Arcade Hall Of Fame (Erbe), Arcade Hits - 2 In 1,
  Arcade Hits - 2 In 1 (Bomb Jack, Ghosts 'n Goblins), Arcade Muscle, Arcade Trivia Quiz, Arcade Trivia Quiz (Mastering Tape),
  Arcadia, Arcadia (Ocean Software, compilation), Arcadia (set 2), The Arcadian, The Arcadian (Aackosoft), The Archers, Archon,
  The Archon Collection, Arco Iris - TK95, ARCOS, ARCOS Redux - Beta 0.1, Arctic Fox, Arcturus, Area 51, Arena, Arena (Bug-Byte),
  Arena (K-Tel), Arena 3000, Ari, Aritmeticas Basicas, The Ark, Arkanoid (set 1), Arkanoid (set 2, Erbe), Arkanoid (set 3, Erbe),
  Arkanoid (set 4, The Hit Squad), Arkanoid (set 5), Arkanoid Editor, Arkanoid II, Arkanoid II (Erbe), Arkanoid II (The Hit Squad),
  Arkos, Arlene, La Armadura Sagrada De Antiriad (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Armageddon, Armageddon (Fashionsoft),
  Armageddon (Silversoft), Armageddon (set 2), Armageddon (set 3), The Armageddon Man, Arnhem, Arnhem (Juegos Y Estrategia),
  Arnold The Adventurer, Arnold The Adventurer 2, Arnold The Adventurer 3, Arquimedes XXI, Arrow Of Death Part I,
  Arrow Of Death Part I (Channel 8), Arrow Of Death Part I (set 2), Arrow Of Death Part II, Arrow Of Death Part II (Channel 8),
  Arrow Of Death Part II (set 2), Art Master (Summit), The Art Studio, Art Studio (set 1), Art Studio (set 2), Art-o-Matic,
  Artcon 48, Artic Assembler, Artist, The Artist, The Artist 2 - 128k, Artura, Artworx (compilation), Arty, Ashes (Pulsonic),
  Ashkeron!, The Asirus Settler, Aspar - GP Master, Aspect v4.2, Aspect v4.2 (set 2), Aspect v4.2 (set 3), Assalto A Embaixada,
  The Assassins' Guild, The Assassins' Guild (set 2), The Assassins' Guild 2, Assault Course,
  Assemblage (compilation) (Harry Hare's Lair, Mutant Monty and the Temple of Doom, Curse of the Seven Faces,
  Adventure H - Robin Hood), Assembler And Machine Code Debugger, Assignment - East Berlin, Asterix And The Magic Cauldron,
  Asterix Y El Caldero Magico (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Asterix Y El Caldero Magico - Small Case (Erbe), Asteroides, Asteroids Ahead,
  Astro, Astro Marine Corps (set 1, Spanish), Astro Marine Corps (set 2), Astro Marine Corps (set 3, English), Astro Maths,
  Astrocade (compilation), Astrocalc, Astroclone, Astroclone (Erbe), Astrodata 3000 (Issue 01), Astrodata 3000 (Issue 02),
  Astrodata 3000 (Issue 03), Astrologer's Crown, Astrologia (Edizioni JCE), Astron, Astronomer, Astronomer II, Astronomy,
  Astronomy (Skysoft), Astronut, Astroplaner, Astrum+, At The Tapes, Ataque A La Flota, ATC Rome, ATF (Byte-Back), ATF (Zafiro),
  ATF (set 1), ATF (set 2), Athena, Athena (Erbe), Athlete, Atic Atac, Atlantic Challenge, Atlantis, Atlantis Adventure,
  Atlantis Adventure (set 2), The Atlas Assignment, Atom Ant, Atomix, Atomix (Sintech), Atomix 2 Hexagonia, Atoms, Atoms And Moles,
  Atrog, Attack Of The Empire, Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes, Attack On Atlantis, Attack On Atlantis (Mind Games Espana), Attactics,
  ATV - Amateur Television, ATV Pics Program, ATV Test Card, Audio Frequency Counter, Audio Spectrum (Issue 02),
  Audio Spectrum (Issue 03), Audio Spectrum (Issue 07), Auf Wiedersehen Monty (Kixx), Auf Wiedersehen Monty - 128k,
  Auf Wiedersehen Monty - 48k, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Aufwiedersehen Monty (Erbe), Augusta, Aunt Velma's Coming To Tea! (Zenobi),
  Aunt Velma's Coming To Tea! (set 2), Aura-Scope, Aura-Scope (Zenobi), Aural Quest, Aural Quest (set 2), Austerlitz 1805,
  Australian Games (Erbe), Australian Rules Football - Amateur, Australian Rules Football - Amateur (Alternative),
  Australian Rules Football - Victoria, Australian Rules Football - Victoria (Alternative), Auto Chef (Riko Data),
  Auto Chef - Dec 1982, Auto Chef - Jan 1983, Auto-Sonics, Autoestopista Galactico, Autokopy 2, Autokopy 2a, Autokopy 3, Automania,
  Automania (Aackososft), Automania (set 2) #1, Automania (set 3), Automania (set 5), Automat, Automata 10 Pack Volume 1,
  Automata 10 Pack Volume 2, Automata 10 Pack Volume 3, Automonopoli, Automonopoli (set 2), Automonopoli (set 3), Autotrans,
  Avalanche, Avenger, Avenger (Abacus), Avenger (Kixx), Avenger - Small Case (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), La Aventura Del Dragon,
  La Aventura Espacial (set 1), La Aventura Espacial (set 2), La Aventura Original, Averages (Spartans), Avoir, Avoir (set 2),
  Avon-Tawe, Awari, Awari (Foilkade), Axe, The Axe Of Kolt, The Axe Of Kolt (Adventure Probe), The Axe Of Kolt (set 2),
  The Axe Of Kolt - 128k (set 3), Azimuth Head Alignment Kit, Aztec - Hunt For The Sun God, Aztec Assault, B.M.X. Jungle Bike,
  Baba-Liba, Baba-Liba (Silversoft), Babaliba, Babbage (Issue 00) - Halley, Back To Skool (set 1), Back To Skool (set 2),
  Back To Skool (set 3, Alternative), Back To The Future (Proein), Back To The Future (set 1), Back To The Future (set 2, Proein),
  Back To The Future (set 3, Firebird), Back To The Future - Part II, Back To The Future - Part III,
  Back To The Future Part II & III, Backgammon, Backgammon (CDS), Backgammon (CP Software), Backgammon (Hewson),
  Backgammon (Pi Software), Backgammon (Postern), Backgammon (Soft & Easy), Backpackers Guide To The Universe,
  Backpackers Guide To The Universe (Paxman), Backpackers Guide To The Universe - The Guide,
  Backpackers Guide To The Universe - The Guide (Paxman), Backup Program, Badlands, Badlands (The Hit Squad), Balachors Revenge,
  Baldy ZX, The Ball, Ball By Ball, Ball Crazy, La Ballade Du Lutin, Ballblazer (set 1), Ballblazer (set 2, Ricochet),
  Ballblazer (set 3), Balle de Match, Ballistik, Ballonvaart, Ballooning, The Balrog And The Cat, The Balrog And The Cat (set 2),
  Balrog's Big Four, Balrog's Box Of Delights, The Balrogian Trilogy, Bananaby, Bandera, Bandera A Cuadros (Investronica), Bandit,
  Banger Management, Banger Racer, Bangers & Mash, Bank Account, Bank Account System, Barbarian, Barbarian (Erbe), Barbarian (Kixx),
  Barbarian (Melbourne House), Barbarian (set 2), Barbarian 2, Barbarian 2 (Kixx), Barchou, The Bard's Tale, The Bardic Rites,
  Bargain Basement, Bargain Basement (Alternative), Barmy Burgers, Barmy Burgers (set 2), Baron, The Baron, Baron Rojo (Zafiro),
  Barreldrop, Barrow Quest, Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (set 1), Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (set 2),
  Barry McGuigan World Championship Boxing (set 3, Mastertronic), The Base (Adventure Workshop) - 128k, The Base - 128k,
  The Base - 48k, The Base - 48k (set 2), Base De Datos, Base De Datos (set 2) (Gem 01) (ABC Soft), Base Invaders,
  Base Invaders & Scramble & High Noon, Base Invaders (Profisoft), Base Invaders (Work Force), Basic Arithmetic, Basic Etendu,
  Basic+, Basicode 2+, Basil The Great Mouse Detective (set 1), Basil The Great Mouse Detective (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda),
  Basil The Great Mouse Detective (set 3, Erbe), Basil The Great Mouse Detective (set 4), Basket Master,
  Basque Terrorists Loose In Dartford, Basurero (Microbyte), BASYS-ZX, Bat. Tanques, Bathyscaphe - English, Bathyscaphe - Spanish,
  Batman (set 10, Erbe), Batman - El Super Heroe (Erbe), Batman - The Movie (set 1), Batman - The Movie (set 2, The Hit Squad),
  Batman - The Movie (set 3), Batman The Caped Crusader (set 1), Batman The Caped Crusader (set 2, The Hit Squad),
  Batteries Not Precluded (Cronosoft), Battle 1917, Battle Command, Battle Command (Erbe), Battle For Midway (set 1, PSS),
  Battle For Midway (set 2, Classic Conflicts), Battle Of Austerlitz, Battle Of Britain (1983) (set 1, Microgame Simulations),
  Battle Of Britain (1983) (set 2, Maincomp), Battle Of Britain (1983) (set 3, K'Soft), Battle Of Britain (1986) (set 1, PSS),
  Battle Of Britain (1986) (set 2, Classic Conflicts), The Battle Of Broken Bridge & Icarus Igginbotham, The Battle Of The Bulge,
  Battle Of The Planets, Battle Of The Planets (Erbe), Battle Of The Planets (set 2), Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes,
  Battle On Hoth, Battle Stations, Battle Tank Simulator, Battle Tank Simulator (Mastering Tape), Battle Valley (Rack-It),
  Battleships, Battleships (EDOS), Battlezone, Batty, Batty (EDOS), Batty (Encore), Bazam, Bazooka Bill,
  Bazooka Bill (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Bazooka Bill (Erbe), BBC Mastermind, BBC Mastermind - Data, BBC Mastermind Quizmaster,
  BC Bill, BC's Quest For Tires (set 1), BC's Quest For Tires (set 2), Beach Buggy Simulator, Beach Buggy Simulator (MCM),
  Beach Head (set 1), Beach Head (set 2, Americana), Beach Head (set 3, Dro Soft), Beach Head (set 4),
  Beach Head (set 5, Americana), Beach Head (set 6, Dro Soft), Beach Head II (set 1), Beach Head II (set 2, Dro Soft),
  Beach Head II (set 3, Americana), Beach Head II (set 4), Beach Volley (Erbe), Beacon Adventure, Beaky And The Egg Snatchers,
  Beaky And The Egg Snatchers (Paxman), Beamrider, Beamrider (Firebird), Bear Bovver, Bear Bovver (Dixons), The Beast (Zenobi),
  The Beast Of Torrack Moor, The Beast Of Torrack Moor (set 2), Beat The Clock, Beatcha, Beatle Quest, Beatle Quest - Bugfix,
  Beautiful Dreamer, Beautiful Dreamer (set 2), Beautiful Dreamer (set 3), Bedlam, Bedlam (Go!), Bedlam (MC Lothlorien), Beebul,
  Beetlemania (AWA Software), Beetlemania (MC Lothlorien), The Beginning Of The End, Behind Closed Doors,
  Behind Closed Doors (set 2), Behind Closed Doors - Customised Version, Behind Closed Doors - The Saga,
  Behind Closed Doors 2 - The Sequel, Behind Closed Doors 2 - The Sequel (set 2), Behind Closed Doors 3 - Revenge Of The Ants,
  Behind Closed Doors 3 - Revenge Of The Ants (set 2), Behind Closed Doors 4 - Balrog's Day Out, Behind The Lines, Behold Atlantis,
  Behold Atlantis (set 2), Behold Atlantis - Pre Production, Bemutato es Oktato, Beneath Folly, Benefits, Benny Hill's Madcap Chase,
  BerksMan, The Bermuda Triangle, The Bermuda Triangle (Zenobi), Besieged (Spellbound series), The Best Of 3D, The Best Of Beyond,
  The Best Of Clive And Les, Best Of Elite Vol. 1, Best Of Elite Vol. 2, Best Of PCW - Software For The Spectrum,
  Best Of Popular Computing Vol.1, Best Of The Indies I, Best Of The Indies II, The Best Of Speedway, Bestial Warrior,
  Beta Basic v1.0, Beta Basic v1.8, Beta Basic v1.9, Beta Basic v3.0, Beta Basic v3.0 (set 2), Beta Basic v4.0,
  Beta Basic v4.0 (set 2), Beta Basic v4.0 +D, BeTiled! (English), BeTiled! (Physical Version), BeTiled! (Spanish),
  Beverly Hills Cop, Beware Collaborators, The Bewarehouse, Beyond Basic, Beyond Eldorado, Beyond Horizons, Beyond The Ice Palace,
  Beyond The Ice Palace (EDOS), Beyond The Ice Palace (Encore), Beyond The Ice Palace (hack, 128k corrected music), Bibliofile,
  Big 4 Vol. II (set 1), Big 4 Vol. II (set 2), Big Bad John (Tynesoft), Big Ben Strikes Again, Big Ben Strikes Again (Tynesoft),
  Big Box (compilation), Big Match Soccer, The Big Sleaze, The Big Sleaze (Alternative), The Big Sleaze (EDOS),
  The Big Sleaze (GI Games), The Big Sleaze (Zenobi), Big Trouble In Little China (set 1),
  Big Trouble In Little China (set 2, Alternative), Big Trouble In Little China (set 3, Alternative), Big Trouble!, Biggles,
  Biggles (Silverbird), Billar Americano (Microbyte), Billy BlueBottle, Billy Bong, Billy Bong - Bugfix,
  Billy The Kid (Mastertronic, Joystick), Billy The Kid (Mastertronic, Lightgun), The Bimbles, The Bimbles (set 2), Bimbo, Bingo,
  Bingo (Dixons), Bingo (Tynesoft), Biniax 2, Biology, Biology (Charles Letts), Biology (Longman), Biology (Scisoft),
  Biology - Examination Practice & Tests O Level, Bionic Commando, Bionic Commando (Kixx), Bionic Ninja, Biorhythms, Biorythmus,
  Bipboi (with Nipik 2), Birds, The Birds, The Birds And The Bees, The Birds And The Bees 2 - Antics, Birdwatch, Birthday Surprise,
  Birthday Surprise - Development Version, Bismarck, Bismarck (PSS), Bismarck (Summit), Bismark, The Biz, The Biz (compilation),
  Bizzicom, Black Crystal, The Black Dwarf's Lair, Black Hawk, Black Hawk (Sparklers), The Black Hole, Black Hole (Paxman),
  Black Jack (ZX Data), The Black Knight (Adventure Probe), Black Knight Adventure, Black Knight Adventure (set 2),
  Black Knight Adventure (set 3), Black Lamp, Black Lamp (MCM), Black Magic, The Black Planet, Black Tiger (set 1),
  Black Tiger (set 2), Black Tower, The Black Tower, The Black Tower (set 2), Black Tower 2 - A Serpentine Tale,
  Black Tower 2 - A Serpentine Tale (Zenobi), Blade Alley, Blade Runner, Blade The Warrior, Blade The Warrior (set 2),
  The Blandford Family Quiz, Blast v3.0, Blast v3.7, Blastermind, Blasteroids (set 1), Blasteroids (set 2, Kixx),
  Blasteroids (set 3, MCM), Blasteroids (set 4, MCM), Blaze, Blazing Thunder, Blind Alley, BLINK, Blinky's Scary School, Blip Blop,
  Blip! / Video Classics, Blipverts, Blitz & Codebreaker, Blitz (Andrew Potts), Blitzkrieg, Blizzard Pass, Blizzard Pass & H.A.R.D.,
  Blizzard's Rift (with Kuiper Pursuit), Blob Quest, Blobbo, Block Busters, Block Busters (TV Games), Block Busters (set 2),
  Block Busters Question Master, Block-Buster, Block-Buster - Questions Tape 1, Blockade Runner, Blockman, Blok Load - 128k,
  Blok Load - 48k, Blood & Iron, Blood 'n' Guts, Blood Brothers, Blood Brothers (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Blood Brothers (Erbe),
  The Blood Of Bogmole, The Blood Of Bogmole & Shadows Of The Past, The Blood Of Bogmole (Mastering Tape),
  The Blood Of Bogmole (set 2), Blood Valley, Blood Valley (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Blood Valley (Erbe), Bloodwych, Bloody, Blow Out,
  Blue Max, Blue Riband, Blue Thunder, Blue Thunder (Encore), Blue Thunder - Pre Production, BMX Kidz, BMX Kidz (MCM),
  BMX Ninja (Alternative), BMX Racers, Boardroom, Boat Run, Bob & Barbera Spiers Compilation, Bobby Bearing,
  Bobby Bearing (The Micro Selection), Bobo (Erbe), Bobs Full House, Bobsleigh (set 1), Bobsleigh (set 2, Byte-Back),
  Bobsleigh (set 3), Bodorrio Real, Body Works, Bodyswap, Bog Of Brit, Bog Of Brit & The Menagerie, Bog Of Brit (Zenobi),
  Bog Of Brit (set 2), The Boggit, The Boggit (GI Games), The Boggit (set 2), The Boggit (Zenobi),
  Bogies Pick 1 (Herbert's Dummy Run, Lil'Alien, Black Hawk, Tarantula),
  Bogies Pick 4 (Druids Moon, Metaldrone, Smudge & the Moonies, Desert Burner), Boid, Boiler House, Bomb Jack, Bomb Jack (EDOS),
  Bomb Jack (Encore), Bomb Jack (Encore) - Not 128k Compatible, Bomb Jack (MCM), Bomb Jack (Zafiro), Bomb Jack II,
  Bomb Jack II (EDOS), Bomb Jack II (Encore), Bomb Jack II - Pre Production, Bomb Munchies (preview, 12 Jan 2014),
  Bomb Munchies (version 1005), Bomb Munchies (version 1035), Bomb Munchies (version 1100), Bomb Munchies (version 1260),
  Bomb Munchies (version 1361), Bomb Munchies (version 1470), Bomb Munchies (version 1500, 8 May 2016),
  Bomb Munchies (version 1654), Bomb Munchies (version 1930, 17 Nov 2017), Bomb Munchies (version 566), Bomb Munchies (version 600),
  Bomb Munchies (version 770), Bomb Munchies (version 810), Bomb Munchies (version 820), Bomb Munchies (version 822),
  Bomb Munchies (version 860), Bomb Munchies (version 875), Bomb Munchies (version 920), Bomb Munchies (version 950),
  Bomb Munchies (version 985), Bombarder, Bomber, Bomber & Fruit Machine, Bomber Birds (The Birds), Bomber Bob In Pentagon Capers,
  Bomber Man, Bombero, Bonanza Bros, Bonanza Bros (Erbe), Bongo, Bonkers, Book Of The Dead, Book Of The Dead (CRL),
  Book Of The Dead (set 2) (CRL), Boots Action Pack, Booty, Booze Up, Bor-Fies, Border Harrier,
  Border Harrier, Warlord & The Golden Cobra, Bored Of The Rings (CRL), Bored Of The Rings (GI Games),
  Bored Of The Rings (Silversoft), Bored Of The Rings (Zenobi), Bored Of The Rings - Release 1, Bored Of The Rings - Release 2,
  Bored Of The Rings - Release 3, Borer Deep, Borer Deep (Monser), BORZAK, Borzak (Zafiro), Bosconian 87, The Boss,
  Boulder Dash (set 1, Front Runner), Boulder Dash (set 2, Prism Leisure), Boulder Dash (set 3), Boulder Dash 2 - Rockford's Riot,
  Boulder Dash 2 - Rockford's Riot & Boulderdash, Boulder Dash Construction Kit (set 1),
  Boulder Dash Construction Kit (set 2, Boulder Dash IV), Boulder Dash III (set 1), Boulder Dash III (set 2), Bounces,
  Bounces (Firebird), Bouncing Berty, Bouncing Berty & Eskimo Capers, Bouncing Bomb, Bouncing Bomb - Redux, Bounder, Bounty,
  Bounty Bob Strikes Back (set 1), Bounty Bob Strikes Back (set 2, Americana), Bounty Bob Strikes Back (set 3),
  Bounty Bob Strikes Back (set 4, Americana), The Bounty Hunter, The Bounty Hunter (set 2), Bow, Bowls, The Boxer, Boxing,
  Boxing Coach, Boxing Manager (Cult), Boxing Manager 2, The Boyd File, Bozy Boa, Brad Blasts The Galactic Barbarians, Brag,
  Brag (Turtle Software), Brain Damage, Brain Damage (Paxman), Brain Damage (Prism), The Brain Train, Brainstorm (Micromega),
  Brainstorm (set 2), Bram Stoker's Dracula, Brave Starr, Brave Starr (Erbe), Brave Starr (Kixx), Braxx Bluff, Braxx Bluff (Dixons),
  Break Away, Break Thru, Break Thru - Small Case (Erbe), Breakout, Brewery, Brian And The Dishonest Politician,
  Brian And The Dishonest Politician (set 2), Brian And The Dishonest Politician (Zenobi), Brian Bloodaxe,
  Brian Clough's Football Fortunes, Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge, Brian Jack's Superstar Challenge (Ricochet), Brian The Bold,
  Brian The Bold (set 2), Brian The Bold (set 3), Brian The Novice Barbarian, Brian The Novice Barbarian (Zenobi), Bricklayer 1,
  Bride Of Frankenstein, Bridge Master - Computer Tape A, Bridge Master - Computer Tape B, Bridge Master - Computer Tape C,
  Bridge Master - Computer Tape D, Bridge Player, Bridge Player 2, Bridge Player 3, Bridge Player 3 (set 2),
  Bridge Player Galactica, Bridge Tutor Advanced, Bridge Tutor Beginners, The Brimardon Formula, Bristles, Britain Invaded,
  British Lowland, British Pools, British Super League, British Super League (EDOS), A Broken Friend,
  Bronx Street Cop (Mastertronic, Joystick), Bronx Street Cop (Mastertronic, Lightgun), Broodslayer, Brook The Barbarian,
  Bruce Lee (set 1), Bruce Lee (set 2, Americana), Bruce Lee (set 3, Dro Soft), Bruce Lee (set 4, Erbe, Small Case),
  Bruce Lee (set 5), Bruce Lee (set 6, Americana), Bruce Lee (set 7, Dro Soft), Bruce Lee (set 8, Erbe), Bruce Lee (set 9, Erbe),
  Bruce Tulloh's Marathon Training Program, Brum Brum, Bryan Robson's Super League, Bubble Bobble, Bubble Bobble (The Hit Squad),
  Bubble Bobble (The Hit Squad) (loading screen hack), Bubble Buster, Bubble Run, Bubble Trouble, Bubbler, Buccaneer,
  Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (set 1), Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (set 2), Budokan (Dro Soft), Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show,
  Buffer Adventure, Bug Blaster, Bug Race, Bug-Eyes, Bugaboo The Flea, Buggy, Buggy Blast, Buggy Blast - Gold Edition, Buggy Boy,
  Buggy Boy (Encore), Buggy Boy (MCM) (set 1), Buggy Boy (MCM) (set 2), Bugsy, Bugsy (GI Games), Bugsy (set 2), Bugsy (Zenobi),
  Builder, Building Blocks 1, Building Blocks 2, Building Elements, Bulbo And The Lizard-King (set 2),
  Bulbo And The Lizard-King (set 3), Bulbo And The Lizard-King - Release 1, The Bulge, The Bulge (Argus Press), Bull Run,
  Bull Tables, Bulls Eye, Bulls Eye (Macsen), Bulls Eye (TV Games), Bully, Bully's Sporting Darts, Bump Set Spike,
  Bumper Boogie Pack (Squamble, Vigilante Patrol, Haunted House, Egghead to the Rescue, Megablast!, Super Fruit Machine, Egghead,
  Shove Off, Pipework, Grand Prix Drivers), Bumper Pack 50, Bungo's Quest For Gold, Bunny & ETa, Buriabeast, Buriabeast (Aackosoft),
  Burn The Lighter (Issue 01), Business, Business Bank Account, Business Bank Account (ZX Africa), Business Pack,
  Business Pack (set 1), Business Pack - Interface 1, Butch - Hard Guy, Butch - Hard Guy (Alternative), Butcher Hill, Butterfly,
  Buzz Off!, By Fair Means Or Foul, By Right Of Birth, Byte - Release 1, Byte - Release 2, Byte Bitten, Byte Kacceta 1,
  Byte Kacceta 2, Byte Me, C & VG (Issue 73) (Side 1 Only), C & VG (Issue 88), C5 Clive, Cabal (set 1),
  Cabal (set 2, The Hit Squad), Cabal (set 3, Erbe - The Hit Squad), Cabal (set 4), CABMAN, CAD - Computer Aided Designer,
  CAD-Master Light Pen, CAD-Master Light Pen (set 2), CAD-Master Light Pen 2, Cadaverion (set 1, English),
  Cadaverion (set 2, English), Cadaverion (set 3, Spanish), Cadaverion (set 4, Spanish), Caesar The Cat, Caesar's Travels, Cagara,
  CAGD, Cage Match, Calendar, California Games, California Games (Erbe), California Games (Kixx), Call Me Psycho,
  Call Me Psycho (System 4), The Calling Of The Demon (Adventure Workshop) - 128k,
  The Calling Of The Demon (Adventure Workshop) - 48k, The Calling Of The Demon - 128k, The Calling Of The Demon - 48k,
  Calpac Chemistry Series O Level Vol 1, Calpac Learning Series Volume 1, Calpac Learning Series Volume 2,
  Calpac Learning Series Volume 3, Cambridge Colour Collection, Cambridge Intelligent Joystick, Camelot, Camelot Warriors,
  Camelot Warriors (Ariolasoft), Camelot Warriors (SD1 Version), Camelot Warriors (Spanish), Camelot Warriors - Small Orange Case,
  Campo De Minas & Speak Easy (Microbyte), Campo De Minas & Speakeasy (Investronica), Campo Minado, Campo Minado (Investronica),
  The Canasto Rebellion, Candy Fruit Attack, Cannibal Island, Cannibals, Cannibals (System 4), Cannibals From Outer Space,
  Cannon Ball, Cannon Bubble (set 1, 1500bps loader), Cannon Bubble (set 2, 2250bps loader), Canyon Warrior, Capcom Collection,
  Capital Letters, Capitan Sevilla, El Capitan Trueno (Serie Leyenda), Capitan Trueno (set 1), Capitan Trueno (set 2),
  Capitan Trueno (set 2) (Part 1 only), Captain America, Captain America (Erbe), Captain Blood, Captain Blood (EDOS),
  Captain Blood (Players), Captain Fizz, Captain Fizz (Erbe), Captain Fizz (Sizzlers), Captain Kelly, Captain Kelly (Bug-Byte),
  Captain Kook, Captain Kook & The Inner Lakes, Captain Kook (set 2), Captain Kook (set 3), Captain Planet, Captain S (Winner),
  Captain Slog, Car Chase, Car Cure, Car Journey, Car Race, Caramelos & Batalla Naval (set 1), Caramelos & Batalla Naval (set 2),
  Caramelos (set 1), Caramelos (set 2), Card Games, Cargo, Carl Young's Adventure, Carlisle Powerbox, Carlo The Clown,
  Carlos Michelis - Demo, Carlos Sainz, Carmania, Carnival, Carols, Carpet Capers, Carrier Command, Carrier Command (MCM),
  Cartoon Character Collection (Hong Kong Phooey, Ruff & Reddy In The Space Adventure, Top Cat Beverly Hills Cats,
  Yogi's Great Escape), Cartoon Collection, Cascamuelas, The Case Of The Beheaded Smuggler,
  The Case Of The Beheaded Smuggler (Zenobi), The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer, The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer (Adventure Probe),
  The Case Of The Mixed-Up Shymer (set 2), The Case Of The Obscene Mural, The Case Of The Obscene Mural (set 2),
  The Case Of The Obscene Mural (set 3), The Case Of The Obscene Mural (set 4), Casey Jones, Casey Jones (Prism), Cash Book,
  Cash Controller - Release 1, Cash Controller - Release 2, Cash Dash, Cashcade, Cashcalc, Casino Royal, Casino Royal & Video Pool,
  Casino Royal (Prism), Cassette 4 - Vol 1, Cassette 50, Cassette Copy, Cassette Manager, Cassette Printer, Castaway,
  Castillo Maldito, The Castle, Castle Adventure, Castle Blackstar, Castle Blackstar (CDS), Castle Colditz,
  Castle Colditz & Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes, Castle Colditz (set 2), Castle Master & The Crypt, Castle Of Confusion - Preview,
  The Castle Of Doom, Castle Of Dreams, Castle Of The Skull Lord, Castle Of The Skull Lord (set 2),
  Castle Of The Skull Lord - Amended Version, Castle Quest, Castle Quest (Monser), Castle Quest (Wildest Dreams), Castle Spellerous,
  Castle Thade, Castle Thade Revisited, Castle Thade Revisited (Global Games), Castle Thade Revisited (set 2),
  Castle Thade Revisited (set 2) (Global Games), Castle Warlock, Castles And Clowns - Clown,
  Castles And Clowns - King Of The Castle, Cat Walk, Catacombs Of Balachor, Catch 23, Caterpilla, Cattapiller Crunch,
  Cattel IQ Test, Catterpillar, Cattivik, Cauldron (Silverbird), Cauldron (with The Evil Dead), Cauldron 2 (Erbe),
  Cauldron I & II (EDOS), Cauldron I & II (Hi-Tec), Cauldron II, Cauldron II (French), Cauldron II (Silverbird), Cave Fight,
  The Caves Of Doom, The Caves Of Skull, Cavelon, Caveman, Cavemania, Cavemania (EDOS), Cavern Fighter, Caverns Of Kontonia,
  CD Player, Cecco's Collection, Cederick, Cell Of The Ridges, Cells And Serpents, Celtic Carnage, Centauri Challenge, Centi-Bug,
  Centi-Bug (Prism), Centimunch, Centipede & Painter, Centipede (Vectis Software), Centipede - Release 1, Centipede - Release 2,
  Centipod, Centrolink, Centronics Interface Software, Centronics Printer Software, Centronics Printer Software (DK'Tronics),
  Centropods, Centurions, Cerius, Cerius (System 4), Cesta Bojovnika, Chain Reaction, Chain Reaction (Encore), Chain Reaction (MCM),
  The Challenge, The Challenge & Davy Jones Locker, Challenge (Temptation Software), The Challenge (Zenobi), Challenge Of Iythus,
  Challenge Of Iythus (set 2), Challenge Of The Gobots, Challenge Of The Gobots (Dro Soft), Challengers (compilation),
  Chambers Of Horrors, The Chameleon Key, CHAMP Assembler, Champions, Champions (Football Follower), Champions (compilation),
  Champions Of Cricket - 2 To 6 Version (side 2 only), Champions Of Cricket - 2 To 6 Version Mod,
  Champions Of Cricket - All Time Greats, Champions Of Cricket - Body Line Series, Champions Of Cricket - Expanded Version,
  Champions Of Cricket - Extended Version, Champions Of Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1991,
  Champions Of Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1992, Champions Of Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1993,
  Champions Of Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1994, Champions Of Cricket - Special, Championship 3D Snooker, Championship Baseball,
  Championship Baseball (Alternative), Championship Boxing (Mastering Tape), Championship Darts, Championship Golf,
  Championship Golf (Cult), Championship Golf (set 2), Championship Ice Hockey (Release 1),
  Championship Ice Hockey (Release 2, with Face Off), Championship Run, Championship Run (Zeppelin), Championship Soccer,
  Championship Sprint, Championship Sprint (Alternative), Championship Sprint (Proein), Changeling, The Changeling,
  The Changeling (set 2), Chaos, Chaos (Firebird), Character Design Aid, Character Designer (Airline Software),
  Character Designer (Gap Software), Character Designer (Procom), Character Designer - Set, Character Designer 2,
  Character Generator, The Character Generator, Character Generator & Animator, Character Set 1 (Airline Software),
  Character Set 2 (Airline Software), Character Set 3 (Airline Software), Character Set Designer, Characters (Gilsoft),
  Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Charlie Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin (Erbe), The Charm, Chart Attack, Chart Busters,
  Chase HQ (set 1), Chase HQ (set 2, Erbe - Serie 5 Estrellas), Chase HQ (set 3, The Hit Squad), Chase HQ (set 4, Portugal),
  Chase HQ (set 5), Chaser, Chat Box, Chatbox, Cheetah MK5 Mini Interface, Cheetah Midi Interface, Cheetah Sound Sampler, Chemistry,
  Chemistry 'O' Level, Chemistry 'O' Level (Paxman), Chemistry (Charles Letts), Chemistry (Cloud 9 Software), Chemistry (Collins),
  Chemistry (Hill MacGibbon), Chemistry (KH Software), Chemistry (Penguin Study Software),
  Chemistry - Examination Practice & Tests O Level, Chemistry 1 (Think Tank), Chequered Flag, Chequered Flag (299), Cheril Perils,
  Cheril The Goddess (version 2), Cheril The Goddess v2.0, Cheril of the Bosque, Chess, Chess (299), Chess (Profisoft),
  Chess - The Turk, Chess - The Turk - French Version, The Chess Player, Chess Player 2150, Chess Tutor, Chess Tutor (Artic),
  Chessboard Attack, Chessboard Attack v1.1, Chevy Chase, Chicago 30's (US Gold), Chicago's 30 & Coliseum, Chickin Chase,
  The Children's Hour, Chiller, Chimera, Chinese Juggler, Chinese Patience, Chinese Patience (Zafiro), Chinos, Chip Chek,
  Chip's Challenge, Chips Are Forever (set 2), Chiron, Cholo, Chomp!, Chomper, Chopper Drop - Release 1, Chopper Drop - Release 2,
  Chopper Rescue, Chopper X1, Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu Warrior, Chrimblast!, Christmas Collection, Chrobak Truhlik, Chronos,
  Chubby Gristle, Chubby Gristle (Bug-Byte Premier), Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer - 128k,
  Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer - 48k, Chuckie Designer, Chuckie Egg, Chuckie Egg (Pick 'n' Choose), Chuckie Egg 2,
  Chuckie Egg 2 (Pick 'n' Choose), Chuckie Egg Editor v2, Chuckman, Chuckman (Mastertronic), Church Of Death,
  Church Of Death (set 2), El Cid (Mastertronic), El Cid - Double Case, El Cid - Small Case, Ciempies (Investronica),
  Circuit Diagrams, Circuit Drawing, Circus, Circus (Channel 8), Circus (set 2), Circus (set 3), Circus Games, Cisco Heat, Citadel,
  The Citadel, The Citadel (Zenobi) - Release 1, The Citadel (Zenobi) - Release 2, City, The City, The City (Sonic 91 Software),
  City (Terminal), City Bomber, City Defence (Hansesoft), City Fighter, City Lander (Spanish), City Of Death, The City Of Ehdollah,
  City Patrol, City Slicker, Ciudadela, Civil Service, Civil Service II, Civil Service II (set 2), Class 50 Fleet Manager,
  Class 50 Rover, Classic Adventure, Classic Arcadia, Classic Arcadia (System 4 - Serie Leyenda), Classic Arcadia 2,
  Classic Arcadia 3, Classic Axiens, Classic Collection 1, Classic Games 2 (System 4), Classic Games 4, Classic Muncher,
  Classic Pattern Writer, Classic Punter, Classic Racing, Classic Trainer, Classic Trainer II, Classix, Classroom Chaos,
  The Claws Of Despair, The Claws Of Despair - Text Only, Cleric Quest (set 2), Clerics Quest, Clerky, Clever And Smart,
  Clever Clogs - Game :  Blockbuster, Clever Clogs - Game : History Mystery, Clever Clogs - Game : Jungle Jumble,
  Clever Clogs - Game : Star Trucker, Clever Clogs - Game : Whizz Quiz, Clever Clogs - General Knowledge,
  Clever Clogs - Melody Maker, Clever Clogs - Music, Clever Clogs - Party Time, Clever Clogs - Sam Safety,
  Clever Clogs - Shipshapes, Clever Clogs - Supplementary Knowledge Pack, Clever Clogs - The Arts, Cliff Hanger, Clive In Exile,
  Clive Wink, Clock Chess '89, The Clone Ranger, Clone-It, Clone-it & Renumber, Close-In, Cloud 99, Cloud 99 (Zenobi),
  Cloud 99 (set 2), Clown & Highwire, Club Record Controller, Club Record Controller (Rebit Computer), Cluches Of The Balrog,
  Cluedo (set 1), Cluedo (set 2), Clues'o', Cobra, Cobra (The Hit Squad), Cobra (bugfix), Cobra (set 2), Cobra Force, The Code,
  The Code (set 2), The Code Book Caper, Code Compressor 1, The Code Machine, Code Slicer 2, Code-Woord, Codebook Caper,
  Codebook Caper (set 2), Codemaster, Codename Mat, Codename Mat (299), Codename Mat (Dixons), Codename Mat (Zeppelin),
  Codename Mat (set 2), Codename Mat 2, Codename Mat 2 (Bug-Byte), Codermove, Codigo Secreto (Monser), Coin-Op Connexion,
  Coin-Op Hits, Coin-Op Hits II, Colditz, Colditz Escape, The Colditz Story,
  Coleccion De Exitos Dinamic (Game Over, Abu Simbel Profanation, Don Quijote, Camelot Warriors, Army Moves, Phantomas 2, Dustin,
  Nonamed) (set 1), Coleccion De Exitos Dinamic (Game Over, Abu Simbel Profanation, Don Quijote, Camelot Warriors, Army Moves,
  Phantomas 2, Dustin, Nonamed) (set 2), Colin The Cleaner, Colin The Cleaner & Big Ben Strikes Again,
  Colin The Cleaner & Who Said That, Collector's Pack, Collector's Pack - Version 0, Collector's Pack - Version 1, Collision Course,
  Collision Course (Americana), Collywobbles, Colony, Colony (Dro Soft), Color Draw, Colossal Adventure - Release 1,
  Colossal Adventure - Release 2, Colossal Adventure - Release 3, Colossal Cave Adventure, Colossal Caves, Colosseum,
  Colossus Bridge 4, Colossus Chess 4 v4.0, Colossus Chess 4 v4.2, Colossus Chess 4 v4.2 (EDOS), Colossus Chess 4.0 (Zafiro),
  Colour Clash, The Colour Of Magic, The Colour Of Magic (Alternative), The Colour Of Magic (set 2), Colregs1,
  Columns (The Mojon Twins), Comall v1.0, Comando Tracer, Combat 3D (Microbyte), Combat Lynx, Combat Lynx (Encore),
  Combat Lynx - Joystick, Combat Pack #3, Combat School, Combat School (The Hit Squad), Combat Zone (Alternative),
  Combat Zone (Dixons), Combo Pack, Comecocos (+ Froggy) (Indescomp), Comecocos (Investronica), Comet Encounter, Comet Game,
  Command Performance (compilation), Commando (Loriciels), Commando (Pocket Money Software), Commando (set 1), Commando (set 2),
  Commando (set 3, EDOS), Commando (set 4, Encore), Commercial Accounts Program, Comms Loader, Comp-U-Share, Comp-U-Tax,
  Compact Office, The Compass Collection, Compendium, Compiler (Investronica), The Complete Games Centre,
  The Complete Home Entertainment Centre, The Complete Home Entertainment Centre - 128k, Complete Machine Code Package (set 1),
  Complete Machine Code Package (set 2), The Complete Machine Code Tutor, Complica DX, Composer, Composer (Contrast Software),
  Compress Copy, Compress Copy (Plomba Software), Computer Assisted Propagation Studies, Computer Christmas Card, Computer Classics,
  The Computer Cook Book - Menu Planner, The Computer Cook Book - Recipes, Computer Gamer (Issue 09), Computer Kontact - Samm1ung,
  Computer Maniac's Diary, Computer Scrabble (Leisure Genius), Computer Studies, Computer Studies (Letts),
  Computer Studies (Longman Software), Computer Studies - 13 Years+, Computer Wordsearch, CONEXAO (ZX-SOFT) EN, Confidential,
  Confidential (set 2), Conflict - Release 1, Conflict - Release 2, Conflict Command, Conflicts 1, Conflicts 2, Confrontation,
  Confrontation Scenarios Volume 1, Confrontation Scenarios Volume 1 (Aackosoft), Confrontation Scenarios Volume 2,
  Confusion (Prism), Confusion - Joystick, Confusion - Keyboard, Confuzion, Confuzion (Alternative), Confuzion (System 4),
  Confuzion (set 2), Conman The Barbaric, Connect 4, Conquering Everest, Conquerors Of Space, La Constitucion Espanola,
  Contabilidad Domestica & Minitextos & Fichero, Contabilidad Domestica (Investronica), Contabilidad Domestica (Microparadise),
  Contabilidad Domestica (set 2) (Idealogic), Contabilidad Espanola, Contabilidad General, Contabilidad Personal V6,
  Contabilidad Tape 1 (Paraninfo), Contabilidad Tape 2 (Paraninfo), Contact Sam Cruise (set 1), Contact Sam Cruise (set 2, Summit),
  Contact Sam Cruise (set 3, Summit), Context Plus, Context Seikosha SP-800, Context v6, Continental Circus,
  Continental Circus (Dro Soft), Continental Circus (Mastertronic Plus), Continental Circus (Tronix), Contract Bridge,
  Control De Stocks (Microparadise), Conversor 2.0, Convoy, Convoy Raider, Convoy Raider (Erbe - Serie Leyenda),
  Convoy Raider (Erbe), Cookie, Cookie (Sinclair), Cookie (Svenska Soft Service), Cop-Out, Copier, The Copier,
  Copier (Alchemist Software), Copper, Copper Hopper, Copta, Copy All, Copy Cass(ette), Copy Cat, Copy It, Copy Pirat, Copy-Plus v6,
  Copyfitter, Coracle, Core, Core (Argus Press), Core (Argus Press) (set 2), Core (Bug-Byte), Corn Cropper, Cornish Riviera,
  Cornish Venturer, La Corona, Corporal Stone, Corporal Stone (set 2), Corridors Of Genon, Corruption, Corsarios,
  Corya The Warrior Sage, Corya The Warrior Sage (set 2), Corya The Warrior Sage (set 3), Cosmazoigs, Cosmic Commerce,
  Cosmic Cruiser, Cosmic Debris, Cosmic Debris (Forward Software), Cosmic Debris (Paxman), Cosmic Guerilla, Cosmic Pirate,
  Cosmic Pirate (Byte-Back), Cosmic Pirate (set 2) (Byte-Back), Cosmic Raiders (Orion), Cosmic Raiders - Release 1,
  Cosmic Raiders - Release 2, Cosmic Sheriff (set 1), Cosmic Sheriff (set 2), Cosmic Shock Absorber - 128k,
  Cosmic Shock Absorber - 48k, Cosmic Wartoad (set 1), Cosmic Wartoad (set 2), Cosmic Wartoad (set 3, Erbe), Cosmic Wartoad (set 4),
  Cosmopolis, Cosmos, Cosmos (Futuresoft), Cosmos (set 2) (Futuresoft), Cosmos - The Ultimate Challenge, Costa Capers, The Cottage,
  Cotton ZX, Count About, Count And Add, Count Duckula, Count Duckula II, Count With Oliver, Countdown (Carol And Paul Bradbury),
  Countdown (Carol And Paul Bradbury) (set 2), Countdown (Central Solutions), Countdown (Forward Software),
  Countdown (Infected Software), Countdown (Macsen), Countdown (TV Games), Counting, Countries Of The World, Country Cottages,
  County Cricket, County Cricket (Cult), Coup, Course Winner v3, Course Winner v3 Plus - Flat,
  Course Winner v3 Plus - National Hunt, Coursemaster v2.88, Coursemaster v2.88 - Microdrive Version, Coursemaster v3.88,
  The Covenant (set 1), The Covenant (set 2), Cover Up!, Cowboy Kidz, Cowboy Shootout, Cowl Index, CPM v2.2, Crack City,
  Crack City (set 2), Crack Down, Crack Down (Erbe), Crack Down (Kixx), Crack It! Towers, Crack Up,
  A Cracking Day Out - Starring Egghead, Crash, Crash (Issue 45), Crash (Issue 54), Crash (Issue 58), Crash (Issue 59),
  Crash (Issue 60), Crash (Issue 63), Crash (Issue 65) (set 1) (Dizzy - Crash Special Edition, Micronaut One, Nick Roberts' POKEs,
  Moon Cresta, Wanted - Monty Mole, Sanxion (demo)), Crash (Issue 65) (set 2) (Dizzy - Crash Special Edition, Micronaut One,
  Nick Roberts' POKEs, Moon Cresta, Wanted - Monty Mole, Sanxion (demo)), Crash (Issue 66) (Quondam, One Man and His Droid,
  Nick Roberts' POKEs, Robot Messiah, A Whole New Ball Game), Crash (Issue 67), Crash (Issue 68),
  Crash (Issue 69) (Super Soccer, Zanthrax, Test Drive II The Duel (demo), Delta Wing, The Final Mission, Pokemania),
  Crash (Issue 70), Crash (Issue 71) (Cosmic Wartoad, Super Stuntman, Incredible Shrinking Fireman, Gazza's Super Soccer (demo),
  Hyperlane, Loco-Motion, Deja Vu, Pokemania), Crash (Issue 72) (Split Personalities, Winter Wonderland, Stars & Stripes,
  Treasure Island Dizzy Crash Special Edition, Action Biker, Pokemania), Crash (Issue 73), Crash (Issue 74), Crash (Issue 75),
  Crash (Issue 76), Crash (Issue 77), Crash (Issue 78),
  Crash (Issue 79) (Gladiator, Satcom, Ruff and Reddy in the Space Adventure (demo), Assassin, Deja Vu - The Remix, Pokemania),
  Crash (Issue 80), Crash (Issue 81), Crash (Issue 82),
  Crash (Issue 83) (Technician Ted, Virus, St. Dragon (demo), Egghead to the Rescue, Shuriken, Pokemania), Crash (Issue 84),
  Crash (Issue 85), Crash (Issue 86), Crash (Issue 87), Crash (Issue 88), Crash (Issue 89), Crash (Issue 90), Crash (Issue 91),
  Crash (Issue 92), Crash (Issue 93), Crash (Issue 94), Crash (Issue 95), Crash (Issue 96), Crash (Issue 97), Crash (Issue 98),
  The Crash Collection Vol 1, Crash Landing, Crash Landing & Journey To Death, Crash Review Index 1984 (set 1),
  Crash Review Index 1984 (set 2), Crash Tech Tape (set 1), Crash Tech Tape (set 2), Crawler, Cray-5, Cray-5 - Turbo,
  Crazy Balloons, Crazy Bugs, Crazy Cars, Crazy Cars (Erbe - The Hit Squad), Crazy Cars (Proein), Crazy Cars (The Hit Squad),
  Crazy Cars II, Crazy Cars II (Proein), Crazy Caverns, Crazy Crane, Crazy Crane (Krypton Force), Crazy Crane - Pre Production,
  Crazy Golf, Crazy Pingoin, Crazy Race, Crazy Sample 2, Cred Breaks Out, Creepy Crawler, Creepy Crawler (ZX Data), Crete 1941,
  Crevasse & Hotfoot, Crib (D.J. Mutch), Cribbage, Cricket (TJ Owen), Cricket Averages (Hobby Software),
  Cricket Averages (South Coast Software), Cricket Captain, Cricket Captain (Allanson Computing), Cricket Captain (Cult),
  Cricket Captain (D&H Games), Cricket Challenge, Cricket Challenge (set 2), Cricket Crazy, Cricket Crazy (Alternative),
  Cricket Duckworth-Lewis Calculator v1.5.4, Cricket Duckworth-Lewis Calculator v1.5.5, Cricket Duckworth-Lewis Calculator v1.6.0,
  Cricket Master, Cricket Master (Challenge Software), Cricket Player Data Cassette 1960s, Cricket Player Data Cassette 1991,
  Cricket Player Data Cassette 1994, Cricket Player Data Cassette All Time Greats 1, Cricket Player Data Cassette All Time Greats 2,
  Crime Busters, Crime Busters (IJK Software), Crime Busters (set 2), Critical Mass, Critical Mass (Encore),
  Critical Mass - Small Case (Erbe - Serie Leyenda / Small Case), Crom, Cromwell At War 1642-1645, Cronopios Y Famas - Deutsch,
  Cronopios Y Famas - English, Cronopios Y Famas - French, Cronopios Y Famas - Italiano, Cronopios Y Famas - Portuguese,
  Cronopios Y Famas - Spanish, Cronosoft Chronicles Volume 1 (Fun Park, Rough Justice, Gloop, Dead or Alive),
  Cronosoft Chronicles Volume 2 (Higgledy Piggledy, Loco Bingo, Izzy Wizzy, Quantum Gardening),
  Cronosoft Chronicles Volume 3 (MegaPlex, Stranded, Football Manager 2005, Stronghold), Crossfire (Atlantis), Crosswize,
  Crosswize (MCM), Crossword Puzzler, The Crown, Crown Jewels, The Crown Of Lithrune,
  The Crown Of Ramhotep & The Prospector (set 1), The Crown Of Ramhotep & The Prospector (set 2),
  The Crown Of Ramhotep & The Prospector (set 3), Cruise Attack, Cruising (Sunshine), Cruising On Broadway, Crusader, Crusoe,
  Crusoe - Bugfix, Crux 92, Cry Wolf, The Crypt, Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles (Kixx), The Crystal Cavern (Handasoft),
  The Crystal Cavern (set 2) (Handasoft), Crystal Chip, The Crystal Frog, The Crystal Frog (Gilsoft), The Crystal Frog (Sentient),
  The Crystal Frog (set 2), The Crystal Of Chantie, The Crystal Of Chantie (set 2), The Crystal Of Chantie (set 3),
  The Crystal Of Power, Crystal Quest, Crystal Quest (Keith Burnard), Crystal Quest (Pocket Money Software), Crystals Of Doom,
  Crystals Of Doom (set 2), Crystals Of Kings, CS Joystick Demo, CTE-80, CTE-80 (Monflair),
  Las Cuatro En Raya & Rescate Del Tesoro (set 1), Las Cuatro En Raya & Rescate Del Tesoro (set 2), Cub Scout Pack, Cube, Cubey,
  Cuddles, Cuddles (GI Games), Cuddly Cuburt, Cue Boy, The Cup, Cup And Bowl, Cup Football, Cup Football (EDOS), Cup Manager,
  Currah Chatterpack, Currah MicroSpeech (set 2), Currah MicroSpeech (set 3), Currah MicroSpeech Demonstration,
  Current Contenders Cassette - As At 28-02-90, The Curse, The Curse (set 2), The Curse Of Calutha, The Curse Of Nimue,
  The Curse Of Nimue (Adventure Probe), The Curse Of Nimue (set 2), The Curse Of Shaleth, The Curse Of Shaleth & Desperado,
  The Curse Of Shaleth (set 2), The Curse Of Shaleth (set 3), The Curse Of Sherwood, Curse Of The Serpents Eye,
  Curse Of The Serpents Eye (set 2), Curse Of The Seven Faces, Curse Of The Seven Faces (Artic), Cursed Be The City, Cursor Draw,
  Cursos Educativos - Matematicas, Curtain Estimator & Receipt Printer, The Custard Kid, Custerd's Quest, Custerd's Quest (set 2),
  Cut Your Heating Bills, CW, CW (set 2), CW QSO, CW TX-RX (Scarab Systems), Cyber Rats, Cyber Zone, Cyberball,
  Cyberball (The Hit Squad), Cyberbig, Cyberknights, Cybernation, Cybernoid, Cybernoid (Erbe), Cybernoid (Kixx),
  Cybernoid (loading screen hack), Cybernoid II - The Revenge, Cybernoid II - The Revenge (Erbe), Cyberun, Cybex, Cybex (System 4),
  Cybo Run, Cybo Run & Super Gran, Cybo Run (Dixons), Cybotron, Cybotron (Spanish), Cycle Planner & Growth Tracker, The Cycles,
  Cyclone (set 1), Cyclone (set 2), Cylon Attack, Cylu, Cyrox, Cyrus II (Pim Software) - MK1 48k,
  Cyrus II (Pim Software) - MK2 128k, Cyrus II - MK1 48k, Cyrus II - MK2 128k, Cyrus IS Chess, Cyrus IS Chess (set 2),
  Czasowniki Nieregularne cz. 1, Cztery Dzialania, D-Logic, D.C. / Direct Current Electricity, Daemon, Daemon (Global Games),
  Dalek Attack, Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 1, large case), Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 2, small case),
  Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 3, The Hit Squad), Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 4, Zafiro),
  Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 6, large case), Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 7, small case),
  Daley Thompson's Decathlon (set 8, Zafiro), Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge,
  Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge (The Hit Squad), Daley Thompson's Supertest (set 1, 128k),
  Daley Thompson's Supertest (set 2, 48k), Daley Thompson's Supertest (set 3, 128k/48k, The Hit Squad),
  Daley Thompson's Supertest (set 4, 128k, Investronica), Daley Thompson's Supertest (set 5, 48k), Dallas - Release 1,
  Dallas - Release 2, Dallas - Release 3, Dam & Blast, Dam Busters (Professional Software) (side 1 only), The Dam Busters (set 1),
  The Dam Busters (set 2, Erbe), The Dam Busters (set 3, Power House), The Dam Busters (set 4),
  The Dam Busters (set 5, Power House), Dama 2005, Damn, The Damned Forest, The Damned Forest (set 2), Dan Dare,
  Dan Dare (loading screen hack), Dan Dare (set 1), Dan Dare (set 2, Ricochet), Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (set 1),
  Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (set 2, Ricochet), Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge (set 3), Dan Dare III - The Escape, Dance Fantasy,
  Dances With Bunny Rabbits, Dandy, Dandy (Winner), Danger Adventurer At Work, Danger Adventurer At Work (set 2),
  Danger Adventurer At Work 2, Danger Mouse - In Double Trouble, Danger Mouse - In Double Trouble (Alternative),
  Danger Mouse - In Double Trouble (Sparklers), Danger Mouse - In Making Whoopee, Danger Mouse - In Making Whoopee (Alternative),
  Danger Mouse - In Making Whoopee (Sparklers), Danger Mouse - In Making Whoopee (System 4),
  Danger Mouse - In The Black Forest Chateau, Danger Mouse - In The Black Forest Chateau (Alternative), Dangerous Garden,
  Dargonscrypt (set 1), Dargonscrypt (set 2), Darius+, Dark Castle, Dark Empire, Dark Force, Dark Fusion (set 1),
  Dark Fusion (set 2, Erbe), The Dark Gladiator, Dark Lore (set 1), Dark Lore (set 2), Dark Sceptre, Dark Side,
  Dark Sky Over Paradise (set 1, version 1.1), Dark Sky Over Paradise (set 2, version 1.1), Dark Star (set 1, with Spectacle),
  Dark Star (set 2, Firebird), Dark Star (set 3, Firebird), Dark Star (set 4, with Spectacle), Dark Storm, The Dark Tower (Zenobi),
  The Dark Tower - Release 1, The Dark Tower - Release 2, The Dark Tower - Release 2 (set 2), The Darkest Road, Darkman (set 1),
