Voici les nouveautés de cet excellent émulateur Nintendo NES :

Addition :

– Add an IPS patch function.(Thanks Father)
– Add Mapper27.(Thanks tpu)
– Add a hq2x/lq2x filter.
– Add an AVI conversion function. (Please refer to AVIconv.txt in detail.)

Change :

– Change a font of language plugin.
– Some speedup.(Thanks Father)
– When the right button of a mouse is pushed in use in Zapper, it is a change a screen to become the same as the time that pushed the left button outside. (Thanks Father)

Revision :

– Increased a queue buffer for sound.
– Correct an IRQ timing of DPCM.
– Correct it to take damage in Gun Sight(J) rightly.
-Correct that a color didn’t change by a monochromatic / whole color change in a full-screen /8bit color.
– An option of « Using Sleep » corrects what isn’t saved.
– Correct a problem of a snapshot in a monochromatic mode.
– Correct Mapper16.
– Correct Mapper33.

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