Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de SuperNes.


Les changements:
– corrected PPU OAM address latching with the accurate PPU renderer
– fixed offset-per-tile regression with the accurate PPU renderer
– fixed very rare PPU mosaic rendering bug with the accurate PPU renderer
– corrected a sound stuttering issue when emulating the Super Game Boy 2 [LIJI]
– Windows: added a workaround for an issue where bsnes was crashing on exit for a very small number of users
– changed gamepak firmware loading names to use the identifier (dsp1, dsp2, etc) label instead of the architecture (upd7725, etc)
– do not apply color blending for the first hires pixel with the accurate PPU renderer (fixes green line in Jurassic Park)
– added scanline override setting for Suguro Quest++ with the fast PPU renderer
– disabled HD mode 7 supersampling when EXTBG mode is active, as it is not compatible
– fixed MSU1 and SGB audio when using run-ahead and overclocking modes
– implemented correct fix for Kishin Douji Zenki – Tenchi Meidou
– improved CPU IRQ handling to fix Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling Kouhin ’95
– fixed a GUI typo where « Increment » and « Decrement » « State Slot » labels were reversed
– fixed audio balance setting when lowering it below 50%
– added BSC-1A7M-10 board and corrected BSC-1AxM-xx masking (fixes RPG Tsukuru 2 and Sound Novel Tsukuru)
– improved the driver crash detector to not trip if closing the emulator before initialization could complete
– added a hotfix to prevent a rare crash in Rendering Ranger R2 that can happen even on real hardware
– made the entire window support drag-and-drop for gamepaks and game ROM files
– merged the latest release of SameBoy for improved Super Game Boy support [LIJI]
– macOS: add hotplug support to IOKit joypad driver [Sintendo]
– macOS: fixed a serious issue with the IOKit joypad driver [kode54]
– libretro: updated boards database to the latest version [rtretiakov]
– libretro: merged Super Game Boy support improvement patch [fr500]
– small improvements to libco and nall libraries

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