  Darkman (set 2, Erbe), Darkman (set 3, The Hit Squad), Darts (set 1), Darts (set 2), Dartz, Das Boersenspiel, Das Schloss,
  Data East's Arcade Alley, Data Genie - Release 1, Data Genie - Release 2 - 128k, Data Genie - Release 2 - 48k, Data Graph,
  Data-Base & Morse, Databank (Richard Hull), Database, The Database (MiCROL), The Database (MiCROL) - Blue Tape,
  The Database (MiCROL) - Red Tape, Database II, Datador, Datahits Softwhere, Datakit, Datapen, Datasette Legi,
  Datel Lightwriter (set 1), Datel Lightwriter (set 2), Datel Snapshot 2, Datel Vox Box Demo, Dave's Dilemmas, Davy Jones Locker,
  Dawnssley, A Day In The Life, A Day In The Life (Dixons), A Day In The Life Of A Tupperware Salesman - Part 1, Day Of The Match,
  Day Trip, Days Of Thunder, DBMS v2, Deactivators (128k), Deactivators (Firebird), Dead By Dawn,
  Dead End (Set 5, v3.00, Adventure Workshop), Dead End (set 1, v3.00), Dead End (set 2, v3.00), Dead End (set 3, v3.00),
  Dead End (set 4, v3.00), Dead Or Alive (Cronosoft), Dead Or Alive (set 1, with A-Maze) (Alternative Software),
  Dead Or Alive (set 2) (Alternative Software), Deadenders (set 1), Deadenders (set 2), Deadenders (set 3), Deadly Evil,
  The Deadly Mission, Deadly Mission (set 1), Deadly Mission (set 2, bugfix), Deadly Silence, Deadly Silence (set 2),
  Deadly Skeletons, Deadringer, Death Alley 3000, Death Before Dishonour, Death Bringer, Death Chase (Zeppelin), Death Chess 5000,
  Death Cruiser, Death In Russia 1941, Death In The Snow 1812, Death Or Glory, Death Or Glory (Dream World Adventures),
  Death Or Glory (set 2) (Dream World Adventures), Death Pit (set 1), Death Pit (set 2, keyboard fix),
  Death Reprieve & Time Machine, Death Star, Death Star Interceptor (set 1), Death Star Interceptor (set 2), Death Wake,
  Death Wake (Bug-Byte), Death Wish 3 (set 1), Death Wish 3 (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Death's Head Hole, Deathball 2000,
  Deathscape, Deception Of The Minds Eye, Decision Maker, Decode, Decode1 GC, Decor Wreckers, Deek's Deeds, Deek's Deeds (Zenobi),
  The Deep, The Deep (Erbe), Deep Core Raider, Deep Probe, Deep Probe & The Micro Mutant, Deep Probe (Mastering Tape),
  Deep Probe - +D Version, Deep Probe - Full FX, Deep Scan, Deep Scan (Octocom), Deep Space, Deep Space (Kryptronic), Deep Strike,
  Deep Strike (Encore), Deep Strike (Erbe), Deep Waters 1, Deep Waters 2, Defcom, Defcom (Bug-Byte), Defcom 1, Defenda,
  Defenda (Currys), Defender Light Gun (Bronx Street Cop, Billy The Kid, Jungle Warfare,
  Advanced Pinball Simulator Lightgun Version, F16 Fighting Falcon, Supercar Trans-AM), Defenders Of The Earth,
  Defenders Of The Earth (Hi-Tec), Deffendar, Deffendar (ZX Data), Deflektor, Dekorating Blues, Delbert's Hamster-Wheel Of Fortune!,
  Delfox, Delta Charge!, Delta Wing, Delta Wing (Compulogical), Delta Wing (MAD), Deltic Fleet Manager, Demi-God,
  Demi-God & Micro Drivin', Demi-God (Zenobi), Demo By MR Jones, Demolition & Crazy Golf, Demolition (Dorling Kindersley),
  Demon From The Darkside, Demon From The Darkside & The Golden Mask, Demon From The Darkside & The O Zone,
  Demon From The Darkside (Mastering Tape), Demon Knight, Demon Knight (Forward Software), Demon Lord, The Demon Trilogy,
  Demon's Revenge, Demon's Revenge (MCM), Demons & Drivers, Demonslair, Denis Through The Drinking Glass,
  Denis Through The Drinking Glass (set 2), Denis Through The Drinking Glass (set 3), Denis Through The Drinking Glass (set 4),
  Denizen - 128k, Denizen - 48k, Depot Master Finsbury Park, Depot Master Old Oak Common, Der Hauch Des Todes, Der Krieg Der Welten,
  Derby Day, Derrynmoor - The Book, Derrynmoor - The Town, Dervish, Desensamblador (Investronica), Desert Burner, Desert Hawk,
  Desert Hawk (Compulogical), Desert Island, Desert Rats, Designer, The Designer's Pencil, Desmond And Gertrude,
  Desmond And Gertrude & Aunt Velma Is Coming To Tea (Release 1), Desmond And Gertrude & Aunt Velma Is Coming To Tea (Release 2),
  Desmond And Gertrude (set 2), Desolator, Desolator (Erbe), Desperado (Central Solutions), Desperado (Topo Soft),
  Desperado 2 (set 1), Desperado 2 (set 2, hacked?), Destiny Mission, Destroyer (Impact Software) - Release 1,
  Destroyer (Impact Software) - Release 2, The Destruction Of The Galactic Empire, The Destruction Of The Galactic Empire (set 2),
  Detective, The Detective, Detective (Forward Software), The Detective (The Guild), Deus Ex Machina, Devastating Blow, Deviants,
  Devil Diver, The Devil Rides In, Devil's Crown, Devil's Descent, The Devil's Hand, The Devil's Hand & Shadows Of The Past,
  The Devil's Hand (Mastering Tape), Devil's Island, Devil's Island (set 2), Devils Of The Deep, Devils Sceptre,
  Devils Sceptre (set 2), Dex, DFM Database, The Diabetics' Diet Program, Diablo! (Zenobi), Diablo! (Zenobi) (set 2),
  Diablo! - 128k, Diablo! - 128k (set 2), Diablo! - 48k, Diablo! - 48k (set 2), Diamond, Diamond Dungeon, Diamond Quest,
  Diamond Trail, Diamond Trail (set 2), Diamond Trail (set 3), The Diamond's (hack of Rocket Man Mike) (set 1),
  The Diamond's (hack of Rocket Man Mike) (set 2, copyright string removed), Diarmid, Dicey Duck Race, Dick Tracy,
  Dick Tracy (Proein), Dick Turpin, Dickie Diver, Dictator, Dictator (ABC Soft), Didaktik M, Die Alien Slime, Die Feuerfaust,
  Die Feuerfaust (Adventure Probe), Diet, The Dietician, Dietron, Differentials In Diagnosis 1, Differentials In Diagnosis 2,
  Dig Dug, Digger Dan, Digi Pop, The Digi Show, Digital Sound Samper (Datel Electronics), Digitale, Dildo And The Dark Lord,
  Dildo And The Dark Lord (set 2), Dilithium Lift, Dimension Destructors, Dimension Destructors (Paxman), Dimension Omega,
  Dinamic 5 Aniversario (Abu Simbel Profanation, Fernando Martin Basket Master, Rocky, Los Pajaros de Bangkok, West Bank, Dustin,
  Meganova, Capitan Sevilla, Hundra, Freddy Hardest, Mega-Corp), The Dinamic Pack '92, Dingo, Dingo - 2015 Edition, Dingo v1.3,
  Dining, Dinky Digger, Dinosaurs, Direct Current Electricity, Dirt Track Racer, Dirt Track Racer (Mastering Tape),
  Dirty Tricks Demo, Dis-Assembler (Heise Software), Disc Organiser v1e, DISCiPLE System Tape v1, DISCiPLE System Tape v2,
  DISCiPLE System Tape v2c, DISCiPLE System Tape v3a, DISCiPLE System Tape v3d, Disco - mk1, Disco Dan, Disco Dan (Sinclair),
  Disco Screen, Discovery (CRL), Discs Of Death, Discs Of Death (Tynesoft), Disease Dodgers, Diseases Of The Heart,
  Disenador De Juegos (Investronica), Disenador De Juegos (Microbyte), Disenador De Juegos II (Microbyte),
  Diseno De Graficos Y Videojuegos, Dishmaster, Display (Work Force), Display-Solve, Disposable Heroes,
  Distance, Bearing And Contest Score, Distron (set 1), Distron (set 2), Divertimentos (Issue 02), Divertimentos (Issue 03),
  Divertimentos (Issue 04), Divertimentos (Issue Extra), Dix Jeux Fantastiques, Dix Mille, Dixons Premier Collection For Your +2,
  Dizzy Collection (Dizzy, Fast Food, Treasure Island Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy, Magicland Dizzy), Dizzy Dice, Dizzy Dice (EDOS),
  Dizzy's Excellent Adventures (Dizzy Down the Rapids, Spellbound Dizzy, Prince of the Yolk Folk, Dizzy Panic, Kwik Snax),
  DK'Tronics Compilation, DK'Tronics Toolkit, DLAN, DNA Warrior, DNA Warrior (MCM), Do Not Pass Go (Riko Data),
  Do Not Pass Go - Release 1, Do Not Pass Go - Release 2, Do-Do, Do-Do (Prism Leisure), Doc Croc's Outrageous Adventures!,
  Doc The Destroyer, Doctor Goo And The Samorons, Doctor Goo And The Samorons (set 2), Doctor What, Dodge City - Action Game,
  Dodge City - Adventure Game, Dodgy Geezers, Dodo And Damn, Dodo And Damn (set 2), Doe Mee Aan De Wedstrijd, The Dogboy,
  The Dogboy (Zenobi), Dogfight (Slogger Software), Dogfight 2187, Dogsbody, Dollars In The Dust, Dome Trooper,
  Dome Trooper - Debugged Version, Dome Trooper v2 (The Guild), Dome Trooper v2 - +D Bugfix (The Guild), The Domes Of Sha,
  The Domes Of Sha & Letter Bomb, The Domes Of Sha (set 2), Dominator, Dominator (MCM), Dominator (set 2), Dominator {Portuguese},
  Dominetris, Domino, Dominoes, Dominoes (Blue Ribbon), Dominoes (DJL), Dominoes (Micromega), Dominoes (Phipps Associates),
  Don Quijote, Don't Buy This - Five of the Worst Games Ever (Race Ace, Fido, Weasel Willy, Fido 2 - Puppy Power, Fruit Machine),
  Don't Panic, Don't Panic, Panic Now, Don't Say It, Spray It, Donald's Alphabet Chase, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong (Erbe),
  Donkey Kong (loading screen hack), Donkey Kong +2, Doombase, Doombase (Alternative), Doomdark's Revenge,
  Doomdark's Revenge Editor v3, Doomdark's Revenge Editor v3A, Doomsday, Doomsday & Cell Of The Ridges, Doomsday Castle,
  Doomsday Castle (Paxman), The Doomsday Papers - v2, The Doomsday Papers - v2 (set 2), The Doomsday Papers - v4,
  The Doomsday Papers - v5, The Doomsday Papers - v5 (set 2), Doomwatch, Dope Wars, Dots, Dotty, The Double, The Double (Summit),
  Double Agent, Double Agent & Escape (set 1), Double Agent & Escape (set 2), A Double Balrog, Double Bubble,
  Double Bubble (set 1, 128k, Music Version), Double Bubble (set 2, 128k, Music Version), Double Bubble (set 3, 48k),
  Double Bubble (set 4, 48k), Double Dare, Double Dash, Double Dealer, Double Dragon, Double Dragon (Mastertronic Plus),
  Double Dragon (Tronix), Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge, Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (128k only),
  Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge (Tronix), Double Dragon 3 - Rosetta Stone, Double Dragon III & Rod-Land, Double Play Adventure 01,
  Double Play Adventure 02, Double Play Adventure 03, Double Play Adventure 04, Double Play Adventure 05, Double Play Adventure 06,
  Double Play Adventure 07, Double Play Adventure 08, Double Play Adventure 09, Double Play Adventure 10, Double Play Adventure 11,
  Double Play Adventure 12, Double Take (set 1), Double Take (set 2, Erbe), Double Take (set 3),
  Double The Horror (Perry Pumpkin, Stake Out!), Double Trouble, Double Value Cassette, Double Xinox, Doubler, Doubler MkII,
  Down To Earth, Down Town, Down Under, Downhill Champion, Dr Genius, Dr Maddo (set 1), Dr Maddo (set 2, Americana),
  Dr Maddo (set 3), Dr Maddo (set 4, Americana), Dr Scroll - VTX 5000, Dr Scroll - VTX 5000 (set 2), Dr Scroll - VTX 711mk2,
  Dr Who - Dalek Attack, Dr. Franky And The Monster, Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide, Dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde (Zenobi) (set 2),
  Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (Zenobi), Dr. Jet Set Willy, Dr. Jet Set Willy Microdrive Tape,
  Draconus (Mastering Tape), Draconus (set 1), Draconus (set 2, alt cover), Dracula, Dracula's Castle, Draculas Diamanten, Dragnet,
  Dragnet (set 2), Dragon Breed, Dragon Isle - 2nd Edition, Dragon Maze, Dragon Ninja, Dragon Ninja (Erbe - The Hit Squad),
  Dragon Ninja (Erbe), Dragon Ninja (The Hit Squad), The Dragon Of Notacare, The Dragon Of Notacare (set 2), The Dragon Star,
  Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest (set 2), Dragon Spirit, Dragon Spirit (The Hit Squad), Dragon Spirit (bugfix), Dragon World,
  Dragon's Lair, Dragon's Lair & Buggy Boy (MCM), Dragon's Lair (Encore), Dragon's Lair (loading screen hack), Dragon's Lair 2,
  Dragon's Lair 2 (Encore), Dragonfire, Dragonia, Dragons Bane, Dragons Of Flame, Dragons Of Flame (Kixx),
  The Dragonstar Trilogy (GI Games), Dragontorc, Dragontorc (loading screen hack), Drainlayer 2, Drakkar, Drakmaze,
  Drama en el Barrio la Jota (Ko!), Draughts, Draughts (Oasis), Draughts Genius, Draughts Master, Draughts Master (set 2),
  Draw Master, Draw Master (Aackosoft), Draw Master (Kellydata), Draw Poker, Dreadnoughts, The Dream Concert, The Dream Team,
  Dream Walker v1.0 - 128k, Dream Walker v1.0 - 128k - Simple Loader, Dream Walker v1.0 - 48k, Dream Walker v1.1 - 128k,
  Dream Walker v1.1 - 48k, Dream Warrior, Dreamare, Dreamare (Global Games), Driller, Driller (Erbe - Musical 1),
  Driller (The Hit Squad), Driller Tanks, The Drive In, The Drive In (Paxman), Driver 2 - Leeds - Settle - Carlisle,
  Droidz, Dropout, Drug File, Drug Watch, Druid, Druids Moon, Drum Beat & Interrupt Sound, DTP Pack, Dubbelsolve, Duckshoot,
  Duckworth Highway Code, The Duct, Duet, Duke Bluebeard's Castle, Dukes Of Hazzard, Dumpy v2.0, Dumpy v2.0 (set 2), Dumpy v3.0.3,
  Dun Darach, Dun Darach (Dro Soft), Dun Darach (Rebound), Dundee's European Challenge,
  Dundee's European Challenge (Jocky Scott Version), The Dungeon, The Dungeon (Dave Newton), Dungeon & Astrospy,
  Dungeon Adventure - Release 1, Dungeon Adventure - Release 2, The Dungeon Builder, The Dungeon Builder - Game Maker Utility,
  The Dungeon Builder v2, Dungeon Dare, Dungeon Dare & Classroom Chaos, The Dungeon Master - Release 1,
  The Dungeon Master - Release 2, The Dungeon Master - Release 2 (set 2), Dungeon Of Death, The Dungeon Of Torgar,
  The Dungeon Of Torgar (Adventure Workshop), The Dungeon Of Torgar (set 2), A Dungeon Romp, Dungeons,
  Dungeons & Dragons Character Creator, Dungeons (Calisto), Dungeons Of Doom, The Dungeons Of Maldread, The Dunshalt Donut,
  The Dunshalt Donut (Adventure Probe), Dusk Over Elfinton, Dusk Over Elfinton (set 2), Dusk Over Elfinton (set 3), Dustbin 3PX,
  Dustbin TXD-2, Dustbin Txp, Dustbin Ultimate Copier, Dustin, Dustin (set 2), Dustman,
  Dusty Droid And The Garbage Gobblers (hack of Rocket Man Mike), Dwarf's Domain, Dwarf's Domain (set 2),
  Dwarfs Domain (Krypton Force), Dyna Star, Dynamic Duo, Dynamic Graphics, Dynamic Graphics (Spanish), Dynamic Programming,
  Dynamite Dan, Dynamite Dan (MCM), Dynamite Dan (Silverbird), Dynamite Dan II - Dr Blitzen and the Islands of Arcanum,
  Dynamite Dux, Dynamite Dux (MCM), Dynamix, Dynasty Wars, Dynatron Mission, Dyslexia Beater, E-Motion,
  E-Motion (Erbe - Serie 5 Estrellas) (set 1), E-Motion (Erbe - Serie 5 Estrellas) (set 2), E-SWAT, E-SWAT (Erbe), E.T. & Seekey,
  E.T. (Breadhill Software), Early Punctuation, Earth Defence, Earth Shock, Earth Shock (GI Games), Earth Shock (set 2), Earthbound,
  Earthbound (set 2), Earthlight, Earthlight (MCM), Easiledger, East Enders, East Front, Easy Speak, Echelon, Eclipse v1,
  Eclipse v1 (set 2), Eclipse v2, Ed-On, Ed-On (Add-On Electronics), Eddie Edwards' Super Ski, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge,
  Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge (Ricochet), Edinburgh Powerbox, Edisprites, Edit Sampler v1.2, Editeur-Assembleur, Edition One,
  Editor - Assembler (Profisoft), Editor Assembler, Educate 3, Education Tape For Infants And Juniors, Educational Compendium,
  Edwina Brown's Zenobi Compilation, Egghead, Egghead 4 - Egghead Entertains, Egghead 5 - Egghead Round The Med, Egghead In Space,
  The Eggsterminator, Eiffel Tower, Eights, The Eidolon (Ricochet), El Dorado, El Dorado (set 2), Elecciones Generales, Election,
  Election (Virgin Games), Electra 9000, Electro, Elektro Storm, Elektro Storm (Kryptronic), Elevator Action,
  Elevator Action (Bug-Byte), The Elfin Wars, Elfindor, Eliminator, Eliminator (Hewson), Eliminator (Players),
  Elisa Analyst Program, Elite - 128k, Elite - 48k, Elite Commander Editor, Elite Editor, Elite Editor & Invadas,
  Elite Shipbuilder - v2.0, The Elizabethan, The Ellisnore Diamond (Zenobi), The Ellisnore Diamond - Release 1,
  The Ellisnore Diamond - Release 2, Elven Warrior, Elven Warrior (EDOS), Elvin The Elf, Embassy Assault, Emerald Elf,
  The Emerald Elf, Emerald Isle, Emilio Butragueno 2 (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Emilio Butragueno Futbol, Emilio Butragueno Futbol 2,
  Emision - Recepcion Morse, Emlyn Hughes Arcade Quiz, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (EDOS),
  Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Proein), Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (Touch Down!), Empareja 2, Empire,
  The Empire Fights Back, The Empire Strikes Back, The Empire Strikes Back (The Hit Squad), Empires, EMR Miditrack Performer v1.1,
  Enchanted, The Enchanted Cottage & Jack And The Beanstalk, The Enchanted Cottage (Zenobi), Enciclopedia Bompiani - Arte,
  Enciclopedia Bompiani - Diritto-Economia, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Filosofia, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Geografia,
  Enciclopedia Bompiani - Letteratura I, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Letteratura II, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Medicina,
  Enciclopedia Bompiani - Musica, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Religione, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Scienze Naturali,
  Enciclopedia Bompiani - Scienze Pure, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Sintesi Cronologia, Enciclopedia Bompiani - Storia, Encounter,
  Encounter (set 2), Encyclopedia Galactica, Encyclopedia Galactica Remixed, The End Is Nigh, Endurance, Enduro, Enduro (Firebird),
  Enduro Racer (set 1), Enduro Racer (set 2, Proein), Enduro Racer (set 3, The Hit Squad), Enduro Racer (set 4), Endzone,
  Endzone (EDOS), Endzone - 48k, Endzone - 87f Rosters, Endzone - 88e Program, Endzone - 88e Rosters, Endzone - 88f Rosters,
  Endzone - 89e Rosters, Endzone - 90f Program, Endzone - 90f Rosters, The Energem Enigma, The Energem Enigma (GI Games),
  The Energem Enigma (set 2), Energy 30,000, Energy Warrior & Molecule Man, Energy Warrior & Molecule Man (Dro Soft),
  Engineer Humpty, Engines, English Literature 1, Englishskills I, Englishskills II, Eniac, Enigma (Brainbox Software),
  Enigma (Dealer Deals Ltd), Enigma (Issue 07), Enigma Force, Enjoy Maths, Enlightenment - Druid II,
  Enlightenment - Druid II (Dro Soft), The Enormous Turnip (side b only), Ensamblador (Investronica), Enter At Your Own Risk,
  Enter At Your Own Risk (set 2), Enter At Your Own Risk (set 3), Enter Spectrum (Issue 13), Enter Spectrum (Issue 14), Enterprise,
  Enterprise (Mastertronic), Entrepreneur - Applications Tape, Entrepreneur - Teaching Tape, Ephemeris, The Epic, Epyx Action,
  Equation Of A Line, Equinox, Equinox (Erbe), El Equipo A, Equipoa, Era Of Enchantment, Erbe 88, Eric And The Floaters,
  Eric Bristow's Pro-Darts, Erik - The Phantom Of The Opera, Erik - The Phantom Of The Opera (199 Range),
  Erik - The Phantom Of The Opera (System 4), Erklaerung, Ervaders, Escaldo, Escape, Escape (Riko Data), Escape (Tartan Software),
  Escape (set 2) Cover, Escape From Arkaron, Escape From Devil's Island, Escape From Devil's Island (set 2),
  Escape From Devils Island & Barchou, Escape From Devils Isle, The Escape From Hodgkin's Manor, Escape From Khoshima,
  Escape From Magic, Escape From Malachor, Escape From Malagar, Escape From Omicron, Escape From Prison Planet,
  Escape From Prison Planet (Adventure Workshop), Escape From Prison Planet (set 2), Escape From Pulsar 7,
  Escape From Pulsar 7 (Channel 8), Escape From Pulsar 7 (Tynesoft), Escape From Pulsar 7 (set 2), Escape From Pulsar 7 (set 3),
  Escape From Sylon 6, Escape From Sylon 6 (set 2), Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters,
  Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (Erbe), Escape From The Planet Of The Robot Monsters (The Hit Squad),
  Escape From The Shire, Escape From Time, Escape Into Space, Escape MCP, Escape To Eskelos, The Escaping Habit,
  The Escaping Habit (Zenobi), Eskimo Capers, Eskimo Eddie, Espia & Platero (est 1), Espia & Platero (set 2),
  La Espia Que Me Amo (Erbe), Espionage, Espionage (Grandslam), Espionage Island, Espionage Island (Profisoft),
  Espionage Island (Sinclair), Estadistica (Investronica), Estimating, Estimator Racer, L'Ete Sera Chaud, Etikette, ETX, Eugene,
  The Eunuch's Ball, The Eunuch's Ball (set 2), Eureka!, Eureka! - French, Eureka! - French (bugfixed) (side 2 only), Euro Boss,
  European 5-A-Side, European Champions (EDOS), European Champions (set 1), European Champions (set 2), European Five-A-Side (MCM),
  European II - Release 1, European II - Release 2, European II - Release 3, European II - The European Cup,
  European Soccer Challenge, European Soccer League, European Superleague, European Superleague (Proein),
  European Trophy - Release 1, European Trophy - Release 2, Evening Star, Everest Ascent, Everest Ascent (set 2),
  Every Second Counts, Everyone's A Wally (Alternative), Everyone's A Wally (Ciberne), Everyone's A Wally (EDOS),
  Everyone's A Wally (Sparklers), Everyone's A Wally (System 4), Everyone's A Wally - Release 1, Everyone's A Wally - Release 2,
  Everyone's A Wally - Release 3, Everyone's A Wally - Release 4, Evil Crown, The Evil Crown (Premium Software), The Evil Crown {},
  Evil Domain, Evil Encounter, Evil Realm Of Darkness, Evolution, EX-BASIC, Examiner, Excalibur - Sword Of Kings,
  Excalibur - Sword Of Kings (set 2), Excavator-Drainlayer 1, Exiled, Exodus, Exolon, Exolon (Non-Playing Version), Expedice,
  Expedice Compilation, Exploding Fist+ (set 1, MCM), Exploding Fist+ (set 2, MCM), Exploding Wall, Exploding Wall (Byte-Back),
  Exploits In A Wheelie-Bin, El Explorador, Explorer, Explorer (Clockbyte), Explorer (Luca Bordoni), Explorer XXXI,
  Exploring Adventures On The Spectrum 48k, Express Raider, Express Raider (Erbe), Extended BASIC, Exterminator, The Exterminator,
  Exterminator (Prism Leisure), Exterminator (System 4), Extra Program No 1,
  Los Extraordinarios Casos Del Dr. Van Halen - El Cuervo De La Tormenta V1.0,
  Los Extraordinarios Casos Del Dr. Van Halen - Los Cantos De Anubis V1.0,
  Los Extraordinarios Casos Del Dr. Van Halen - Misterio En La Catedral V2.0,
  Los Extraordinarios Casos Del Dr. Van Halen - Tristes Alas Del Destino V1.0,
  Los Extraordinarios Casos Del Dr. Van Halen - Ultimo Acto V1.0, Extreme, The Extricator (GI Games), The Extricator (set 2) #1,
  The Extricator (set 3), The Extricator - Release 1, The Extricator - Release 2, The Extricator - Release 3, Eye, The Eye Of Bain,
  The Eye Of Bain (set 2), Eye Of The Star Warrior, Eye Of The Star Warrior (set 2), Eye Of Vartan, Eye Of Vartan (set 2),
  Eye Of Vartan (set 3), F-16 - Fighting Falcon - Keyboard (Mastertronic), F-16 - Fighting Falcon - Lightgun (Mastertronic),
  F1 Tornado Simulator, F15 Strike Eagle, F15 Strike Eagle (Kixx), FA Cup '87, FA Cup Football, FA Cup Football (Ricochet),
  The Fabled Black Rose, The Fabled Black Rose (set 2), The Fabled Treasure Of Koosar & Birthday Surprise, Factory Breakout,
  Factory Daze, Faerie, Faerie (GI Games), Faerie (set 2), Fahrenheit 3000, Fahrenheit 3000 (Firebird), Fairlight (128k),
  Fairlight (48k, Release 1), Fairlight (48k, Release 2), Fairlight (The Micro Selection), Fairlight - The Legend (compilation),
  Fairlight II (128k), Fairlight II (48k), Fairlight II (Erbe), Fairlight II (The Micro Selection), Fairly Difficult Mission,
  Fairly Difficult Mission (Fantasy Software), Fairly Difficult Mission (set 2), Fairshare, Falcon Patrol 2 (set 1),
  Falcon Patrol 2 (set 2, Aackosoft), Falcon Patrol 2 (set 3, Bug-Byte), Falcon Patrol 2 (set 4), Falcon The Renegade Lord,
  Falklands '82, Fall Guy, Fall Guy (Zafiro), The Fall Of Rome, Fallen Angel, Fallen Angel (Summit), False Gold, Family Pack,
  Family Tree, The Famous Five, Famous Five (compilation), Fanky Punky, Fanky Punky (set 2) Cover, Fantasia, Fantasia Diamond,
  Fantasia Diamond (MCN), Fantasia Diamond - Dutch, Fantastic Adventure, Fantastic American Football, Fantastic Four (compilation),
  The Fantastic Mister Fruity, Fantastic Voyage, Fantastic Voyage (Orion), Fantasy, Fantasy (R'n'H Microtec), Fargo Wells,
  Farmer Jack - Treasure Trove (set 1), Farmer Jack - Treasure Trove (set 2), Farmer Jack And The Hedge Monkeys!,
  Farmer Jack In Harvest Havoc, Farmer Jack In Harvest Havoc (3 level demo),
  Farmer Jack Trilogy (Farmer Jack in Harvest Havoc!, Farmer Jack and the Hedge Monkeys!, Farmer Jack - Treasure Trove),
  Fase Bonus The Game, Fashion Tops And Batwing, The Fast And The Furious, Fast Save, Fast n Furious & Thunderceptor, Fastword,
  Fat Worm Blows A Sparky, Father Of Darkness, Father Of Darkness (set 2), Father Of Darkness (set 3), Faulty Towers,
  Faust's Folly, Fax, FAX - WX SATS, Fax For Your Spectrum, Fearless Frank, Feasibility Experiment,
  Feasibility Experiment (Channel 8), Federation, Feline Sleepy, Feline Sleepy (set 2), Fergus Furgleton, Fergus Furgleton (set 2),
  Fernandez Must Die, Fernandez Must Die (MCM), Fernando Martin Basket Master, Feud (release 1), Feud (release 2), Feudal Overlord,
  Fichesprit, Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O' Fun, Fifth, The Fifth Quadrant, The Fifth Quadrant (Ricochet),
  The Fifth Quadrant (System 4), Figaro 2, Fight For The Ashes - Part 1, The Fight For The Ashes - Part 1 (1946-1961),
  Fighter Bomber, Fighter Bomber (MCM), Fighter Pilot (set 1, release 2), Fighter Pilot (set 2, release 2),
  Fighter Pilot (set 3, release 1), Fighter Pilot (set 4, Byte-Back), Fighter Pilot (set 5, MCM), Fighter Pilot (set 6, Silverbird),
  Fighter Pilot (set 7), Fighting Fantasy Status Keeper v5.3, Fighting Soccer, Fighting Warrior,
  Fighting Warrior (Mastertronic Plus), File Copy, Filing, Filing System, FILL, Final Assault, Final Battle, Final Battle (set 2),
  Final Battle (set 3), The Final Chorus, The Final Demand, The Final Demand (set 2), Final Fight, Final Fight (Kixx),
  Final Frog, The Final Frontier, The Final Matrix, The Final Matrix (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), The Final Matrix (Erbe),
  The Final Mission, Finance Manager, Finance Manager - Microdrive Compatible, Finders Keepers, Fire And Forget,
  Fire And Forget (Proein), Fire Hawks, The Fire Ruby, The Fire Ruby (set 2), Firebirds, Fireflash & Destroyer, Firefly,
  Firefly (Erbe), Firefly (The Hit Squad), Firelance, Firelance & Fortress Of Keler, Firelord, Firelord (set 2),
  Firelord (set 3, Players Premier), Firelord (set 4, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Fireman Fred, Fireman Fred (Dixons), Fireman Sam,
  Firestorm, Firestorm (Alternative), Fireterm Scrolling Terminal, FireTrap, Firetrap (Proein), Fireview 2 (set 1),
  Fireview 2 (set 2), Firework Music And Water Music, First Aid, First Moves, First Numbers, First Past The Post,
  First Past The Post (Cult), First Steps With The Mr Men, The Fisher King, Fishpaste Volume 1, Fishpaste Volume 2,
  Fist 2 (Mastertronic Plus), Fist II, Fist II - Medium Case (Erbe), The Fist Of Fire, Fist Plus, A Fistful Of Blood Capsules,
  A Fistful Of Blood Capsules (set 2), A Fistful Of Necronomicons, Fists 'n' Throttles, Fists Of Fury (compilation), Five Dice,
  Five Dice (Christopher James), The Five Doctors, The Five Doctors (set 2), The Five Doctors (set 3), Five Little Ducks,
  Five Star Games, Five Star Games (set 2), Five Star Games 2, Five Star Games 3, Fixgen, Fizzy Wizzy, Flagi Panstw Europejskich,
  Flak, Flameout, Flappy Bird ZX, Flash Beer, Flash Gordon, Flat Race Ratings, Flat Season, Fletcher's Castle, FlexiCalc, FlexiGraf,
  Flight 191, Flight 191 (set 2), Flight Ace (compilation), Flight Master, Flight Path 737, Flight Path 737 (The Micro Selection),
  Flight Simulation (299), Flight Simulation - Release 1, Flight Simulation - Release 2, Flight Simulator,
  Flights Of Fantasy Vol. 1, Flights Of Fantasy Vol. 2, The Flintstones, The Flintstones (Bug-Byte), The Flintstones (EDOS),
  The Flintstones (Zafiro), Flintstones - Yabba Dabba Dooo!, Flintstones - Yabba Dabba Dooo! (Bug-Byte), Flip Flap,
  Flipfile Record Manager, Flipper, Flippit, Flix, Floarea Soarelui, Flowchart, Fluidum, Flunky, Flush Gordon, Flux, Flyer Fox,
  The Flying Formula, Flying Scotsman, Flying Scotsman (set 2), Flying Shark, Flying Train, Flype, Fol-De-Rol, FolioBase, FolioGraf,
  Font Editor & Script Designer, Fonts, Fonts (set 2), Football (Wintersoft), Football Champions, Football Club,
  Football Club - Revision 2, Football Director, Football Director (Cult), Football Director - 2 Player Super League,
  Football Director - 2 Player Super League (Cult Games), Football Director - 2 Player Super League - 128k,
  Football Director - 2 Player Super League - Records File, Football Director 2, Football Fever, Football Follower, Football Frenzy,
  Football Frenzy (EDOS), Football Glory, Football Glory (Cronosoft), Football League Analysis Programme, Football Manager,
  Football Manager (French), Football Manager (Prism Leisure), Football Manager - World Cup Edition, Football Manager 2,
  Football Manager 2 & FM2 Expansion Kit, Football Manager 2 (EDOS), Football Manager 2 (Prism Leisure), Football Manager 3,
  Football Manager 3 (Prism Leisure), Football Manager World Cup Edition (Prism), Footballer, Footballer Of The Year,
  Footballer Of The Year (Kixx), Footballer Of The Year 2, Footballer Of The Year 2 (GBH), For Gold Or Glory,
  For Gold Or Glory (set 2), For Pete's Sake, For Your Thighs Only, Forbidden Planet (Mastering Tape), Forbidden Planet (Zeppelin),
  Forbidden Planet - Release 1, Forbidden Planet - Release 2, The Force, Force Fighter, Force Fighter (Softstone),
  Forensic (AVC Software), The Forest, The Forest (set 2), Forest At The Worlds End, Forest At The Worlds End (set 2),
  The Forest Of Doom, Forest Of Long Shadows, Forest Of Long Shadows (set 2) Character Set, Forgotten City, Forgotten City (set 2),
  Forgotten Island, Forgotten Island (set 2), The Forgotten Past, The Forgotten Past (set 2), Forgotten Worlds (Kixx),
  Forgotten Worlds (set 1), Forgotten Worlds (set 2), Formaword & Password, Formula 1 Simulator, Formula 1 Simulator (Dro Soft),
  Formula Grand Prix (Alternative), Formula Grand Prix (EDOS), Formula One, Formula One (Spirit Software), Formula Package,
  Formulae And Compounds, Forth, Forth (Aackosoft), Forth (Investronica), Forth (K. Wierstra), Fortress Of Fear, Fortress Of Keler,
  Forum 1, Four Great Games, Four Great Games Volume 2, Four Great Games Volume 3, Four Minutes From Glory,
  Four Minutes To Midnight, Four Minutes To Midnight (GI Games), Four Minutes To Midnight (set 2), Four Minutes To Midnight (set 3),
  Four Minutes To Midnight (set 4), The Four Rules, Four Smash Hits, Four Smash Hits (set 2), The Four Symbols,
  The Four Symbols (set 2), Fourmost Adventures, The Fourth Dimension, The Fourth Dimension (set 2), The Fourth Dimension (set 3),
  The Fourth Protocol, Foxx Fights Back, Foxx Fights Back (MCM), Foxx Fights Back (bugfix), Fraction Fever, Frames,
  Frameworks X - The Mainframe Quest, Frameworks X - The Mainframe Quest (ZX81), Frank Bruno's Big Box, Frank Bruno's Boxing,
  Frank Bruno's Boxing (Encore), Frank Bruno's World Championship Boxing, Frank N Stein, Frank N Stein (bugfix),
  Frank N Stein Re-booted, Frank The Flea, Frankenstein, Frankenstein 2000, Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Computer Game (set 1),
  Frankie Goes to Hollywood - The Computer Game (set 2), Fred, Fred (Quicksilva), Fred's Fan Factory, Freddy Hardest,
  Freddy Hardest (Alternative), Freddy Hardest En Manhattan Sur, Free Sample Programs, Freedom Fighter, Freedom Of Scotland,
  Freex, Freez' Bees, Freez' Bees (Prism Leisure), French, French - O-Level Revision And CSE, French Is Fun,
  The French Mistress - Level A - Release 1, The French Mistress - Level A - Release 2, The French Mistress - Level B - Release 1,
  The French Mistress - Level B - Release 2, French Shopping, French Vocabulary Test, Frenzy (Aackosoft), Frenzy (Century),
  Frenzy (Quicksilva Ltd), Frenzy (Spectrum Games), Friday The 13th, Friday The 13th (Bug-Byte), Friendly Face,
  Frightmare (Summit, 128k), Frightmare (Summit, 48k), Frightmare (Summit, 48k) (bugfix), Frog 5, Frog 5 & Showdown,
  Frog 5 & Showdown (Forward Software), Frog 5 & Showdown (set 2), Frog Hopper, Frog Hopper & Codename Mat, Frog Hopper (Dixons),
  Frog Run, Frog Shooter, Frogger, Frogger & Crazy Chef, Frogger & Specman, Frogger (A 'n' F), Frogger (Deanysoft),
  Frogger (ZX-Power), Froggy & 'Z' Man, Froggy - Release 1, Froggy - Release 2 - Joystick, Froggy - Release 2 - Keyboard,
  From Out Of A Dark Night Sky, From Out Of A Dark Night Sky (set 2), From Out Of A Dark Night Sky (set 3), Front-Line,
  Front-Line (Mastering Tape), Frontiers, Froot Loop, Frosch, Frost Byte, Frost Byte (Erbe), Frost Byte (Micro Value),
  Frost Byte (Pim Software), Frozen Penguin, Fruit 2000, Fruit 2010, Fruit Machine, Fruit Machine & Pontoon (Astro Software),
  Fruit Machine (Monser), Fruit Machine (NCH Software), Fruit Machine (Prism), Fruit Machine (Simon Micro-Soft),
  Fruit Machine (Soft Sell), Fruit Snapper, Fruity, Fuckerman, Fuddo And Slam, Fuddo And Slam (set 2), Fuddo And Slam (set 3),
  Fuddo And Slam - Release 1, Full Screen Editor Assembler, Full Throttle, Full Throttle (2.99 Classics),
  Full Throttle (Mastering Tape), Full Throttle (Zeppelin), Full Throttle 2, Fun Park, Fun School 2 For 6-8 Year Olds,
  Fun School 2 For 6-8 Year Olds (The Hit Squad), Fun School 2 For The Over-8s, Fun School 2 For The Over-8s (The Hit Squad),
  Fun School 2 For The Under-6s, Fun School 2 For The Under-6s (The Hit Squad), Fun School 3 For 5-7 Year Olds,
  Fun School 3 For The Over-7s, Fun School 3 For The Under-5s, Fun School 4 For 5-7 Year Olds, Fun School 4 For 7-11 Year Olds,
  Fun School 4 For The Under-5s, Fun To Learn, Fun To Learn (Currys), Fundamental Algebra, Funhouse, Funky Fungus - Deutsch,
  Funky Fungus - English, Funky Fungus - Italiano, Funky Fungus - Portuguese, Funky Fungus - Spanish, Funky Fungus v1.1 - Deutsch,
  Funky Fungus v1.1 - English, Funky Fungus v1.1 - French, Funky Fungus v1.1 - Italiano, Funky Fungus v1.1 - Portuguese,
  Funky Fungus v1.1 - Spanish, The Fury (Erbe), The Fury - 128k / 48k, Fuseman, Fussball, Futarposta, Futbol Manager,
  Futbol Manager (Microbyte), Futbol-Party, Future Bike Simulator, Future Bike Simulator (EDOS), Future Games, Future Knight,
  Future Knight (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Future Tense, Future Tense (set 2), Future Zoo, Fuxoft Uvadi, Fysikh B Gymnasioy,
  G-Force (Tempest), G-Loc & Out Run Europa, G-Loc (Side A only), G.C.E. Physics 'O' Level, G.E.B.-stand, Galactians,
  Galactians (Prism), Galactic Abductors, Galactic Abductors (Aackosoft), Galactic Gambler, Galactic Games, Galactic Jail Break,
  Galactic Jailbreak & Snake, Galactic Mechanic, Galactic Patrol, Galactic Patrol (Omega), Galactic Raiders, Galactic Trooper,
  Galactic Warriors & Raceway, Galakzions - Release 1, Galakzions - Release 2, Galax, Galaxian, Galaxian '88, Galaxians,
  Galaxians (Al Rushaid), Galaxians (Artic) - French, Galaxians (Profisoft), Galaxians (set 2), GALAXIAS, Galaxy 50,
  Galaxy Adventure, Galaxy Attack, Galaxy Fighter, Galaxy Force, Galaxy Force (MCM), Galaxy Warlords & Squirmy Wormy,
  Galivan (set 1), Galivan (set 2), Galletron, Galletron (Dro Soft), Gallilee, Gallipoli, Gamao, The Gambler,
  Gambler (Diamond Games), Gambling Tape, Game Over (Imagine, loading screen hack), Game Over II (Imagine), Game Over II (Summit),
  Game Without A Name, Game Without A Name (Zenobi), Game Without A Name (set 2), Game, Set And Match 2,
  Games & Utilities (JEM Software), Games 1, Games 2, Games 3, Games 4, Games 4 (set 2), Games Crazy!, Games Designer (Quicksilva),
  Games Maker, Games Of Strategy I, Games Of Strategy II, Games Pack, Games Pack 1 (Abacus), Games Pack 3, Games Pack 4,
  Games Pack One, Games Pack One (Logic Systems), The Games Summer Edition, The Games Summer Edition (Kixx), Games Tape 1 (Gilsoft),
  Games Tape 1 (Riko Data), Games Tape 2 (Gilsoft), Games Tape 2 (Pi Software), Games Tape 3 (Gilsoft) - Release 1,
  Games Tape 3 (Gilsoft) - Release 2, Games Tape I (Riko Data), Games Tape II (Riko Data), The Games Winter Edition,
  The Games Winter Edition (Erbe), The Games Winter Edition (Kixx), Gamestar 1, Gamestar 3, Gamex - The Games Exchange, Gangplank,
  Gangsters, Gangsters (CCS), Ganyemede II, Garden Plant Directory, Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal,
  Garfield - Big, Fat, Hairy Deal (set 2), Garfield - Winter's Tale, Gargoyle Classics, Gary Lineker's Hot Shot!,
  Gary Lineker's Hot Shot! (Kixx), Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer, Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer (Kixx),
  Gary Lineker's Superskills, Gary Lineker's Superskills (Kixx), Gas Bill Calculations, Gatecrasher, Gates Of Garralon,
  Gates Of Garralon (set 2), Gateway To Hell (Summit), Gateway To The Skies, Gatwick Express, Gauntlet (loading screen hack),
  Gauntlet - The Deeper Dungeons, Gauntlet 2 (Erbe), Gauntlet 3 (Erbe), Gauntlet II, Gauntlet II (Kixx),
  Gauntlet II - Faulty Release, Gauntlet III, Gauntlet Of Meldir, GazRoids, Gazza 2, Gazza 2 (Proein), Gazza's Super Soccer,
  Gazza's Super Soccer (Proein), Gazza's Super Soccer (Touchdown), GBA Championship Basketball,
  GBA Championship Basketball (Winner), Gee Bee Air Rally (Proein), Gee-Bee Air Rally, Gee-Bee Air Rally (Winner),
  Gehen Sie In Das Gefaengnis, Gem Chaser, Gem Chaser 2, Gemini Wing, Gemini Wing (Mastertronic Plus), Gemini Wing (Tronix),
  Genehtik, Gener-80, The General, General Election, General Statistics, Genesis II, Genial (compilation), Genie 128, Genie v1.03,
  Genus, Geoff Capes Strong Man, Geoff Capes Strong Man (Ricochet), Geography, Geography 1, Geometria (Software Spectrum),
  Geometria Przestrzenna 1, The Gerbil Riot Of '67, The Gerbil Riot Of '67 (Adventure Workshop), German Is Fun,
  The German Master - Level A - Release 1, The German Master - Level B - Release 2, Gerry The Germ, Gerry The Germ (Pim Software),
  Get Set, Gettysburg, GFL Championship Football, GFL Championship Football (Proein), Ghost Castle,
  Ghost Castle & Ghost Castle 2 SE, Ghost Castle 2, Ghost Old Castle, Ghost Town, Ghost Town (set 2), Ghost's Revenge,
  Ghost-busters (Rafael Vico Costa, Spain), Ghostbusters (set 1, 128k), Ghostbusters (set 10, 48k, loading screen hack),
  Ghostbusters (set 2, 48k), Ghostbusters (set 3, Proein), Ghostbusters (set 4, Spectrum Vision), Ghostbusters (set 5, Ricochet),
  Ghostbusters (set 6, Proein), Ghostbusters (set 7, 128k), Ghostbusters (set 8, 48k),
  Ghostbusters (set 9, 128k, loading screen hack), Ghostbusters II (set 1), Ghostbusters II (set 2, The Hit Squad),
  Ghostbusters II (set 3, Cazafantasmas II, MCM), Ghostbusters II (set 4, Cazafantasmas II, MCM),
  Ghostly Grange (Sparklers) (hack of Rocket Man Mike), Ghostly Grange Triple Decker, Ghostly Grange Triple Decker (System 4),
  Ghosts 'n Goblins (Encore), Ghosts 'n Goblins (loading screen hack), Ghosts 'n Goblins (loading screen hack, no logo),
  Ghosts 'n Goblins (set 1), Ghosts 'n Goblins (set 2), Ghoul Manor, Ghoul Manor (Gilsoft), Ghoulies, Ghouls n Ghosts,
  Ghouls n Ghosts (Kixx), GI Hero, Giant's Dinner, Giant's Revenge, Giants, Giants (compilation), Giants (set 2),
  The Giddy Game Show, Gift From The Gods (loading screen hack), Gift From The Gods (loading screen hack, MAC),
  Gift From The Gods (set 1), Gift From The Gods (set 2), Gilbert - Escape From Drill, Gilbert - Escape From Drill (Alternative),
  Gilligan's Gold (set 1), Gilligan's Gold (set 2), Gin Rummy, Ginormous Collection, The Ginormous Fishtank Adventure,
  The Girl Who Was Death, The Girl Who Was Death (set 2), Gize, Gize (set 2), Gladiator, The Gladiator, Gladiator (Bug-Byte),
  A Glasgow Murder, Glass, Glass (Bug-Byte), Glauzone, Glider, Glider Rider, Glider Rider (Bug-Byte), The Globe, Gloop,
  Gloop (Cronosoft), Glug Glug, Gnasher & Spectipede, Gnasher (Mastertronic), Gnasher (Mastertronic) (set 2), Gnasher (Profisoft),
  Gnasher - Release 1, Gnasher - Release 2, Gnome Ranger, Go Bear Go!, Go Crazy, Go For Gold,
  Go Kart Simulator - Pre Production Sample, Go Micro, Go To Hell, Go To Jail - Release 1, Go To Jail - Release 2,
  Go West Young Man, Gob Stopper (Calisto), Gobble A Ghost, Gobbleman - Release 1, Gobbleman - Release 2, Gobbler,
  Gobbler & Games 1, Goblin Crusher, The Gods Of War - 128k, The Gods Of War - 128k (Zenobi), The Gods Of War - 48k (Zenobi),
  The Gods Of War - 48k - Release 1, The Gods Of War - 48k - Release 2, The Gods Of War - 48k - Release 3, Godzilla & The Martians,
  Going Critical, Goku Mal, Gold - Release 1, Gold - Release 2, The Gold Collection, The Gold Collection 2, The Gold Collection III,
  The Gold Collection III (set 2), Gold Digger, The Gold Idol, Gold Mine (Monser), Gold Mine (Prism), Gold Mine - Main Game,
  Gold Mine - Prospectors Demo, Gold Run, Gold Rush, Gold Seeker, Gold Silver Bronze, The Golden Apple, The Golden Apple (set 2),
  The Golden Arrow, Golden Baton, Golden Baton (Channel 8), Golden Baton (set 2), Golden Baton (set 3), The Golden Chalice,
  The Golden Chalice (set 2), The Golden Cobra, The Golden Cobra (CCS), Golden Figures Of Death, Golden Figures Of Death (set 2),
  Golden Hawk, The Golden Key Racing Formula, The Golden Locket, The Golden Locket (Zenobi), The Golden Mask,
  The Golden Mask (Mastering Tape), The Golden Pyramid, The Golden Rose, The Golden Rose (set 2), The Golden Sword Of Bhakhor,
  The Golden Sword Of Bhakhor (set 2), The Golden Sword Of Bhakhor (set 3), Goldilocks, Goldwood, Golf, Golf & Bar Billiards,
  Golf (Aackosoft), Golf (Abrasco), Golf (DK'Tronics), Golf (Hornby Software), Golf (Lyversoft), Golf (Monser) (set 1),
  Golf (Monser) (set 2), Golf (Virgin), Golfing World, Golpe En La Pequena China (Proein), Gone Missin', Gonuffos, Gonzzalezz,
  Good Luck (Top Ten Software), Good Luck - Fast, Good Luck - Loading Screen, Good Night Kanga, Good Questions - Lawbreaking,
  Good Questions - Lifeskills, Good Questions - Relationships, The Goonies, The Goonies (Erbe), The Gordello Dynasty,
  The Gordello Incident, Gordello's Demise, Gorfian Invaders, Gorgon, Gorila (Monser), Gotcha, Gothik, Gothik (MCM),
  Grabbed By The Ghoulies & Personal Computer Whirled!, Grabbed By The Ghoulies! (FSF), Grabbed By The Ghoulies! (FSF) (set 2),
  Graeme Souness Soccer Manager, Graeme Souness Soccer Manager (EDOS), Graffix, Grafica Per Tutti, Graficas De Gestion, Grafpad,
  Graham Gooch's Test Cricket, Graham Gooch's Test Cricket (Alternative), Graham Gooch's Test Cricket - 1986 Version,
  Graham Mason's Hack Pack, Grail, Gramatica Inglesa, The Grammar Tree - Nouns And Adjectives,
  The Grammar Tree - Nouns And Adjectives EXCS, The Grammar Tree - Sentences, The Grammar Tree - Sentences EXCS,
  The Grammar Tree - Verbs & Adverbs, The Grammar Tree - Verbs & Adverbs EXCS, El Gran Halcon (Erbe), Grand National,
  Grand National (CRL), Grand National (Encore), Grand National (Zafiro), Grand National (set 2), Grand Prix, Grand Prix & Rally Z,
  Grand Prix (ITD BBB), Grand Prix Challenge, Grand Prix Circuit, Grand Prix Driver, Grand Prix Manager, Grand Prix Master,
  Grand Prix Selection (set 1), Grand Prix Selection (set 2), Grand Prix Tennis, La Grande Boucle, Grandpa Joe Plays The Open,
  Grandstand, Grange Hill, Grange Hill (Bug-Byte), Granja, Granny's Garden (set 1), Granny's Garden (set 2), Graphic Creator,
  Graphic Displays, Graphic Library, Graphic Pen (B&V Interface), Graphic Pen (Roy Eastwood) v12008, The Graphic Adventure Creator,
  The Graphics Creator, Graphics Hacker, Grasp, Gravely Manor, Graveyard Nights, GraviBots (set 1), GraviBots (set 2),
  Great Britain Limited (Mikro-Gen), Great Britain Limited - Release 1, Great Britain Limited - Release 2,
  Great Britain Limited - Release 3, The Great Detective, The Great Escape (set 1), The Great Escape (set 2, Erbe),
  The Great Escape (set 3, Erbe, Small Cassette), The Great Escape (set 4, The Hit Squad), The Great Escape (set 5, Portugal),
  The Great Escape (set 6), The Great Escape (set 7, loading screen hack), The Great Fire Of London, Great Gurianos,
  Great Gurianos (Encore), The Great Maze Game, The Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The Great Peepingham Train Robbery (set 2),
  The Great Peepingham Train Robbery (set 3), The Great Space Race, The Great Western, The Greatest Show On Earth, Greedy Gulch,
  Green Beret (set 1), Green Beret (set 2, The Hit Squad), Green Beret (set 3, Erbe, small case), Green Beret (set 4),
  The Green Death, Green Sonja, Green Sonja (The Guild), Green Sonja - +D Bugfix (The Guild), Greg The Egg, Gregor,
  Gregory Loses His Clock, Gremlin 10 Pack, Gremlins, Gremlins - The Adventure, Gremlins - The Adventure (German), Gremlins 2,
  Gremlins The Adventure (set 2), Grey Island, Greyfell, Grid Bug, Grid Gate, Grid Iron, Grid Iron - American Football, Grid Iron 2,
  Grid Patrol, Grid Quest, Grid Trap, Grid-Run & Pontoon, Gridmaster - Part 1, Gridmaster - Part 2, Gridrunner,
  Gridrunner (ZX Data), Grimwolds Big Adventure, Grosser Preis, Groucho (Side A only), Ground Attack (Orion),
  Ground Attack (Paxman), Ground Attack - Release 1, Ground Attack - Release 2, Ground Attack - Release 3, Ground Force Zero,
  Ground Zero, The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole, The Growing Pains Of Adrian Mole (Ricochet),
  Grue-Knapped & Helvera - Mistress Of The Park (set 1), Grue-Knapped & Helvera - Mistress Of The Park (set 2),
  Grue-Knapped (Adventure Probe), Gruft, Gruft (set 2), Grumpy Gumphrey Supersleuth, Gryzor, Gryzor (Erbe), Gryzor (The Hit Squad),
  Guadalcanal, The Guardian, The Guardian (PSS), The Guardian (set 2), Guardian 2, Guerrilla War,
  A Guide To International Broadcasting, Guideline, Guido, The Guildmasters Vol. 1, Guillermo Tell (Lightgun), Guitar Tutor,
  Gun Law, Gunfighter, Gunfright, Gunpowder, Treason & Plot, Gunrunner, Gunrunner (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Gunrunner (Erbe),
  Gunrunner (Rack-It), Gunship (Kixx), Gunship - 128k, Gunship - 48k, Gunship - 48k (Erbe), Gunslinger, Gunsmoke, Gunstar, Gup,
  Gutz, Gutz (Erbe), Gyron, Gyron (set 2), Gyron Arena, Gyron Demonstrator, Gyroscope, Gyroscope (Erbe), H & D Adventure Collection,
  H.E.R.O, Habilit - Bugfix, Hack Attack (Ash Byproducts), Hack Pack, Hack Pack (Sigmasoft), Hacker (set 1, 128k),
  Hacker (set 2, 48k), Hacker (set 3, Proein), Hacker (set 4, Ricochet), Hacker (set 5, 128k), Hacker (set 6, 48k),
  Hacker (set 7, Proein), The Hacker (Utopia Software), Hacker 2, Hacker 2 (Mastertronic), Hacking Software,
