Le premier émulateur de Sega Model 3 créé par Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde et Stefano Teso dans sa version de développement (voir ici) [source].


Les changements:
Optimise Games.xml (Krom)
Stretch the time the ping_pong bit flips a bit to bump writes into correct frame. Otherwise they end up getting written at like 99.8% of the frame and overlapping with…
Thanks to our anonymous contributor who managed to patch a model 3 game and run it on real h/w,
we were able to obtain some timing values we had been long been missing for correct emulation.
The h/w polls something called the ping_pong bit at start-up to sync the GPU with the CPU.
Unfortunately we didn’t have the correct values and just manually used some per game hacks to get games to run.
This mostly worked, but some games were writing more or less frames than they should have been for a given time period.
When the ping_pong bit flips at 66% of the frame time, games were writing data for a new frame, which meant writes were often straddling 2 separate frames.
We aren’t 100% sure if IRQ2 or the ping_pong bit is vblank.


– correction des musiques dans sega rally 2 (mix)
– correction musique 1er niveau 2joueurs (la cave rouge) dans vf3 (pas sûr de la modif, et donc cela peut éventuellement entrainer d’autre problèmes sonore sur d’autre jeux).
(inclut officiellement)

Les fichiers sont compilés par spindizzi, merci à lui.
Builds 64 bits compilé par Sonic323.

Télécharger SuperModel (WIP) v0.3a r789 (5,4 Mo)

Télécharger SuperModel WIP (XP) v0.3a r777 (665,2 Ko)

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