Applewin est un excellent émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows et développé par Tom Charlesworth. Applewin est basé sur la version originale 1.10.4 d’Oliver Schmidt.
[Bug #749] Hotkeys to change emulation speed using Ctrl+n: now ignored if ALT is pressed.
[Bug #748] DiskII: data latch returns a rand() value when no disk is in drive.
[Bug #746] Debugger: correctly repaint Apple II screen when showing it from debugger.
[Bug #745] WOZ: Support for large tracks.
[Bug #743] Added new command line switches:
-left-alt-control-buttons : left-ctrl=button0, left-alt=button1
-right-alt-control-buttons : right-alt=button0, right-ctrl=button1
-swap-buttons : for swapping buttons 0 & 1
[Bug #733] Alternate fix for WOZ ‘Wasteland’.
[PR #723] Fixed way to clear a std::string.
Configuration->Input: Added ‘Swap 0/1’ toggle for swapping buttons 0 & 1.
WOZ support: Removed version check on INFO section.
Display MessageBox with all unsupported commands that were passed in (can choose to continue or exit).
Debugger: Added new ‘cycles ‘ command to show cycles as absolute or relative.



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