Créé par Exzap, il s’agit du second émulateur de Wii U à être disponible au public mais le premier à pousser jusqu’à l’émulation de jeux commerciaux. Il peut décrypter les images Wii U qui utilisent le format Wud mais également les fichiers RPS ou RPL. La résolution interne peu aller jusqu’à 1920×1080 selon les jeux. A noter que pour le moment, un seul contrôleur est accepté, il s’agit du DRC (GamePad) de la Nintendo Wii U. Cette version n’est compatible que pour les Windows x64 (à partir de Windows 7) avec une carte graphique gérant OpenGL 4.1 (ou supérieur) ou Vulkan et il faudra posséder 4 à 8 Go de mémoire vive (Ram) pour le faire fonctionner. (Correspondance ID-Titre).
Un tuto est disponible ici.
Les changements:

En résumé:
– New graphic pack features (UI and internally)
– Native support for Cemuhook patches + our own patch format
– Gamelist fixes
– Vulkan improvements
– Tons of smaller bug fixes and improvements

En détails:
# New in 1.17.0d:

general: Further improvements to patch parsing (better error handling, new minor features)
general: Patches can now be unloaded & loaded again while a game is running
general: Various internal tweaks (optimized settings.xml format, fixed cache file name in log.txt)
# New in 1.17.0c:

vulkan: Use vkCmdSetDepthBias instead of fixed state to reduce the number of Vulkan objects (fixes ‘Failed to allocate descriptor sets’ error)
vulkan: Fixed a bug where texture memory would never be deallocated
# New in 1.17.0b:

general: Fixed a bug where Cemu would not remember previously enabled graphic packs if they don’t have any presets
general: Improved error handling for graphic pack patches and added more descriptive error messages
# New in 1.17.0:

general: Added new graphic pack features
Version 5 adds new UI features:
– Support for multiple preset categories per pack (aka multiple dropdowns) (#225)
– Preset categories can be shown/hidden based on preset selections (via condition expressions) which allows to fit even more options into a single pack
– Force line breaks in the description field with |
To accommodate these changes the internal handling of preset variables has been updated:
– Added a [Default] category for defining preset variables and their initial values
– The default value of a variable will be used if no preset overwrites it
– If multiple presets set a variable then the visible preset categories will be prioritized over the non-visible ones
All of these features are optional and Cemu 1.17.0 remains fully backwards compatible with v3 and v4 packs

general: Added native support for Cemuhook patches.txt
Cemu will only load patches.txt if Cemuhook is not present. Otherwise Cemuhook will take over patching
A huge shoutout to Rajkosto for originally adding patch support to graphic packs and for designing the format!

general: We also saw that larger patches might benefit from some extra functionality. Therefore we added our own flavor of a patch format
It introduces several new concepts:
– Automatic codecave sizing
– Optional write cursor instead of having to preface every instruction with an address
– Labels and variables
– Can be split into multiple files and patch groups
A wiki article with format explanations and examples can be found here:

We also created a demonstration gfx pack to showcase the new features. Available here:

general: Fixed a crash if the meta information of a game was missing
general: If Cemu is started for the first time and no graphic packs are installed, it will recommend downloading them to the user

general: Gamelist fixes
– Fixed that custom game titles would reset when switching display modes (#254)
– Fixed an exception that could occur when installing update/dlc while having the icon mode active
– Icon modes also use the custom titles of games now

general: Added drag & drop support for game files and NFC files (dragging the file into the Cemu window will launch/scan it) (#256)
general: The automatic updater can now handle a renamed Cemu.exe and will also preserve the custom name after the update

vulkan: Fixed a softlock that occurred when failing to compile a shader from the cache
vulkan: Fixed a bug where textures larger than 128MB would cause a crash (could happen with high-resolution shadow graphic packs)
vulkan: If VRAM is full and the device supports it, fallback to RAM for texture memory allocation
vulkan: General robustness improvements in the memory allocator

input: Due to issues with bad drivers libusb, which is needed for GameCube controllers, is now only loaded when the API is actually selected

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See


A noter que des packs graphiques haute définition sont disponibles ici. Ils permettent, entre autre, d’augmenter la résolution native des jeux car contrairement à Dolphin et parce que la machine est techniquement différente il n’est pas possible à Cemu d’augmenter la définition autrement que par cette méthode.
A l’inverse, des packs SD (définitions standards et/ou basses) sont disponibles sur ce lien et permettent à certains PC manquant de performance de lancer des jeux en 60 FPS.

Une liste de compatibilité est disponible ici.

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