  Hacking Software Backup, Hacking Utilities, Hades, Hades (set 2), Hades Nebula, Hades Nebula (Game Busters), Hades Nebula (MCM),
  Hajoverseny, Halaga, Halley, Halley's Comet, The Halls Of Doom, The Halls Of Doom - Development Tape,
  Halls Of The Things (set 1, clam case), Halls Of The Things (set 2, Design Design), Halls Of The Things (set 3, Firebird),
  Halls Of The Things (set 4), Halma 2005, The Hammer Of Grimmold, The Hammer Of Grimmold & Mutant, Hammerfist, Hammerfist (MCM),
  Hampstead - Release 1, Hampstead - Release 1 (set 2), Hampstead - Release 2, Hampton's Caught, Hamster Droppings (compilation),
  Hamte Damte, Handel Zagraniczny, A Handful Of Hamsters, Handicap Golf, Handicap Golf (set 2), Handicap Winner & Boxform,
  Handy Andy, Handy Andy (Omega), Hangman - v1 (R D Foord Software), Hangman - v2 (R D Foord Software), Hanoi King,
  Hanoi King & Little Boxes, Hanse-Fakt, Hansel And Gretel, The Happiest Days Of Your Life, Happy Flower, Happy Hour, HARD,
  Hard Cheese, Hard Cheese (Prism), Hard Drivin', Hard Drivin' (The Hit Squad), Hardball, Hardball (Kixx), Hareraiser - Finale,
  Hareraiser - Prelude, Harlequin, Harrier Attack!, Harrier Attack! (2.99 Classics), Harrier Attack! (Encore),
  Harrier Attack! (Orion), A Harvesting Moon, A Harvesting Moon & Faerie (Powerplay), A Harvesting Moon (GI Games), Harry Goes Home,
  Harvey Headbanger, HATE, Haunted Hedges, Haunted Hedges & Waxworks, Haunted Hedges (Dixons), Haunted Hedges (set 2),
  Haunted House Adventure, Havoc, Havoc -128k (Players Premier), Havok - 48k (Players Premier), Hawk Storm, Hawkes, Hawks,
  Hawks (King), Head Coach, Head Coach (Paxman), Head Over Heels (set 1), Head Over Heels (set 2, The Hit Squad),
  Head Over Heels (set 3), Head Reader, Head The Ball, Headbangers Heaven - Release 1, Headbangers Heaven - Release 2,
  Header Reader (Medsoft), Headliner, Headstart, Heart Stealer (set 1), Heart Stealer (set 2, one key version),
  Heart Stealer (set 3, demo), Heart Stealer 2, Heartbroken, Heartland (set 1), Heartland (set 2), Heat Leader '87,
  Heat Leader '91, Heat Leader '97, Heathrow Air Traffic Control, Heathrow International Air Traffic Control, Heatloss,
  Heatwave (compilation), Heavy Metal, Heavy On The Magick, Heavy On The Magick (Rebound), Hectic Electric, Hedda Strikes Again,
  Hedda's Revenge, Heist 2012, Helespont, Heli Chopper, Heli-Maths, Hellfire, Hellfire (ABC Soft), Hellfire Attack, The Helm,
  The Helm (set 2), Helping Hands, Helping Hands - Sound, Helter Skelter, Helter Skelter (System 4), Helvera - Mistress Of The Park,
  Helvera - Mistress Of The Park (Adventure Probe), Henrietta's Book Of Spells, Henry IV Part 1 (Charles Letts),
  Henry's Hoard - 1985, Henry's Hoard - 1986, Herbert's Dummy Run, Herbert's Dummy Run (Jacksonsoft), Herbert's Dummy Run (set 2),
  Herbert's Dummy Run (set 3), Herberts Dummy Run (Erbe), Hercules (Alpha-Omega Software), Hercules (The Power House),
  Hercules Slayer Of The Damned, Hercules Slayer Of The Damned (Byte-Back), Here & There With The Mr Men, Here Be Tygers,
  Here Be Tygers (set 2), Here Comes The Sun, Here Comes The Sun (Dixons), The Hermitage, The Hermitage (FSF Adventures),
  The Hermitage (set 2), The Hermitage (set 3), The Hermitage v2, A Hero For Sorania, Hero Quest (GBH), Hero Quest - 128k,
  Hero Quest - 48k, Hero Quest Twin Pack, Heroes (compilation), Heroes Of Karn, Heroes Of Karn (set 2), Heroes Of The Lance,
  Heroes Of The Lance (Kixx), HEX Loader, Hex Package, Hi-Q-Quiz, HI-T v1.3, The Hi-Tec Hanna-Barbera Cartoon Character Collection,
  Hi-Tech Pools Check, Hibernatus, Hicksted & Mathsted, Hidden City, Hidden Letters, Hide And Seek, Hide And Seek (Zenobi),
  Hide And Seek (set 2), Hideaway & Panagram, Hideous, Higgledy Piggledy, High Frontier, The High Mountains, High Noon (Abbex),
  High Noon (Profisoft), High Noon (Work Force), High Steel, High Steel (Alternative), High Steel (Erbe), Highlander (set 1),
  Highlander (set 2), HIGHLO, Highrise Harry - Joystick, Highrise Harry - Keyboard, Highway Code, The Highway Code,
  Highway Code (Datek), Highway Code Test, Highway Encounter (set 1), Highway Encounter (set 2), Highway Encounter (set 3), Hijack,
  Hijack (Summit), Hilderbay Printer Program, Hired To Kill - 128k, HiSoft Assembler, HiSoft BASIC Compiler v1.0,
  HiSoft BASIC Compiler v1.1, HiSoft C Compiler v1.3, HiSoft Colt Compiler, HiSoft Debugger, HiSoft Devpac, HiSoft Devpac 3M1,
  HiSoft Devpac v2.0, HiSoft Devpac v3.0, HiSoft Devpac v3M, HiSoft Devpac v3M21, Hisoft Devpac v3M21 GENS (Ventamatic),
  Hisoft Devpac v3M21 MONS (Ventamatic), HiSoft Devpac v4.0, HiSoft Devpac v4.1, HiSoft Devpac v4.1M, HiSoft Pascal 4 v1.3,
  HiSoft Pascal 4S, HiSoft Pascal 4T v1.3, HiSoft Pascal 4T v1.5M, HiSoft Pascal 4T v1.6M, HiSoft Pascal 4T v1.7M,
  HiSoft Pascal 4T v1.7M Turtle Graphics, HiSoft Pascal Turtle, HiSoft Pascal Turtle (set 2), HiSoft Ultrakit v1.1, Histoire,
  La Historia Interminable II (System 4), History 1, History In The Making, Hit For Six, Hit Man, Hit Pack #1, Hit Pack #2,
  The Hit Pack (Paxman), Hit Pak 4 In 1, Hit Pak Trio, Hit Pak Trio (Zafiro), The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy, Hive,
  HL ZX Forth - 2nd Version, Hob's Hoard, Hob's Hoard (set 2), Hob's Hoard (set 3), El Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut) (set 1, Spanish),
  El Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut) (set 2, Spanish), The Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut) (set 1, English), The Hobbit (Vah-ka's Cut) (set 2, English),
  The Hobbit (set 1, v1.2), The Hobbit (set 2, v1.2, text only), The Hobbit (set 3, v1.0), The Hobbit (set 4, Sinclair),
  The Hobbit (v1.2, loading screen hack), The Hobble Hunter, The Hobble Hunter & The Micro Mutant,
  The Hobble Hunter (Mastering Tape), Hobgoblin, Hocus Focus, Hocus Focus (Bug-Byte), Holiday In Sumaria, A Holiday To Remember,
  A Holiday To Remember (Adventure Workshop), The Hollow - Graphic Version, The Hollow - Graphic Version (set 2),
  The Hollow - Text Version, The Hollow - Text Version (set 2), Hollywood (Batman & The Untouchables), Hollywood Collection,
  Hollywood Poker (set 2, Players), Hollywood Poker (set 3), Homac, Home Accounts Management, Home Budget, Home Builder, Home Calc,
  Home Hungaroring, Home Investor, Home Knitter, Home Runner, Homebrew, Homicide Hotel, Homicide Hotel (The Guild),
  Homicide Hotel - +D Bugfix (The Guild), Honey Assembler, Honey Assembler v2.1 (set 2), Hong Kong Phooey, Hooray For Henrietta,
  Hop 'n' Chop (Cronosoft), Hop 'n' Chop (version 1), Hop 'n' Chop (version 2), Hopper, Hopper (Kryptronic), Hopper (Soft & Easy),
  Hopper Copper, Hoppin' Mad, Hopping Mad (Encore) (set 1), Hopping Mad (Encore) (set 2), Hopping Mad (uniMicro),
  Horace And The Spiders, Horace Goes Skiing, Horace Goes Skiing (Inlay Misprint),
  Horace Goes To The Tower (The Mojon Twins) (set 1), Horace Goes To The Tower (The Mojon Twins) (set 2),
  Horace In The Mystic Woods, Horace Miner, Horace Miner 2, Horace To The Rescue, Horace To The Rescue 2,
  Horacio Gloton (Investronica), Horacio Y Las Aranas (Investronica), Horizons, Horizons (Microdigital), Horizons (Micropress),
  Horizons (Octocon Data), Horizons (Rebit Computer), Horizons (TMX Portugal), Horizontes (Investronica),
  Horror Atoll (Add-On Electronics), Horrorscope, Horrorscope (set 2), Horse Analysis, Horse Race Analyser & Prospect 2,
  Horse Race Analyser - 1986, Horse Race Predictions, Horse Racing Analyser - 1984, Horses - Race Predictions, The Hospital,
  Hostages, Hot Dot Spotter, Hot Rod, Hot Shot, Hot Shots (compilation), Hotch Potch, Hotfoot, Hotline Quiz, Hounds Of Hell (128k),
  The House, The House (Zenobi), The House Jack Built, The House Mix, House Of Horrors, House Of Horrors (set 2),
  The House Of Lockerby, House Of Orion, House Of Shadows, The House Of Shadows, House Of The Dead, House Of The Living Dead,
  The House Of The Living Dead, The House On Damned Hill, The House On Damned Hill (Mind Games Espana),
  The House On Damned Hill (set 2), The House On The Tor - A Series Quill, The House On The Tor - C04 Version,
  The House On The Tor - Part 1, The House On The Tor - Part 2, House Out Of Town, House Out Of Town (Adventure Workshop),
  How To Be A Complete Bastard, How To Be A Complete Bastard (Ricochet), How To Be A Hero, Howard The Duck,
  Howard The Duck (Alternative), Howard The Duck (Hello! Games), Howard The Duck (Proein), Howzat, Howzat (Alternative), HRH,
  HRH & Cuddles, HRH (GI Games), HS-Compiler v1.1, HS-Compiler v1.1 (Aackosoft), Hub-Schrauber Pilot, Hubert, Hudson Hawk,
  Hudson Hawk (The Hit Squad), Human Killing Machine, Hummer House Of Horror, Humphrey, Humpty Dumpty Meets The Fuzzy Wuzzies,
  The Humpty Dumpty Mystery, Humpty In The Garden, Hunchback (set 1), Hunchback (set 2), Hunchback - The Adventure,
  Hunchback II (set 1), Hunchback II (set 2), Hunchback II (set 3, Zafi Chip), Hunchback II (set 4),
  Hunchback II (set 5, loading screen hack), Hundra, Hungry Horace (set 1), Hungry Horace (set 2), Hunter, Hunter Killer,
  Hunter Killer 2, HURG, Husband Chores, Hustler, Hustler (Top Ten Hits), Huxley Pig, Hybrid, Hybrid (Dro Soft), Hydra, Hydrofool,
  Hydrofool (Rack-It), Hypa Raid, Hypaball, Hyper Sports (set 5, Erbe), Hyper Sports (set 6), Hyperaction, Hyperblaster, Hyperbowl,
  Hypertron, Hysteria, Hysteria (Alternative), Hysteria (EDOS), Hysteria (Erbe), I Aint Got Nobody (The Caves Of Doom hack),
  I Alien, I Dare You, I Dare You (Adventure Workshop), I Of The Mask, I Of The Mask (Silverbird), I Will Survive!, I'm In Shock,
  I, Ball, I, Ball (MCM), I, Ball 2, I.C.E. Felix HC-91 Demonstratii, Ian Botham's Test Match, Ian Botham's Test Match & Pyjamarama,
  Ian Botham's Test Match & Superfile, Ian's Night Out, Ice Attack, Ice Attack & Star Buster, Ice Attack (K'Soft),
  Ice Station Zero (GI Games), Ice Station Zero - Release 1, Ice Station Zero - Release 1 (set 2), Ice Station Zero - Release 2,
  Ice Station Zero - Release 3, Ice Station Zero - Release 4, The Ice Temple, The Ice Temple (Blue Ribbon), The Ice Temple (EDOS),
  Icicle Works, The Icicle Works, The Icicle Works (Paxman), Icon Graphix, Icon Graphix - 128k, ICUPS, iD, Identikit,
  IF Centronics (Pin Soft), Igor, IK+, IK+ (Erbe), IK+ (The Hit Squad), Ikari Warriors, Ikari Warriors (Encore),
  Ikari Warriors (MCM), Ikari Warriors (loading screen hack), L'Ile Maudite, The Illustrator, Images, Imagination,
  Imagination (Firebird), Immortality Rules OK, Impact (Audiogenic), Impact (EDOS), Impact (Zenobi), Implosion (Alternative),
  Implosion (System 4), Implosion - 128k, Implosion - 48k, Impossaball, Impossaball (Erbe), Impossaball (Players), Impossamole,
  Impossamole (EDOS), Impossamole (GBH), Impossible Mission (set 1), Impossible Mission (set 2, D3M Software),
  Impossible Mission (set 3, Dro Soft - Ricochet), Impossible Mission (set 4, Erbe), Impossible Mission (set 5, Ricochet),
  Impossible Mission (set 6, Erbe), Impossible Mission (set 7, Ricochet), Impossible Mission (set 8),
  Impossible Mission (set 9, bugfix), Impossible Mission II, Impossible Mission II (Kixx), Impulsoft Cassette 001,
  Impulsoft Cassette 003, Impulsoft Cassette 007, The In Crowd (compilation), In Deep, In Search Of Angels,
  In Search Of Angels (GI Games), In Search Of Angels (set 2), In Search Of Angels (set 3), In Search Of The Lost Valley,
  In Search Of The Orb, In The Loft, Inca Curse, Inca Curse (Sinclair), Inca Curse (set 2), Incredible Adventure,
  The Incredible Shrinking Fireman, Incredible Shrinking Sphere, Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis,
  Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade & Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom,
  Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (Kixx), Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Erbe),
  Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom (Kixx), Indiana Jones Y La Ultima Cruzada (Erbe - Music),
  Indiana Jones Y La Ultima Cruzada (Erbe - Serie 5 Estrellas), Indoor Soccer, Indoor Soccer (Alternative), Indoor Sports,
  Ines-Denis-Sorti, Infection, Inferno, The Inferno, The Inferno (set 2), Inferno (Sintech), Infiltrado, Infiltrator,
  Infiltrator (Kixx), The Infiltrator (Zenobi), The Infiltrator (Zenobi) (set 2), Infoload, Infrared, Infrared (set 2),
  Infrared (set 3), Ingrid's Back!, The Inheritance, Inheritance (Mikro-Gen), Inheritance - Release 1, Inheritance - Release 2,
  Inka-Tempel, Inkosi, The Inner Lakes, Inquisitor, Insector Hecti In The Interchange, Insert Coins, Inside Outing,
  Inside Outing - Double Case (Dro Soft), Inspector Flukeit & The Great Peepingham Train Robbery,
  Inspector Flukeit (Top Ten Software), Instant Recall, Insurgency, Integration, Intensity, Intensity (MCM), The Inter City,
  Interactive BASIC Programming, Interalia, Interalia (EDOS), Intercepteur Cobalt, Intercepteur Cobalt (Software Center),
  Interceptor, Interface 3 Printer Interface Tape, Intermediate English 1, Intermediate English 2 - Release 1,
  Intermediate English 2 - Release 3, Intermediate Level Geography, Intermediate Level Maths, Intermediate Maths 1,
  Intermediate Maths 2, Intermediate Science 1, International 3D Tennis, International 3D Tennis (Erbe),
  International 3D Tennis (GBH), International 5-A-Side, International Cricket (Bug-Byte),
  International Cricket (Bug-Byte) - Bugfix, International Cricket On Tour - 1 Day, International Cricket On Tour - 3,4 & 5 Days,
  International Cricket On Tour 2 - 1 Day, International Cricket On Tour 2 - 3,4 & 5 Days, International Football,
  International Karate (set 1), International Karate (set 2, Endurance Games), International Karate (set 3),
  International Karate (set 4, Endurance Games), International Manager, International Manager (Cult Games),
  International Manager (set 2), International Match Day (Set 3), International Match Day (set 1),
  International Match Day (set 2, Erbe / Investronica), International Ninja Rabbits, International Rugby,
  International Rugby (Blue Ribbon), International Rugby (Lambourne), International Rugby (Micro Value), International Speedway,
  International Speedway (MCM), International Tennis, Interrupt Driven Clock, Interrupt Sound Effects & Characterset Collection,
  Into Africa, Into The Eagle's Nest, Into The Eagle's Nest (Players), Into The Empire, Into The Mystic,
  Introduction To Trigonometry, Intruder Alert, Intruder Alert & Hobble Hunter, Intruder Alert & Invaders From Planet X,
  Intruder Alert (Mastering Tape), Intruder Alert - Ver.II, Intruder Alert - Ver.III, Invadas & Bomber, Invaders,
  Invaders (Aackosoft), Invaders (Artic), Invaders (ZX Data), Invaders From Planet X, Invaders From Planet X (Mastering Tape),
  Invaders From Planet X (set 2), Invasion, Invasion Force, Invasion Force (CCS), Invasion Force (Forward Software),
  Invasion Force (Micromania), Invasion Luna, Invasion Of The Body Snatchas!, Invasion Of The Body Snatchas! (set 2),
  Invasores 16K, Invasores Del Espacio & Galaxian (Investronica), Invasores Galacticos, Inventions 1, Inverse Compress Copy,
  Investigations, The Investment - Release 1, The Investment - Release 2, Investment Program, Investronica Lapiz Optico,
  Invincible Island, Invincible Island (set 2), Invisible Man - Release 1, Invisible Man - Release 2, Invoicing,
  IQ Test (Alfa Soft) - English, IQ Test (Alfa Soft) - Norwegian, IQ Test (Flowchart), Iron Lord, Iron Sphere, Island, The Island,
  The Island (The Guild), The Island (Virgin), Island Of Chaos, The Island of Dr. Destructo (set 1),
  The Island of Dr. Destructo (set 2), The Islands Of Sinbad, The Islands Of Sinbad (set 2), ISO-Copy 2 v2.0, ISO-Copy v1.0,
  Isotopia - +2a, Isotopia - 128k, It's A Knockout (set 1), It's A Knockout (set 2), It's Only Rock 'n' Roll,
  It's TV Showtime (compilation), It's The Wooluf!, Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer, Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (Dro Soft),
  Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (EDOS), Italia '90 - World Cup Soccer (Tronix), Italia 1990 - Cardboard Case (Erbe),
  Italia 90 (Erbe), Italian Is Fun, Italy 1990, Italy 1990 (Kixx), Italy 1990 - Winners Edition, Itasundorious, Itemiada,
  Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road Racer (Tronix), Iwo Jima, Izzy Wizzy,
  Jabato, Jack And The Beanstalk, Jack And The Beanstalk (Zenobi), Jack Charlton's Match Fishing,
  Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (Zafiro), Jack Charlton's Match Fishing (set 2), Jack In Magicland, Jack In Magicland (set 2),
  Jack The Nipper, Jack The Nipper (Kixx), Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers, Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers (Kixx),
  Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers (Kixx) (set 2), Jack The Ripper, Jack The Ripper (GI Games), Jack The Ripper (Zenobi),
  Jack The Ripper (set 2), Jack The Ripper (set 3), Jackal, Jackal (Serma), Jackpot, Jackpot & Submarine Attack, Jacks Night Out,
  The Jade Necklace, The Jade Necklace & Lifeboat, The Jade Necklace (Zenobi), The Jade Stone (Zenobi), The Jade Stone - Release 1,
  The Jade Stone - Release 2, The Jade Stone - Release 3, Jagd, Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash,
  Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash (GBH), Jail Break (set 1), Jail Break (set 2), The James Bond 007 Collection (Dro Soft),
  The James Bond Collection (Live and Let Die, Licence to Kill, The Spy Who Loved Me), Jangler, Jason & The Golden Fleece,
  Jason & The Golden Fleece (set 2), Jason Of The Argonauts, Jason Of The Argonauts (Adventure Workshop), Jason's Gem, Jasper,
  Jasper (2.99 Classics), Jasper (Dixons), Jasper (Mastering Tape), Jasper (TC 2068), Jasper (Zeppelin), Jaws (set 1),
  Jaws (set 2, Alternative), Jaws (set 3, Tiburon, Erbe), Jaws Revenge, Jaws Revenge (Riko Data), Jawz, Jawz (DK'Tronics),
  Jawz (Monser), Jawz (Prism), Jawz (Profisoft), Jega Tape 2, Jeremy, Jericho 2 & Farmer Horace, Jericho Road, Jersey Quest,
  Jester Quest - 128k, Jester Quest - 128k (Zenobi), Jester Quest - 128k +2, Jester Quest - 48k (Zenobi),
  Jester Quest - 48k - Release 1, Jester Quest - 48k - Release 2, Jester Quest - 48k - Release 3, Jester's Jaunt,
  Jesters Jaunt (set 2), Jet Set Willy (Spain, Spectrum Vision), Jet Set Willy - 128k v.0.00 Hack Level 1,
  Jet Set Willy - 128k v.0.03 Hack Level 6, Jet Set Willy - 128k v.0.04 Hack Level 7, Jet Set Willy - 128k v.0.04 Hack Level 9,
  Jet Set Willy - A Bulgarian Requiem, Jet Set Willy - Again, Jet Set Willy - April Showers, Jet Set Willy - DefRoom v1.24,
  Jet Set Willy - Dup Moor en t' Panat, Jet Set Willy - Escape Of The Snails - English,
  Jet Set Willy - Escape Of The Snails - Francais, Jet Set Willy - FTB, Jet Set Willy - Frosya The Cat,
  Jet Set Willy - Frosya The Cat - Lite, Jet Set Willy - Goodnite Luddite, Jet Set Willy - Ivy,
  Jet Set Willy - J4 - The Fourth Remix, Jet Set Willy - Jet Cat Frosya, Jet Set Willy - Jet Set Emily - Final Edition,
  Jet Set Willy - Jet Set Emily - Original Edition, Jet Set Willy - Jet Set Emily - Special Edition, Jet Set Willy - Jet Set Wibble,
  Jet Set Willy - Join The Jet-Set!, Jet Set Willy - Lena vs Margo - English, Jet Set Willy - Lena vs Margo - Russki,
  Jet Set Willy - Lord Of The Rings - Easy, Jet Set Willy - Lord Of The Rings - Hard,
  Jet Set Willy - Madam Blavskja's Carnival Macabre, Jet Set Willy - Manic Miner - Release 1,
  Jet Set Willy - Manic Miner - Release 2, Jet Set Willy - Maria On Tour, Jet Set Willy - Maria vs Some Bastards,
  Jet Set Willy - Maria's Revenge, Jet Set Willy - Mind Control, Jet Set Willy - Mono, Jet Set Willy - Monstrum!,
  Jet Set Willy - Mr Top Hat, Jet Set Willy - Party Willy - 128k, Jet Set Willy - Party Willy - 48k - Part 1,
  Jet Set Willy - Party Willy - 48k - Part 2, Jet Set Willy - Perpetual Motion, Jet Set Willy - Soul Miner,
  Jet Set Willy - Spectrum Computing, Jet Set Willy - Spectrum Computing - Bugfix, Jet Set Willy - Strangel, Jet Set Willy - Stupid,
  Jet Set Willy - Sunday Afternoon Graphical Remix, Jet Set Willy - The 2005 Megamix,
  Jet Set Willy - The Continuing Adventures - Special Edition, Jet Set Willy - The Sun Is No Longer Producing Heat,
  Jet Set Willy - The Time Hole - Special Edition v2.0, Jet Set Willy - The Time Hole v1.1, Jet Set Willy - Utility Cubicles,
  Jet Set Willy - We Pretty, Jet Set Willy - Where's Woody, Jet Set Willy - Willy Comes Home, Jet Set Willy - Willy Takes A Trip,
  Jet Set Willy - Willy The Hacker, Jet Set Willy - Willy To The Rescue, Jet Set Willy - Willy vs The Vampire Lord,
  Jet Set Willy - Willy vs The Vampire Lord - Special Edition, Jet Set Willy - Willy's Afterlife v2.0,
  Jet Set Willy - Willy's Flashback, Jet Set Willy - Willy's Hoard, Jet Set Willy - Willy's New Mansion,
  Jet Set Willy - ylliW teS teJ, Jet Set Willy - ZX Willy The Bug Slayer, Jet Set Willy 1-1, Jet Set Willy 5 - ZX Heroes,
  Jet Set Willy 64 (v.0.01 - V Version - Hack Level 12), Jet Set Willy 64 (v.0.01 - W Version - Hack Level 12),
  Jet Set Willy 64 (v.0.01 - X Version - Hack Level 12), Jet Set Willy 64 (v.0.01 - Y Version - Hack Level 12),
  Jet Set Willy 64 (v.0.01 - YY Version - Hack Level 12), Jet Set Willy 64 (v.0.01 - Z Version - Hack Level 12),
  Jet Set Willy 64 - Dragon, Jet Set Willy 64 - Manic Miner - Dragon, Jet Set Willy 64 - Manic Miner - W Version,
  Jet Set Willy 64 - Manic Miner - Z Version, Jet Set Willy 64 - The DrUnKeN mAsTeR!!! - Special Edition,
  Jet Set Willy 64 - Ultimate Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy 64 - Willy On A Transatlantic Cruise v2 - English,
  Jet Set Willy 64 - Willy On A Transatlantic Cruise v2 - Espanol, Jet Set Willy 64 - Willy On A Transatlantic Cruise v2 - Francais,
  Jet Set Willy 64 - Willy On A Transatlantic Cruise v2 - Polski, Jet Set Willy Construction Kit - Part 1,
  Jet Set Willy Construction Kit - Part 2, Jet Set Willy Editor (Mark Jeffries), Jet Set Willy Editor - German,
  Jet Set Willy Editor Mk2, Jet Set Willy Editor Mk2 (set 2), Jet Set Willy II, Jet Set Willy III,
  Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Deutsch, Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - English, Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Espanol,
  Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Finnish, Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Francais, Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Italiano,
  Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Polski, Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Portugues, Jet Set Willy In Paris v4.0 - Russian,
  Jet Set Willy In Space, Jet Set Willy IV - Willy's New Hat, Jet Set Willy Meets Colossal Cave,
  Jet Set Willy Room Designer (3 Room Test) (R D Foord Software), Jet Set Willy Room Designer (Master),
  Jet Set Willy Room Designer (v1), Jet Set Willy Room Designer (v5 - Development Master), Jet Set Willy Room Designer (v5, set 1),
  Jet Set Willy Room Designer (v5, set 2), Jet Set Willy Sprite Library, Jet-Story, Jetpac, Jetpac (Al Rushaid), Jetpac (Ricochet),
  Jetpac (Sinclair), JetSet Editor - Release 1, JetSet Editor - Release 2, JetSet Editor - Release 3, The Jetsons, Jeu de Dames,
  Jewel Of Power, Jewel Of Scotland, The Jewels Of Babylon, The Jewels Of Babylon (set 2), Jewels Of Darkness, The Jewels Of Honour,
  The Jewels Of Honour (Global), The Jewels Of Honour (set 2) (Global), Jhothamia 6, Jhothamia 6 (set 2), Jigsaw,
  Jimmy's Soccer Manager, Jimmy's Super League, JINJ, Jock & The Time Rings (Zafiro), Jock And The Beanstalk,
  Jock And The Time Rings, Jocky Wilson's Compendium Of Darts, Jocky Wilson's Dart Challenge (Mastering Tape),
  Jocky Wilson's Dart Challenge (set 1), Jocky Wilson's Dart Challenge (set 2, Jocky Wilson's enge, EDOS), Joe Blade,
  Joe Blade - 2nd Release, Joe Blade 2, Joe Blade 2 - Demo, Joe Blade 3, Jogger, Jogger (Riko Data), Jogger's Log, John Brown,
  John Caig Sailboat Racing, Johnny M, Johnny Reb, Johnny Reb 2, Joker, Jokers Wild - Action, Jokers Wild - Adventure,
  Jolly Jack's Run Ashore, Jolly Roger, Jon North Hacking Utils, Jonah Barrington's Squash (set 1),
  Jonah Barrington's Squash (set 2, Mastertronic), Jonah Barrington's Squash (set 3), Jonah Barrington's Squash (set 4, Zafiro),
  Jonny Quest, The Journey, A Journey One Spring, Journey To Death, Journey To The Centre Of Eddie Smith's Head (set 2),
  Journey To The Centre Of Eddie Smith's Head, Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, Journey's End, Joust,
  Joystick (Nidd Valley Micro Products), Joystick Adaptor, Joystick Conversion Tape 1, Joystick Conversion Tape 2,
  Joystick Conversion Tape III, Joystick Thunder (compilation), JSW Editor, The JSW Soaring Game, Judge Dredd,
  Judge Morry vs. Baldo Midget, Jugador De Ajedrez (Microbyte), Juggernaut, Jumbly, Jumbly (Monser) (set 1),
  Jumbly (Monser) (set 2), Jumbly (set 2), Jump, Jump (Zigurat), Jumping Jack, Jumping Jack (set 2),
  Jumpy Snake Blues And Honky Tonk, Jungle Adventure, Jungle Fever - Release 1, Jungle Fever - Release 2, Jungle Jie, Jungle Maths,
  Jungle Trouble, Jungle Warfare (Mastertronic, Joystick), Jungle Warfare (Mastertronic, Lightgun), Junior Arithmetic (Accord Data),
  Junior Games, Junior Maths Pack, Junior Maths Tape 1, Junior Wordsplits, Just Imagine (set 1, with Laser Shoot),
  Just Imagine (set 2, Pirate Software), K'set (Issue 01), K'set (Issue 02), KA1 Assembler & KD1 Disassembler, Kaa's Kingdom,
  Kaa's Kingdom - Text Only, Kafer Anton, Kai Temple, Kalaha, Kaleidoscope (Ad Astra), Kaleidoskop, Kane, Kane - Greek,
  Karate Ace (compilation), Karateka (Dro Soft), Karnov, Karnov (Proein), Kartyas Jatek, Karyssia - Queen Of Diamonds,
  Karyssia - Queen Of Diamonds (set 2), Kasetten Inhalt, Kassette Fur Benutzer, Kat Trap, Kat Trap (Bug-Byte), Kayleth,
  Ke Rulen Los Petas, The Keeper, Kempston Toolkit, Kemshu, Kendo Warrior, Kendo Warrior (MCM), Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager,
  Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Mastering Tape), Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager (Zeppelin), Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match,
  Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (EDOS), Kentilla, Kentilla (Mastertronic), Kentucky Racing, The Key (Keith Burnard, set 1),
  The Key (Keith Burnard, set 2), The Key (Keysoft, v6), The Key (Keysoft, v7 / v1h), The Key (Venny Software, v15),
  Key Speaker, The Key To Time, The Key To Time (Sentient), Keycode, Keyfile, The Khangrin Plans, The Khangrin Plans (set 2),
  Khazzad-Dum, Kick Off, Kick Off (System 4), Kick Off (Top Shots), Kick Off 2, Kick Off Collection, Kick-Box Vigilante,
  Kiddisoft (Issue 1), Kidnap, Kidnapped, Kids On Keys, Kids Pack, Kids Pack 2, Kids Play, KIJK, Kikstart 2, Kikstart 2 (Dro Soft),
  Kikstart 2 (EDOS), Killed Until Dead, Killer Knight, Killer Kong, Killer Kong (Prism), Killer Kong (set 2), Killer Ring,
  Kindercomp, Kinetik, King, King Arthur's Quest, King Of Pong, King Otto's Quest, King Otto's Quest (set 2), The King's Keep,
  Kingdom (Richard Francis Altwasser) (set 2), Kingdom Of Krell, Kirel, Klax, Klax (Erbe), Klax (The Hit Squad),
  Kliatba Noci (set 1), Kliatba Noci (set 2), Klingsor The Evil Magician, Klub Uzivatelu Desktopu 1, Klub Uzivatelu Desktopu 2,
  Klub Uzivatelu Desktopu 3, Knight Driver, Knight Fall, Knight Fall (System 4), Knight Force, Knight Life, Knight Life (Zenobi),
  Knight Lore (set 1), Knight Lore (set 2), Knight Lore (set 3, Ricochet), Knight Lore (set 4),
  Knight Lore Designer (Development Version), Knight Lore Designer (Final Version), Knight Orc, Knight Rider (set 1),
  Knight Rider (set 2, Erbe), Knight Rider (set 3), Knight Tyme, The Knights Quest, Knightmare, Knightmare (Proein),
  Knightmare (Ricochet), Knightmare ZX, Knights & Demons DX, Knockout, Knockout (Alligata), Knockout (Americana),
  Knockout (Vinsoft), Knot In 3D, Know Your Own PSI-Q, Know Your Own Personality, Know Your Tables, Knowledge Quiz - 9-99 Yrs,
  Knuckle Busters, Knuckle Busters (Dro Soft), Knuckle Busters (Ricochet), Kobyashi Ag'Kwo, Kobyashi Naru, Kobyashi Naru (set 2),
  Kobyashi Naru (Zenobi), Kockapoker, Koekoek-Koekoek, Kokotoni Wilf, Kokotoni Wilf (Encore), Kokotoni Wilf (MCM), Komplex, Kompos,
  Kon, Konami's Arcade Collection, Konami's Coin-Op Hits, Konami's Coin-Op Hits +2, Konami's Golf (set 1), Konami's Golf (set 2),
  Konami's Tennis, Konami's Tennis (The Hit Squad), Kong, Kong (Anirog), Kong (set 2) (Anirog), Kong Strikes Back (set 1),
  Kong Strikes Back (set 2, Zafiro), Kong Strikes Back (set 3), Kong Strikes Back (set 4, Zafiro), Kong's Revenge, Konix Liberator,
  Kopy Kat (Kopy-Kat Software), Kopykat - Release 1, Kopykat - Release 2, Kopykat - Release 3, Kopykat - Release 3 (set 2),
  Kopykat - Release 4, Kopykat - Release 4 (set 2), Koronis Rift (Set 2), Koronis Rift (set 1),
  The Korth Trilogy 2: Besieged (Simulator, Landfall, Alpha), Kosmic Kanga, Kosmik Pirate (Elephant Software), Kosmos, Krago Castle,
  Krakatoa, Krakatoa (Paxman), Krakatoa (Profisoft), Krakatoa (set 2), Krakit, Krakout, Krakout (Erbe), Krakout (Kixx), Krazy Golf,
  The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper & Grue-Knapped, The Krazy Kartoonist Kaper (Zenobi), Krazy Kong, Krazy Kong & Panic Island,
  Krazy Kong & Panic Island & Rocket Raider, Krazy Kong (C-Tech), Krazy Kong (Soft & Easy), Kriss Kross, Krtek a Auticko,
  The Krypton Factor, Krypton Raiders, Kucna Gerila, Kuiper Pursuit, Kung Fu, Kung Fu Knights, Kung-Fu Master (set 1),
  Kung-Fu Master (set 2, Americana), Kung-Fu Master (set 3, Dro Soft - Seleccion Mastertronic), Kung-Fu Master (set 4),
  Kung-Fu Master (set 5, loading screen hack), Kwah!, Kwik-Kalk, Kwikload - Release 1, Kwikload - Release 2, Kwikload 2,
  Kyd Cadet II, Kyd Cadet III - The Eyeburx Plee, Kyd Cadet v1.0, Kyd Cadet v1.1, The L Game, L.A. Drugs Bust, Labarinth,
  Labour Pains, The Labours Of Hercules, The Labours Of Hercules (Zenobi), The Labours Of Hercules (set 2), Labyrinth,
  Labyrinth (Axis), Labyrinth (Christor Buening), Labyrinthion, Labyrman, Ladatologato Jatek, Lala Prologue, The Lamberley Mystery,
  Lancelot, Lancer Lords, The Land Beyond Time, Land Of Mire Mare v1.03, Land Of Mire Mare v1.03 - QAOPM Keys,
  Land Of Mire Mare v1.03 - WASDM Keys, Land Of Mire Mare v1.05, Land Of Mire Mare v1.06, Land Of Mire Mare v1.06 - Special Edition,
  Land Of Sagan, Lander (R D Foord Software), Landfall On Rollus, The Landscape Creator, Language Development Series,
  Lap Of The Gods, Lapiz Optico (Investronica), Larry The Lemming, Las Vegas, Las Vegas Casino, Las Vegas Casino (Mastering Tape),
  Las Vegas Lady, Laser Attack, Laser Basic, Laser Compiler, Laser Genius, Laser II, Laser Lord, Laser Snaker, Laser Squad,
  Laser Squad (Blade), Laser Squad - Expansion Kit One, Laser Wheel, Laser Zone, Laserstraal, Laserwarp - Release 1,
  Laserwarp - Release 2, Laserwarp - Release 2 (set 2) #1, Laserwarp - Release 2 (set 3), Laserwarp - Release 3, Laskar's Crystals,
  Laskar's Return, The Last Believer (set 1), The Last Believer (set 2, Adventure Workshop), The Last Believer (set 3),
  The Last Commando, Last Duel, Last Duel (Kixx), Last Mission, The Last Mission (set 1, Opera Soft),
  The Last Mission (set 2, Opera Soft), The Last Mohican, The Last Mohican (Zafiro), Last Ninja 2, Last Ninja 2 (MCM),
  Last Ninja 2 (The Hit Squad), Last Ninja 2 (set 2), Last Ninja Remix, Last Ninja Remix - Final Level Fix, Last Sunset For Lattica,
  Last Sunset For Lattica (bugfix), Last Vampire, Last Will And Testament, The Last Word SP2 v1.0, The Last Word v1.1,
  The Last Word v2.1 (Saga Systems), Lazatron Plus Mazechase, Lazer Bykes, Lazer Cycles (Monser), Lazer Tag, Lazy Jones,
  Lazy Jones {Portuguese}, Leaderboard (set 1), Leaderboard (set 2, Kixx), Leaderboard (set 3), Leaderboard (set 4, Erbe),
  Leaderboard (set 5, Kixx), Leaderboard - Famous Courses Of The World Volume 1, Leaderboard Par 3, Leaderboard Tournament,
  League Challenge, League Football, League Table, League Table (Football Follower), Leapfrog,
  Learn BASIC Programming On The Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Learn to Read - Body Parts, Learn To Read 1, Learn To Read 2,
  Learn To Read 3, Learn To Read 4, Learn To Read 5, Learn To Read Music, Learn To Read With Prof - Level 1, Learning With Leeper,
  LED Storm Rally 2011, LED Storm Rally 2011 (Kixx), Lee Enfield Space Ace (set 1), Lee Enfield Space Ace (set 2), Leeds Powerbox,
  Left And Right, Left Right, Left Right, Legacy, The Legacy, The Legacy (Tamsoft), A Legacy For Alaric, Legend,
  Legend (Century Software), The Legend Of Avalon, The Legend Of Avalon (MCN), The Legend Of Avalon (loading screen hack),
  The Legend Of Craldons Creek, The Legend Of Craldons Creek (v1.2), Legend Of Kage, Legend Of Kage (The Hit Squad),
  Legend Of The Amazon Women (set 1), Legend Of The Amazon Women (set 2, Mastertronic Plus),
  Legend Of The Amazon Women (set 3, Dro Soft), Legend Of The Lost Kingdom, Legions Of Death, Leitin,
  Lenguaje Maquina Spectrum (Issue 01), Lenguaje Maquina Spectrum (Issue 03), Lenguaje Maquina Spectrum (Issue 09),
  Leo Wanker's Quest, Leonardo, Leonardo's Lost Last Invention, Leopard Lord, Leopold The Minstrel,
  Leovigildo (English, ver 20141103a), Leovigildo (Spanish, ver 20141103a), Lerm Advanced Header Reader v2,
  Lerm Graphics And Sound Toolkit, Lerm Micromate, Lerm Microtape, Lerm Tape Copier 4.2, Lerm Tape Copier 5,
  Lerm Tape Copier 5 (set 2), Lerm Tape Copier 5.1, Lerm Tape Copier 6, Lerm Tape Copier 6.0M, Lerm Tape Copier 7,
  Lerm Tape Copier 7 (set 2), Lerm Tape Copier 7 (set 3), Lerm Tape Copier 7 (set 4), Lerm Tape Utility 8, Lerm Tape Utility 9,
  Lerm Tape Utility 9 (set 2), Lerm Tape Utility 9 (set 3), Lerm Tape Utility A, Lerm Tape Utility B, Lerm Tape Utility B (set 2),
  Lerm Tape Utility C, Lerm Tape Utility D, Les Diamants De Kheops, Les Flics, Les Flics (CLJ), Les Tresors De U.S. Gold, Letaset,
  Letcher, Letta-Head, Letta-Head Plus, Letta-Head Plus (set 2), Letters (Chalksoft), Level 5, Leviathan,
  Leviathan (Mastertronic Plus), Liberator, Liberator (PJ Soft), Libreria De Software Spectrum (Issue 17) (Xirius),
  Libreria De Software Spectrum (Issue 26) (Gluman), Libreria De Software Spectrum (Issue 04), Licence To Kill,
  Licence To Kill (The Hit Squad), Lickey Route, The Life And Adventures Of Crusoe, The Life Of A Lone Electron, Life Of Crime,
  Life Of Harry, Lifeguard, Lifeterm, Lifeterm (Alternative), Lifeterm - Bugfix, The Light Corridor, Light Cycle,
  Light Cycle (Kryptron Force), Light Cycle (Kryptronic), Light Force, Light Force (Rack-It), Light Force (set 2), Light Magic,
  The Light Pen (Add-On), Light Pen MK 2-3, Light Pen v4.0, Light Pen v4.1, Lightgun Games (48k), Lightmare, Lightmare (Zenobi),
  Lightning Simulator, Lightning Simulator (MCM), Lil'Alien, The Limehouse Mystery, The Limehouse Mystery & Survivor,
  The Limehouse Mystery (set 2), The Limehouse Mystery (set 3), Lin-O-Type, Line Of Fire, Line Of Fire (Erbe - Musical 1),
  Linear Programming, The Lineker Collection, The Liner 67, Linkword French, Linkword German, Linkword Spanish (Tape 1 only),
  Linnet, Linnet (set 2), Lirus (128k version), Lirus (48k version), Lisp v1.3, Listfile, Listfile (set 2), Little Al,
  Little Computer People, Little Pac 2, The Little Wandering Guru, Live Action (compilation), Live Ammo (compilation),
  Live And Let Die, Live And Let Die (Encore), Liverpool (D. Corbishley), The Living Body, The Living Daylights,
  Livingstone Supongo (loading screen hack), Livingstone Supongo II - Small Cardboard Case, Livingstone Supongo II - Small Case,
  Livingstone, I Presume (128k), Load 48, Loads Of Midnight (set 1), Loads Of Midnight (set 2),
  Loat In My Spectrum - 128k - English, Loch Ness Monster, Loco, Loco (Campbell Systems), Loco (Forward Software), Loco (ZX Data),
  Loco Bingo, Loco-Motion, Locodriver, Locodriver 11, Locodriver 14, Locodriver 14 - (Mastering Tape), Locodriver 2, Locodriver 3,
  Locodriver 4, Locodriver 5, Locodriver 5 - (Mastering Tape), Locodriver 6, Locodriver 7, Locodriver 8, Locodriver 9, Locofile,
  Locospotter, Lode Runner, Lode Runner - 128k, Logic Levels, Logic Problems - Solving Program, Logo, Logo (Kuma), Logo Castellano,
  Logomaster, Lojix, Lombrix, London Adventure, Lone Brave, Lone Wolf - Fire On The Water, Lone Wolf - Flight From The Dark,
  Lone Wolf - The Mirror Of Death (set 1), Lone Wolf - The Mirror Of Death (set 2), The Long Journey Home, Loogaroo,
  Loogaroo (set 2), Look At All The Pretty Lights, Look Sharp, The Loony Castle Quest, Loony Lander, Loony Zoo, Loopz, Loose Ends,
  Lop Ears, Lord Harry, Lord Of The Dead, Lord Of The Rings, Lords Of Chaos, Lords Of Chaos - Expansion Kit 1, Lords Of Magic,
  Lords Of Magic (set 2), The Lords Of Midnight (with Psytron demo), The Lords Of Midnight Editor,
  The Lords Of Midnight Editor (v3.01), Lords Of Time, Lords Of Time (set 2), Lorna (set 1), Lorna (set 2), Los Angeles SWAT,
  Los Angeles SWAT (Dro Soft), Lost, Lost Caves, The Lost Children, The Lost Children (Adventure Probe), The Lost City,
  The Lost City (set 2), The Lost Dragon & Magic Treasure, The Lost Dragon & Magic Treasure (set 2),
  Lost In My Spectrum - English - 48k, Lost In My Spectrum - Italiano - 128k, Lost In My Spectrum - Italiano - 48k,
  Lost In My Spectrum v1.2 - English, Lost In My Spectrum v1.2 - Italiano, Lost In My Spectrum v1.3 - English,
  Lost In My Spectrum v1.3 - Italiano, Lost In The Amazon, Lost In The Desert, Lost In Time, The Lost Orb, Lost Over Bermuda,
  Lost Over Bermuda (Custom Cables International), Lost Over Bermuda (set 2), Lost Over Bermuda (set 3), The Lost Quill,
  The Lost Ruby, The Lost Temple, The Lost Tomb Of Ananka, The Lost Tomb Of Ananka (Adventure Workshop),
  The Lost Tomb Of Ananka (Mastering Tape), The Lost Twilight, The Lost Twilight (set 2), Loteria Primitiva, Lotto,
  Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Erbe), Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (GBH), The Love Oracle, Lover,
  LSD, The Ludoids, Luis Copy, LumASCII, LumASCII (4 Level WIP 20120909), LumASCII (4 Level WIP 20120911),
  LumASCII (4 Level WIP 20120912), LumASCII (4 Level WIP 20120913), Luna Atac, Luna Crabs, Luna Rover, Lunar Attack, Lunar Jetman,
  Lunar Landing (Hipocrates), Lunar Letters, Lunar Mission, Lunar Rescue, Lunar Rescue (CRL), Lycanthropy, Lynchmob, M Coder,
  M Coder 2, M Coder 3, M-C Library, M-Doc, Mac Man And The Caber Eater, Mac Man And The Great Escape,
  Mac Man In The Treasure Caves, Mac Mans Magic Mirror, Macadam Bumper, Macadam Bumper (EDOS), Macadam Bumper (EDOS) (set 2),
  Macadam Bumper (PSS), Macadam Bumper (PSS) (set 2), Macadam Bumper (Players), Machine Code For Beginners, Machine Code Test Tool,
  Machine Code Tools, Machine Lightning, Macro For Construction And Animation, Mad Arrows, Mad Caverns, Mad Flunky (Alternative),
  Mad Flunky (EDOS), Mad Flunky (System 4), Mad In Cascais, Mad Martha - Release 1, Mad Martha - Release 1 (set 2),
  Mad Martha - Release 2, Mad Martha - Release 3, Mad Martha II - Release 1, Mad Martha II - Release 2, Mad Mix, Mad Mix 2 (set 1),
  Mad Mix 2 (set 2), Mad Mix Game (SLS 208), Mad Mix Game (Spectrum + Amstrad), Mad Mix Game (US Gold), Mad Nurse, Madcap Manor,
  Madcap Manor (bugfix), Madhatter, The Mafia Contract, The Mafia Contract (set 2), The Mafia Contract (set 3),
  The Mafia Contract II, The Mafia Contract II (set 2), Mag Max, Mag Max (Erbe), Mage Cage, Magic, Magic Carpet,
  Magic Castle (set 2), Magic Castle (set 3), Magic Castle - Release 1, Magic Castle - Release 2, The Magic Isle,
  Magic Johnson's Basketball (Spanish), Magic Meanies, Magic Message, Magic Missile 1, Magic Missile 2, Magic Missile 3,
  Magic Missile 4, Magic Missile 5, Magic Mountain, The Magic Roundabout, The Magic Roundabout - German,
  The Magic Shop (side b only), The Magic Sword, Magic Treasure Adventure, Magic Worm, Magical Mystery Tour,
  Magical Mystery Tour (Adventure Probe), Magical Mystery Tour - Revised, A Magicians Apprentice (Adventure Probe), Magma Man,
  Magnetic Moon (Adventure Probe), Magnetic Moon - 128k, Magnetic Moon - 128k (set 2), Magnetic Moon - 128k (set 3),
  Magnetic Moon - 128k - Version 3.0, Magnetron, Magnetron (MCM), Magnets, The Magnificent 7, Magnum Pack Volume 1, Magus,
  Magus (set 2), Mah Jong (Spectre), Mail Master, Mailstrom, Majik, Majik (EDOS), Make A Chip, Make Music, Make-A-Face, Malice,
  Malice In Blunderland, Malice In Wonderland, Malice In Wonderland (Sentient), Malice In Wonderland (Sentient) (set 2),
  Malice In Wonderland (set 2), De Malle Muur, Malvinas 82, Mambo, Man About The House, Man About The House (set 2), Man Hunt,
  Man Trap, Man Trap (Mind Games Espana), Manage, The Manager, Manager (ERE Informatique), Manager (ERE Informatique) - Release 1,
  Manager (ERE Informatique) - Release 2, Manchester United, Manchester United (GBH), Manchester United Europe,
  Manchester United Europe (Buzz), Mandragore, Mandroid, Manic Badger, Manic Badger (set 2), Manic Miner #2, Manic Miner (set 1),
  Manic Miner (set 2), Manic Miner (set 3, Al Rushaid), Manic Miner (set 4, MAD), Manic Miner (set 5, Software Projects),
  Manic Miner (set 6, Software Projects -Version 1) (loading screen hack),
  Manic Miner (set 7, Software Projects - Version 2) (loading screen hack), Manic Miner - 2000, Manic Miner - comp.sys.sinclair,
  Manic Miner - Jet Set Willy - Part 1, Manic Miner - Jet Set Willy - Part 2, Manic Miner - Jet Set Willy - Part 3,
  Manic Miner - Ma Jolie, Manic Miner - Ma Jolie - Special Edition, Manic Miner - Ma Jolite,
  Manic Miner - Ma Jolite - Special Edition, Manic Miner - Neighbours - Allana Truman,
  Manic Miner - Neighbours - Allana Truman - Lite, Manic Miner - Perpetual Motion, Manic Miner - reniM cinaM,
  Manic Miner - The Hobbit - Easy, Manic Miner - The Hobbit - Hard, Manic Miner - ZX81, Manic Miner 2,
  Manic Miner 3 - Tales From A Parallel Universe, Manic Miner 4, Manic Miner 4 - Special Edition,
  Manic Miner 6 - The Buddha Of Suburbia, Manic Miner 6 - The Buddha of Suburbia - Special Edition,
  Manic Miner Game Designer & Editor (v1), Manic Miner Game Designer & Editor (v2), Manic Miner Game Designer & Editor (v3),
  Manic Miner Game Designer & Editor (v7), Manic Miner Game Designer & Editor (v8),
  Manic Miner Mythologies - Eugene - Lord Of The Bathroom, Manic Miner Screen Editor & Manic Miner Loader, Manic Mower,
  Manic Muslim, Manic Scribbler, Manollo El Cavernicola (set 1), Manollo El Cavernicola (set 2), Manor Of Doom,
  Manor Of Doom (Krypton Force), Manor Of Doom (set 2), Manor Of Doom (set 3), Manor Of Doom (set 4), Manor Of Madness,
  Manor Of Madness (set 2), Mansion Quest, Mantis 2, Mantronix (set 1), Mantronix (set 2), Manuale Di Geometria Solida, Map Design,
  Map Of The UK, The Mapper, The Mapper - Players Guide, Marauder, Marauder (Erbe), Marauder (Kixx), Marble Madness (Dro Soft),
  Marble Madness Construction Set, Marble Madness Deluxe Edition, Marcas, Margana, Maria's Christmas Box,
  Mariano the Dragon in Capers in Cityland, Marie Celeste, Marie Celeste (set 2), Marie Celeste - C04 Version,
  Marie Celeste Adventure, Mario Bros (Erbe / The Hit Squad), Mario Bros (Erbe), Mario Bros (set 1),
  Mario Bros (set 2, Spectrum +2), Mario Bros (set 4), Mario Islands, Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer (set 1),
  Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer (set 2),
  Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer en: Las Increibles Vicisitudes de Despertarse Resacosa con Fred en la Cama y Tener que Llegar
  Mas o Menos Puntual a la Prueba de "Monstruos Vigorosos de Pechos Lustrosos" featuring Los Fratelli (English, set 1),
  Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer en: Las Increibles Vicisitudes de Despertarse Resacosa con Fred en la Cama y Tener que Llegar
  Mas o Menos Puntual a la Prueba de "Monstruos Vigorosos de Pechos Lustrosos" featuring Los Fratelli (English, set 2),
  Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer en: Las Increibles Vicisitudes de Despertarse Resacosa con Fred en la Cama y Tener que Llegar
  Mas o Menos Puntual a la Prueba de "Monstruos Vigorosos de Pechos Lustrosos" featuring Los Fratelli (Spanish, set 1),
  Maritrini, Freelance Monster Slayer en: Las Increibles Vicisitudes de Despertarse Resacosa con Fred en la Cama y Tener que Llegar
  Mas o Menos Puntual a la Prueba de "Monstruos Vigorosos de Pechos Lustrosos" featuring Los Fratelli (Spanish, set 2), Marooned,
  Marooned!, Marsport, Marsport (Dro Soft), Marsport (Rebound), Martianoids, Martianoids (loading screen hack),
  Martianoids (loading screen hack, alkatraz Loader), Mask (set 1), Mask (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Mask (set 3, Erbe),
  Mask (set 4), Mask II, Mask II (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Mask II (Erbe), Mask III - Venom Strikes Back,
  Mask III - Venom Strikes Back (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), The Master, Master 33 Cracked, Master 4, Master And Servant,
  Master And Servant - Loading Screen Fix, Master Chess (1983, Mikro-Gen) (set 1, release 3, Master Chess II),
  Master Chess (1983, Mikro-Gen) (set 2, release 3, Master Chess II), Master Chess (1983, Mikro-Gen) (set 3, release 2),
  Master Chess (1983, Mikro-Gen) (set 4, release 1), Master Chess (1987, Mastertronic) (set 1),
  Master Chess (1987, Mastertronic) (set 2, Dro Soft), Master Code, Master Crack 2, Master Cutler, Master Cutler (set 2),
  Master Key, Master Mariner, Master Mix (compilation), Master Music, Master Of Magic, Master Toolkit, Master Word, Masterfile v0.4,
  Masterfile v06, Masterfile v09, Masterfile v09 (Aackosoft), Masterfile v09 (Edizioni JCE), Masterfile v09 (Profisoft),
  The Masters Of Serebal, Masters Of The Universe (Erbe), Masters Of The Universe (Kixx), Masters Of The Universe - Super Adventure,
  Masters Of The Universe - The Arcade Game, Masters Of The Universe - The Movie, Masters Of The Universe - The Movie (Kixx),
