m64p (ou Mupen64Plus-GUI) est une interface graphique écrite en Qt5. Elle supporte tout ce que vous attendez d’une interface mupen64plus (sélection de plugins, édition de la configuration, gestion des sauvegardes, capture d’écran, pause, etc.).
Cette archive inclut Mupen64Plus + GlideN64 + une interface utilisateur.

I decided to make this one a public build, since the general public hasn’t had access to a good build for a long time. Enjoy!

Since the last Patreon build there hasn’t been much, there is some increased activity on the mupen64plus GitHub page, which is a good sign. This build includes the following improvements:

– Some stability fixes for the GUI (to prevent crashes)
– Fixed saving in Command & Conquer
– Fixed divide by zero calculations. I’m not sure what games this might impact, I know that Toy – Story 2 does a lot of division by zero, but I didn’t notice any differences myself.


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Télécharger m64p (x86) (2019/03/05) (32.6 Mo)

Télécharger m64p (x64) (2020/04/01) (31.3 Mo)

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