Tout droit sorti de « Dracula X », Richter Belmont viens de mêttre à jour sa page web consacrée au développement de M1 et Mame.

M1: More bug hunting
Fixed these bugs reported by the E2J folks (thanks guys!):

* darkedge: (tuning + missing parts) this should already be correct in 0.7.4
* 19xx: All of those commands play OK in my WIP version, I’ve also extended the maximum command number to cover them
* tkdensho: year fixed

MAME: Fixed some ST-V bugs, sound now works in a lot more games (but not Die Hard or Baku Baku yet, still tracing). Also added new Asian version dumps for Soccer Superstars and Dragoon Might (both System GX) (and before someone asks, Soccer Superstars is still broken, we just have more versions now).

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