  Masterspy, Masterwank, The Match, Match Day (set 1), Match Day (set 2, The Hit Squad), Match Day (set 3, Zafiro),
  Match Day (set 4, The Hit Squad), Match Day (set 5, Zafiro), Match Day (set 6), Match Day 2 (Erbe), Match Day 2 (The Hit Squad),
  Match Day 2 (set 2) (Erbe), Match Day II, Match Of The Day, Match Play & Handicap Golf, Match Point, Matching Pairs, Matchmaker,
  Matchmaker (Zenobi), Matchmaze, Matematica (Software Spectrum), Matematica 1, Matematik, Math (ERE Informatique), Mathematics,
  Mathematics 'O' Level, Mathematics 'O' Level (Paxman), Mathematics (Charles Letts & Co),
  Mathematics - Examination Practice & Tests O Level, Mathematics - O-Level Revision And CSE, Mathematik, Maths,
  Maths For Pre School & Grade's Children, Maths For Standard 1, Maths For Standard 2, Maths Invaders, Maths Part I,
  Maths Test (Accord Data), Maths Test - 6 To 13 Year Olds, Maths Tutor For The Spectrum, Mathskills I, Mathskills II,
  Matrices Y Sistemas Lineales, Matrix, Matrix (James Marrow), Matrix Operations, Matt Lucas, Matt Lucas (set 2), A Matter Of Evil,
  A Matter Of Evil (set 2), Maverick, MAX (compilation), MAX (Erbe) (compilation), Max Headroom, Mayhem, The Maze,
  Maze (Malan Associates), Maze Chase, Maze Death Race, Maze Death Race (Orion), Maze Death Race (Spectrum Vision), Maze Mania,
  Mazeball, Mazecube, Mazeman - Release 1, Mazeman - Release 2, Maziacs, Maziacs (Monser), MCoder (Profisoft), McKensie,
  McKensie (set 2), McKensie (set 3), Me & My Micro, Mean Streak, Meany Monster, Medieval Adventure, Medstat, Mega Apocalypse,
  Mega Apocalypse (Erbe), Mega Basic v1.0, Mega Basic v4.0, Mega Fruit, Mega Hits, Mega Mix (set 1), Mega Mix (set 2), Mega Plex,
  Mega Sports, Mega-Hot (set 1), Mega-Hot (set 2), Megabucks, Megachess, Meganova, Meganova The Weapon (Alternative), Megapede,
  Megaphoenix, Megaplay 1, Megaplay 2, Lo Mejor De Dinamic (set 1), Lo Mejor De Dinamic (set 2), Melbourne Draw, Melodian, Meltdown,
  Meltdown (Kerian UK), Membership Directory, Menace, Menace (Fashionsoft), The Menagerie, The Menagerie (Zenobi),
  The Menagerie (Zenobi) (set 2), The Menagerie (set 2), Mendips Stone, Mental Arithmetic, Mercenary, Mercenary (EDOS),
  Mercenary - The Second City (add-on for Mercenary), Mercs, Mercs (Kixx), Merhownie's Light, Merhownie's Light (set 2),
  Merhownie's Light (set 3), Merkkisaannot Ja Potenssit, Merlin, Merlin (Adventure Workshop), Merlin (Michael Hunt),
  Merlin (The Guild), Merlock The Mede, Mermaid Madness, Merry Go Round, Merry Xmas Santa, Message From Andromeda,
  Message From Andromeda (set 2), Message Scoller, Metabolis, Metagalactic Llamas Battle At The Edge Of Time, Metal Army,
  Metaldrone, Metalyx (Alternative), Metalyx (System 4), Metaplex, Meteor, Meteor (Micromania), Meteor Storm,
  Meteor Storm & Space Invaders (Investronica), Meteoroids, Meteoroids (DK'Tronics), Methyhel, Methyhel (The Guild),
  Methyhel - The Special Edition, Metrics Quiz, Metrocross, Metrocross (Kixx), Metropol (Zafiro), Metropolis,
  Metropolis - Loading Screen Fix, Mexico '86 - Finals, Mexico '86 - Qualifiers, MF-Print, Miami Cobra GT, Miami Dice, Miami Vice,
  Miami Vice (Erbe), Miami Vice (The Hit Squad), Miami Vice (bugfix), Michel Futbol Master, Michel Futbol Master - Large Case,
  Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse (Erbe), The Micro At Work Software Cassette 1, The Micro At Work Software Cassette 2,
  Micro Command Cassette, Micro Draw, Micro Fitness, The Micro Man & The O Zone, Micro Maths - Tape 1, Micro Maths - Tape 2,
  Micro Maze, Micro Maze (Krypton Force), Micro Mouse Goes De-Bugging (1983, MC Lothlorien Ltd),
  Micro Mouse Goes De-Bugging (1989, Mastertronic / Lothlorien), The Micro Mutant, The Micro Mutant (Mastering Tape),
  Micro Olympics, Micro Olympics / Olympic Spectacular, Micro Olympics / Olympic Spectacular (System 4),
  Micro Primer - Software Pack 3, Micro Primer - Software Pack 4, Micro Prolog, Micro Simulation, Micro Trivia, Micro-Print 42-51,
  Micro-print 85, Microball, Microball (System 4), Microbot, Microbridge, Microbug, Microchess (Investronica), MicroDrive 1,
  MicroDrive 1B, Microdrive Cloner I, Microdrive Copier I, Microdrive Kopykat, Microdrive Kopykat (set 2),
  Microdrive Sector Copy v1.1, Microdrive Sector Copy v2.0, Microdrive Utility Program v1.1, Microdriver,
  Microfair Madness (Zenobi), Microfair Madness - 128k - Release 1, Microfair Madness - 128k - Release 2,
  Microfair Madness - 48k - Release 1, Microfair Madness - 48k - Release 2, Microgold Adventure,
  MicroHobby (Issue 015) Hobby Suerte + Moon Battle, MicroHobby (Issue 182) Seleccion 01, MicroHobby (Issue 183) Seleccion 02,
  MicroHobby (Issue 184) Seleccion 03, MicroHobby (Issue 185) Seleccion 04, MicroHobby (Issue 186) Seleccion 05,
  MicroHobby (Issue 187) Seleccion 06, MicroHobby (Issue 188) Seleccion 07, MicroHobby (Issue 189) Seleccion 08,
  MicroHobby (Issue 190) Seleccion 09, MicroHobby (Issue 190) Seleccion 10, MicroHobby (Issue 191) Seleccion 11,
  MicroHobby (Issue 192) Seleccion 12, MicroHobby (Issue 192) Seleccion 13, MicroHobby (Issue 193) Seleccion 14,
  MicroHobby (Issue 194) Seleccion 15, MicroHobby (Issue 194) Seleccion 16, MicroHobby (Issue 195) Seleccion 17,
  MicroHobby (Issue 195) Seleccion 18, MicroHobby (Issue 196) Seleccion 19, MicroHobby (Issue 197) Seleccion 20,
  MicroHobby (Issue 198) Seleccion 21, MicroHobby (Issue 199) Seleccion 22, MicroHobby (Issue 200) Seleccion 23,
  MicroHobby (Issue 200) Seleccion 24, MicroHobby (Issue 201) Seleccion 25, MicroHobby (Issue 201) Seleccion 26,
  MicroHobby (Issue 202) Seleccion 27, MicroHobby (Issue 203) Seleccion 28, MicroHobby (Issue 204) Seleccion 29,
  MicroHobby (Issue 204) Seleccion 30, MicroHobby (Issue 205) Seleccion 31, MicroHobby (Issue 205) Seleccion 32,
  MicroHobby (Issue 206) Seleccion 33, MicroHobby (Issue 207) Seleccion 34, MicroHobby (Issue 208) Seleccion 35,
  MicroHobby (Issue 209) Seleccion 36, MicroHobby (Issue 210) Seleccion 37, MicroHobby (Issue 211) Seleccion 38,
  MicroHobby (Issue 211) Seleccion 39, MicroHobby (Issue 212) Seleccion 40, MicroHobby (Issue 212) Seleccion 41,
  MicroHobby (Issue 213) Seleccion 42, MicroHobby (Issue 214) Seleccion 43, MicroHobby (Issue 215) Seleccion 44,
  MicroHobby (Issue 215) Seleccion 45, MicroHobby (Issue 216) Seleccion 46, MicroHobby (Issue 217) Seleccion 47,
  MicroHobby (Issue 217) Seleccion 48, The Microman, The Microman (Mastering Tape), The Microman (set 2), Micronaut One,
  Micronet Software Reviews, Micros For Children, Microsoftware Magazine (Issue 04), Microsoftware Magazine (Issue 05),
  Microsoftware Magazine (Issue 06), Microsoftware Magazine (Issue 07), Microsoftware Magazine (Vol.2 Issue 01),
  Microsoftware Magazine (Vol.2 Issue 02), Microsoftware Magazine (Vol.2 Issue 03), Microtax, Microtrans, Microvalue Vol. 2,
  Microvalue Vol. 3, Microweight, The Mid-Day Scot, Midland Peak Fleet Manager, Midnight Resistance, Midnight Resistance (Erbe),
  Midnight Resistance (The Hit Squad), Midrail, A Midsummer Days Dream, A Midsummers Day Dream (set 2), Mig Busters,
  Mig Busters (EDOS), Mighty Final Fight (v1.0), Mighty Final Fight (v1.1), The Mighty Magus, Mike Gunner (Lightgun),
  Mike Read's Pop Quiz, Mike Read's Pop Quiz (Encore), Mikie (The Hit Squad), Mikie (bugfix), Mikie (set 1), Mikie (set 2),
  Milk Race, Millikilla, Millimon, Millimon & Wally Kong, Millimon (Dixons), The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist,
  The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist (Adventure Probe), The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist (Adventure Probe) (set 2),
  The Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist (Adventure Workshop), Millionaire, Millionaire (Currys), Le Millionnaire, Millipede,
  Millypede, Millypede (Custom Cables International), Mimic v3.1, Mind Fighter, Mind Games (compilation), Mind Shadow (set 1),
  Mind Shadow (set 2), Mind Stretchers (compilation), Mind That Hole!, Mind Your Head, Mindbender, Mindbender & Stretcher,
  Mindbender (set 2), Minder, Mindstone, Mindtrap, Mined Out, Minefield, Minenfeld, Minero Loco, The Mines Of Lithiad,
  The Mines Of Lithiad (Zenobi) - Release 1, The Mines Of Lithiad (Zenobi) - Release 2, Mines Of Moriez, Mines Of Saturn,
  Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth, Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth (Mikro-Gen) (set 1),
  Mines Of Saturn & Return To Earth (Mikro-Gen) (set 2), Mines Of Saturn (set 2), Mini Office, Mini Office (Summit), Mini Sector,
  Mini-Putt, Minicalc, Minicalc (Aackosoft), Minitape 6, Mira Pascal, Mira Pascal - Release 2, Mirror, The Miser, The Miser (set 2),
  The Miser (Zenobi), Missile Command Base, Missile Command Base (set 2), Missile Defence, Missile Defence (Currys),
  The Missing Princess, Missing Words, Mission 1 - Project Volcano, Mission 1 - Project Volcano (set 2),
  Mission 2 - Project Gibraltar (set 1), Mission 2 - Project Gibraltar (set 2), Mission Elevator, Mission Elevator (Kixx),
  Mission Impossible (Paxman), Mission Impossible (Silversoft), Mission Impossible (Synacroop), Mission Mars, Mission Omega,
  Mission Omega (Bug-Byte), Mission Omega (Pulsonic), Mission X, Mission Z-27 X, Mister Mac's Day, El Misterio Del Nilo (Erbe),
  Mithos - 128k, Mithos - 48k, Mix 'n' Match & Mistermind, Mix And Match With Maggie, MJ Demo, Mlynek, Model Maths, Modeller X,
  Moder-80, Modern Day Locospotter, Moggy, Moggy Adventure,
  The Mojon Twins Covertape 1 (Phantomas Tales 4 - Severin Sewers demo, Lala Prologue demo, El Conde Macula, Maritrini,
  Freelance Monster Slayer demo, Julieta Noseque, Eleuterio, el Mono Serio demo, Toki and Miremare cheats),
  The Mojon Twins Covertape 2 (English) (Sir Ababol 2 demo, Lala Lah, D'Veel'Ng, Julifrustris in the City, Bootee, Jet Paco,
  El Vampiro Ramiro en el Bosque del Suspiro, BALOWWWN!, Dogmole Tuppowski vs. the Mesmerizing Meemaid From Miskatonic, Monono,
  Journey to the Centre of the Nose, Mega Meghan), The Mojon Twins Covertape 2 (Spanish) (Sir Ababol 2 demo, Lala Lah, D'Veel'Ng,
  Julifrustris in the City, Bootee, Jet Paco, El Vampiro Ramiro en el Bosque del Suspiro, BALOWWWN!,
  Dogmole Tuppowski vs. the Mesmerizing Meemaid From Miskatonic, Monono, Journey to the Centre of the Nose, Mega Meghan),
  Molar Maul, Mole On The Dole, Molecule Man, Molecule Man Designer, Molemania, Molesworth, Molgrum V89.1, Money, Money Manager,
  Mongoose & Bear Island, Monitor And Disassembler, Monitor And Disassembler (Sinclair), Monitor-Debug (Profisoft), Monkey Biznes,
  Monkey Biznes (Dixons), Monkey Biznes (set 2), MONO, Monopoly (set 1), Monopoly (set 2), Monopoly (set 3),
  Monster & Star Reporter, Monster Mine (Richard Shepherd), Monster Mine - Release 1, Monster Mine - Release 2, Monster Muncher,
  Monsters In Hell, Monstruo Pack, Monte Carlo (compilation), Monty Is Innocent (set 1), Monty Is Innocent (set 2),
  Monty On The Run, Monty On The Run (Kixx), Monty Python's Flying Circus, Monty Python's Flying Circus (Erbe),
  Monty Python's Flying Circus (Tronix), Moon Alert, Moon Cresta (set 1), Moon Cresta (set 2, Alternative),
  Moon Cresta (set 3, System 4), Moon Patrol (Atarisoft, unreleased), Moon Patrol (unknown developer), Moon Strike,
  Moonlight Madness, Moonlight Madness (Blue Ribbon), Moonlight Magic, Moonlighter, Moonquake, Moonquake (set 2), Moonquake - v4,
  Moons Of Tantalus - Program, Moons Of Tantalus - Story, Moonscape - Escape From The Moon, Moonshards Of Sacrimore, Moonsweeper,
  Moontorc, Moonwalker, Moonwalker (Kixx), Moonwalker (Portuguese) (side 2 only), Mordon's Quest, Mordon's Quest (set 2),
  More Tea Vicar (128k version), More Tea Vicar (48k version), The Moreby Jewels, The Moreby Jewels (set 2),
  The Moreby Jewels (set 3), Morgan's Seal, Moria, Moria (Riko Data), Moron Spaceship, Morris Meets The Bikers,
  Morris Meets The Bikers (ZX Data), Morse Code Tutor (Technical Software), Morse Code Tx And Rx, Morse Reader (JEP Electronics),
  Morse Reader (JEP Electronics) (set 2), Morse Terminal, Morse Test (D_D Clifford), Morse Transceive, Morse Tutor & Sattrack,
  Morse Tutor (Binary Star Technology), Morse Tutor (G4RWT), Mortadelo Y Filemon (Double Case) (Dro Soft),
  Mortadelo Y Filemon (Small Case) (Dro Soft), Mortadelo Y Filemon 2 (set 1), Mortadelo Y Filemon 2 (set 2), Mot (compilation),
  Mot - Double Case, Mot - Small Cardboard Case, Mothership, Mothership (Prism), Motion, Moto Rallye, Motor Mania, Motor Massacre,
  Motor Massacre (Erbe), Motorbike Madness, Motorbike Madness (Dro Soft), Motorcycle 500, Motorcycle Crazy!,
  Motorcycle Crazy! (set 2), Motorcycle Diagnostic Programs, Motorway Mastermind, Motos, Mount Challenge, Mountain Bike Racer,
  Mountains Of Ket, Mountie Mick's Death Ride, Mouse, Mouse Man, Mouse Man (set 2), Movie (set 1), Movie (set 2, Erbe),
  Movie (set 3), Movie Premier (compilation), Moving Target, Mpthrilla (set 1), Mpthrilla (set 2), Mr Heli,
  Mr Heli (loading screen hack, version 1), Mr Heli (loading screen hack, version 2), MR Jones Basic Progs Tape 20,
  MR Jones Computer Games Tape 40, MR Jones Development Tape 1, MR Jones Development Tape 2, Mr Patrick Tovey's World Of Squares,
  Mr T Meets His Match, Mr T Tells The Time, Mr T's Alphabet Games, Mr T's Jungle Stories, Mr T's Measuring Games,
  Mr T's Money Box, Mr T's Number Games, Mr T's Shape Games, Mr T's Simple Sums, Mr Wimpy, Mr Wino, Mr Wong's Loopy Laundry,
  Mr Wong's Loopy Laundry (Dixons), Mr. Copy v1, Mr. Freeze, Mr. Weems And The She Vampires,
  Mr. Weems And The She Vampires (Alternative), Mrs Mopp, Mrs Mopp (Atlantis), MScript (Micro-Systems Software),
  Muggins The Spaceman, Mugsy, Mugsy's Revenge, The Multi File, Multi File (Interactive Software People), Multi Sports (set 1),
  Multi Sports (set 2), Multi-Chop, Multi-Coloured Sprite Graphics, Multi-Player Soccer Manager, Multi-Player Soccer Manager (Cult),
  Multiface One Crack-Killer, Multifont 2, Multikont, Multiload, Multimixx 1, Multimixx 2, Multimixx 3, Multimixx 4, Multimixx 5,
  Mummy Mummy, Mummy's Crypt v1.0, Mummy's Crypt v2.1, Munch Man (DK'Tronics), Munch-Man (Astro Software), Muncher, The Muncher,
  Muncher (Forward Software), Munchman (Contrast), Mundial De Futbol, Mundo Magico, El Mundo Perdido (Set 1),
  El Mundo Perdido (set 2), Munnery's Mergatroids & Night Driver, The Munsters, The Munsters (Alternative), MUP, Murder, The Murder,
  The Murder (set 2), Murder & Father Of Darkness, Murder (Central Solutions), Murder (set 2) (Central Solutions), Murder - He Said,
  Murder - He Said (Zenobi) - Release 1, Murder - He Said (Zenobi) - Release 2, Murder At Hamilton Halls,
  Murder At Hamilton Halls (set 2), Murder At The Manor, Murder At The Manor (Omega Software), Murder Hunt,
  Murder Hunt (Moonchild Software), Murder Hunt (Zenobi), Murder Hunt (set 2), Murder Hunt 2, Murder Hunt 2 (set 2),
  Murder In The Rue Morgue, Murder Mystery, A Murder Mystery Weekend, Murder Mystery Weekend (set 2), Murder Off Miami,
  Murder Off Miami (set 2), Muren, Murkwood, Murphy, Murphy's Murder Hunt, Murphy's Murder Hunt (set 2), Mushroom Alley,
  Mushroom Mania, Mushrooms From Mars, Music (R D Foord Software), Music (Scotsoft), Music 1, Music And Lights, Music Box - 128k,
  Music Box - 48k, Music Composer, Music Composer & Music Writer, Music Composer - S5.10, Music Composer - S5.10a - Tape 1,
  Music Composer - S5.10a - Tape 2, Music Composer - S5.10a - Tape 3, Music Composer - S5.10a - Tape 4, Music Logic, Music Machine,
  Music Maestro, Music Maker, Music Master, Music Synth, Music Typewriter, Music Writer, Music Writer (R D Foord Software),
  Music Writer (set 2), Music Writer - Series 5 Version D, Music Writer Data Tape, The Musical Megademo 1, Mutan Zone,
  Mutan Zone - Part 1, Mutan Zone - Part 2, Mutant, Mutant (River Software), Mutant Ant Attack, Mutant Fortress,
  Mutant Monty (set 1), Mutant Monty (set 2), Mutants, Mutants (Erbe), Mutations, Muter - Tech Demo, Mutiny - Part 1,
  Mutiny - Part 2, My Secret File, My Word (set 1), My Word (set 2), Myla Di'Kaich, Mysterious Fairground,
  Mysterious Fairground (set 2), Mystery Manor, The Mystery Of Arkham Manor, The Mystery Of Arkham Manor (set 2),
  Mystery Of Silver Mountain, Mystery Of The Indus Valley, Mystery Of The Indus Valley (set 2), Mystery Of The Nile,
  Mystery Of The Nile (set 2), Mystical, Myth (MCM), Myth - History In The Making, Myth - History In The Making (Kixx),
  N.O.M.A.D. (set 1), N.O.M.A.D. (set 2), Naanas, The Nameless One, Nanako Descends To Hell,
  Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle, Napoleon At War, Napoleon's Wars, Narc, Narc (Erbe), Narc (The Hit Squad),
  Narco Police, Narco Police (GBH), Nat West Trophy, The National, National Hunt Race Ratings, NATO Alert, Nato Assault,
  NATO Assault Course, Nature Trail, Navex v3.0, Navy Moves, Navy Moves (Serie Leyenda), Navy Moves (set 2),
  Navy Moves (The Hit Squad), Navy Moves - Small Orange Case, Navy Seals, Navy Seals (Erbe), Nebula, Nebulus, Nebulus (set 2),
  Necris Dome, The Necronomycon, The Necronomycon (set 2), Negy A Nyero, Neighbours, Neighbours (Zeppelin), Neil Android,
  NEIL Android (EDOS), Neil Android - Bugfix, Nemesis (set 1), Nemesis (set 2, The Hit Squad), Nemesis The Warlock (set 1),
  Nemesis The Warlock (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Nemesis The Warlock (set 3), Nemo's Island, Neptune's Caverns,
  Nervos This Position, Nervos This Position (set 2), Nether Earth, The Nether Poppleton Treasure Hunt,
  Netherworld (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Netherworld (Erbe), Netherworld (set 1), Netherworld (set 2), Network Exeter,
  Network Waterloo, The Never Ending Story (128k release), The Never Ending Story (48k release), Never Go With Strangers,
  Never Trust A Blond, Never Trust A Blond (Add-On Electronics), New Anatomy, New Birkdale, New Cylon Attack, New Format Copy V1.0,
  New Frogger & Specman, New Testament Background, New Venture, New Wheels John, New York Warriors, The New Zealand Story,
  The New Zealand Story (Erbe), The New Zealand Story (The Hit Squad), Newcastle Upon Tyne Power Box, Newsdesk 1,
  Newsdesk 2 & What Now 4, Newtext, Newton Almaja, Nexor, Nexor (Mastering Tape), Nexor (Zeppelin), Next War, Nexus, Nexus (Prism),
  Nick Faldo Plays The Open, Nick Faldo Plays The Open (Bug-Byte), Nick Faldo Plays The Open (Mind Games Espana),
  Nick Faldo Plays The Open (Software House), Nicotine Nightmare, Nifty Lifty, Nifty Lifty (Currys), Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix,
  Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (Erbe), Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix (React), Nigel Mansell's World Championship, Night Bomber,
  Night Bomber (King), Night Breed, Night Breed (The Hit Squad), Night Gunner, Night Gunner (Byte-Back), Night Gunner (Silverbird),
  Night Gunner {Portuguese}, Night Hunter, Night Raider, Night Raider (Ad Astra), Night Raider (Erbe), Night Raider (Kixx),
  Night Shift, The Night Sky, The Night Sky - Second Edition, The Night Sky v0.01, The Night Sky v3.08, Night Stalker, Nightflite,
  Nightflite (set 2) Cover, Nightflite II, Nightmare (Jill Cooper), Nightmare (K'Soft Ltd), Nightmare Journey, Nightmare Park,
  Nightmare Park & Blok, Nightmare Park & Power Blok, Nightmare Park (Aackosoft), Nightmare Rally (set 1), Nightmare Rally (set 2),
  Nightmare Rally (set 3, Erbe), Nightmare! (William Quinn), Nightshade, Nightshade (Ricochet), Nightshade (loading screen hack),
  Nightshade (loading screen hack, alkatraz loader), Nightwing, Nightwing & Solaris, Nightwing (Zenobi), Nihilist,
  Nine Currant Buns, Nineteen Boot Camp (MCM), Ninja, Ninja - Bugfix, Ninja Commando, Ninja Commando (Mastering Tape),
  Ninja Grannies, Ninja Grannies - Demo, Ninja Hamster, Ninja Hamster (Dro Soft), The Ninja Master, The Ninja Master (MCM),
  Ninja Scooter Simulator, Ninja Scooter Simulator (MCM), Ninja Spirit, Ninja Spirit (MCM), Ninja Warriors, The Ninja Warriors,
  The Ninja Warriors (Dro Soft), Ninja Warriors (Tronix), Ninjajar! (English, v1.1), Ninjajar! (English, v1.1, turbo loader),
  Ninjajar! (Spanish, v1.1), Ninjajar! (Spanish, v1.1, turbo loader), Niteflite 1 (Aackosoft), No Limits (compilation), Noah,
  Noah (ESP), Noah (set 2), Noche Agitada, Nodes Of Yesod (128k release), Nodes Of Yesod (48k release), Nohzdyve,
  Nominas (Investronica), Nonocross, Nonterraqueous, Norman, Norman's Lament, Norman's Lament (Zenobi),
  North Wales 47 Fleet Manager, Nosferatu, Nosferatu El Vampiro (Zafiro), Nosferatu The Vampyre,
  Nosferatu The Vampyre (Alternative), Nosferatu The Vampyre (System 4), Not A Penny More, Not A Penny Less,
  Not The Lord Of The Rings, Note Invaders, Notlandung, Notorik, Novagen, Now Games, Now Games 2 (set 1), Now Games 2 (set 2),
  Now Games 3,
  Now Games 4 (Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future, Back to the Future, Hacker, Mission Omega, Jonah Barrington's Squash),
  Now Games 5, The Nowotnik Puzzle, Nuclear Attack, Nuclear Bowls (Serie Leyenda), Nuclear Countdown, Nudger, Nuke Lear, Nukescan,
  Number 6 In The Village, Number 6 In The Village (Global), Number 6 In The Village (Zenobi), Number 7, Number 7 - 16k, Number Fun,
  Number Maze (Mac-Mac Software), Number Painter, Number Tumblers, Number Wonderland, Numbers (R D Foord Software),
  Numbers At Work - Application Program, Numbers At Work - Teaching Program, Nursery Rhyme Adventure (set 1),
  Nursery Rhyme Adventure (set 2), Nutrion (Riko Data), Nythyhel, Nythyhel (The Guild), O Level French Revision - Vocabulary,
  O Level Maths Revision - Equations & Inequalities - Release 1, O Level Maths Revision - Equations & Inequalities - Release 2,
  O Level Maths Revision - Geometry - Release 1, O Level Maths Revision - Geometry - Release 2,
  O Level Maths Revision - Trigonometry, O Level Physics Revision - Light And Heat, The O Zone, The O Zone & Intruder Alert,
  The O Zone (Mastering Tape), The O Zone (set 2), O' Level - CSE Chemistry, O'Level Biology, O'Level Chemistry,
  O'Level Computer Science, O'Level Electronics, O'Level French, O'Level Maths, O'Level Physics, O.K. Yah!, Obliterator,
  Obliterator (Dro Soft), Oblivion, Obroty i Symetrie, Ocean Conqueror, The Ocean Dancer, The Ocean Dancer (set 2),
  The Ocean Dancer (set 3), The Ocean Dancer (set 4), Ocean Racer, Ocean Racer (Alternative), Ocean's Greatest Hits,
  The OCP Art Studio (Datel), Octagon, Octagon Squad, Octan, Octopus, Octopussy, OctuKitty, Odbicie Swiatla,
  Odczytywanie Skali Miernika, Odd Ball, Odd Job Eddie, Odd Job Eddie & Witchfiend, Odd One Out, Oddi The Viking, Odyssey 1,
  Odyssey 1 (Softstone), The Odyssey Of Hope, Off The Hook, Offenbach Meteo, Office Master, The Official Father Christmas,
  The Official Father Christmas (Alternative), Oh Mummy, Oh Mummy (Sinclair), Oil Strike, Oil Tycoon, Oink, Oink (Alternative),
  Old 49'er, Ole Toro (set 1, Spanish, medium case), Ole Toro (set 2, English, Americana), Ole Toro (set 3, English, Americana),
  Olga I, Oligopoly - Release 1, Oligopoly - Release 2, Oliver's Music Box, Olli & Lissa - The Ghost Of Shilmoore,
  Olli & Lissa 2 - Halloween, Ollie Octopus' Sketchpad, Olympiad '86, Olympic Challenge, Olympic Challenge (Mind Games Espana),
  Olympicon, Olympics, Olympics 84, Olympimania, Omadan Attack, Omega 1, Omega Run, Ometron, Ommadawn v0.4, Omni Copy, Omnicalc,
  Omnicalc 2, Omnicalc 2 Expansion Tape, Omnicopy 2, Omnicopy 2 (set 2), Omnicopy 2 (set 3), On Cue, On Reflection, On The Bench,
  On The Bench (EDOS), On The Flat, On The Oche, On The Oche (Paxman), On The Ropes II, On The Run, On The Run (Alfo Software),
  On The Run (MCM), On The Run (Silverbird), Once Upon A Lily Pad, One Dark Night, One Dark Night (set 2), One For The Road,
  One For The Road & Mutations, One Man And His Droid, One Man And His Droid (set 2), One Man And His Droid II,
  One Of Our Wombats Is Missing (set 2), One Of Our Wombats Is Missing!, One On One, One On One (Serma), Oops!, Op-Amp, The Open,
  The Open (Watson Software Services), The Open - Augusta, The Open - Pebble Beach, The Open - Pebble Beach (set 2),
  The Open - Pinehurst, The Open - Sandwich, The Open - Sunningdale, The Open - Troon, The Open - Turnberry,
  The Open - Turnberry (set 2), Opera Storys 1 (compilation), Operacion Conquista, Operation Alignment, Operation Berlin,
  Operation Caretaker, Operation Cerberus, Operation Colossus, Operation Colossus (set 2), Operation Colossus (set 3),
  Operation Hanoi, Operation Hormuz, Operation Hormuz (Alternative), Operation Hormuz (EDOS), Operation Nightingale,
  Operation Stallion, Operation Thunderbolt (set 1), Operation Thunderbolt (set 2, Erbe), Operation Thunderbolt (set 3, Portugal),
  Operation Thunderbolt (set 4, The Hit Squad), Operation Thunderbolt (set 5, Erbe - Musical 1), Operation Thunderbolt (set 6),
  Operation Thunderbowel, Operation Turtle, Operation Turtle (set 2), Operation Wolf, Operation Wolf (Erbe) (set 1),
  Operation Wolf (Erbe) (set 2), Operation Wolf (The Hit Squad), Opposition, The Oppressed Land, The Oracle's Cave, Orb, Orb Quest,
  Orb Quest (set 2), Orbit Of Doom, Orbiter (Paxman), Orbiter - Release 1, Orbiter - Release 2, Orbiter - Release 3,
  Orbix The Terrorball, Orbix The Terrorball (Bug-Byte), Orbix The Terrorball (Zafiro), Orc Attack, Orc Attack (Compulogical),
  Orc Attack (Sparklers), Orc Attack (Top Ten), Orc Island, Orc Island (set 2), Orc Island (set 3), Orc Slayer, Orc Slayer (set 2),
  Orchestra (side b only), Ordidactic (multi-format), Orfeus, Orfeus (Sintech), Organ Master, Oriental Games, Oriental Hero, Orion,
  Orm And Cheep - Narrow Squeaks, Orm And Cheep - The Birthday Party, Orpheus In The Underworld, Ortografia 1,
  El Oso Bobo (Investronica), Ostron, Otan Alerta & War Zone, Otan Alerta!, Othello, Othello (ERE),
  Othello (Professional Software) (side 1 only), OTHELLO (ZX-SOFT) EN, Othello 2005a, Otodolo 2, Out For The Count,
  Out Of The Limelight, Out Of The Shadows, Out Of This World, Out Of This World Vol. 1, Outcast (set 1), Outcast (set 2), Outlaw,
  Outlaw (EDOS), Outlet (Issue 001-003), Outlet (Issue 030), Outlet (Issue 051), Outlet (Issue 052), Outlet (Issue 053),
  Outlet (Issue 054), Outlet Extra (Issue 001), OUTplay v1.3+, Outrun, Outrun (Erbe), Outrun (Kixx), Outrun Europa,
  Outrun Europa (Erbe), Outrun Europa (Kixx), Over The Spectrum Cassette 1, Over The Spectrum Cassette 2,
  Over The Spectrum Cassette 3, Overkill, Overlander, Overlander (Encore), Overlander (MCM), Overlord, Overlord & Stalingrad,
  Overlords, P-47 Thunderbolt (P-47 The Freedom Fighter) (set 1), P-47 Thunderbolt (P-47 The Freedom Fighter) (set 2, small case),
  P-47 Thunderbolt (P-47 The Freedom Fighter) (set 3, MCM), P.H.M. Pegasus (set 1), P.H.M. Pegasus (set 2, Dro Soft),
  P.H.M. Pegasus (set 3), P.H.M. Pegasus (set 4, Dro Soft), P.O.D. (Proof Of Destruction), P.S.E. Games Tape 2, P.S.E. Games Tape 3,
  Pac-Land, Pac-Man Emulator (v1.1), Pac-Man Emulator (v1.2 - Monochrome), Pac-Man Emulator (v1.2 Colour), Pac-Mania, Pacific War,
  Pack Angel Garcia Delgado, Pack Army Moves + Dustin, Pack Monstruo (Army Moves, Dustin, Livingstone Supongo, Highway Encounter),
  Pack Of Aces (compilation), Packhouse Pete, Packhouse Pete (Quicksilva), PACO (Investronica), Paddington And The Disappearing Ink,
  Paddington's Early Visit, Paddington's Garden Game, Paddington's Problem Picture, Paddington's Shopping Mix-Up, The Page Maker,
  Page's Castle Quest, Paint Craze, Paint Plus, Paint-Demo (Profisoft), Paintbox, Painter, The Painter 58, Paintpot,
  Los Pajaros De Bangkok, Pakacuda, Pakacuda - Bugfix, Pan-Galactic Cocktail Mixer, Panama Joe, Panama Joe - Prototype #1,
  Pandemia - Joystick, Pandemia - Teclado, Pandemonia, Pang, Panic (Mikro-Gen) (release 1), Panic (Mikro-Gen) (release 2),
  Panic (Monsters In Hell) (Investronica), Panic (Monsters In Hell) (Microbyte), Panic (PSS / Krypton Force), Panic (PSS),
  Panico En El Express (Monser), Panique, Panther, Panzadrome, Panzer 3D, Panzer Attack, Papa Noel, Paper Book (J. Soft),
  Paper Chase, Paperboy, Paperboy (Encore), Paperboy 2, Para Academy, Para Academy (Mastering Tape), Para Assault (Mastering Tape),
  Para Assault Course, Parabel, Parabola, Parachute (Miguetelo) (set 1), Parachute (Miguetelo) (set 2), The Paradise Connection,
  The Paradise Connection (set 2), Paradise In Microdot, Paradox, Paradroids, Paragram, Paranoid Pete, Paras, Paratroopers,
  Parchis (Investronica), Parejas, Paris Trip, Park Patrol, Parole, Parole (set 2), Party Program, Pascal (GCE Tutoring),
  Pascal Compiler, Pascal v2.3 (AAC Software), Pascal's Triangle, Pasion Por El Water, Pass Your Driving Test, Passing Shot,
  Passing Shot (Encore), Passing Shot (MCM), Passing Shot (The Hit Squad), Past The Cyclop's Lair, Past The Cyclops Lair (set 2),
  Pasteman Pat, Pastimes 1, Pastimes 2, Pat The Postman - Release 1, Pat The Postman - Release 2,
  Patagoras (Issue 01) - Ley De Boyle-Mariotte, Patagoras (Issue 03) - Espejos Planos, Patagoras (Issue 05) - Caida Libre,
  The Patch, Path Find, Pathfinder, Paul McCartney's Give My Regards To Broad Street, Paul Woakes' Mercenary 1 Compendium, Pawn,
  The Pawn, The Pawn (set 2), The Pawn (set 3), Pawns Of War, Pawns Of War (Zenobi), Pawns Of War (Zenobi) (set 2),
  Pawns Of War (set 2), Paws, Payroll (Hilderbay Ltd), Payroll v3.1, Pazazz - Files, Pazazz - Programs, PB-U1 Audiokeft,
  PCB Designer, PCW Games Collection For The Spectrum, PD Tape 01 Spectrum Comms, PD3, PD4, Peak Fleet Manager, Pearl Harbour,
  Pebble Beach, Pedro, Pedro Na Ostrove Piratov, Peep Show, Peepshow (Awk Software), Pegasus, Pegasus Bridge,
  Pegasus Bridge (Summit), The Pen And The Dark, The Pen And The Dark (set 2), Penalty Soccer, Pendant Of Logryn,
  The Pendant Of Logryn, The Pendant Of Logryn (set 2), Pendragon, PENELESS, Peneless & Toot'n Come In (set 1),
  Peneless & Toot'n Come In (set 2), Penetrator, Penetrator (Microbyte), Pengy, Pengy (Micromania), The Pentacle, Pentagram,
  Pentagram (loading screen hack), Pentagram (Review Copy), The Penticle, Pentominoes, Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo,
  Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo (Erbe), Perigos Na Selva, Perils Of Bear George, Perils Of Bear George (MCI), Periscope Up,
  Perry Pumpkin, Persecucion En Australia, Perseus, Perseus And Andromeda, Perseus And Andromeda (Channel 8),
  Perseus And Andromeda (set 2), Personal Banking System (Micromega), Personal Banking System - Master Modified Copy,
  Personal Banking System - Version 1 - Release 1, Personal Banking System - Version 1 - Release 2,
  Personal Banking System - Version 4, Personal Best, Personal Computer Games (Issue 03), Personal Computer Games (Issue 13),
  Personal Computer Whirled!, Personal Computer Whirled! (Electric Storm), Personal Computer Whirled! (Zenobi), Personal Finance,
  Personal Investor, Personality Check, Pete Bog, Peter Beardsley's International Football,
  Peter Beardsley's International Football (Bug-Byte Premier), Peter Beardsley's International Football (Zafiro), Peter Pack Rat,
  Peter Pan, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona, Peter Shilton's Handball Maradona (Bug-Byte), Peterborough Powerbox,
  Pettigrew Chronicles, Petulant Poogslay Powerful Parade (v1.3), PFN Editor, Phantasia, Phantasmagraphics, Phantis (set 1),
  Phantis (set 2), Phantis (set 3, Small Black Case), Phantom Club, Phantom Club (Erbe), Phantomas, Phantomas En El Museo (set 1),
  Phantomas En El Museo (set 2), Phantomas Saga 1 Infinity, Phantomas Tales #4 - Severin Sewers, Phantomasa (v3.0),
  Phantomasa 2 - In the Land of the Grunge Wizards (128k version, v2.0),
  Phantomasa 2 - In the Land of the Grunge Wizards (48k version, v2.0), Phantomasa 3 - Fundamentally Loathsome, Pharaoh's Tomb,
  Pharaoh's Tomb (Software For All), Pharoahs Tomb (Al Rushaid), PHART, Phasor Chase, Phileas Fogg's Balloon Battles, Phineas Frogg,
  The Philosopher's Stone & The Greatest Show On Earth, The Philosophers Stone, The Philosophers Stone (set 2),
  The Philosophers Stone (set 3), Phoenix (Zenobi), Phoenix (Zenobi) (set 2), Photo Finish, Photon, Physics, Physics 'A' Level,
  Physics (Charles Letts & Co) - Tape 1, Physics (Collins), Physics (Hill MacGibbon), Physics (Homestudy Ltd),
  Physics (Penguin Study Software), Physics 0 - A Level (Paxman), Physics 1 (Think Tank),
  Physics Examination Practise & Tests O Level, Physics O-A Level (Paxman), Physik Lernprogramm, Pi, Pi-Balled, Pi-Balled (set 2),
  Pi-Eyed, Pi-In-'Ere, Pi-R Squared, Pi-R Squared (Bug-Byte), Los Picapiedra (MCM), Pick 'n' Mix 1, Pick 'n' Mix 2, Pick 'n' Pile,
  Pick And Poke It, Pick Pocket, Pict Load, Pictionary, Pictionary (The Hit Squad), Picture Book, Picture Logic,
  A Picture Of Innocence, A Picture Of Innocence (Central Solutions), A Picture Of Innocence (set 2), Piggy, Piggy (Bug-Byte),
  Pilgrim's Progress, Pillage Cosmique, Pimania, Pimania (set 2), Pimania (set 3), Pinball (Sagittarian Software), Pinball Power,
  Pinball Wizard, Pinehurst, Ping Pong (set 1), Ping Pong (set 2, Erbe), Ping Pong (set 3, The Hit Squad),
  Ping Pong (set 4, Erbe, medium case), Ping Pong (set 5, Erbe, small case), Ping Pong (set 6), Pingo, Pingo (set 2), Pink Panther,
  El Pintor (Microbyte), PIONEER, Pipe Mania, Pipe Mania (Proein), Pipe Mania (Touch Down!), Pipeline (with SOS revised version),
  Pippo, Piramide (set 1), Piramide (set 2), Pirate, Pirate 7B - Special Agent, Pirate Adventure, Pirate Gold, Pirate Gold (set 2),
  Piromania, Pit-Fighter, Pit-Fighter & Super Space Invaders, Pit-Fighter (The Hit Squad), Pitcalc, Pitfall II - Lost Caverns,
  Pitfall II - Lost Caverns (Firebird), Pitfall ZX (set 1), Pitfall ZX (set 2), Pitman 7, Pitman Seven, Piton, Los Pitufos,
  Pizza Bar, The Plagues Of Egypt, Plan And Design Your Own Garden, Planet Of Death, Planet Of Death (Profisoft),
  Planet Of Death (Sinclair), Planet Patrol, Planet Protector, Planetfall, Planetfall (Argus Press), Planetoids & Missile,
  The Planets, The Planets - 128k, The Planters Guide, Plasma Ball, Platform Game Designer, Platinum (set 1) (compilation),
  Platinum (set 2) (compilation), Platoon (Erbe - The Hit Squad), Platoon (Erbe), Platoon (The Hit Squad), Platoon - Release 1,
  Platoon - Release 2, Play It Again, Play It Again Sam, Play Schweppes, Play What I Play - 128k, Play What I Play - 48k,
  Play Your Cards Right, Play Your Cards Right (Britannia), Play, Type And Transpose, Plexar, The Plot, Plotting, Plotting (Erbe),
  Pluggit, Plum Duff, Plummet, Plummet (ABC Soft), Plunder, Plus 3 PD2, Plus D Disc Manager, Plus D Hacker,
  Plus D System Tape (MGT), Plus D System Tape v1.0, Plus D System Tape v2.3, Plus D System Tape v2a, Pneumatic Hammers,
  Pocket Book Games, Pod (Centipedes), Podder, El Poder Oscuro (set 1), El Poder Oscuro (set 2), Podzielnosc Liczb, Pogo,
  Pogostick Olympics, Pogostick Olympics (MCM), Pogotron, Pogotron (MCM), Poker (Duckworth), Poker v3.1 (V&M Soft),
  Pokerama Main Code, Pokerama Tape 1, Pokerama Tape 2, Pokes Galore, Pokes Tape 1, Pokes Y Cargadores (Micromania), Polaris,
  Pole Position, Pole Position (G. Whitehead) (release 1), Pole Position (G. Whitehead) (release 2), Pole Position (set 2),
  Pole Position (set 3), Pole Position (set 4, US Gold), Pole Position (set 5, US Gold),
  Polearn - A Cornish Tale of Mystery and the Supernatural (version 1.0), Poli Diaz, Poli Diaz Boxeo, Polmer, Polynomials,
  Polynomials (set 2), Polynomit, Pontoon Plus Cribbage And Mastermind, Pony Express, Poogaboo, Pool, Pool (299), Pool (Abrasco),
  Pool (Blue Ribbon), Pool (CDS), Pool (Omega), Pool Perm, Pools Forecast, Pools Predictor, Pools System, Pools Winner (copy?),
  Poolsdata, Poolsmaster, Poolsmaster (Asirus), Poolswinner, Poolswinner - Australian 1985 Version, Pooyan, Pop Quiz '85,
  Pop Quizz, Popeye (Alternative), Popeye (Dk'Tronics), Popeye (Macmillan), Popeye (System 4), Popeye (Zafiro), Popeye 2,
  Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy, The Popeye Collection, Popie, Pornocopy, Porzellan, Poseidon Planet Eleven, Post Mortem, Poster Machine,
  Postman Pat, Postman Pat (EDOS), Postman Pat 2, Postman Pat 3, The Postman Pat Hit Collection, Postman Pat's Trail Game,
  Potegi i Pierwiastki, Potsworth & Co, Potty Painter, Potty Pigeon (set 1), Potty Pigeon (set 2), Potty Planter, Power Drift,
  Power Drift (set 2), Power Drift (set 3, The Hit Squad), Power Graphics, Power Graphics (set 2), Power House, Power Magic,
  The Power Pack, Power Plays, Power Pyramids, Power Pyramids (Bug-Byte Premier), Power Up (compilation), Powerama,
  Powerbox Reading, Powergraphics (set 3), Powerplay - The Game of the Gods, Powerplay - The Game of the Gods (MCM), Powerprint 2,
  Praca z Tekstem 1, Practical Wireless Magazine Radio Programs 3, Practically Impossible, Prawa Dziedzicznosci, Prawa Kirchhoffa,
  Prawa Zalamania Swiatla, Pre School - Early School Tutor, Pre-history, Predator (Set 1), Predator (set 2, Erbe / The Hit Squad),
  Predator (set 3, Proein), Predator (set 4, The Hit Squad), Predator 2, Predator 2 (MCM), The Prediction Birthday File,
  Prelude & Antteroo, Prelude To D-Day, Prelude To D-Day (set 2), Premier II - Release 1, Premier II - Release 2,
  Premier II - Superleague, Premier League, Premier League & European Trophy, Premier Promoter, President, The Press,
  The Prestige Collection, The Price Of Magik, The Price Of Magik (set 2), Pride Of The Federation, Pride Of The Federation (set 2),
  Pride Of The Federation (set 3), Pride Of The Federation (set 4), Pride Of The Federation (set 5), Pride Utilities, De Prijsvraag,
  Primary Arithmetic, Primeall Instinct, The Prince, The Prince (ACS Software), The Prince Of Tyndal,
  Prince Of Tyndal & Jekyll And Hyde Part 1, The Prince Of Tyndal (set 2), The Prince Of Tyndal - YS Freebie, La Princesa,
  Print Shop, Print Utilities, Printer Software (McGraw-Hill), Prison Blues & Magicians Apprentice, Prison Riot,
  The Prisoner (Carol & Paul Bradbury), The Prisoner (Commodore Plus), The Prisoner - Who Is Number 1,
  The Prisoner - Who Is Number 1 (set 2), Prisoner Of The Village, The Prisoner v1, The Prisoner v2, The Prisoner v2 (set 2),
  The Prisoner v2 (set 3), Privat Budget, Privateer, The Prize, Pro DOS Basic, Pro DOS Basic v1.1, Pro Go Kart Simulator, Pro Golf,
  Pro Golf II, Pro Loader, Pro Mountain Bike Simulator, Pro Pinball, Pro Tennis Tour, Pro Tennis Tour (MCM),
  Pro Tennis Tour (The Hit Squad), Pro-Mat (Side A only), Proceeding Electronic System Printer Interface - 16k-48k Printer,
  Proceeding Electronic System Printer Interface - 16k-48k Seikosha, The Prodigy (set 1), The Prodigy (set 2),
  Professional Adventure Writer - A04C, Professional Adventure Writer - A06C, Professional Adventure Writer - A09C,
  Professional Adventure Writer - A17C, Professional Adventure Writer - Microdrive Version,
  Professional Adventure Writer - User Overlays, Professional Footballer, Professional Linear Programming,
  Professional Ski Simulator, Professional Soccer, Profile 1, Profile 2, Program Head Reader, Program Pack 1 (Solar Software),
  Program Protection Toolkit, Programmable Joystick Software, Programmable Sound Generator, Programmeer Cursus BASIC,
  Programmer's Workshop, Programmers Dream, Progs-File v2.1, Prohibition, Prohibition (Players), Project Future,
  Project Future (Currys), Project Nova, Project Nova (Zenobi), Project Stealth Fighter, Project Stealth Fighter (Kixx),
  Project Stealth Fighter - +2 Compatible, Projector 1, Promer-SP, Promer-SP (set 2), The Prophecy,
  The Prophecy & The Gladiator (set 1), The Prophecy & The Gladiator (set 2), Prospect 2, Prospect 4, The Prospector,
  The Prospector (set 2), The Prospector - No Bugs, Protect And Survive, Protect And Survive (alt), Protect And Survive (set 2),
  Protector, Proteus & Android Pit Rescue, Proteus (Ultrasoft), Protext v1.0, Protitler 3, Prowler, Prowler (Pride Utilities),
  PRT 64 - Release 1, PRT 64 - Release 2, Przewodnik Uzytkownika ZX Spectrum +, Przewodnik Uzytkownika Zx Spectrum,
  Psi 5 Trading Company, Psi Chess, Psi Chess (The Micro Selection), PSI Games, PSI Games (Paxman), Psi-Spy, Pssst,
  Pssst (Sinclair), Psychedelia, Psycho City, Psycho Hopper, Psycho Pigs U.X.B., Psycho Soldier, Psycho Soldier (Erbe), Psytraxx,
  Psytron, Psytron (French), Pub Crawl, Pub Games, Pub Games (Prism Leisure), Pud Pud (set 1), Pud Pud (set 2, Americana),
  Pud Pud (set 3), Pud Pud (set 4, loading screen hack), Puffball, Puffy's Saga, Puffy's Saga (The Hit Squad), La Pulga,
  Pulsator (set 1), Pulsator (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Pulsator (set 3), Pulse Warrior, Pulsoid, Punch And Judy, Punchy,
  Punchy (Sinclair), Puncman 1 And 2, Puncman 3 And 4, The Punisher - Mock Screen, Punctuation Pete, Punctuation Pete & Wordfinder,
  Punters Pal, Purchase Day Book, Purchase Ledger, Purple Saturn Day, Purple Saturn Day (Erbe), Push Off, Pusher, Puslespill,
  Pussy - Love Story From Titanic (set 1), Pussy - Love Story From Titanic (set 2), Puzzle Drama, Puzzled!,
  Puzzled! (Adventure Workshop), Puzznic, Puzznic (Erbe), Puzznic (The Hit Squad), Pyjamarama (Italian), Pyjamarama - Release 1,
  Pyjamarama - Release 2, Pyjamarama - Release 3, Pyjamarama - Release 4, Pyjamarama - Release 5, Pyjamarama - Trade Copy,
  Pyracurse, Pyracurse (Rack-It), Pyramania (Bug-Byte), The Pyramid, The Pyramid (GI Games), The Pyramid (Paxman),
  Pyramid Of Rameses, Q10 Tankbuster, QRA, QRA - Maidenhead Locator Program, Quack-Shot, Quackers, Quackers (set 2),
  Quadrax (set 1), Quadrax (set 2), Qualitas, Qualitas Plus Display Pack 1, Quann-Tulla, Quann-Tulla (GI Games),
  Quann-Tulla (set 2), Quann-Tulla (set 3), Quantum Gardening, Quarks, Quarterback, Quarterback (Nab Software), Quarterly Analysis,
  Quartet (Vortex Software, compilation), Quartet (set 1), Quartet (set 2, The Hit Squad), Quartet (set 3),
  Quattro Adventure (Ghost Hunters, Super Robin Hood, Dizzy, Vampire),
  Quattro Arcade (Advanced Pinball Simulator, Fruit Machine Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator 2, 3D Starfighter),
  Quattro Cartoon (Little Puff in Dragonland, Wizard Willy, Frankenstein Jnr, Olli & Lissa 3 - The Candlelight Adventure),
  Quattro Coinops (Advanced Pinball Simulator, Pub Trivia, Fruit Machine Simulator, Fast Food! Dizzy),
  Quattro Combat (SAS Combat Simulator, Ninja Massacre, Death Stalker, Arcade Flight Simulator),
  Quattro Fantastic (Fruit Machine Simulator, Wacky Darts, Pub Trivia, Monte Carlo Casino),
  Quattro Fighters (The Guardian Angel, Kamikaze, Mig-29 Soviet Fighter, SAS Combat Simulator),
  Quattro Firepower (Mig-29 Soviet Fighter, Operation Gunship, Terra-Cognita, 3D Starfighter),
  Quattro Megastars (CJ's Elephant Antics, Little Puff in Dragonland, Bigfoot, Sky High Stuntman) (set 1),
  Quattro Megastars (CJ's Elephant Antics, Little Puff in Dragonland, Bigfoot, Sky High Stuntman) (set 2),
  Quattro Power (Motocross Simulator, Twin Turbo V8, ATV Simulator, Power Boat Simulator),
  Quattro Racers (ATV Simulator, BMX Simulator 2, BMX Freestyle Simulator, Championship Jetski Simulator),
  Quattro Skills (Pro Skateboard Simulator, International Rugby Simulator, 11-A-Side Soccer, Pro Tennis Simulator),
  Quattro Sports (BMX Simulator, Grand Prix Simulator, Professional Ski Simulator, Professional Snooker Simulator),
  Quattro Super Hits (Super Stunt Man, KGB SuperSpy, Super Tank Simulator, Super Hero), Quazatron, Quazer, Que Es El Pert,
  The Quest, The Quest (Riko Data), Quest Adventure, Quest Adventure (Riko Data), Quest For Eternity, Quest For The Crystal Gloworm,
  The Quest For The Golden Eggcup, The Quest For The Golden Eggcup (Mastertronic), Quest For The Holy Grant Cheque,
  The Quest For The Holy Grail, The Quest For The Holy Grail (Mastertronic), Quest For The Holy Joystick,
  Quest For The Holy Joystick (GI Games), Quest For The Holy Something, Quest For The Holy Something (set 2),
  Quest For The Poorly Snail, Quest For The Poorly Snail (set 2), Quest For The Poorly Snail (set 3),
  The Quest For The Holy Something, Quest For The Power Rod, Quest For Witchcraft (set 1), Quest For Witchcraft (set 2),
  Quest For Witchcraft (set 3, demo), The Quest Of The Golden Orange Peel, A Question Of Scruples - 128k,
  A Question Of Scruples - 48k, A Question Of Sport, A Question Of Sport (EDOS), A Question Of Sport (Encore),
  Questprobe 1 - The Hulk, Questprobe 1 - The Hulk (Americana), Questprobe 1 - The Hulk (set 2), Questprobe 2 - Spiderman,
  Questprobe 2 - Spiderman (Americana), Questprobe 2 - Spiderman (set 2), Questprobe 3 - Human Torch & The Thing,
  Questprobe 3 - Human Torch & The Thing (set 2), Questprobe 3 - Human Torch & The Thing (set 3), Quetzalcoatl, Quick Draw McGraw,
  Quick Thinking, Quicksave II, Quicksave II v1.0, Quicksave v1.3, The Quill, The Quill & Illustrator,
  The Quill Adventure System - A03, The Quill Adventure System - A03 (set 2), The Quill Adventure System - A06,
  The Quill Adventure System - A08, The Quill Adventure System - C02, The Quill Adventure System - C02 (set 2),
  The Quill Adventure System - C04, The Quill Adventure System - C05, Quill Thrill Vol. 1, Quill Thrill Vol. 2, Quincy,
  Quiniela Hipica, Quinielas, Quiz Of Europe, Quiz Quest, Quiz Timer, R-SWYPE, R-Type, R-Type (MCM), R-Type (The Hit Squad),
  R.B.I. 2 Baseball, R.B.I. 2 Baseball (The Hit Squad), Rabbit In Nightmareland, Rabbit In Wonderland (128k, English/Spanish),
  Rabbit In Wonderland (48k, English), Rabbit In Wonderland (48k, Spanish), Rabbit Shoot, The Race, Race Ace, Race Ace (Micro Gold),
  Race Fun, Race Pack #4, Racehorse Trainer & Stock Car, The Racing Game, Racing League, Racing Manager, Racing Manager Data,
  Racing Predictions - Flat Racing, Racing Predictions - National Hunt Racing, Rad Ramp Racer, Radio Programs 5, Radio Teletype,
  Radio World, Radio-Hams, Radio-Hams (set 2), Radiomania, Radix VII, Raffles, Raid On Lethos, Raid Over Moscow (set 1),
  Raid Over Moscow (set 2, Americana), Raid Over Moscow (set 3), Raid Over Moscow (set 4, Dro Soft),
