m64p (ou Mupen64Plus-GUI) est une interface graphique écrite en Qt5. Elle supporte tout ce que vous attendez d’une interface mupen64plus (sélection de plugins, édition de la configuration, gestion des sauvegardes, capture d’écran, pause, etc.).
Cette archive inclut Mupen64Plus + GlideN64 + une interface utilisateur.

Some new features for the input plugin:
– Now supports Direct Input. These are « non-Xbox » style controllers, like an N64 controller connected to a Mayflash adapter for example. Since these types of controllers have unpredictable button layouts, the « Auto » profile won’t work for them, you have to create your own profile
– Added an option to control the analog sensitivity
– Now includes the Raphnet Raw Input plugin. You can switch to this input plugin by going to Settings to Plugin and Path Selection
– New hashing algorithm (XXH3), should provide some performance improvement
– Some foundational things to get closer to being able to boot more homebrew ROMs, but nothing visible yet

Code source. Builds ici.

Télécharger m64p (x86) (2019/03/05) (32.6 Mo)

Télécharger m64p (x64) (2020/05/26) (33.7 Mo)

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