Créé par DS Baxter (aka Shonumi Ikozumo) Il s’agit d’un émulateur de GameBoy/Color, GBA et NDS pour Windows. L’objectif est de créer un émulateur ultra-portable en utilisant C et SDL, documenter les fonctions de la Game Boy par un code clair, et ajouter de nombreuses améliorations (filtres graphiques, codes, sprites personnalisés…).
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– Improved NDS support. Still very WIP, but now a number of commercial games boot and run.
– Added support for the Multi Plust On System
– Added support for the Turbo File GB and Turbo File Advance
– Added Game Boy Wars 3 data for internal GB Mobile Adapter server
– Added the ability for GBE+ to connect to a recreated GB Mobile Adapter server (such as the one from the Reverse Engineered Open Network)
– Added support for the AGB-006 and emulated CDZ models Zoids.
– Added a full database of all 70 Cosmic Characters for Full Changer used in Zok Zok Heroes.
– Added support for a few NDS Slot-2 devices (Rumble Pak, Ubisoft Thrustmaster Pedometer, HCV-1000).


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