  Raid Over Moscow (set 5, Americana), Raider, Raider 41, Raider Of The Cursed Mine, Raider Of The Forgotten Ark,
  Raiders Of The Lost Tomb, Rail Tour Scotland, Rail Traffic Control Crewe, Rail Traffic Control Crewe (set 2),
  Rail Traffic Control Doncaster, Rail Traffic Control Exeter, Rail Traffic Control Kings Cross 1990, Rail Traffic Control Leeds,
  Rail Traffic Control Powerbox Bristol Temple Meads, Railtour South, Railtour West,
  Rainbow Collection (Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands, The New Zealand Story), Rainbow Copia, Rainbow Islands (set 1),
  Rainbow Islands (set 2, Erbe), Rainbow Islands (set 3, The Hit Squad), Rainbow Islands (set 4), Rainy Day, Rakattak,
  Rally Bug (with Banger Management), Rally Driver, Rally Driver (Alternative), Rally Driver (Micro Mart),
  Rally Simulator (Mastering Tape), Rallybug, RAM, RAM (alt), Ram Test 48, Rambo (set 1), Rambo (set 2, The Hit Squad),
  Rambo (set 3, Erbe), Rambo (set 4, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Rambo (set 5), Rambo (set 6, bugfix), Rambo III, Rambo III (Ablex),
  Rambo III (Erbe) (set 1), Rambo III (Erbe) (set 2), Rambo III (The Hit Squad), Ramire, El Vampire (set 1, Spanish),
  Ramire, El Vampire (set 2, Spanish), Ramiro El Vampiro Revamp (English), Ramiro El Vampiro Revamp (Spanish),
  Ramiro El Vampiro Revamp (Spanish/English double sided tape) (set 1),
  Ramiro El Vampiro Revamp (Spanish/English double sided tape) (set 2), Ramiro, The Vampire (set 1, English),
  Ramiro, The Vampire (set 2, English), Ramon Rodriguez (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Rampage, Rampage (The Hit Squad), Ramparts,
  Ramparts (Erbe), RAMS IV, Rana Rama, Rana Rama (Erbe), Rana Rama (Players Premiere), La Rana Z-Man, Ranch,
  Randy Warner And The Aztec Idol, RAPEDES, Rapid Fire, Rapscallion, Raptores De La Galaxia (Investronica), RAS List 93,
  Rasputin, Rastan, Rastan (Erbe), Rastan (The Hit Squad), Raster Runner, Raster Scan, Rath-Tha, The Rats, Rattler, The Raven,
  Ravine, Raw Recruit, Raymond Pringle's Quest For The Fabled Jar Of Pickled Cabbage, Razas De Noche (Erbe - Musical 1),
  RD Digital Tracer - Issue 2, Re-Evolucion, Reaction Tester, REACTOR, Read Right Away - Reading Pack 1, Reader, Ready Steady Go,
  Ready Steady Go (System 4), Real Debug, The Real Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters (MCM), The Real Ghostbusters (The Hit Squad),
  The Real Stunt Experts (Alternative), The Real Stunt Experts (Winner), The Real You, Reality Hacker, The Realm & Boxing Manager,
  The Realm (Cult Games), Realm Of Darkness, Realm Of Darkness & Matchmaker, Realm Of Darkness (Zenobi), Realm Of Impossibility,
  Realm Of Impossibility (Dro Soft), Realm Of The Undead, Realm Of The Undead (MC Lothlorien), Reaper, Reasoning, Rebel,
  Rebel (Ricochet), Rebel Planet, Rebelstar, Rebelstar 2, The Rebelstar Collection, Rebelstar Raiders, Reckless Rufus, Red Alert,
  Red Alert (set 2), Red Arrows, Red Arrows (Alternative), Red Attack, Red Attack - Pre-Release Sample, Red Baron,
  Red Baron (set 2), The Red Book, Red Dragon, Red Hawk, Red Hawk Demo, Red Heat (set 1), Red Heat (set 2, Erbe),
  Red Heat (set 3, The Hit Squad), Red Heat (set 4), Red Led, The Red Lion, The Red Lion (set 2), Red Moon, Red Riding Hood,
  Red Scorpion, Red Scorpion (Bug-Byte), Red Weed, Redcoats, Reflections, Reflections (Forward Software),
  Regreso Al Futuro - Parte II (MCM), Reichswald, Renaud (Zafiro), Renegade, Renegade (Erbe), Renegade - 128k (The Hit Squad),
  Renegade 2 - Target Renegade, Renegade 2 - Target Renegade (The Hit Squad), Renegade 3 - The Final Chapter,
  Renegade 3 - The Final Chapter (Erbe), Renegade 3 - The Final Chapter (The Hit Squad), Rentakill Rita, Rentakill Rita (Dro Soft),
  Renumber & Delete, Replicate, Repton, Repton 2, Repton Mania (compilation), Repulsar, Rescate Atlantida (set 1, IB-S-006),
  Rescate Atlantida (set 2), Rescate Atlantida (set 3), Rescate En El Golfo (Serie Leyenda), Rescue (CRL), Rescue (CRL) (set 2),
  Rescue (Mastertronic), Rescue (Professional Software) (side 1 only), Rescue From Atlantis, Rescue From Doom,
  Rescue From Doom (The Guild), Rescue On Fractalus (set 1), Rescue On Fractalus (set 2, Mastertronic), Rescue On Fractalus (set 3),
  Retarded Creatures And Caverns, Retarded Creatures And Caverns (set 2), Retroinvaders (128k version), Retroinvaders (48k version),
  Retrospect's BAR-X, The Return Of The Holy Joystick (GI Games), Return Of The Jedi, Return Of The Jedi (Erbe),
  Return Of The Jedi (The Hit Squad), Return Of The Jedi - Death Star Battle, Return Of The Jedi - Death Star Battle (prototype 1),
  Return Of The Jedi - Death Star Battle (prototype 2), Return Of The Things, Return Of The Warrior, Return Of The Witch Lord,
  Return Of The Witch Lord (Dro Soft), Return To Earth, Return To Earth (set 2), Return To Eden, Return To Ithaca,
  Return To Ithaca (bugfix), Return To Oz, Reveal, Revenge Of Chaos, Revenge Of The C5, Revenge Of The C5 (Zafiro),
  Revenge Of The Killer Tomatoes, Revenge Of The Space Pirates, Revenge Of The Space Pirates (Adventure Probe), Reversals,
  Reversi, Reversi (Artic), Reversi (CDS), Reversi (Forward Software),
  Revised Champions Of Cricket - 2 To 6 Version Mark 5 -(side 2 only), Revised Champions Of Cricket 1993,
  Revised Champions Of Cricket 1994, Revised World Cup Cricket - Great Players Of The Sixties, Revised World Cup Cricket 1993,
  Revision, Revision (Ditto Data), Revolution (set 1), Revolution (set 2), Revolution (set 4, bugfix), Revolver, Rex, Rex (Winner),
  Rex Hard, Rhyme Cryme, Rhyme Cryme (Adventure Probe Software), Rhyme Cryme (Zenobi), Rick Dangerous, Rick Dangerous (Kixx),
  Rick Dangerous (MCM), Rick Dangerous (MCM, medium case), Rick Dangerous 2, Rick Dangerous 2 (Erbe), Rick Dangerous 2 (Kixx),
  Ricochet (Antonio Mateus) v1, Ricochet (Antonio Mateus) v2, Ricochet (Antonio Mateus) v2.1,
  Ricochet (Antonio Mateus) v2.1 - Load Screen, Ricochet (Firebird Software), Riddle Of The Sphinx, Riddler's Den (set 1),
  Riddler's Den (set 2, Silverbird), Riddler's Den (set 3, Proein), Riddler's Den (set 4, Proein), Riddler's Den (set 5), Rider,
  Riding The Rapids, Rifle Range, The Rifts Of Time, The Rifts Of Time (set 2), The Rifts Of Time (set 3), Rigel's Revenge,
  Rigel's Revenge (Bulldog), A Right Pile Of Crap, Rik The Roadie, The Ring Of Darkness, The Ring Of Dreams,
  The Ring Of Dreams (set 2), The Ring Of Inger, The Ring Of Inger (set 2), The Ring Of Inger (set 3), Ring Quest,
  Ring Quest (set 2), Ring Wars, Ring-O, Ringmaster, Rings Of Merlin, Rings Of Merlin (set 2), The Rings Of Saturn, RITTY-9,
  River Raid, River Raid (Firebird), River Rescue, River Rescue (Alternative), River Rescue (Compulogical),
  River Rescue (Creative Sparks), River Rescue (Sparklers), River Software Compilation, RJ's Ultimatum, RMS-3, Road Blasters,
  Road Blasters (Erbe), Road Blasters (Kixx), Road Frog, Road Frog (set 2), Road Race & Soccer, Road Racer, Road Racer (Thorn EMI),
  Road Racers, Road Racers (Paxman), Road Runner (Protek), Road Runner (set 1), Road Runner (set 2, Kixx),
  Road Runner (set 4, Correcaminos, Erbe), Road Runner And Wile E. Coyote, Road Safety Made Fun, Road Toad, Road Toad (DK'Tronics),
  Road Toad (Monser), Road Toad (Prism), Road Toad (Profisoft), Road Wars, Robber, Robin Candy's Playing Tips (set 1),
  Robin Candy's Playing Tips (set 2), Robin Candy's Playing Tips (set 3), Robin Of Sherlock, Robin Of Sherlock (CRL),
  Robin Of Sherlock (GI Games), Robin Of Sherlock (Zenobi), Robin Of Sherlock (set 2), Robin Of Sherwood, Robin Of Sherwood (set 2),
  Robin Of The Wood - 128k, Robin Of The Wood - 48k, Robin Smith's International Cricket,
  Robin Smith's International Cricket (set 2), Robin The Outlaw, Robo-City, Robocop (Erbe), Robocop (set 1),
  Robocop (set 2, Erbe - Musical 1), Robocop (The Hit Squad), Robocop 2, Robocop 2 (Erbe), Robocop 2 +2, Robocop 3,
  Robocop 3 (Erbe), Robocop 3 (loading screen hack), Robon, Robore, Robot Attack, Robot Factory, Robot Messiah, Robot Riot,
  Robot Rumpus, Robot Runner, Robotic Capers - Promo, Robotics, Roboto, Robotron (Krypton Force),
  Robotron 2084 (Atarisoft, unreleased), Robots Rumble (set 1), Robots Rumble (set 2), Robozone, Robyn Hode, Robyn Hode (set 2),
  Robyn Hode (set 3), Robyn Hode (set 4), Robyn Hode - A06, Rocco, Rock 'N Wrestle, Rock 'N Wrestle (Erbe),
  Rock 'N Wrestle (Firebird), Rock 'N Wrestle (MCM), Rock 'n'Roll, Rock Star Ate My Hamster (Portugal), Rock Star Goes Bizarre,
  Rocket Command, Rocket Man Mike, Rocket Raider, Rockfall (Top Ten), Rockford - The Arcade Game (with Rockman), Rockman,
  Rockman (Alligata), Rocky, Rocky - Medium Case, Rocky - Small Case, The Rocky Horror Show (EDOS),
  The Rocky Horror Show (System 4), The Rocky Horror Show - 128k, The Rocky Horror Show - 128k (Alternative),
  The Rocky Horror Show - 128k (set 2), The Rocky Horror Show - 48k, The Rocky Horror Show - 48k (Alternative), Rocman (Spanish),
  Rod Pike's Horror Compilation, Rod-Land, Rod-Land (Dro Soft), Rod-Land (Kixx), Rodeo Games (Micro Value), Rodillo, Rogue,
  Rogue Comet, Rogue Trooper, Rogue Trooper (Alternative), Rogue Trooper (System 4), Roland's Rat Race (set 1),
  Roland's Rat Race (set 2), Rollaround, Rollaround (Dro Soft), Roller Coaster, Roller Coaster (Encore), Rolling Thunder,
  Rolling Thunder (Kixx), Roly Poly In Hospital, Roman Empire, Romantic Robot Videoface, Rome 90, Rommel's Revenge,
  Romper Room's I Love My Alphabet, Ronnie Goes To Hollywood, Ronnie Goes To Hollywood (GI Games), Ronnie Goes To Hollywood - Help,
  Room Ten, Rotatrix, Rothman's Football Quick Quiz, Rouge Midget, Rouge Midget (Adventure Workshop), Rouge Midget (set 2),
  Rough Justice, Roulette, Roulette (Dymond Software), Round The Bend, Roundheads, Rownania Chemiczne, Rox III, Roy Of The Rovers,
  Royal Adventure Of A Common Frog, Royal Birkdale, Royal Birkdale (Hornby), Royal Scot, Rozwiazywanie Rownania Kwadratowego,
  RTC Birmingham, RTC Buxton, RTC Crewe, RTC Doncaster, RTC Kings Cross, RTC Lime Street, RTC Paddington, RTC Penzance, RTC Reading,
  RTC Rugby, RTTY, RTTY (Binary Star Technology) v2.0, RTTY (G1FTU) (set 3), RTTY (G40IK G40IL), RTTY (Scarab Systems),
  RTTY (set 2), Rubicon, Rubik's Cube & Hangman, Ruby Runabout, Ruby Runabout (Scorpio), Ruedas,
  Ruff And Reddy In The Space Adventure, Rugby Boss, Rugby Coach, Rugby Fifteen, Rugby Manager, Rugby Manager & Automania,
  Rugby Manager (Artic), Rule Of The Road Tutor, Rulett - 128k, Run Baby Run (Firebird), Run Baby Run - Release 1,
  Run Baby Run - Release 2, Run Bill Run, Run Casete No 2, Run For Gold, Run For Gold (Alternative), RUN International,
  Run International (Issue 01), Run International (Issue 10), Run Rabbit Run (Hill MacGibbon), Run The Gauntlet,
  Run The Gauntlet (The Hit Squad), The Run Your Own League System, Run, Bronwynn, Run!, Run, Bronwynn, Run! (Adventure Probe),
  Run, Bronwynn, Run! (set 2), The Runes Of Zendos, Runestone, The Runestone Of Zaobab, The Runestone Of Zaobab & Escape From Magic,
  The Running Man, The Running Man (EDOS), The Running Man (MCM), The Running Man (Unique), The Running Man - Double Case (MCM),
  Rupert And The Ice Castle, Rupert And The Toymaker's Party, Rupert The Bear And Jack Frost, RX-4, RX-4 (set 2),
  RX-4 - Version 1 (set 2), RX4 With SIA, Rygar, Rygar (Erbe) (alternate), Rygar (Kixx), Rysowanie Wykresu Funkcji, S.O.S.,
  S.T.U.N. Runner, S.T.U.N. Runner (The Hit Squad), The Sabat Of Milton Gordon, The Sabat Of Milton Gordon (set 2),
  Sabotage (Quicksilva Ltd) (cracked), Sabotage (Zeppelin Games), Sabotage (Zeppelin Games, Mastering Tape),
  Saboteur (Dai-Itchi Productions), Saboteur (set 1), Saboteur (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Saboteur (set 3, Encore),
  Saboteur (set 4, Encore), Saboteur (set 5, Erbe), Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (set 1),
  Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (set 2, Erbe), Saboteur II - Avenging Angel (set 3, Encore), Sabre, Sabre Wulf,
  Sabre Wulf (Version 1), Sabre Wulf (Version 2), Sabre Wulf (loading screen hack), The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad,
  The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad (Hi-Tec), The Sacred Armour Of Antiriad (Silverbird), Sacred Ruby Of The Toggalids,
  Sacred Ruby Of The Toggalids (set 2), SAGA - Sprites And Graphic Animator, The Saga Of A Mad Barbarian,
  The Saga Of A Mad Barbarian (The Guild), The Saga Of A Mad Barbarian - +D Bugfix (The Guild), The Saga Of Erik The Viking,
  The Saga Of Erik The Viking (set 2), Sai Combat, Sai Combat (Silverbird), Saigon Combat Unit, Sailing, Sailing (Mastertronic),
  Sailing (Proein), Saimazoom (Silversoft), Saint And Greavsie, Salamander, Salamander (Erbe), Salamander (Imagine),
  Salamander (The Hit Squad), Sales Day Book, Sales Journal, Sales Ledger, Saltabert (Monser), Salvage, Salvage (set 2),
  SAM - Simulator Boda Revenge, Sam Spade, Sam Spade (Paxman), Sam Stoat Safebreaker, Sam's Un-Excellent Adventure,
  Samantha Fox Strip Poker (set 1, 128k, with 7 Card Stud), Samantha Fox Strip Poker (set 2, 48k, with 7 Card Stud),
  Samantha Fox Strip Poker (set 4, 48k, React), Samantha Fox Strip Poker (set 5, 48k, EDOS),
  Samantha Fox Strip Poker (set 6, 48k, with 7 Card Stud), Samurai, Samurai (set 2), Samurai Trilogy, Samurai Trilogy (Erbe),
  Samurai Trilogy (Kixx), Samurai Warrior, Samurai Warrior (MC Lothlorien), Sand Conversion, Sand Scorchers, The Sandman Cometh,
  Sandwich, Santa, Santa's Christmas Caper, Santa's Workshop 2, Sanxion, Saracen, Saracen (Americana), The Sargasso Shell,
  Sarlmoor, SAS Assault, SAS Assault (Micromania), SAS Assault (ZX Data), SAS Operation Thunderflash (Super Sparklers),
  SAS Operation Thunderflash (System 4), SAS Operation Thunderflash (Top Ten), Satan, Satan - Small Case, Satan's Pendulum, Satcom,
  Savage, Savage Island, Savage Island Part 1, Savage Island Part 1 (set 2), Savage Island Part 1 (set 3), Savage Island Part 2,
  Savage Island Part 2 (set 2), Savage Island Part 2 (set 3), Save The Trees, Sbugetti Junction, Scalextric (set 1),
  Scalextric (set 2), Scapeghost - 128k, Scapeghost - 48k, Scaramouche, Scary Mansion, Scary Mansion (Delbert The Hamster Software),
  Scary Mansion (set 2) (Delbert The Hamster Software), Sceptre Of Bagdad, Schiphol Luchtverkeersleider, Schizofrenia, Schizoids,
  Schwert, Sci-File, Science - 12-14 Yrs, Scooby And Scrappy Doo, Scooby Doo, Scooby Doo (Encore), Scoop, Scoop (set 2),
  Scoop (set 3), Scope, Scope II, SCORE, Score 3020, Scoreboard, Scoredraw, Scorpion, Scotrail Class 47 Fleet Manager,
  Scotrail Class 47S Fleet Manager, Scotrail Express, Scott Adams Scoops, Scott Adams Scoops (set 2), Scout Troop, Scrabble,
  Scrabble (Sinclair), Scrabble - Francais, Scrabble De-Luxe, Scramble (Krypton Force), Scramble (Profisoft), Scramble (ZX Data),
  Scramble - Release 1, Scramble - Release 2, Scramble Spirits, Scramble Spirits (MCM), Scramble Spirits (Unique), Scrambler 2,
  Screaming Demons, Screen Display 128, Screen Heroes, Screen Heroes (set 2), Screen Machine, Screen Machine (ISP), Screen Play,
  Screen$ Snatcha, Scrollin, The Scrolls Of Thram, Scrumpy, Scuba Attack, Scuba Dive (set 1), Scuba Dive (set 2, 2.99 Classics),
  Scuba Dive (set 3, Orion), Scuba Dive (set 4, Spectrum Vision), Scuba Kidz, Scuba Kidz (MCM), Scumball,
  SD4+ Tape To Microdrive Utility, SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative, SDI - Strategic Defence Initiative (The Hit Squad),
  Se-Kaa Of Assiah, Se-Kaa Of Assiah (Mastertronic), Se-Kaa Of Assiah (Zenobi), Sea Battles, Sea Hawk, Sea Of Zirun,
  Sea Of Zirun (set 2), The Sea Spray Incident, Sea Surfer, Sea War, Seabase Delta, Seabase Delta (set 2), Seabase Delta (set 3),
  The Sealed City, The Search For Terrestrial Intelligence, The Search For The Nether Regions, The Search For The Wonderful Whotsit,
  The Search For The Wonderful Whotsit (Adventure Probe), Seas Of Blood, Seas Of Blood (set 2), Seaside Sorcery,
  Seaside Sorcery (set 2), The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole, The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole (Alternative), Secret Mission,
  Secret Mission Radio, The Secret Of Levitation, The Secret Of Little Hodcome, The Secret Of Little Hodcome (set 2),
  The Secret Of St. Brides, The Secret Of St. Brides (GI Games), The Secret Of St. Brides (set 2), The Secret Of St. Brides (set 3),
  The Secret Of St. Brides (set 4), Secret Valley, Secret Valley (set 2), Sector (set 1, release 2), Sector (set 2, release 1),
  Sector - Release 2, Sector - Release 3, Sector-90, Sector-90 (Quicksilva), Sector: Invasion (set 1), Sector: Invasion (set 2),
  Security Shelter, See-Saw, Seek And Find, Seekey, Seekey (Aackosoft), The Sefton Manor Assignment,
  The Sefton Manor Assignment (set 2), The Sefton Manor Assignment (set 3), The Sefton Manor Assignment - Debugged Version,
  The Sefton Manor Assignment - Debugged Version #2, The Sega Collection, Select 1, Selectron 36, Self Destruct,
  Self Destruct (Zafiro), The Semi-Detached At The End Of The Street, The Semi-Detached At The End Of The Street (set 2),
  Senda Salvaje, Sentinel, The Sentinel, The Sentinel (Dro Soft), Sentinels, Sentinels (Mind Games Espana),
  Sentinels - Small Case (Mind Games Espana), Sequences, Serendipity, The Serf's Tale, Serpent From Hell, Serpent From Hell (set 2),
  SET, Set Up!, Set Up! - Debugged, Settlement XIII, Settlement XIII (set 2), The Seven Parchments Of Kandos,
  Sewer Rage (set 1, 128k), Sewer Rage (set 2, 48k), Sex Machine, Sex-Simulator 1, Sgrizam (set 1), Sgrizam (set 2, Americana),
  Sgrizam (set 3, medium case), Sgrizam (set 4, Americana), Sgt. Helmet Training Day (set 1, English),
  Sgt. Helmet Training Day (set 2, English), Sgt. Helmet Training Day (set 3, Spanish), Sgt. Helmet Training Day (set 4, Spanish),
  Sgt. Helmet Zero, Shackled, Shadow Dancer, Shadow Dancer & Alien Storm, Shadow Dancer (Erbe), Shadow Dancer (Kixx),
  Shadow Of The Beast, Shadow Of The Beast(GBH), A Shadow On Glass, A Shadow On Glass (set 2), Shadow Skimmer,
  Shadow Skimmer (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Shadow Skimmer (Erbe), Shadow Skimmer (The Micro Selection), Shadow Warriors,
  Shadow Warriors (Erbe), Shadow Warriors (The Hit Squad), Shadowfax, Shadowfire, Shadowfire (C64 & Spectrum) (Aackosoft),
  Shadowfire Tuner, Shadows Of Mordor, Shadows Of Mordor (set 2), Shadows Of The Past, Shadows Of The Past (Mastering Tape),
  Shadows Of The Past (set 2), Shake! (Issue 04), Shake! (Issue 10), Shaken But Not Stirred, Shakespeare - Henry IV Part One,
  Shakespeare - Julius Caesar, Shakespeare - Macbeth, Shakespeare - Merchant Of Venice, Shakespeare - Romeo And Juliet,
  Shakespeare - Twelfth Night, The Shaky Game, Shanghai Karate, Shanghai Warriors, Shao Lin's Road (set 1),
  Shao Lin's Road (set 2, The Hit Squad), Shape Shifter, Shape Sorter, Shard Of Inovar, Shard Of Inovar (Zenobi), Share Bizz, Shark,
  Shark Attack, Sharkey's Moll, She Vampires, Shedmaster Bounds Green, Shedmaster Finsbury Park, Sheepdog, Sheepwalk, Sheer Panic,
  Shell Shock, Sherlock, Sherlock v2.0, Sherwood Forest, Sherwood Forest (GI Games), Shift Shaft, Shifty, Shimmerkin,
  Shimmerkin (Adventure Probe), Shinobi (set 1), Shinobi (set 2, Mastertronic Plus), Shinobi (set 3, Tronix), The Ship Of Doom,
  The Ship Of Doom (Sinclair), Ship Of The Line - Release 1, Ship Of The Line - Release 2, Shipwreck & Castle Eerie, Shithead,
  Shock Wave, Shockway Rider (set 1), Shockway Rider (set 2, Rack-It), Shockway Rider (set 3, Zafiro), The Shoe People,
  The Shoe People (GBH), Shoot Redux, Marifrisky Space Warrior, Shoot-Em-Up-Designer, Shootout, Shore Leave, Short Circuit (set 1),
  Short Circuit (set 2, The Hit Squad), Short Circuit (set 3, Erbe), Short Circuit (set 4), Show Jump (IMS Software), Show Jumping,
  Show Jumping (Software Center), Show-Down, Shrewsbury Key, Shuffler, Shutdown, Shuttle, Shuttle Shock, Sid Spanners,
  Sid Spanners 2 - The Slackening, Sid Spanners 3 - The Nuthouse (v1.2), Sid Spanners 4 - Timeloop (v1.1), Side Arms,
  Side Arms (Kixx), Side Walk, Sidewinder II (Mastertronic Plus), Sidewize, The Sidney Affair, Siedmiu Gornikow, Siege,
  Siege On The Volga, Siege Simulator, Sigma 7, Sigma 7 (Encore), Sigma 7 (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Signals, Signals (compilation),
  Sila-Tsikl, Silent Service (set 1), Silent Service (set 2, Kixx), Silent Shadow (set 1), Silent Shadow (set 2, Kixx),
  Silicon Dreams, Silicon Dreams (Portugal), Silk Worm, Silk Worm (Erbe), Silk Worm (Mastertronic Plus), Silk Worm (Tronix),
  Silly Adventure Number One, Silverwolf (set 1), Silverwolf (set 2, GI Games), Silverwolf (set 3, GI Games), Sim City,
  Simon (BH'Soft), Simon Games 1, Simon Games 2, Simon Micro-Soft - Collection One, Simon Micro-Soft - Collection Two, Simon Saw,
  Simple Arithmetic, A Simple Guide To Using Computers, Simple Business Accounts, Simple Word Processor,
  The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants, The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants (Erbe),
  The Simpsons - Bart Vs The Space Mutants (The Hit Squad), Simulador De Control De Procesos, Simulador De Vuelo (Investronica),
  Simulation Hits (Proein), Sinbad, Sinbad And The Golden Ship, Sinclair 128k To 8056 Serial Printer,
  Sinclair Action Pack (Spanish),
  Sinclair Action Pack - Lightgun Games (Missile Ground Zero, Solar Invasion, Operation Wolf, Rookie, Robot Attack, Bullseye),
  Sinclair Game Compilation P15G (compilation), Sinclair User (Issue 072),
  Sinclair User (Issue 073) (Go Bear Go!, Poke City, The Bard's Tale (demo)), Sinclair User (Issue 074), Sinclair User (Issue 075),
  Sinclair User (Issue 076), Sinclair User (Issue 077), Sinclair User (Issue 078), Sinclair User (Issue 079),
  Sinclair User (Issue 080) (Bear a Grudge, Operation Wolf (demo)), Sinclair User (Issue 081), Sinclair User (Issue 082),
  Sinclair User (Issue 083), Sinclair User (Issue 084), Sinclair User (Issue 085), Sinclair User (Issue 086),
  Sinclair User (Issue 087) (Electro Bingo, Iron Soldier, Task Force (demo), Street Cred' Football (demo)),
  Sinclair User (Issue 088), Sinclair User (Issue 089), Sinclair User (Issue 090), Sinclair User (Issue 091),
  Sinclair User (Issue 092), Sinclair User (Issue 093), Sinclair User (Issue 094), Sinclair User (Issue 095),
  Sinclair User (Issue 096), Sinclair User (Issue 098), Sinclair User (Issue 099), Sinclair User (Issue 100),
  Sinclair User (Issue 101), Sinclair User (Issue 102), Sinclair User (Issue 103), Sinclair User (Issue 104),
  Sinclair User (Issue 105), Sinclair User (Issue 106), Sinclair User (Issue 107), Sinclair User (Issue 108),
  Sinclair User (Issue 109), Sinclair User (Issue 110), Sinclair User (Issue 111), Sinclair User (Issue 112),
  Sinclair User (Issue 113), Sinclair User (Issue 114), Sinclair User (Issue 115), Sinclair User (Issue 116),
  Sinclair User (Issue 117), Sinclair User (Issue 118), Sinclair User (Issue 119), Sinclair User (Issue 120),
  Sinclair User (Issue 121), Sinclair User (Issue 122), Sinclair User (Issue 123), Sinclair User (Issue 124),
  Sinclair User (Issue 125), Sinclair User (Issue 126), Sinclair User (Issue 127), Sinclair User (Issue 128),
  Sinclair User (Issue 129), Sinclair User (Issue 130), Sinclair User (Issue 131), Sinclair User (Issue 132),
  Sinclair User (Issue 134), Sinclair User Club (Issue 05), Sinclair User Club (Issue 06), Sinclair User Club (Issue 07),
  Sinclair User Club (Issue 08), Sinclair User Club (Issue 09), Sinclair User Club (Issue 10), Sinclair User Club (Issue 11),
  Sinclair User Club (Issue 12), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 01), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 02),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 03), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 04), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 05),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 06), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 07), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 08),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 09), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 10), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 11),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 12), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 13), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 14),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 15), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 16), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 17),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 18), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 19), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 20),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 21), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 23), Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 27-28),
  Sinclair User Club DE (Issue 29), SIP, Sir Ababol, Sir Ababol 2 (128k version, English), Sir Ababol 2 (128k version, Spanish),
  Sir Ababol 2 (48k version, English), Sir Ababol 2 (48k version, Spanish), Sir Ababol DX (English), Sir Ababol DX (Spanish),
  Sir Camelot, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Fred (Mikro-Gen), Sir Fred (Mikro-Gen) (set 2), Sir Fred (Spanish),
  Sir Froggy (set 1, English), Sir Froggy (set 2, Spanish), Sir Lancelot, Sir Loin, Sirwood, SITI Calc, Sito Pons 500cc Grand Prix,
  Sivi Dom, Six Appeal, Six Card Cribbage, Six-In-One, Skate Crazy, Skate Crazy (Erbe), Skate Crazy (Kixx), Skate Or Die,
  Skate Wars, Skate Wars (The Hit Squad), Skateball, Skateball (MCM), Skateboard Construction System, Skateboard Joust,
  Skateboard Kidz, Skatin' USA, Skatteberegning, Skatteberegning 1983-1984, Skelby - The Schizophrenic Droid, Skeleton,
  Skelvullyn Twine, Skelvullyn Twine (set 2), Sketch Pad, Ski Star 2000, Skool Daze, Skool Daze (2.99 Classics),
  Skool Daze (Alternative), Skuldugery, Skuldugery (Alternative), Skull & Crossbones (set 1),
  Skull & Crossbones (set 2, The Hit Squad), Skull (set 1, version 2), Skull (set 2, version 1), Sky Diver, Sky Ranger,
  Sky Ranger (Mastertronic), Sky Ranger (Mastertronic) (set 2), Sky Runner, Sky Runner (MCM), Sky Runner (The Micro Selection),
  Sky Runner (Zafiro), Sky Warrior, SKYFOX, Skyline Extended Basic, Skyway, SL3 Advanced Super Speedloader,
  SL4 Advanced Speedloader Utility, Slack Bladder, Slaine, Slap Dab, Slap Fight, Slap Fight (Erbe), Slap Fight (The Hit Squad),
  The Slaughter Caves, Sleep Walker, Sleepin' Again, Sleepin' Again (set 2), Slicker Puzzle, Slide Puzzle, Slingshot, Slippery Sid,
  Slippery Sid (Forward Software), Slippery Sid (Paxman), Slither, Slow Scan Television, Slow Scan Television (Scarab Systems),
  Slow Scan Television (Scarab Systems) (set 2), Slowglass Leader, Slowscan Television, Slubberdegullion, Slug, Sly Spy (set 1),
  Sly Spy (set 2, The Hit Squad), Sly Spy (set 3, Erbe), Sly Spy (set 4, Erbe), SM1 Multiface Suite, Smaily,
  Small Business Accounts, Smash 16, Smash Out!, Smash Out! (System 4), Smash TV, Smash TV (The Hit Squad), SMASHED,
  SMASHED (set 2), Smok Wawelski, Smudge And The Moonees, Smuggler, Smuggler's Cove, Smuggler's Cove (set 2), Snaffle, Snail Logo,
  Snake, Snake (Artic), Snake Byte, Snake Maze (Monser), Snake Pit, Snakes (S.Zyckowski), Snapple Hopper, Snoball In Hell, Snodgits,
  Snodgits (Sparklers), Snooker, Snooker (Artic), Snooker (Currys), Snooker (G.R. Bonfield), Snooker (Paxman), Snooker (Shards),
  Snooker (set 2) (Artic), Snooker Management, Snooker Management (Cult), Snooker Manager, Snooker Masters - 1988 Version,
  Snooker Masters - 1989 Version, Snookered, Snoopy, Snow Joke!, The Snow Queen, The Snow Queen (GI Games), Snowball, Snowfight,
  The Snowman, Snowstrike, So Little Time, So Little Time (Adventure Probe), So Little Time (set 2), So Little Time (set 3),
  SO4 Tape To Opus Utility, Soap Land & For Your Thighs Only, Soapland - Part 1, Soccer 6 (compilation), Soccer 7, Soccer 7 (EDOS),
  Soccer Boss, Soccer Boss (EDOS), Soccer Boss (set 2), Soccer Challenge, Soccer Director, Soccer Double, Soccer Double (Challenge),
  Soccer Double 2, Soccer Double 3, Soccer Mania (set 1), Soccer Mania (set 2), Soccer Q, Soccer Rematch,
  Soccer Rematch - Italia 90, Soccer Rematch - Misc Datafiles, Soccer Rematch Data Cassette (1), Soccer Rematch Data Cassette 1,
  Soccer Rivals, Soccer Spectacular, Soccer Star, Soccer Stars (compilation), The Soccer Squad, Soccer Supremo, Sodov The Sorcerer,
  Sofkit 1, Sofmon, Soft & Cuddly, Soft Aid, Soft Rom, Soft Spectrum (Issue 05),
  Soft Spectrum (Issue 19) - La Gruta De Los Cuatro Diamantes, Soft Spectrum (Issue 20) - Jack Y El Arca Maravillosa,
  Soft Spectrum (Issue 23) - Star Fighter, Soft Spectrum (Issue 25) - Bomberos, Softalk 1, Softalk II, Softape 3, Softape One,
  Softek 'IS' Basic Compiler v1.2, Softek 'IS' Basic Compiler v1.7, Softek FP Full Compiler v1.0, Softek Super C Compiler,
  Softek Super C Compiler (set 2), Softheque Ordinateur n.1, Softheque Ordinateur n.2, Softheque Ordinateur n.4,
  Softheque Ordinateur n.5, Softheque Ordinateur n.6, Softlink 1, Software Club (multi-format), Software House,
  Software Magazine 10a - 3D Speed Duel, Software Magazine 10b - Road Toad, Software Magazine 11a - Gorila,
  Software Magazine 11c - Snake Maze, Software Magazine 12b - Pincel-3D, Software Magazine 13b - Ghost Hunt,
  Software Magazine 14a - Jefe De Estacion, Software Magazine 14b - Tension, Software Magazine 15a - Lazer Cycles,
  Software Magazine 15b - Les Flics, Software Magazine 18a - Training, Software Magazine 18b - Back,
  Software Magazine 7b - Fruit Machine, Software Magazine 8a - Zig-Zag, Software Magazine 9b - Jawz (set 1),
  Software Magazine 9b - Jawz (set 2), Software Pirate, Software Service No 10, Software Service No 3, Software Service No 7,
  Software Service No 8, Software Service No 9, Software Star, Soho Sex Quest, Soho Sex Quest (set 2), Sokoban - English, Sol Negro,
  Solar Empire, Solar Fire, Solar Fire - 128k, Solar Fire - Deluxe, Solar Fire Expansion Tape, SolarGun (v1.0), Solaris,
  Solaris (set 2) - Part 1, Soldier Of Fortune (MCM), Soldier Of Fortune - Release 1, Soldier Of Fortune - Release 2,
  Soldier Of Fortune - Release 3, Soldier Of Light, Soldier Of Light (Dro Soft), Soldier Of Light (RAD), Soldier Of Light (alt),
  Soldier Of Light (set 2) (Dro Soft), Solid Gold (compilation), Solitaire (CCS), Solitaire (No Man's Land), Solo Whist,
  Solomon's Key, Solomon's Key (Erbe), Solomon's Key (Kixx), Solvaldol-X, Solvaldol-X & Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist,
  Son Of Blagger, Son Of Blagger (Dixons), Sonar Salvage, The Song Of Taliesin, Sonic Boom, Sootland, Sooty And Sweep,
  Sooty's Fun With Numbers, Sooty's Fun With Numbers (EDOS), Sophistry, Sophistry (Zafiro), The Sorcerer, The Sorcerer's Mountain,
  Sorcerer Lord, Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle, Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle (set 2), Sorcerer's Castle (ZX Data),
  Sorcerer's Castle - Release 1, Sorcerer's Castle - Release 2, The Sorceror, Sorcery, Sorderon's Shadow, SOS (S de Soft),
  SOS (Visions), The Soul Hunter, The Soul Hunter (set 2), Soul Of A Robot, Souls Of Darkon, Souls Of Darkon (Bug-Byte),
  Sound Analiser, Sound Compilation, Sound Designer, Sound FX, Sound FX - Polish, Sound Sampler, Soundabout, A Soupcon Of Trouble,
  A Soupcon Of Trouble - Revised Version, South Devon Hydraulics, South Rail, Southern Belle, Soviet, SP3 Tape To +3 Disc Utility,
  Space Ace (compilation) (Zynaps, Exolon, Xevious, Trantor, North Star, Cybernoid, MASK III VENOM Strikes Back), Space Command,
  Space Crusade, Space Crusade (Dro Soft), Space Crystal, Space Detective, Space Detective 2 v1.2, Space Detective 2 v1.2 (set 2),
  Space Disposal, Space Fright, Space Gun, Space Gun (The Hit Squad), Space Harrier, Space Harrier (Encore),
  Space Harrier (loading screen hack), Space Harrier (MCM), Space Harrier 2, Space Harrier 2 (MCM), Space Harrier 2 (Unique),
  Space Hunter, Space Intruders, Space Invaders (Kiwi), Space Invaders 2, Space Invasion, Space Island, Space Jack,
  Space Junk (set 1, 128k), Space Junk (set 2, 128k), Space Junk (set 3, 48k), Space Junk (set 4, 48k), Space Lanes & Laser Lander,
  Space Missile Command, Space Mission, Space Panic, Space Professor, Space Raiders, Space Raiders {Portuguese},
  Space Rescue & 3D Penalty Kick, Space Rescue & Star Quest, Space Resque, Space Resque (Aackosoft), Space Rider Jet Pack Co.,
  Space Rider Jet Pack Co. (EDOS), Space Scan, Space Shuttle (Accord Data Ltd), Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (Activision),
  Space Shuttle - A Journey into Space (Firebird), Space Shuttle / Shuttle Simulator (Microdeal), Space Station Zebra, Space Walk,
  Space Warp, Space Warp (Hitech), Space Wreck, Space Wreck (Christopher James), Space Wreck (Paxman), Space X,
  Space Zombies - Release 1, Space Zombies - Release 2, Spaced Out, Spaceman Bob, Spaceman Bob (set 2), Spaceman Willy,
  Spaghetti Western Simulator, Spanish Gold, The Spanish Tutor - Level A - Release 1, The Spanish Tutor - Level B - Release 1,
  Sparklers Special, Spawn Of Evil - Release 1, Spawn Of Evil - Release 2, SPDE, SPDE (ZX Data), SPDE+, Speak Easy,
  Speakeasy (Investronica), Spec Chess, Spec Drum, Spec Drum (Pre Production), Spec Drum Afro Kit, Spec Drum Electro Kit,
  Spec Drum Latin Kit, Spec Forth, Spec Man, Spec Soccer (compilation), Spec-GAC-ular Vol. 1, Spec-Sound, Specball, Speccies,
  Speccies 2, Speccifax, Speccy Pairs, Specdicul! - v2, Specdicul! - v5, Specgraph, Special Action, Special Agent,
  Special Christmas Pack, Special Criminal Investigation - Chase HQ 2, Special Criminal Investigation - Chase HQ 2 (Erbe),
  Special Delivery, Special Delivery (Sparklers), Special Operations, Special Operations (set 2), Specpanel & Dumpit, Specta Draw 2,
  Specta Draw 3, Spectasort, Specterm v1.03, Specterm v2.03, Specterm v6.01, Specterm v7.03, Spectext, Spectipede,
  Spectipede (Mastertronic) - Release 1, Spectipede (Mastertronic) - Release 2, Spectool, Spectool (Aackosoft), Spectra Smash,
  Spectra Smash & Break Out, Spectral Invaders - Release 1, Spectral Invaders - Release 2, Spectral Panic,
  Spectral Panic (Riko Data) - English, Spectral Panic (Riko Data) - Svensk, Spectral Writer (Tasman Software), Spectramon,
  Spectrapede, Spectraprobe, Spectraprobe (Forward Software), Spectraxx (Issue 01), Spectraxx (Issue 02), Spectraxx (Issue 05),
  Spectraxx (Issue 08), Spectraxx (Issue 09), Spectraxx (Issue 11), Spectraxx (Issue 12), The Spectre Of Booballyhoo,
  The Spectre Of Castle Coris, The Spectre Of Castle Coris (Adventure Probe), The Spectre Of Castle Coris (set 2),
  The Spectre Of Larry Horsfield, Spectrealm, Spectrechess, Spectrechess (Soft & Easy), Spectres, Spectring, SpectroSim,
  Spectrographics, Spectroid Storm, Spectron, Spectrum 4, Spectrum 4 Pack, Spectrum 48k Sample Cassette, Spectrum 50 Games,
  Spectrum 6 Pack, Spectrum Action Pack, Spectrum Adventure Builder System, Spectrum Adventure Starter Pack,
  Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 07), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 08), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 09), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 10),
  Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 11), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 12), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 13), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 14),
  Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 15), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 16), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 17), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 18),
  Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 19), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 20), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 21), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 22),
  Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 23), Spectrum Adventurer (Issue 24), Spectrum Adventures, Spectrum Arcade Pack,
  Spectrum Assembler (set 1), Spectrum Assembler (set 2), Spectrum Assembler II, Spectrum Assembly Language Course,
  Spectrum Basic Programming Course, Spectrum Bug 2, Spectrum Bug 2 (F+K Ware), Spectrum C.A.D. (Profisoft), Spectrum Cassette 4802,
  Spectrum Chess (set 1), Spectrum Chess (set 2, Paxman), Spectrum Chess (set 3, alt colours), Spectrum Chess 2 (set 1),
  Spectrum Chess II (set 2, Dixons), Spectrum Collection 1, Spectrum Colour Codes, Spectrum Computing (Aackosoft) (Issue 09),
  Spectrum Computing (Datacompaniet A.S) (Issue 01), Spectrum Computing (Datacompaniet A.S) (Issue 02),
  Spectrum Computing (Datacompaniet A.S) (Issue 03), Spectrum Computing (Datacompaniet A.S) (Issue 04),
  Spectrum Computing (Datacompaniet A.S) (Issue 05), Spectrum Computing (Issue 01), Spectrum Computing (Issue 02),
  Spectrum Computing (Issue 03), Spectrum Computing (Issue 04), Spectrum Computing (Issue 05), Spectrum Computing (Issue 06),
  Spectrum Computing (Issue 07), Spectrum Computing (Issue 08), Spectrum Computing (Issue 09), Spectrum Computing (Issue 10),
  Spectrum Computing (Issue 11), Spectrum Computing (Issue 12), Spectrum Computing (Issue 13), Spectrum Computing (Issue 14),
  Spectrum Computing (Issue 15), Spectrum Computing (Issue 16), Spectrum Computing (Issue 17), Spectrum Computing (Issue 18),
  Spectrum Computing (Issue 19), Spectrum Computing (Issue 20), Spectrum Computing (Issue 21), Spectrum Cricket, Spectrum Doodler,
  Spectrum Electronics - CCT, Spectrum Forth (CP Software), Spectrum Game Writers' Pack, Spectrum Games Compilation,
  Spectrum Games Pack 48k, Spectrum Golf (set 1, version 3), Spectrum Golf (set 2, version 2), Spectrum Golf (set 3, version 2),
  Spectrum Golf (set 4, version 1), The Spectrum Graphics Kit, Spectrum Home Accounts, Spectrum Home Pack 2 - Database & Homacc,
  Spectrum Home Pack 2 - Graphplot & Mailist, Spectrum Integer Compiler, The Spectrum Investment Monitor, Spectrum Jackpot,
  Spectrum Junior Education J1, Spectrum Machine Language For The Absolute Beginner, Spectrum Mailist, Spectrum Markbook,
  Spectrum Micro Chess (set 1), Spectrum Micro Chess (set 2, Aackosoft), Spectrum Mirror, Spectrum Monitor (set 1, v2.1),
  Spectrum Monitor (set 2), Spectrum Monitor (set 3), Spectrum Morse Program (set 1, version 2),
  Spectrum Morse Program (set 2, version 1), Spectrum Online Tape A, Spectrum Organ, Spectrum Plot (set 1, release 2),
  Spectrum Plot (set 2, release 1), Spectrum Plus User Guide, The Spectrum Pocket Book, Spectrum Safari, Spectrum Safari (CDS),
  Spectrum Scramble, Spectrum Scramble (Riko Data), Spectrum Slow Scan, Spectrum Software, Spectrum Sound Compiler,
  Spectrum Special 1, Spectrum Special 2, Spectrum Special 3, Spectrum Sports Pack, Spectrum Sprites, Spectrum Starter Pack 1,
  Spectrum Starter Pack 2, Spectrum Starwar Pack, Spectrum Stingers (compilation), Spectrum Tape 1, Spectrum Tape 2,
  Spectrum Toolkit, Spectrum Top Hits 1 (Ventamatic), Spectrum Top Hits 2 (Ventamatic), Spectrum User Tape (Issue 01),
  Spectrum Utilities, Spectrum Utilities (Medsoft), Spectrum View To A Kill Pack, Spectrum Voice Chess (Hansesoft),
  Spectrum Zap & ZX-Reactor, Spectrumania (Age 01 - Issue 02), Spectrumania (Age 02 - Issue 01), Spectrumania (Age 02 - Issue 02),
  Spectrumania (Age 02 - Issue 03), Spectrumania (Age 02 - Issue 04), Spectrumania 3, Spectsound, Spectune, Speculator,
  Specvaders (Riko Data), Specvaders - Release 1, Specvaders - Release 2, SPED 52, Speech Marks, Speech Software,
  Speech Synthesis Sound Sampler, Speech Synthesiser, Speed Duel, Speed King 2, Speed King 2 (Dro Soft), Speed Read,
  Speedboat Assassin, Speedway - Datafile, Speedway - League Cup Knockout, Speedway - Team Championship,
  Speedway - Team Championship - 1960 National League, Speedway - Team Championship - 1960 Provincial League,
  Speedway - Team Championship - World League, Speedway - World Cup, Speedway Replay, Speedway Replay - 1991,
  Speedway Team Championship, Speedy Load & Program Protect, Speedyload, Speedzone, Speldorado, Spell Of Christmas Ice, Spellbound,
  Spellbound (Beyond), Spellbox, Spellcaster, Spelling Bee, Sphere Of Q'li, Spherical, Spherical (Erbe), Spherical (Top Shots),
  Spideron, Spiders Web, Spidoid, Spielesammlung, Spike, Spiky Harold, Spindizzy, Spitfire, Spitfire '40' (Alternative),
  Spitfire '40' (Zafiro), Spitfire '40' - 128k, Spitfire '40' - 48k - Release 1, Spitfire '40' - 48k - Release 2,
  Spitfire (Encore), Spitfire 40 & Strike Force Harrier, Spitting Image, Spitting Image (Erbe), Spitting Image (The Hit Squad),
  SPIX, SPIX (set 2), Splat! (Alternative), Splat! - Release 1, Splat! - Release 1 (set 2), Splat! - Release 2,
  Splat! - Release 2 (set 2), splATTR (demo), splATTR (set 1), SplATTR (set 2), Spleiser'n, Split Personalities,
  Split Personalities (Bug-Byte), Splitting Images, Spoof - The Magic Dragon, Spoof - The Magic Dragon (set 2), SPOOKED,
  Spooky Castle, Spooky Castle (EDOS), Spookyman, Spookyman (set 2), Spore, The Spore, Sport & Skill Pack #5, Sport Of Kings,
  The Sport Of Kings Challenge, Sporting Combination, Sports Hero, Sports Hero (ABC Soft), Sports Hero (Firebird),
  The Sports Pack (compilation), The Spreadsheet, Springer, Sprite Designer (R D Foord Software), Sprite Machine, Sputnik,
  Spy Hunter (set 1), Spy Hunter (set 2, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Spy Hunter (set 3, Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Spy Hunter (set 4, Erbe),
  Spy Hunter (set 5, Kixx), Spy Hunter (set 6), Spy Hunter (set 7, Kixx), Spy Story, Spy Trek (set 1, Americana),
  Spy Trek (set 2, Americana), Spy Trek (set 3, Americana), Spy Trek (set 4, no loading screen), The Spy Trilogy (set 1),
  The Spy Trilogy (set 2), Spy vs Spy, Spy vs Spy (Hi-Tec), Spy Vs Spy (Zafiro), Spy vs Spy 2 - The Island Caper,
  Spy vs Spy 2 - The Island Caper (Hi-Tec), Spy vs Spy 3 - Arctic Antics, Spy vs Spy 3 - Arctic Antics (Hi-Tec), Spy vs Spy Trilogy,
  The Spy Who Loved Me, The Spy Who Loved Me (The Hit Squad), Spy-Plane, Spy-Plane (set 2), Spyship SOS, Sqij, SSTV, SSTV (Am-Tec),
  SSTV Printing Program, SSTV Transceive, St. Andrews, St. Andrews (Paxman Promotions), St. Crippens, St. Dragon,
  St. Dragon (Dro Soft), St. Dragon (Kixx), The St. Petersburg Ikon, Stack Light Rifle, Stack Up, The Staff Of Power,
  The Staff Of Power (set 2), The Staff Of Power v3, Staff Of Zaranol, Staff Of Zaranol (set 2), Stage Coach Triple Decker,
  Stagecoach, Stagecoach (Compulogical), Stagecoach (Sparklers), Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel (Erbe - Serie Leyenda),
  Stainless Steel - Medium Case (Erbe), Stake Out!, Stalingrad, Stalker, Stalker (set 2), Stanley And The Wallbangers - Episode 2,
  Star Chess, Star Control, Star Control (Dro Soft), Star Crash, The Star Crystal, The Star Crystal (set 2),
  The Star Crystal (set 3), Star Dragon Collection, Star Farce, Star Fighter, Star Fighter (Unicornio Soft), Star Flaws,
  Star Flaws & Raymond Pringle's Quest For The Fabled Jar Of Pickled Cabbage - Release 1,
  Star Flaws & Raymond Pringle's Quest For The Fabled Jar Of Pickled Cabbage - Release 2, Star Games 1, Star Games 2, Star Maker,
  Star Paws, Star Paws (Alternative), Star Pilot, Star Quest, Star Quest & Space Rescue, Star Quest (Aackosoft),
  Star Quest (Breadhill), Star Raiders II (Proein), Star Reader, Star Searcher, Star Seeker, Star Soccer, Star Trader,
  Star Trader (Spectrum Vision), Star Trail, Star Trek & Munch Man, Star Trek (Airline Software), Star Trek (Fullersoft),
  Star Trek (Gemini Software), Star Trek (Mikro-Gen), Star Trek (Profisoft), Star Trek - 16k, Star Trek - The Computer Program,
  Star Trek 3000, Star Trip, Star Trip (set 2), Star Warrior, Star Warrior (Currys), Star Warrior (set 2),
  Star Wars (The Hit Squad), Star Wars (release 1), Star Wars (release 2), Star Wars Droids, Star Wars Droids (Dro Soft),
  Star Wars Droids (bugfix), Star Wars Trilogy, Star Watcher - Applications Program, Star Watcher - Teaching Program, Star Wreck,
  Star Wreck (set 2), Starbike, Starblitz, Starbuster, Starclash, Starclash (Dixons), Stardust, Stardust (Kixx), Starfire, Starfox,
  Stargazer, Stargazer Secrets, Starglider (release 1), Starglider (release 2), Starglider (release 3), Starglider 2, Starion,
  Starion (Unknown), Starquake, Starquake (Ricochet), Starquake (Zafiro), Stars (Gumi), Stars On The 128,
  Stars Spectrum - Juegos (Issue 01), Stars Spectrum - Juegos (Issue 02), Stars Spectrum - Juegos (Issue 03),
  Stars Spectrum - Juegos (Issue 04), Stars Spectrum - Juegos (Issue 05), Stars Spectrum - Juegos (Issue XX),
  Stars Spectrum - Utilidades (Issue 01), Stars Spectrum - Utilidades (Issue 02), Stars Spectrum - Utilidades (Issue 03),
  Stars Spectrum - Utilidades (Issue 04), Stars Spectrum - Utilidades (Issue 05), Starship Enterprise, Starship Enterprise (Prism),
  Starship Enterprise (set 2), Starship Quest - 128k, Starship Quest - 128k (set 2), Starship Quest - 48k, Starspell, Starstrike,
  Starstrike I & II, Starstrike II (Cobra), Start To Program, Starter Wordsplits, Starter's Orders, Startrek & Towers Of Brahma,
  Startrek (Chromasoft), Startrek Adventure, Statement, Statistics (University Software), Statistics (University Software) C1.11,
  Statistics (ZX Africa), Statistics - Groups Comparison, Statistics - Multiple Observation Designs, Statistics 2 - Second Edition,
  Statutory Sick Pay, Stay Kool, Steel Eagle, Steeplejack, Steve Davis Snooker, Steve Davis Snooker (Blue Ribbon),
  Steve Davis Snooker (Zafiro), Steve Silver Adventure 1, Steve Silver Adventure 2, Stifflip & Co., Stifflip & Co. (Kixx),
  Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo, Stock Control, Stock Control (Alphasoft), Stock Control (Hilderbay), Stock Control (Hilderbay) (set 2),
