Applewin est un excellent émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows et développé par Tom Charlesworth. Applewin est basé sur la version originale 1.10.4 d’Oliver Schmidt.
– [Bug #771] Added new command line switch to load custom ROM: -rom .
– Supports 12KiB (at $D000) and 16KiB (at $C000) rom files.
– [Bug #765] Lancaster (Total Replay) hangs when starting second game.
– [Bug #734] DiskII controller card: support 13-sector firmware.
The card auto-selects the firmware based on the .woz (v2 or higher) image properties.
Only change the firmware at reset/reboot to avoid changing whilst running in $C6xx space!
– Fixes ‘The Best of MUSE’ & ‘MicroChess 2.0’ (#732)



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