Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de SuperNes.


Les changements:
– improved Super Game Boy audio support
– fixed two small sprite issues affecting Star Ocean with the accurate PPU
– added deterministic rewind support; rewind is now 100% safe when enabled
– added a safer save state serialization method for Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean
– fixed detection of ST010 and ST011 HLE when DSP firmware is missing
– added SHVC-2P3B-01 prototype board mapping for Kunio-kun Tournament Special
– improved the frame advance functionality to be more responsive
– added a scanline override for the fast PPU for the Japanese version of NHL ’94
– added new preset buttons to the driver settings to make adaptive sync and dynamic rate control easier to configure
– by request, I added a pseudo-fullscreen mode to continue displaying the status bar
– added run-ahead support of up to four frames
– optimized save state serialization performance [Alcaro, byuu]
– added serialization to the SDD1 decompressor for the new deterministic save state mode
– removed the fast PPU tile caching; as it was not helping speed and made serialization more expensive
– RetroArch: added Super Game Boy support
– RetroArch: added a core change that removes a frame of input latency
– Linux: added a fix for a rare crashing issue with SDL joypads

Des builds automatiques sont disponibles ici.


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