  Stock Control (Kemp), Stock Control (Transform Ltd), Stock Market Speculator, Stockmarket, Stocks, Stocks And Shares,
  Stocks And Shares Master, Stomp, Stomp (DK'Tronics), Stomping Stan, Stone Space, Stonkers, Stop + Reveal, Stop Ball,
  Stop The Express, Stop The Express (Microbyte), Stopit, Storm, Storm Fighters, Storm-Fighters, Storm-Fighters (Dixie Software),
  Stormbringer, Stormlord, Stormlord (Erbe), Stormlord 2 - Deliverance, Stormlord 2 - Deliverance (Erbe), Story House,
  The Story Of Dave - Part II, The Story Of Dave - Part III, The Story So Far Vol 2, The Story So Far Vol 4, Storymaker,
  Straight Dealer, Stranded (Cronosoft), Stranded (Cronosoft) (4 level demo), Stranded (Zenobi), Stranded 2.5 (Cronosoft),
  Stranded 2.5 (Cronosoft) (demo), Strange Loop, Strange Loop (Bug-Byte), Strangeloop (Virgin Espana S.A.), Strategy One,
  Stratford Depotmaster, Streaker, Street Cred, Street Cred Boxing, Street Cred Boxing (EDOS), Street Cred Football,
  Street Cred Football (EDOS), Street Fighter, Street Fighter (Kixx), Street Fighter II - The World Warrior, Street Gang,
  Street Hassle, Street Hassle (Mastertronic), Street Hawk (1985) (Crash Subscribers Edition), Street Hawk (1986) (set 1),
  Street Hawk (1986) (set 2, Erbe), Street Hawk (1986) (set 3, Erbe), Street Racer, Street Sports Basketball, Strider,
  Strider (Kixx), Strider II, Strider II (Kixx), Strike, Strike 4, Strike Attack, Strike Attack 2, Strike Force Cobra,
  Strike Force Cobra (Alternative), Strike Force Cobra (Krajowe Wydawnictwo Czasopism), Strike Force Cobra (Zafiro),
  Strike Force Harrier, Strike Force Harrier (Alternative), Strike Force SAS, Striker, Striker (Cult), Striker (EDOS),
  Striker Manager, Strip Poker 2+, Strip Poker 2+ (Byte-Back), Strip Poker 2+ (System 4), Strip Pontoon,
  A Stroll In The Bleak Forest, Stronghold, Stronghold (Jerri), Strontium Dog - The Killing, Stuart Henry's Pop Quiz,
  Study Chemistry, Study Computer Studies, Study Computer Studies (set 2), Study Maths I - 13 Years+, Study Maths I - 9-13 Years,
  Study Maths II - 9-13 Years, Study Physics, Stunt Bike Simulator, Stunt Car Racer, Stunt Car Racer (Kixx), Stunt Car Racer (MCM),
  Style, Styx, Su Mejor Hora (Juegos Y Estrategia), Sub, Sub Chase, Sub Hunter, Sub Track, Subacuatic (set 1), Subacuatic (set 2),
  Subacuatic Reloaded (set 1), Subacuatic Reloaded (set 2), Subbuteo, Subbuteo & Subgame, Subliminal Suggestion & I-Ching,
  Submarine Strike, Submariner, Submarino - U-Boat, Submarino Amarillo, Submarinos U-95 Batalla Naval, Subsunk, Subsunk (set 2),
  Subterranean Nightmare, Subterranean Stryker, Subway Vigilante, SUDD, Sudoku, Sudoku (Tangram design) (v0.577), Suffolk 1,
  Sugarino, Suicide Island, Sum Scruncher, Summer Gold (compilation), Summer Santa, Summertime Specials (compliation),
  Sun Star, Sunbucket, The Sundered Sword, The Sundered Sword (set 2), The Sunflower Number Show, Sunningdale,
  Sunrise Over Bethselamine, Super 48k Box, Super 48k Box - 47 Loader,
  Super All-Stars Collection (CJ in the USA, Captain Dynamo, Steg, Magicland Dizzy, Turbo the Tortoise) (set 1),
  Super All-Stars Collection (CJ in the USA, Captain Dynamo, Steg, Magicland Dizzy, Turbo the Tortoise) (set 2), Super Bowl (set 1),
  Super Bowl (set 2, The Hit Squad), Super Bowl (set 3), Super Brat, Super Bridge, Super Cars, Super Cars (GBH), Super Chess 3 v3.0,
  Super Chess 3 v3.5, Super Chess II v2.1, Super Chopper, Super Com, Super Cycle, Super Cycle (Erbe), Super Cycle (Kixx),
  Super Digger & Chase, Super Draughts, Super Draw, Super Draw (set 2), Super Dustbin, Super File (Data-Skip), Super Golf,
  Super Gran (set 1), Super Gran (set 2, Dixon's), Super Gran (set 3), Super Gran - The Adventure (set 1),
  Super Gran - The Adventure (set 2), Super Gran - The Adventure (set 3), Super Handicap, Super Hang-On, Super Hang-On (Proein),
  Super Hang-On (The Hit Squad), Super Heroes (compilation), Super League, Super League (EDOS), Super League (Players Premier),
  Super League Soccer, Super League Soccer (EDOS), Super Monaco GP, Super Monaco GP (Kixx), Super Mutt, Super Mutt (Prism Leisure),
  Super Nova, Super Nudge 2000, Super Pipeline II (set 1), Super Pipeline II (set 2), Super Plan, Super Quiz 1, Super Quiz 2,
  Super Quiz 3, Super Sabre, Super Sam, Super Scramble Simulator, Super Scramble Simulator (Ablex), Super Scramble Simulator (Erbe),
  Super Scramble Simulator (Kixx), Super Shuffle, Super Sim Pack, Super Sinc, Super Ski, Super Ski Challenge,
  Super Slammer & Passage 3D, Super Snails, Super Soccer (set 1), Super Soccer (set 2), Super Soccer (set 3, Erbe),
  Super Soccer (set 4), Super Space Invaders, Super Space Invaders (Dro Soft), Super Space Invaders (The Hit Squad), Super Spell,
  Super Sports, Super Sports - The Olympic Challenge (Kixx), Super Sprint, Super Sprint (Proein), Super Sprint (The Hit Squad),
  Super Sprites, Super Spy, Super Spy (Riko Data), Super Star Seymour (Seymour Goes to Hollywood, Super Seymour Saves the Planet,
  Stuntman Seymour, Sergeant Seymour Robot Cop, Wild West Seymour), Super Stock Car, Super Story, Super Talk, Super Ted,
  Super Ted - The Search For Spot, Super Ted - The Search For Spot (set 2), Super Toolkit, Super Trolley,
  Super Trolley (Flippy Flippy) (Side A Only), Super Wonder Boy (Wonder Boy in Monster Land),
  Super Wonder Boy (Wonder Boy in Monster Land) (MCM), Super Wonder Boy (Wonder Boy in Monster Land) (bugfix), Super Writer,
  Super-Basic (Profisoft), Super-Regression, Super-Regression (set 2), SuperTape (set 1), Superball, Superchamps, Superchess,
  Supercode, Supercode 3 v3.5, Supercode Toolkit, Supercopier SC2, Supercopier SC3, Supercopier SC5, Supercopier SC6,
  Supercopier SC7, Superdeflex - Release 1, Superdeflex - Release 2, Superfile 2 & Listfile 3, Supergraficos (Investronica),
  Superintro, Superkid, Superkid In Space, Superleague Soccer (Energize), Superman, Superman - The Game,
  Superman - The Man Of Steel, Superman - The Man of Steel (System 4), Superplan Pack 2, Superpower, Superpower (Howard Marketing),
  Supertape v1.2 (set 2, Side 1 only), Superview, Supreme Challenge (compilation) (set 1), Supreme Challenge (compilation) (set 2),
  Sur Le Bon Chemin, Surf Champ, Surround, Survey II, Survival, Survival (Central Solutions), Survival (Central Solutions) (set 2),
  Survive, Survivor (Global Games, text adventure) (set 1), Survivor (Global Games, text adventure) (set 2), Survivor (Topo Soft),
  Survivor (US Gold), The Survivors, SW1 Tape To Wafa Drive Utility, The Swamp, The Swamp (set 2), Swat!, Sweevo's Whirled,
  Sweevo's World, Sweevo's World (Rebound), Switch Blade, Switch Blade (GBH), SWIV, SWIV (Kixx), Swoop, Sword And Shield,
  Sword Of The Samurai, Sword Slayer, Swordfight At Midnight, Swords And Sorcery (set 1), Swords And Sorcery (set 2, Summit),
  Swords And Sorcery (set 3), Swords Of Bane, Synonimy i Antonimy, Syntax, Synthset, Sys, Sys (Individual Software), SYS 64,
  System 15000, System 15000 - 2nd Edition, System 8, System II, Szorejto Jatek, Szybka Pamiec Tasmowa, T Bird,
  T.L.L. (Tornado Low Level) (set 1), T.L.L. (Tornado Low Level) (set 2, 2.99 Classics), Table Football, Table Invaders, Table Sums,
  Tables (J Moore), Tables Wizard, Tablica Mendelejewa, Tachyon Command, Taffy Turner, Tag Team Wrestling, Tai Pan (Mikro-Gen),
  Tai-Chi Tortoise, Tai-Pan, Tai-Pan (Erbe), Taipan (Jaysoft), Taito Coin-Op Hits (compilation), Tajpan, Take 2 (XXX 1905), Take 4,
  Take 4 Games, The Tales Of Mathematica, Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Tales Of The Arabian Nights (set 2), Talisman,
  Talisman (Dee-Kay), Talisman (Games Workshop), Talisman Of Lost Souls, Talisman Of Lost Souls (set 2), A Tall Tale, Talos,
  A Tangled Tale, A Tangled Tale (Pocket Money Software), Tango & Magic Dice, Tango & Magic Dice (Sintech), Tanium, Tank,
  Tank (Erbe), Tank Attack, Tank Battle, Tank Busters, Tank Busters (MCM), Tank Command, Tank Trax, Tank Trax & Bulls Eye,
  Tank Trax (Mastertronic), Tantalus, Tantalus (Bug-Byte),
  Tape 1 (The PResS Adventure, compilation) (Shipwreck / Sea Cruise, PlanetQuest, The Crown of Ramhote / The Legacy, Doom Castle),
  Tape 3, Tape Cloner II, Tape Cloner III, Tape Cloner IV, Tape Four (The Northern Underground),
  Tape Header Reader (Contrast Software), Tape One (The Northern Underground), Tape Three (The Northern Underground),
  Tape Two (The Northern Underground), Tape-Snap, Tapesnap, Tapper (set 1), Tapper (set 2), Tapper (set 3), Tarantula (Sparklers),
  Target (Summit), Tarot Cibernetico, The Tartan Eleven, The Tartan Five, The Tartan Seven, Tarzan (Wicosoft, German) (set 1),
  Tarzan (Wicosoft, German) (set 2), Tarzan (set 1), Tarzan (set 2, React), Tarzan (set 3), Tas-Trig, TasCalc, TasCopy,
  TasCopy (set 2) - Greyscale, TasCopy (set 2) - Monochrome, TasDiary, TasMath 1, TasMerge, TasPrint,
  TasPrint (French Language Edition), TasPro, TasSign, TasWide, TasWord, TasWord 2, TasWord 2 (Profisoft), TasWord 2 (Sinclair),
  TasWord 2 Demonstration, TasWord Plus Two, TasWord Twee, Tascon +2 v1.01, Tascon128, Tasimeq, Task Force, Task Force (Abbex),
  Task Force (EDOS), Tasman Parallel Printer Interface, Tattoo, Tau Ceti, Tau Ceti (Ricochet), Tau Ceti - Special Edition,
  Tax Bills, Tax Returns, Tax Returns (set 2), Tax Returns (set 3), Taxi!, The Taxman Cometh, Teacher Trouble,
  Teacher Trouble (The Guild), Teacher Trouble (Zenobi), The Tears Of The Moon, Teastrainer,
  Technician Ted (The Chip Factory: Featuring), Technician Ted (The Chip Factory: Featuring) (Rack-It),
  Technician Ted - The Megamix, Technician Ted - The Megamix (Review Copy), Techno Cop, Techno Cop (Kixx), TED - Text Editor,
  Teenage Emergency, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (set 1), Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (set 2, MCM),
  Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (set 1), Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - The Coin-Op (set 2, MCM), Tees Tyne Pullman,
  Tekos, Teladon, Telephone & Address Pad, Teleread 5.0, Telling The Time & Money, Telly Heroes, Telly Wise, Tempest, Tempest (EMM),
  Tempest (Mikro-Gen), Tempest (Mikro-Gen) (Development Tape), Tempest (Proein), Tempest (Ricochet), Temple Of Terror,
  Temple Of Vran, Temple Terror, Ten Green Bottles, Ten Green Bottles (Adventure Probe), Ten Green Bottles (Zenobi),
  Ten Little Adventurers, Ten Little Indians (Mysterious Adventure #10) (set 1),
  Ten Little Indians (Mysterious Adventure #10) (set 2), Ten Little Indians (Mysterious Adventure #10) (set 3, Channel 8),
  Ten-Pin Challenge, Tenebra Macabre, The Tengen Trilogy, Tenkolek Light Pen Interface, Tennis (Wintersoft),
  Tennis (Wintersoft) (set 2), Tennis Champ, Tennis Master, Tense French, Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (set 1),
  Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (set 2, The Hit Squad), Terminator 2 - Judgement Day (set 3, Erbe), Terminus, Terminy Geograficzne,
  Terra Cresta (set 1), Terra Cresta (set 2, Erbe), Terra Cresta (set 3), Terra Force, Terraform, Terrahawks,
  Terrahawks (Phillips Videopac conversion), Terramex, Terramex (Bug-Byte Premier), Terramex (Quicksilva), Terror From The Deep,
  Terror Of The Deep, The Terror Of Trantoss, Terror Reef, Terror-Daktil 4D, Terror-Daktil 4D (bugfix), Terrorballs, De Terrorist,
  Terrormolinos!, Terrorpods, Terrorpods (Dro Soft), Terry On The Move, Terry's Travels, The Test (The Guild) (set 1),
  The Test (The Guild) (set 2), The Test (unknown developer), Test And Alignment Cassette, Test De Adaptacion,
  Test De Capacidad De Concentracion (set 2), Test De Caracter (set 2), Test Drive 2 - The Duel,
  Test Drive II - The Duel (Dro Soft), Test Inteligencji, Test Master, Test Master (Challenge Software),
  Test Match & One Day Cricket, Test Tape, Tetris, Tetris (MCM), Tetris (Mastertronic Plus), Tetris 2, Teufels-Fahrer, Textar,
  TH!MBLE, Thames Local, Thanatos, Thanatos (Encore), Thanatos (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Thanatos (Erbe), Thank You, Thanos - Bugfix,
  That's The Spirit, The Theorem Of Pythagoras, Theatre Europe, Theatre Europe (Classic Conflicts), Theatre Europe (Summit),
  Theatre Of Death, Their Finest Hour, Them, Theme Park UK, Theme Park UK (set 2), Theme Park UK (set 3), Theme Park USA (set 1),
  Theme Park USA (set 2), Theory Of Music Level 1, Theory Of Music Questions And Exercises - 128k,
  Theory Of Music Questions And Exercises - 48k, Therbo, There's A Bomb Under Parliament, There's A Hole In Your Bucket,
  There's A Hole In Your Bucket (Adventure Probe), There's A Hole In Your Bucket (Adventure Probe) (set 2), Thermo-Nuclear War,
  Theseus And The Minotaur - Part 1, Theseus And The Minotaur - Part 1 (The Guild), Theseus And The Minotaur - Part 1 (Zenobi),
  They Call Me Trooper, They Say The World Will Die In Fire And Ice, They Say The World Will Die In Fire And Ice (set 2),
  They Sold A Million (Erbe), They Sold A Million (set 1), They Sold A Million (set 2), They Sold A Million II,
  They Sold A Million III, They Sold A Million III (Erbe), They Stole A Million, Thief, Thief (Experimental Phase Software),
  A Thief In The Night, A Thief's Tale, Thing, Thing Bounces Back, Thing Bounces Back (Erbe), Thingy And The Doodahs, Think!,
  Think! (Firebird), Thinker, The Thinker (Zafiro), The Thirty-Nine Steps, Thomas The Tank Engine, Thomas The Tank Engine (EDOS),
  Thomas The Tank Engine's Fun With Words, The Thompson Twins Adventure, Thor, Thor (Global Games), Three In One,
  Three Weeks In Paradise (Erbe), Three Weeks In Paradise - 128k, Three Weeks In Paradise - 48k,
  Three Weeks In Paradise - 48k (set 2), Thrill Time Gold 1, Thrill Time Gold 2, Thrill Time Gold 3 (set 1),
  Thrill Time Gold 3 (set 2), Thrill Time Platinum, The Thriller Pack, Throne Of Byzrone, Throne Of Fire (set 1),
  Throne Of Fire (set 2, Erbe), Throne Of Fire (set 3, review copy), Through The Keyhole, Through The Trap Door,
  Through The Trap Door (Alternative), Thrust, Thrust II, Thrusta, Thunder Blade, Thunder Blade (Erbe - Musical 1),
  Thunder Blade (Erbe), Thunder Blade (Kixx), Thunderbirds (1985, Firebird), Thunderbirds (1989, Grandslam) (set 1),
  Thunderbirds (1989, Grandslam) (set 2, MCM), Thundercats, Thundercats (Encore), Thundercats (MCM), Thundercats (set 2),
  Thunderhawks, Thunderturds, Thunderturds 2, A Ticket To Ride, Tiger Road (Kixx), Tiger Road - 128k, Tiler, Tiler (ABC Soft),
  Tiles V2 - Saved On +2, Tiles V2 - Saved On 48k, Time, Time And Magik (compilation), Time And Motion (compilation), Time Bandits,
  Time Flies, Time Flies (MCM), Time Flight, Time Gate (Microbyte), The Time Lords Amulet, The Time Machine,
  Time Machine (Activision), The Time Machine (Channel 8), Time Machine (MCM - Musical 1), The Time Machine (Tynesoft),
  The Time Machine (set 2), The Time Machine (set 2) (Channel 8), Time Machine - Small Cardboard Case (MCM),
  The Time Of The End (amended), The Time Of The End (original release, side 1 only), Time Quest (Adventureworld),
  Time Quest (Peter Robinson), Time Quest (Peter Robinson) (set 2), Time Quest (Pocket Money Software),
  Time Quest (Scorpio Gamesworld), Time Sanctuary, Time Scanner, Time Switch, Time Switch - v2, Time Switch - v3, Time Traveller,
  Time Trax, Time Trax (Bug-Byte), Time Trax (MGE Software), Time Tunnels, Time Tunnels (Paxman), Time Warrior - 128k,
  Time Warrior - 128k (set 2), Time Warrior - 48k, Time Watch, Time Watch (set 2), Time Wreck, Time Zone,
  Time Zone (R D Foord Software), Time-Gate, Time-Gate (Aackosoft), Time-Gate (set 2), Time-Gate (ZX Data), Time-Line, Timebomb,
  Timequest, Timequest (ZX Data), The Times Book Of Computer Puzzles & Games, Times Crosswords Volume 1, Times Of Lore,
  TIMEWISE, Tin Tin On The Moon, Tin Tin On The Moon (Byte-Back), Tinderbox, Tinderbox (set 2), Tinocopy, Tiny Tots Seven,
  Tiny Touch 'n' Go, Tip Secrets, Tir Na Nog, Tir Na Nog (loading screen hack), Tir Na Nog (Rebound), Titan, Titanic (Kixx),
  Titanic (Prism), Titanic (R & R Software), Titanic Blinky, Titanic Blinky (EDOS), Titlemaker, Tizmatrix, TIZPAN,
  Tizpan (The Guild), TNT (compilation), TNT (compilation) (Dro Soft), TNT 2 - Double Dynamite (compilation), To The Manor Bourne,
  Toad Runner, Tobor, Tobor (Add-On Electronics), Tobor (Profisoft), TOBRUK, A Toda Maquina, A Toda Maquina 2, Toddler Trouble,
  Toi Acid Game, The Tolkien Trilogy, Tom & Jerry (Erbe), Tom & Jerry 2, Tom Frost's Six Pack, Tomahawk (set 2, Byte-Back),
  Tomb Of Akhenaten, Tomb Of Dracula, The Tomb Of Dracula, The Tomb Of Dracula & It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, Tomb Of Syrinx, Tomcat,
  Tommy, Toobin', Toobin' (The Hit Squad), Toofy In Fan Land, Toofys Winter Nuts v1.2, Toolbox (Paul Murray),
  Toolkit (IMS Software), Toolkit (Kerian), Toolkit (Profisoft), Toot'n Come In, Top By Topo, Top By Topo 2,
  Top Cat In Beverly Hills Cats, Top Gun, Top Gun (Erbe - The Hit Squad), Top Gun (Erbe), Top Gun (The Hit Squad),
  Top Ten Collection, Tops And Tails, Torpedo Shoot, Tot Check, Total (compilation), Total Eclipse, Total Eclipse & The Sphinx Jinx,
  Total Reality Delusion & Warlock (The Guild) (compilation), Total Reality Delusion (set 1), Total Reality Delusion (set 2),
  Total Reality Delusion (set 3, Adventure Workshop), Total Recall, Total Recall (The Hit Squad), Totocalcio v2.1, A Touch Too Much,
  Touch Type v2, Touch Typing Tutor, Tour 91, Tour De Force, Tour De Force (Erbe), Tourist Trap, Tourist Trouble,
  Tourmaline (set 1), Tourmaline (set 2), Tournament Snooker, Tournament Tennis, Tournament Tennis (set 2),
  Tournament Tennis - Mens & Ladies, The Tower Of Despair, The Tower Of Despair (set 2), Tower Of Evil, Tower Of Evil (Alternative),
  Tower Of Evil (Sparklers), Tower Of Light, Toy Bizarre (set 1), Toy Bizarre (set 2, Proein), Toy Bizarre (set 3, Ricochet),
  Toy Bizarre (set 4), Toyota Celica GT Rally, Toyota Celica GT Rally (GBH), Trabajo Basura (set 1), Trabajo Basura (set 2), Trace,
  Track And Field, Track Suit Manager, Track Suit Manager (EDOS), Track Suit Manager (Hi-Tec), Trackbasher, The Trader Trilogy,
  The Trading Game, El Tragamanzanas, El Tragamanzanas (Monser), Trail, Trail (Tony Byrne), Trail Racer, Trailblazer,
  Trailblazer (Erbe), Trailblazer (Ricochet), The Train, The Train (Dro Soft), The Train Game, The Train Game (Alternative),
  Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge, Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge (set 2), Trans-Europa BV, Trans-Europe Rally (ABC Soft),
  Trans-Express, Trans-Express - Tape To Microdrive, Trans-Express - Tape To Tape, Trans-Express 85, Trans-Express 85.2,
  Trans-Express 85.2 (set 2), Trans-Express 85.2 (set 3), Trans-Former, Trans-Pennine, Transformers (set 2), Transistorberechnung,
  Transmat, Transpack 1, Transpo '95, Transversion, Transylvanian Tower, Trantor, Trantor (Kixx), Tranz Am, Trap, The Trap,
  Trap (Zafiro), The Trap Door & Through The Trap Door, Trashman, Travel With Trashman, The Traveller, The Traveller (set 2),
  Traveller's Tales (compilation), Trax, Traxx, Traxx (Investronica), Traz, Traz (Zafiro), Treasure, Treasure Hunt,
  Treasure Hunt (Amba), Treasure Hunt (TV Games), Treasure Hunt Took-Kit, Treasure Hunt Tool-Kit, Treasure Island,
  Treasure Island (River Software), Treasure Island (Sinclair), Treasure Island (Zenobi), Treasure Island (Zenobi) (set 2),
  The Treasure Of Lumos (set 1, 128k, final version), The Treasure Of Lumos (set 2, 48k, initial version),
  The Treasure Of Meathos (set 1), The Treasure Of Meathos (set 2), The Treasure Of The Santa Maria, Treble Champions,
  Treble Champions (Challenge Software), Treble Chance, Treble Chance Gold, The Tree Stones, The Tree Stones (amended version),
  Tremor (Americana), Le Tresor Du Dr Spectradamus, Trevor Brookings World Cup Glory, Triad (compilation), The Trials Of Kronos,
  Triaxos, Tribble Trouble, Tribbles, Triblox, A Trick Of The Tale, Trickstick (compilation), Trident PD List 1, Tridex,
  Trio (Silicon Joy) (Dracula's Castle, Ascot, Chaotic Caverns), Trio (Sparklers) (Desert Burner, Quack-shot, St. Crippens),
  Triple Decker 2, Triple Decker 3, Triple Decker 4, Triple Program, The Triple Crown Quiz, Triplex, Tripods, Tritz,
  Trivia - The Ultimate Quest, Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning, Trivial Pursuit - A New Beginning (set 2),
  Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer - Question Pack, Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer Edition, Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition,
  Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (+2 version), Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (+2 version) (set 2),
  Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (The Hit Squad), Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (set 2) #1,
  Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition (set 3), Trivial Pursuit - Young Players Edition, Trixies Quest, Trixies Quest (set 2), Trog,
  Trojan Light Pen, Troll (Kixx), Trom, Tron, Trondheim Bors, Tronn 2, Tronn 3, Troon, Troon v1, Troon v2, Trouble At Bridgeton,
  Trouble At Bridgeton (Adventure Probe), Trouble Brewin', The Trouble With Trolls, The Trouble With Trolls (set 2), Trzy Wymiary,
  TT Racer (set 1), TT Racer (set 2, Byte-Back), TT Racer (set 3), TT Racing Simulator, TT-S, Tu Micro, Tuareg, Tubaruba, The Tube,
  The Tube (Bug-Byte), Tube Cube, Tube Train Terror, Tube Train Terror (set 2), Tujad, Tumler, Tuner, Tunnel 3D (Microbyte),
  Tunnel Adventure, Turbo Accounts, Turbo Base, Turbo Bike (Alternative), Turbo Boat Simulator,
  Turbo Boat Simulator (MCM) / Turbo Road, Turbo Calc, Turbo Chess, Turbo Compiler v2.1, Turbo Compress Copy,
  Turbo Cup Challenge (Players Premiere), Turbo Driver, Turbo Dustbin, Turbo Esprit, Turbo Esprit (Encore), Turbo Esprit (Erbe),
  Turbo Esprit (loading screen hack, version 1), Turbo Esprit (loading screen hack, version 2), Turbo Esprit - Joystick, Turbo Girl,
  Turbo Girl (Spanish), Turbo Kart Racer, Turbo Outrun, Turbo Outrun (Erbe), Turbo Outrun (Kixx), Turbo Skate Fighter, Turbo Text,
  Turbomania, Turf Form, Turmoil, Turntaking, Turrican, Turrican (Erbe - Musical 1), Turrican (Erbe), Turrican (Kixx), Turrican 2,
  Turrican 2 (Erbe), Turrican 2 (Kixx), Turtle 2, Turtle Timewarp (Softstone), Turtogas, Tus Juegos 1, Tus Juegos 2,
  Tus Juegos Single 1, Tus Juegos Single 2, Tus Juegos Single 3, Tus Juegos Single 4, Tus Juegos Single 5, Tusker, Tusker (Kixx),
  Tusker (MCM), Tutankhamun, Tutor De Ingles, Tutorstar (Profisoft), Tutto Spectrum No 3, TV Special (compilation),
  Twas A Time Of Dread, The Twelve Days Of Christmas, Twenty Crossword Puzzles, Twice Shy, Twice Shy (set 2), Twilight Zone,
  Twin Kingdom Valley, Twin Kingdom Valley (set 2), Twin World, Twinlight (set 1), Twinlight (set 2, turbo loader),
  Twister - Mother Of Charlotte, Twister - Mother Of Charlotte (set 2) Encoding, Two Gun Turtle, Two-In-One, Tycoon, Tycoon Trevor,
  Type Rope, Typeliner & Font Editor, Typeliner & Font Editor (set 2), Typeset, Typesetter, Typhoon, Typhoon (Erbe), Typograph,
  Tyrant Of Athens, Tyrant Of Athens (set 2), U-Boat, U-Boat Hunt, U-BOOT, U.S. Basket Master (Alternative),
  Uchi-Mata (Alternative), Uchi-Mata (Erbe), UDG Generator, Ugh!, Ugh! - Bugfix, Ukladanka, Ulamki, Ulises, Ultima Ratio,
  Ultimate - The Collected Works (PSST, Cookie, Trans AM, Atic Atac, Jetpac, Lunar Jetman, Sabre Wulf, Knight Lore, Alien 8,
  Night Shade, Gun Fright), The Ultimate Collection, Ultimate Combat Mission, The Ultimate Experience,
  Ultimate First Communion Simulator, The Ultimate Soccer Quiz, Ultraviolet, UN Squadron, Un, Dos, Tres Responda Otra Vez,
  Unbelievable Ultimate Vol 1, The Unborn One, Underground Adventure, The Underworld, The Underworld (set 2), Underwurlde (set 1),
  Underwurlde (set 2), Unifile, United, Unitrax, Universal Hero, The Untouchables (set 1), The Untouchables (set 2, The Hit Squad),
  The Untouchables (set 3, Los Intocables, Erbe - Musical 1), The Untouchables (set 4, Los Intocables), The Untouchables (set 5),
  UO2-EAR - G4IDE, Up & Add 'em, Up For Grabs, Urban, Urban - Final Version, Urban Upstart, Urban Upstart (set 2), Uridium,
  Uridium & Firelord, Uridium (Erbe), Uridium (Rack-It), Uridium (set 2), Uridium Plus, Urquahart Castle, Use And Learn,
  Use Your Loaf, User Defined Graphics, User To User Terminal, Using Your Computer III, USP232, Usurper, Usurper (set 2),
  Utilidades 1, Utilidades 1 (Microparadise), Utter Tripe, Uwol, Quest For Money, V (set 1), V (set 2, Erbe), V (set 3),
  V - The Silver Saucer, V-notch, Vade Retro, Vagan Attack, Valhalla, Valhalla (299), Valkyrie 17, Valkyrie 17 (set 2),
  Valkyrie 17 (The Tape Gallery), Vallation (set 1, 128k), Vallation (set 2, 128k), Vallation (set 3, 48k), Vallation (set 4, 48k),
  The Valley, The Valley (Kayde), Valley Of The Dead, Valley Of The Kings, Vampire Hunter Willy - Bugfixed, Vampire Killer,
  Vampire Killer (Firecracker Software), Vampire Village, Vampire's Empire, Vampire's Empire (Dro Soft), Vanquisher, Variload,
  VariTYPE10, VARSaver, VAT Manager, Vector Ball, Vector Mathematics, Vectron, Vectron 3D, Vega Solaris (set 1),
  Vega Solaris (set 2), Vega Solaris (set 3), Vega Solaris (set 4, beta version), Vega-Table, Vegas Jackpot, Vegetable Crash,
  Velnor's Lair, Velnor's Lair (Aackosoft), Velnor's Lair (Quicksilva), Vendetta, Vendetta (Kixx), Venedig, Venom, Venom (set 2),
  Venom (Zenobi), Ventamatic Centronics, Ventamatic Lapiz Optico, Ventamatic Midi Interface (DX7 Library + Editor),
  Ventamatic Midi Interface (Micon), Venture (Protek), Venture (Protek) - Release 2, Venture (set 1), Venture (set 2), Vera Cruz,
  Vertigo, The Very Big Cave Adventure, The Very Big Cave Adventure (GI Games), The Very Big Cave Adventure (set 2),
  The Very Big Cave Adventure (Zenobi), Viaje Al Centro De La Tierra (Serie 5 Estrellas), Viaje al Centro de la Napia, Vice Versa,
  Victory Road, Video Basic (Issue 13), Video Basic (Issue 14), Video Basic (Issue 15), Video Basic (Issue 16),
  Video Basic (Issue 17), Video Basic (Issue 18), Video Basic (Issue 19), Video Basic (Issue 20), Video Card Arcade,
  Video Card Arcade (Blue Ribbon), Video Graffiti, Video Olympics, Video Poker, Video Pool, Video Pool (Paxman), Video Stop,
  Video Vault, Videomaster - Demo, Videomaster - Master Tape, Videospectrum (Issue 01), Videospectrum (Issue 10),
  Videospectrum (Issue 12), Videospectrum (Issue 14), Videospectrum (Issue 15), Videospectrum (Issue 16), Videospectrum (Issue 20),
  Videospectrum (Issue 21), Videospectrum (Issue 22), Videospectrum (Issue 23), Videospectrum (Issue 24), Videospectrum (Issue 26),
  Vidi Source - Viditel En Telesoftware, Vidi-ZX, A View To A Chip (set 2), A View To A Kill, A View To A Kill (Bug-Byte),
  A View To A Kill - Bugfix, View To A Kill Pack, Viewpoint, Vigilante, Vigilante (Erbe), Vigilante (Kixx), Viking Raiders,
  Vikings - Menai Straits, Vikings - Stamford Bridge, The Village Underworld, The Village Underworld (set 2),
  The Vindicator! - 128k, The Vindicator! - 128k (The Hit Squad), Vindicators, Vindicators (The Hit Squad), Vino File,
  The Violator Of Voodoo, Violent Universe, Violent Universe (Paxman), Violent Universe (ZX Africa), Viper III,
  Virgin Atlantic Challenge, Virtual Worlds (compilation), Virus, Virus (Delbert The Hamster), Virus (Global Games),
  Virus (Spectrum Adventure Exch Club), The Visual Processor, Vixen, Vixen (Erbe - Serie Leyenda), Vixen (Erbe), Vixen (React),
  Viz - The Computer Game, Viz - The Computer Game (Tronix), Vocabulario Infantil Aleman (Mariposas), Vocabulario Ingles (Espia),
  Voetbal Manager, Voice Chess, Voice Chess (Aackosoft), Voice Chess - Fuller Orator, Voidrunner, Volcanic Dungeon,
  Volcanic Dungeon (Mastertronic), Volcanic Dungeon (Mastervision), Volcanic Planet, Volcano, Voodoo Castle, Vowels Of The Earth,
  VOX, Voyage Into The Unknown, Vreme T1-2, VTX 5000 User To User Communications Software, VTX Editor, VTX Editor v4.6, VTX Enhance,
  VU-3D, VU-3D (Rebit Computer), VU-Calc, VU-Calc (Rebit Computer), VU-File, VU-File (Octocon Data), VU-File (Rebit Computer),
  Vulcan, Vulcan (System 4), W*H*B, W*H*B (Cronosoft) (with Dominetris), W.A.R (set 1), W.A.R (set 2, Winner), W.A.R (set 3),
  W.A.R (set 4, Winner), W.E.C. Le Mans, W.E.C. Le Mans (The Hit Squad), Wacky Races, Wafa-drive 1, Wafa-drive 1 (set 2),
  Wage Rate Analysis, Wake Me Up (v2.0, English), Wake Me Up (v2.0, Spanish), Wally Family, Wally Kong, Wally Kong (Calisto),
  Wally Kong (Dixons), Wanderer, Wanderer (Encore), Wanderers - Chained In The Dark, Wanted - Monty Mole (set 1),
  Wanted - Monty Mole (set 2), War 70, War Cars Construction Set, War Cars Construction Set (MCM), War Game,
  War Game (Reelax Games), War In Middle Earth, War In Middle Earth (Dro Soft), War In The East, War Machine, War Machine (EDOS),
  War Of The Roses, The War Of The Worlds, War Zone (set 1), War Zone (set 2), War-Lord, The Warlock Of Firetop Mountain,
  The Warlock's Treasure, Warlord, Warlord (Interceptor Micros), Warlord (Interceptor Micros) (set 2), Warlord (Lothlorien),
  Warlords, Warmaster Pack, Warp Factor 6, Warrior Mage, Wash 'n' Slosh & Scrap-Yard & The Colliery, Waterloo, Waxworks,
  Waxworks (Channel 8), Waxworks (Dixons), Waxworks (set 2), The Way Of The Exploding Fist,
  The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Dro Soft), The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Erbe), The Way Of The Exploding Fist (Ricochet),
  The Way Of The Exploding Fist (set 2), Way Of The Tiger, Way Of The Tiger (Boots), Way Of The Tiger (Kixx),
  We Are The Champions (compilation), Weather Picture Printing, Weather Station, Weathermaster, Weathermaster - Pre Production,
  The Weaver Of Her Dreams, The Weaver Of Her Dreams (GI Games), The Weaver Of Her Dreams (set 2), Weetabix Versus The Titchies,
  Wegwijs Op Uw ZX Spectrum 48k, The Well Of Zol, Wellington At Waterloo, Wells & Fargo, Welltris, Wembley Greyhounds,
  Wembley Greyhounds (Cult), Wembley Greyhounds (EDOS), Wender Bender, Wentworth West And East - Release 1,
  Wentworth West And East - Release 2, Wentworth West And East - Release 3, Werewolf Simulator, Werewolves Of London,
  Werewolves Of London (bugfix), Wergild, West Bank, West Bank (Spanish), West Bank - Small Case, West Gun, West Rail - Release 1,
  West Rail - Release 2, Western, WHAM! The Music Box, What Now 1, What The Butler Saw, What's The Time, What's The Time (set 2),
  What's This MIDI, Wheeler Dealer, Wheelie, Wheelie (Alternative), Wheelin Wallie, Where Is Zeus, Where Is Zeus (Adventure Probe),
  Where Is Zeus - PC Only Version (Adventure Probe), Where Time Stood Still, Where Time Stood Still (Erbe),
  Where Time Stood Still (loading screen hack, version 0), Where Time Stood Still (loading screen hack, version 1),
  Where Time Stood Still (loading screen hack, version 2), Where Time Stood Still (loading screen hack, version 3),
  Which Tax Calculator 1983-84, Which Tax Calculator 1984-85, Which Tax Calculator 1985-86, Which Tax Calculator 1986-87,
  Which Tax Calculator 1987-88, Which Tax Calculator 1988-89, Whirlwind, Whistle, Whistle (set 2), Whistle - C04 Version,
  The White Barrows, White Diamond, The White Feather Cloak, The White Feather Cloak (GI Games), White Lightning,
  White Lightning - Microdrive Version, White Noise, Whizz Kid, Who Dares Wins II, Who Dares Wins II (Alternative),
  Who Dares Wins II (Software Center), Who Said That, Who Would Be King, Whodunnit, Whodunnit & Alcatraz Harry,
  Whodunnit (Mastertronic), Whopper Chase (set 1), Whopper Chase (set 2), Why Is The World Round Anyway,
  Why Is The World Round Anyway - Evaluation Copy, Wibstars, The Wicker Woman, Width Of The World, Width Of The World (set 2),
  Wild Bunch, The Wild Bunch - Pre Production, Wild Streets, Wild Water, Wild West, Wild West Hero, Wild Words,
  Wilds Sreets (Proein), Wilfred The Hairy, Olaf The Hungry, William Wobbler, William Wobbler (uniMicro), Willibald, Willow Pattern,
  Willow Pattern (Silver Range), Willy Meets The Beatles, Willy Meets The Beatles - Old Music, Willy The Wasp, Willy The Wasp 2,
  Willy Tournament 2004, Willy's New Mansion - Special Edition, Wimbledon Challenge, Winacomp, Wind Surfer, WinDOS,
  Windows - Division, The Winged Avenger, Winged Avenger & Cowboy (Investronica), The Winged Avenger Mk II,
  The Winged Avenger Mk II (Profisoft), Winged Warlords, Winners (compilation), The Winning Team (compilation),
  Winter Games (set 1, 128k), Winter Games (set 2, 48k), Winter Games (set 3, 48k), Winter Games (set 4, 48k, Compulogical),
  Winter Games (set 5, 48k, Erbe), Winter Games (set 6, 48k, Kixx), Winter Olympiad '88, Winter Olympiad (Micro Value),
  Winter Sports, Winter Sports (Firebird), Winter Sports (Proein), Winter Sports (Zafiro), Winter Wonderland,
  Winter Wonderland (set 2), WinterTerm, Witch Hunt, Witch Hunt & The Cup, Witch Hunt (Zenobi), Witch Hunt - Quilled Version,
  Witch Hunter (Mastering Tape), The Witch's Cauldron, The Witch's Cauldron (set 2), Witchfiend, Wiz, Wiz-Biz, Wiz-Biz (set 2),
  Wizard Box, Wizard Box (set 2), Wizard Of Akyrz, Wizard Of Akyrz (Channel 8), Wizard Of Akyrz (set 2), The Wizard Of Oz,
  The Wizard Of Tallyron, Wizard Of Wor, Wizard Quest, Wizard Warz, Wizard Warz (Erbe), Wizard What Wizard - 2007 (CCC),
  Wizard's Lair, Wizard's Lair (Blue Ribbon), Wizard's Spell, Wizard's Warrior, The Wizard's Warriors, The Wizards Orb,
  The Wizards Scrolls, The Wizards Scrolls (set 2), The Wizards Skull, The Wizards Skull (Mastering Tape), The Wizards Warrior,
  Wizball, Wizball (EDOS), Wizball (Erbe), Wizball (The Hit Squad), Wolfan, Wolfman, Wolfman (set 2), The Wombles (Alternative),
  Wonder Boy (The Hit Squad, bugfix), Wonky Chateau, Woods Of Winter, Woorden Maken, Word Finder, Word Finder (Bradway),
  Word Finder (Bradway) (set 2), Word Games, Word Games With The Mr Men, Word Master, Word Master (set 2), Word Power,
  The Word Processor, Word Processor (Airline Software), Word Processor (set 1), Word Processor (set 2), Word Search (G. Jamieson),
  Word Seeker, Word Spell, Word Wizard, Words & Pictures, Wordsetter, World Champions - Release 1, World Champions - Release 2,
  World Championship Boxing Manager, World Championship Boxing Manager (GBH), World Championship Soccer, World Class Darts,
  World Class Leaderboard, World Class Leaderboard (Kixx), World Class Rugby, World Cricket, World Cup, World Cup '86,
  World Cup (Cult), World Cup (Dixon's 4 Pack), World Cup - Mexico 86, World Cup Carnival (set 1), World Cup Carnival (set 2),
  World Cup Challenge, World Cup Cricket, World Cup Cricket & Champions Of Cricket - Sides 2,
  World Cup Cricket - 2 To 6 Version (side 2 only), World Cup Cricket - All Time Greats,
  World Cup Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1991, World Cup Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1992,
  World Cup Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1993, World Cup Cricket - Player Data Cassette 1994, World Cup Cricket - Special,
  World Cup Football, World Cup Football (Paxman), World Cup Glory, World Cup Soccer, World Cup Year 90 Compilation, World Flags,
  World Games, World Games (Kixx), World Globe, World Heavyweight Boxing, The World Of Grand Prix Racing,
  The World Of Grand Prix Racing - 1950s All Time Greats, The World Of Grand Prix Racing - 1960s All Time Greats,
  The World Of Grand Prix Racing - 1964-1967, The World Of Grand Prix Racing - 1989-1991, The World Of Grand Prix Racing - 1993,
  The World Of Grand Prix Racing 2, World Of Soccer, World Rugby, World Series Baseball (set 1),
  World Series Baseball (set 2, Erbe), World Series Baseball (set 3, The Hit Squad),
  World Series Baseball (set 4, Unknown Re-Release), World Series Baseball (set 5), World Series Basketball (set 1),
  World Series Basketball (set 2, Erbe, medium case), World Series Basketball (set 3, Erbe, small case),
  World Series Basketball (set 4), World Series Cricket, World Soccer, World Soccer League, World Soccer League (EDOS),
  World Team Championships, World War 1, World War 1 (Bug-Byte), World's First Computer Joke Book, Worlds Of Fantasy, Worm,
  The Worm, The Worm In Paradise, Worm Attack, Worms & Defusion, Worse Things Happen At Sea, The Worx!, Wotson, WOW Games,
  The Wrath Of Magra, Wrath Of The Killer Pigs, Wreckage, Wreckage (Unique), Wriggler, Wriggler (set 2), Write On,
  The Writer - 128k, The Writer - 48k, Wulfpack, Wulfpack (EDOS), WWF Wrestle Mania, WWF Wrestle Mania (Erbe),
  WWF Wrestle Mania (The Hit Squad), Wychwood, Wye Compiler, Wye Compiler (Spanish), Wykonywanie Programow w Mikrokomputerze,
  Wyplan Project Planner, Wyplay Fun To Learn, X Basic, X-Loader v2.30, X-Out, X-Out (Kixx), X-Ray v2.7, X=Y=Z v1.2,
  X=Y=Z v1.2a - Packed, X=Y=Z v1.2a - Turbo, XADOM, Xadom (F+K-Ware), XAM (compilation), Xanagrams, Xanthius, Xarax, Xarax (MCM),
  Xark, Xark (Hi-Tech Games Plus), Xark - Fuller Box Version, Xarq (set 1), Xarq (set 2), Xavior, Xavior (bugfix),
  Xavior (CLJ Industries), Xcel, Xcel (Mastertronic), Xecutor, Xecutor (Dro Soft / Erbe), Xecutor (The Micro Selection),
  Xen (Sparklers), Xen (Top Ten), Xeno, Xeno (Bug-Byte), Xeno (Kidsplay), Xeno (Mind Games Espana), Xeno II, Xenon,
  Xenon (Mastertronic Plus), Xenophobe, Xevious, Xevious (Americana), Xevious (Erbe), XIV-2, XL1, XLR-8 Demo - Basic Loader,
  XLR-8 Mastering Tape, XLR-8 Mastering Utilities, XLR-8 Mastering Utilities - Polarity Fix, XOR, XP Basic, XTend,
  Xtroth The Adventure, Xtroth The Adventure - 128k, Xybots, Xybots (Erbe), Xybots (The Hit Squad), Xyzolog,
  Yacht Race (Hill MacGibbon), Yahtzee (Pegasus), Yahtzee (Spectre), Yahtzi (Work Force), Yakzee, Yakzee (set 2),
  Yankee - Chickamauga, Yankee - Gettysburg, A Yankee In Iraq, Yars Revenge ZX, Yatzee, Yellow Door - Rays, Yenght (set 1),
  Yenght (set 2), Yes Prime Minister, Yes Prime Minister (Mastertronic Plus), Yeti, Yeti (Alternative), Yie Ar Kung Fu (set 1),
  Yie Ar Kung Fu (set 2, The Hit Squad), Yie Ar Kung Fu (set 3, Erbe, medium case), Yie Ar Kung Fu (set 5, The Hit Squad),
  Yie Ar Kung Fu (set 6), Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (set 1), Yie Ar Kung Fu 2 (set 2), Yie Ar Kung-Fu (set 4, Erbe, small case),
  Yogi Bear (set 1), Yogi Bear (set 2, Alternative), Yogi Bear (set 3, System 4), Yogi Bear And Friends - In The Greed Monster,
  Yogi's Great Escape, Yomp (Side 1 only), Young Learners 1 - Release 1, Young Learners 1 - Release 2, Young Learners 2 - Release 1,
  Young Learners 2 - Release 2, Young Learners 2 - Release 3, The Young Ones, Young Persons Computer Bible,
  Your Computer (Issue 05), Your Computer (Vol. 2 No. 12), Your Next Move, Your Personal Health Test, Your Sinclair (Issue 01),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 17), Your Sinclair (Issue 22), Your Sinclair (Issue 24), Your Sinclair (Issue 25),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 29) Smash Tape 6 (Blind Panic), Your Sinclair (Issue 30) Smash Tape 7 (People from Sirius),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 31) Smash Tape 8 (Test Cricket),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 34) Smash Tape 9 (Dustin, Cybernoid II - The Revenge Demo),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 35) Smash Tape 10 (Orbix the Terrorball, Rambo III Demo, Mad Mix Game Demo, Rex Demo),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 36) Smash Tape 11 (Star Raiders II, Afterburner arcade soundtrack) & Smash Tape 12 (Qarx, Skate or Die Demo),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 37), Your Sinclair (Issue 38), Your Sinclair (Issue 39), Your Sinclair (Issue 40), Your Sinclair (Issue 41),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 42), Your Sinclair (Issue 43), Your Sinclair (Issue 44), Your Sinclair (Issue 45), Your Sinclair (Issue 46),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 47) Smash Tape 23 (Flashpoint, Power Drift Demo),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 48) Smash Tape 24 (Wonder Boy) & Smash Tape 25 (Thing, Riding the Rapids, Heroes of Karn, Shark YS demo),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 48) Smash Tape 24 (Wonder Boy) & Smash Tape 25 Special Edition (Heroes of Karn, Forest at World's End,
  Warlord, Anfractuos, Riding the Rapids, Thing, Shark SU demo), Your Sinclair (Issue 49), Your Sinclair (Issue 50),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 51), Your Sinclair (Issue 52), Your Sinclair (Issue 53), Your Sinclair (Issue 54), Your Sinclair (Issue 55),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 56), Your Sinclair (Issue 57), Your Sinclair (Issue 58), Your Sinclair (Issue 59), Your Sinclair (Issue 60),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 61), Your Sinclair (Issue 62), Your Sinclair (Issue 63), Your Sinclair (Issue 64), Your Sinclair (Issue 65),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 66), Your Sinclair (Issue 67), Your Sinclair (Issue 68), Your Sinclair (Issue 69), Your Sinclair (Issue 70),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 71), Your Sinclair (Issue 72), Your Sinclair (Issue 73), Your Sinclair (Issue 74), Your Sinclair (Issue 75),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 76), Your Sinclair (Issue 77), Your Sinclair (Issue 78), Your Sinclair (Issue 79), Your Sinclair (Issue 80),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 81), Your Sinclair (Issue 82), Your Sinclair (Issue 83), Your Sinclair (Issue 84), Your Sinclair (Issue 85),
  Your Sinclair (Issue 86), Your Sinclair (Issue 87), Your Sinclair (Issue 89), Your Sinclair (Issue 90), Your Sinclair (Issue 91),
  Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 01), Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 03), Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 04),
  Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 05), Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 07), Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 08),
  Your Sinclair Digitape (Issue 09), Your Sinclair Pokes Party Pack, Your Sinclair Special Adventure Offer,
  Your Spectrum Digitape (Issue 01), Your Spectrum Digitape (Issue 02), Your Spectrum Digitape (Issue 03),
  Your Spectrum Digitape (Issue 04), Your Spectrum Digitape (Issue 05), Your Spectrum Mega Basic, Your Team,
  Yumiko In The Haunted Mansion, Yuppie, Z-Man, Z4 Football Forecast Program, Z5 Horse Race Forecast, Z80 Analyst,
  z80 Disassembler - 48k, Z80 Toolkit, Z80 Toolkit (set 2), The Zacaron Mystery, Zampabolas, Zanthrax, Zany Adventure, Zap, Zap 2,
  Zap The Alien, Zaraks, Zaxxan, Zaxxon (set 1), Zaxxon (set 2), Zblast SD+, Zeichensatze, ZEN, Zen Quest, Zenji, Zenji (Firebird),
  Zepherus, Zeus Assembler (Sinclair), Zeus Assembler - German, Zeus Assembler - Release 1, Zeus Assembler - Release 2,
  Zig Zag (Monser) (set 2), Zig-Zag, Zig-Zag (Monser) (set 1), Ziggarat Of Dread, Ziggarat Of Dread (Custom Cables International),
  Ziggurat - The Temple of Doom, Zip Compiler v1.3, Zip-Zap, Zip-Zap (set 2), Zipi Y Zape, Zipper Flipper, Zodiac Master,
  Zogan's Revenge, Zogan's Revenge & The Wizards Skull, Zogan's Revenge (Mastering Tape), Zoids (set 1), Zoids (set 2, Alternative),
  Zoids (set 3), Zoids (set 4), Zoids (set 5, Alternative), The Zolan Adventure, Zolyx (Firebird), Zombi, Zombi Terror (set 1),
  Zombi Terror (set 2), Zombie Calavera Prologue, Zombie Zombie, Zombo, Zona 0, Zone Trooper, Zoom, Zoot,
  Zorro (loading screen hack), Zorro (set 1), Zorro (set 2, Americana), Zorro (set 3, Erbe), Zorro (set 4), Zub, Zulu War,
  Zut Alors!, Zwierciadla Plaskie, Zwierciadla Sferyczne, Zx Awari, ZX Base, ZX Berserk - Release 1, ZX Berserk - Release 2,
  ZX Big-Shot, ZX Big-Shot (set 2), ZX Big-Shot Typeface Machine Codes, ZX Cecil, ZX Centi, ZX Columns, ZX Files Megatape 1,
  ZX Files Megatape 2, ZX Files Megatape 3, ZX Files Megatape 4, ZX Football Manager 2005, ZX Forth, ZX Lprint Mk2, ZX Mines 2,
  ZX Mines 2.0 - 1500 Baud, ZX Mines 2.0 - 3000 Baud, ZX Mines 2.0 - 4500 Baud, ZX Mines 2.0 - 6000 Baud, ZX Othello, ZX Poker,
  ZX RTTY, ZX Reversi, ZX Slowloader, ZX Soft (Issue 2), ZX Soft (Issue 3), ZX Spectrum 128 Retail Demonstration Cassette,
  ZX Spectrum Assembler, ZX Spectrum Assembler (Elettronica CS), ZX Spectrum Demo Cassette, ZX Spectrum Golf,
  ZX Spectrum Interfacing Programs, ZX Spectrum Patience, ZX Spectrum+ Graphics Pack, ZX Spectrum+ Guia De Funcionamiento,
  ZX Spectrum+ Guia Para El Empleo, ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette,
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar), ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - Dutch,
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - Finnish, ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - French,
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - French (set 2),
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - Italian,
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - Norwegian,
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - Spanish, ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (Goldstar) - Turkish,
  ZX Spectrum+ User Guide Companion Cassette (set 2), ZX Sprinter, ZX Term, ZX Tool Kit, ZX Toolkit, ZX Trek, ZX-7, ZX-DISCOM,
  ZX-Sideprint, ZX82 Spectacular, ZXED, ZXED Spectrum Toolkit, ZXodus Engine, Zybex, Zybex (Mastering Tape), Zynaps, Zynaps (Erbe),
  Zynaps - Non-Playing Version, Zythum, Zzoom, Zzoom (set 2), Zzoom - Big Box Release, Zzzz, Zzzz (Zenobi)
  [TZX Vault, SPA2, Steve Brown, Andrew Barker, Paul Hurd, Tony Barnett, Claus Jahn, Donald Graham, Guy Bearman, Jose Luis Soler,
  Krasimir Hristov, Andrew Blood, Dave Stevens, John Wilson, Edwina Brown, Walter Pooley, Tomaz Kac, Martijn van der Heide,
  Ramsoft, Dunny, Woody, Mikie]
ti99_cart: Myarc Extended Basic II [Michael Zapf]
  Disney's Princess Cinderella - Lernen im Maerchenland (Germany, Rev. 204),
  Disney/Pixar Findet Nemo - Nemos Unterwasserabenteuer (Germany) [TeamEurope]

