Nouvelle release de RAINE, voici les changements du jours :

– Fixed the missing sprites in the pirates driver, and removed some forgoten debuging messages
– Finished the pengo/pacman driver : added pac-man plus, and enabled the « speedup hack » dipswitch. The other clones in this driver don’t seem interesting, AFAIK…
– Added 10 clones from mame to the cps1 driver. Most of these clones are hacks of the original versions, I don’t know if you can achieve the same results with cheat codes, so I added them. Maybe Stephh would know, but he is not available for now… By the way I also updated a little the video code to allow games to update the video bases in real time. It was required for the new clones, but it does not seem to change anything for the « old » games.

Il s’agirait de la version 0.38 Finale 😉

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