Il s’agit d’une amélioration de Virtual Jaguar intégrant un ensemble de modifications ainsi qu’un débogueur. (source 1, source 2)

Les changements depuis la R3:
Virtual Jaguar v2.1.3 R4a GCC/Qt:
– Fix specific breakpoints for ROM cartridge writing or unknown memory location writing
Virtual Jaguar v2.1.3 R4 GCC/Qt:
– Fixed a crash legacy issue when emulator launches in Alpine mode without a valid rom
– Stability improvements for the DWARF information decoding, the all watch, and the debugger memory windows
– Improvements and fixes for the Heap allocation, the Alpine tab, the emulator status, Local & all Watch variables windows
– Debugger mode improvements, better source code file reading and ELF/DWARF structures decoding
– Breakpoint / alert box may now occur in case of writing at unknown memory location or in case of ROM writing
– UI modifications mostly for the debugger mode, key bindings, and icons
– Added screenshot & call stack window features, Jaguar model & BIOS configurations, and a source code files list viewer
– Added multiple breakpoints feature but only for M68K functions
– Added a Save Dump As… feature to save a memory zone to a file
– Added a cartdridge view menu to display cartdridge directory system and his files list
– Added some log information for the emulator initialisations
– Added search paths in case of missing DWARF directories information
– Added ELF sections check so a potential unknown section will stop, or not stop, the ELF structure decoding
– Minor misspellings fixes and text help update
– The -d command line option, dedicated to the debugger, has been renamed with -D
– Updates for the setup registries
Virtual Jaguar v2.1.3 R3a GCC/Qt:
– Fixes for stability, windows respawning, DWARF parsing information, SP (Stack) window missing information.
– Minor UI modifications.
– EEPROM directory creation.
– Settings management in the command line and added groups for settings.
– Keybindings.
– Visual Studio 2017 and QT 5.9.1 library support.
– Exception Vector Table and local variables new windows.


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