Software list items promoted to working
fmtowns_cd: The Legend of Kyrandia [, r09]
  Batman (set 8, The Hit Squad), Seymour - Take 1 (Minigame / Demo), Turbo The Tortoise (set 2, Codemasters), Wonder Boy (set 1),
  Wonder Boy (set 2) [AmatCoder, David Haywood]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
  Brutal Sports Series: Football, Cannon Fodder, Castles II: Siege & Conquest, Frog Feast (Demo), Gulp!, PGA European Tour,
  Pierre Le Chef is... Out to Lunch, Power Drive, Power-Games, Prey: An Alien Encounter, The Seven Gates of Jambala, Sheer Delight,
  Simon the Sorcerer, The Speris Legacy, Strip Pot, Subwar 2050, Summer Olympix, Super Methane Bros., Super Skidmarks (set 2),
  Superfrog, Surf Ninjas, Syndicate, Theme Park, Trivial Pursuit, Trolls, UFO: Enemy Unknown, Ultimate Body Blows,
  Wembley International Soccer, Whale's Voyage, Wild Cup Soccer, Worms, Zool 2, Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension
  [, FakeShemp]
dragon_cart: AMTOR/AX25 [David Linsley]
fmtowns_cd: Scavenger (1993-11-11) [, r09]
gba: Farbe (Ger), Game Boy Advance Video - Shrek (USA, Rev. 6), Game Boy Advance Video - Shrek 2 (USA, Rev. 6) [No-Intro, FakeShemp]
mt65_rom: DVWord, EPROM Programmer, XBug 5.2 (patched tape for 1.5MHz) []
  Edd The Duck!, Edd The Duck! (Zeppelin), Hollywood Poker (set 1),
  James Bond 007 Action Pack (set 1) (Lord Bromley's Estate, Q's Armoury, The Living Daylights), Lemmings, Road Runner (set 3),
  Samantha Fox Strip Poker (set 3, 48k, Micropool, with 7 Card Stud),
  The James Bond 007 Action Pack (Tape 2 only) (The Living Daylights),
  The James Bond 007 Action Pack (set 2) (Lord Bromley's Estate, Q's Armoury, The Living Daylights), Tomahawk (set 1),
  Tomahawk (set 3), Tomahawk (set 4)
  [TZX Vault, SPA2, Steve Brown, Andrew Barker, Paul Hurd, Tony Barnett, Claus Jahn, Donald Graham, Guy Bearman, Jose Luis Soler,
  Krasimir Hristov, Andrew Blood, Dave Stevens, John Wilson, Edwina Brown, Walter Pooley, Tomaz Kac, Martijn van der Heide,
  Ramsoft, Dunny, Woody, Mikie]
vsmilem_cart: Disney Micky Maus Wunderhaus (Germany), Fussball Meisterschaft (Germany), Sportskanone (Germany) [TeamEurope]

