La page Wip de Mame vient tout juste d’être updatée pour la période du 10 au 12 Mai inclu:

2002-05-12 :

Jarek Burczynski fixed a few inaccuracies in the YM2151 sound chip emulator. Acho A. Tang fixed Ripcord so it is now playable. Barry Rodewald submitted an update to the CPS-2 driver supporting raster effects, but it unfortunately causes the background / sprite sync to be broken.


Aaron Giles fixed a few more problems that occurred after the display update changes. MASH added some clone ROMs to a few drivers. Brian A. Troha added the international version of ESP Ra. De. to the Cave driver.


Ron Fries fixed a memory corrupting bug in the new controller input remapping support. Hiromitsu Shioya improved the K007232 sound chip emulation. Stephane Humbert fixed DIP switches in the Lethal Crash Race driver. Jarek Burczynski fixed the garbage graphics in Ryu Jin attract mode. Acho A. Tang worked out the protection in S.P.Y. and fixed a few other problems in it. Paul priest improved the dual screen support in Lode Runner the Dig Fight. Kale fixed a tilemap bug in the Japanese version of Shoot Out. Dan Gendreau submitted a change to the Neo Geo driver so that Pop ‘n Bounce can be controlled with a paddle. William Kucharski re-submitted the various cocktail mode patches.

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