Nouvelle release de cet émulateur Game Boy Advance d’origine italienne, n’oubliez pas la librairie pour traduire l’émulateur en français.

+ Added feature to save/load inputs for few seconds or rewind previous state.
+ Added feature to change thread priority for emulation.
+ Added feature to associate emulator to .agb, .gba and .bin files.
+ Fixed bug in Alpha blending emulation.
+ Fixed bug in generating bitmap in screen capture routines.
+ Fixed bug in generating save states routines.
+ Fixed bug in writing VCOUNT and DISPSTAT registers.
+ Fixed bug in opcodes SUB, SUBC and ADC.

Télécharger InfoVectrex 0.3J (46,8 Ko)

Télécharger Olafnes 0.2.1 (617,6 Ko)

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