Translations added or modified
Turkish [Kadir Eksi]

Source Changes
-mc68hc11: Implemented more of the instructions, and cleaned up code. [68bit]

-tilemap: Added note about misleading variable names. [68bit]

-mc6846.cpp: Fixed timer modes. [68bit]

-m68040: Stop CINV DATA instruction from causing F-line exception. [AJR]

-wy100.cpp: Added keyboard, preliminary character display, and serial ports. [AJR]

-wy50kb: Fixed incorrect mapping for F4 key. [AJR]

-i8275: Calculate refresh rate from software-configured parameters. [AJR]

-Fixed calculation of TMS34010/020 shifted memory addresses for debugger save and load commands (fixes GitHub #5309). [AJR]

-Added disassembler and skeleton CPU device for CompactRISC CR16B architecture. [AJR]

-z8: Fixed calculation of half carry flag - Z8671 BASIC no longer prints "12" when the result is 18. [AJR]

-m37710: Added internal clock divider. [AJR]

-itech32.cpp: Use generic latch device for sound communications, and added second latch to 68EC020 systems. [AJR]

-cw7501, cdr4201: Added preliminary Creative CD-R 4210 and Panasonic CW-7501 SCSI CD-ROM devices.
 [AJR, Metropoli BBS Archive, Dirk Best]

-mcs51 disassembler updates: [AJR]
 * Restored some 8052 special-function register and bit names for more advanced models.
 * Added a few more T2-related names to disassembler.
 * Added i8xc51fx and i8xc51gb disassemblers with additional special-function register and bit names.
 * Removed i80c51 from unidasm (differences from i8051 are not significant).

-poly88, poly8813: Added S-100 bus. [AJR]
 * Moved Video Terminal Interface and additional RAM to S-100 cards, and added skeleton disk controller card.

-i8155: Update port outputs on mode change. [AJR]

-tzx_cass.cpp udpates: [AmatCoder]
 * Add 1 ms pause to ensure the last edge finishes properly at the end of the tape.
 * Fixed loading of Generalized Data blocks.
 * Fixed pulses on Standard Data blocks.

-dsk_dsk.cpp: Corrected sector size for some copy-protected tracks (fixes MT06716). [AmatCoder]

-namcos2.cpp: Removed ROZ optimization hack as it caused missing backgrounds in Phelios. [Angelo Salese]

-usgames.cpp: Changed drawing to use 6845 row update callback - fixes screen alignment. [Angelo Salese]

-seibucop.cpp: Fixed flipped sprite alignment in macro $C480 - improves SD Gundam Rainbow stage 3 mid-boss. [Angelo Salese]

-nemesis.cpp updates: [Angelo Salese]
 * Changed machine configurations to use raw screen parameters.
 * Fixed raster interrupt generation for Hyper Crash (fixes coin insertion and gameplay glitches).

-taito_en.cpp: Improved MB87078 divider ratios - fixes regression with Taito F3 volume control being too quiet. [Angelo Salese]

-senjyo.cpp: Fixed long-standing regression in background pixel layer width/enable handling. [Angelo Salese]

-riscpc.cpp: changed rpc700 to use proper ARM710a core, and fixed video transfers. [Angelo Salese]

-pgm.cpp: Added notes, improved metadata, and cleaned up code. [cam900]

-dooyong.cpp updates: [cam900]
 * Added tilemap attribute callback, implemented tilemap ROM limits, and added support for masked tilemap priority.
 * Updated notes and metadata.

-nmk16.cpp updates: [cam900]
 * Moved Afega-specific code to a derived state class.
 * Invalidate tilemaps when RAM bank is changed.
 * Cleaned up twinactn Oki sound ROM bank switching.
 * Changed Afega games to mono sound output and fixed sound output balance.
 * Derive clock frequencies from crystals/oscillators found on boards.

-cps1.cpp: Moved palette initialization into machine configuration. [cam900]

-deco32.cpp: Reduced runtime tag map lookups and cleaned up code. [cam900]

-seta2.cpp: Verified sound tempo and pitch, and CPU clock frequency. [cam900]

-pgmprot_igs027a_type3.cpp: Corrected ARM7 CPU clock frequency for killbldp. [cam900]

-vamphalf.cpp updates: [cam900]
 * Don't change screen resolution and refresh rate when changing flip screen state.
 * Restricted sprite drawing to clipping rectangle.
 * Reduced duplication, added notes, and cleaned up code.

-qvt103.cpp: Implemented basic screen rendering. [Dirk Best]

-att630.cpp: Implemented screen rendering, and added more information to address map. [Dirk Best]

-falco5220.cpp: Identified keyboard addresses, and implemented RAM banking and preliminary graphics. [Dirk Best]

-bionicc: Correctly hooked up microcontroller, fixed audio CPU non-maskable interrupt source, and removed hacks. [Dirk Best]

-1943.cpp: Replaced microcontroller simulation with emulation. [Dirk Best, Brian Troha, TeamEurope, The Dumping Union]

-nes, sms: Fixed light gun regressions. [Enik Land]

-315_5124: Adjusted horizontal screen positions based on new research. [Enik Land, Charles MacDonald]

-k573dio: Fixed played sample count reporting. [Eric Vidal]

-Added an ultra-low-latency mode for PortAudio sound output module. [Eric Vidal]

-luaengine.cpp: Added accessors for snapshot target size, screen refresh interval, and snapshot bitmap. [feos]

-Disable UI startup screens when using the dummy video output module. [feos]

-MIDI: Fixed reception of several System Common messages. [Golden Child, R. Belmont]

-Added a sensorboard device mainly meant for chess piece simulation, and updated all chess drivers to use it. [hap, Sandro Ronco]

-ti99: Added support for for RAM-only standard cartridges (Myarc Exbasic II), and fixed RS-232 card DIP switches. [Michael Zapf]

-i386: Added hardware breakpoint support. [MoochMcGee]

-Moved UI colors and menu metrics into MAME UI manager class. [Nathan Woods]

-mc6847.cpp: Respond to changes in the video artifact configuration. [Nathan Woods]

-Lua engine updates: [Nathan Woods]
 * Exposed effective frame skip from video manager.
 * Exposed sound manager and natural keyboard objects.
 * Added support for saving snapshots to absolute paths.
 * Added ability to set input sequences on I/O port fields and exposed more properties.
 * Exposed more device_image_interface properties and fields.
 * Separated plugin options from core options, simplified boot.lua and made enabling/disabling non-existent plugins fatal.
 * Added support for multiple semicolon-separated paths in the -pluginspath option.
 * Added support for profiling Lua.
 * Added ability to disable UI input from Lua.

-Moved the clipboard paste function from the MAME UI manager to the natural keyboard class. [Nathan Woods]

-Added an option to skip showing the file manager for mandatory slots on start. [Nathan Woods]

-mindset updates: [O. Galibert]
 * Added floppy drives and LEDs.
 * Implemented more video features, including 80-column mode, and improved blitter.
 * Implemented I/O traps and display VRAM lookup.

-mindset: Added mouse and joystick inputs, improved palette, and added more register details. [O. Galibert, Al Kossow]

-ncd16: Fixed BERT QLC mode work, allowing terminal to boot. [O. Galibert]

-floppy: Added initial implementation of weak zone emulation. [O. Galibert]

-via6522: Changed most users to install handlers using map delegate. [O. Galibert]

-i186: Fixed bug in end-of-interrupt write handling. [O. Galibert]

-mk14: Added original SCIOS V1 monitor as a BIOS option. [Nigel Barnes]

-Overhauled microtan.cpp driver: [Nigel Barnes]
 * Added TANBUG V3.1, TANBUG V.3B, TUGBUG V1.1 and TANBUG V1 monitor ROMs as BIOS options.
 * Replaced XBug with original 0.75MHz version (fixes cassette loading).
 * Added Micron system (MT65 and Tanex boards only).
 * Implemented the Microtan motherboard backplane and moved Tanex to slot device.
 * Implemented additional Tanbus expansion cards.
 * Added Space Invasion (ETI) and preliminary Microtan 6809 System emulation.

-Added SeeQ 8003 Ethernet data link controller device. [Patrick Mackinlay]

-Added Weitek WTL3132 floating-point coprocessor device. [Patrick Mackinlay]

-nscsi_cd: Made SGI CD-ROM identify as hard disk (SGI Personal Iris depends on this). [Patrick Mackinlay]

-apple2gs: Fixed game port regression. [R. Belmont]

-Added Fujitsu F2MC-16 disassembler, initial CPU core, and preliminary MB90610A and MB90611A microcontroller devices. [R. Belmont]

-enmirage: Use PWM device to get readable LED messages. [R. Belmont]

-mac128, mac512: Added preliminary GCC HyperDrive hard disk interface expansion (not working). [R. Belmont, Guru]

-fmtowns_cd.xml: Replaced disk images lacking offset correction and pre-gaps with dumps matching the database. [r09]
 * Also expanded and corrected metadata.

-fmtowns.cpp updates: [r09]
 * Fixed CD-DA start/end position (should be relative to beginning of table of contents).
 * Fixed crash on out-of-bounds palette writes in 16-color mode.

-dbp7000: Added initial Framestore and Brush Store Card devices. [Ryan Holtz]

-pockstat: Modernized logging and machine configuration, and cleaned up code. [Ryan Holtz]

-Removed MACHINE_CONFIG_START/MACHINE_CONFIG_END and almost all remaining MCFG macros. [Ryan Holtz]

-midtunit: Added debugger commands for logging DMA drawing bitmaps in PNG format and metadata in JSON format. [Ryan Holtz]

-debugcon: Added helpcustom command to display help for custom debugger command registered by devices. [Ryan Holtz]

-SGI Newport graphics updates: [Ryan Holtz]
 * Split out XMAP9, CMAP, VC2, and RB2 to separate devices.
 * Merge popup, overlay and CID planes into a single buffer to better reflect hardware behavior.

-Removed support for TEXFORMAT_PALETTEA16 (16-bit indexed with alpha). [Ryan Holtz]

-aviio: Added support for reading uncompressed RGB24 and YUV420p format video frames. [Ryan Holtz]

-scc68070: Moved Quizard microcontroller simulation to cdi.cpp, and modernized logging. [Ryan Holtz]

-tascr30: Added display, inputs and SmartBoard. [Sandro Ronco]

-agat.cpp: Added basic Agat-9 emulation, including video, Apple-compatible mode, and low-level floppy drive emulation. [shattered]

-De-unrolled pixel-drawing loops in various devices and drivers. [shattered]

-Made layout format more flexible and deprecated artwork "layer" concept. [Vas Crabb]

-nemesis.cpp: Improved Bubble System interrupt sources and timings, and expanded notes. [ArcadeHacker, Lord Nightmare]

-toki_ms.cpp: Dumped missing PROM for tokims. [ArcadeHacker,, ClawGrip]

-naomi.cpp: Dumped "Sammy Atomiswave MPSYSTEM" four-cabinet splitter device. [Brian Hargrove]

-mpu5.hxx: Added PIC microcontroller dump to m5gstriks (not properly hooked up). [Caps0ff, jordigahan, ClawGrip]

-rbisland.cpp: Dumped the Rainbow Islands - Extra Version C-chip data EPROM. [Caps0ff, Kevin Eshbach]

-Added dump and skeleton device for Philips CDD2000 CD-R. [Cyberia/2 Filebase]

-spectrum_cass.xml: Documented some hacks that are actually engine re-implementations. [David Haywood]

-sorcerer_cart.xml: Added developer for ssbasic. [exidyboy]

-cd32.xml: Added additional information. [FakeShemp]

-gba.xml: Added cartridge information from No-Intro. [FakeShemp]

-cps1.cpp: Re-dumped sf2rk. [hammy, Clawgrip]

-cps1.cpp: Dumped full ROM set for sf2m6. [hammy, The Dumping Union]

-zr107, gticlub, nwk-tr, hornet: Changed default DIP switch settings and changed input descriptions. [Hydreigon]

-Added dump and skeleton device for Caravalle CD-R N820s. [I-Shou University File Server]

-spectrum_cass.xml: Added proper metadata for MicroHobby stuff. [ICEknight]

-bfm_ad5.cpp, bfm_sc5.cpp: Dumped PLDs from the Bellfruit Scorpion Five main PCB and ISS Adder 5 Video Card. [jordigahan, ClawGrip]

-hiscore.dat: Updated for latest changes in MAME. [Leezer]

-model2.cpp: Dumped correct sound ROMs for Sega Rally DX sets. [Mattia Negri]

-system1.cpp: Re-dumped Choplifter microcontroller, allowing ROM patches to be removed. [Porchy]

-at.cpp: Added additional RAM and BIOS options, and updated some notes and metadata. [rfka01]

-wyvernf0.cpp: Dumped and hooked up 68705 microcontroller. [Sean Riddle, jordigahan, ClawGrip, David Haywood]

-cps1.cpp: Dumped CDT 21 ROM for dinoa. [SHVB]

-socrates.cpp: Verified that French system and cartridge ROMs match existing dumps. [TeamEurope]

-konmedal.cpp: Dumped color PROMs for Fuusen Pentai. [TeamEurope, SpinalFeyd]


Note sur MAMEXP: La version officielle de MAME étant compilée avec GCC 8 (ou supérieur), il s’agit d’une version compilée (par Robbbert) avec GCC 5.3 (ou 6.3 ou 7.2) rendant MAME compatible avec Windows XP SP3.

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