Un émulateur de GB/GBC/GameBoy Advance écrit en langage C par Jeffrey Pfau (endrift) et basé (sensiblement) sur GBA.js et qui a comme objectif d’être un émulateur de haute qualité. Disponible pour Windows (Vista et +), Linux, Mac OSX et bien d’autres systèmes.

Emulation fixes:
– GB Serialize: Fix timing bug loading channel 4 timing
– GBA: Fix multiboot entry point while skipping BIOS
– GBA BIOS: Fix undefined instruction HLE behavior
– GBA DMA: Fix invalid audio DMA parameters
– GBA Memory: Misaligned SRAM writes are ignored
– GBA Serialize: Fix serializing DMA transfer register
– GBA Serialize: Fix audio DMA timing deserialization
– GBA Video: Fix OAM not invalidating after reset (fixes #1630)
– GBA Video: Fix backdrop blending on lines without sprites (fixes #1647)
– GBA Video: Fix OpenGL sprite flag priority

Other fixes:
– Core: Fix race condition initializing thread proxy
– Core: Fix integer overflow in ELF loading
– FFmpeg: Fix crash when -strict -2 is needed for vcodec or container
– FFmpeg: Disallow recording video with no audio nor video
– GBA: Automatically skip BIOS for multiboot ROMs
– Qt: Only dynamically reset video scale if a game is running
– Qt: Fix race condition with proxied video events
– Qt: Fix color selection in asset view (fixes #1648)
– Qt: Fix missing OSD messages
– Qt: Fix crash unloading shaders
– Qt: Fix toggled actions on gamepads (fixes #1650)
– Qt: Fix extraneous dialog (fixes #1654)
– Qt: Fix window title not updating after shutting down game
– Qt: Fix GIF view not allowing manual filename entry
– Qt: Fix non-GB build (fixes #1664)
– Qt: Fix pausing Qt Multimedia audio (fixes #1643)
– Qt: Fix invalid names for modifier keys (fixes #525)
– SDL: Refresh stale pointers after adding a joystick (fixes #1622)
– Util: Fix crash reading invalid ELFs
-VFS: Fix handle leak when double-mapping (fixes #1659)

– FFmpeg: Add more presets
– Qt: Fix non-SDL build (fixes #1656)
– SDL: Use DirectSound audio driver by default on Windows
– Switch: Make OpenGL scale adjustable while running


Télécharger mGBA (32 bits) v0.8.1 (10.3 Mo)

Télécharger mGBA (64 bits) v0.8.1 (10.7 Mo)

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