Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de SuperNes.


Les changements:
– fixed audio crackling in Super Game Boy emulation
– fixed NTSC region detection in Hanguk Pro Yagu
– fixed boot hnaging issue in Kishin Douji Zenki – Tenchi Meidou
– fixed slowdown issue in Mega Man X2 & X3
– added mute hotkey
– added HD mode 7 adjustment hotkeys
– added 18 pixel shaders including AANN, CRT-Royale, XBRz, and more
– added hotfix for The Hurricanes tile glitch during intro (happens on real hardware)
– added hotfix for Magical Drop which can hang after game over in Tokoton mode (happens on real hardware)
– added scanline override for NHL ’94
– added fix for enterig folder names into the BrowserDialog filename box
– shrunk the fast PPU’s Pixel struct, which gives a 3% performance boost [Alcaro]
– allow SRAM sizes of 2 megabits (for SA-1 homebrew developers)
– improved HDMA timing to fix a slight flickering issue in Full Throttle – All-American Racing
– fixed an issue with bsnes not remembering the user audio frequency setting across runs
– many libretro build improvements [rtretiakov, orbea]

Des builds automatiques sont disponibles ici.


Télécharger bsnes (64 bits) v115 (4.2 Mo)

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