Nouvelle update chez unMAMEd, le site a été mis a jour avec la sortie de MAME v0.79 :

Updated for MAME 0.79.
– Removed Competition Golf, Space Thunderbird, Hard Head 2, Scramble Spirits, Winning Spike, Whizz, More More Plus, Vs Tennis Japan, Digger, Video Moon Tracker, Video Moon Raker.
– Added to NON-WORKING section: Varia Metal, Denjin Makai, Super Hang On Limited Edition, Plasma Sword. Moved DoDonPachi II, Knights of Valour 2 Plus, and Progear no Arashi from NOT WORKING to REMOVED section.
– Updated Winning Run ’91, Super Tank Attack, Line of Fire.
– Added « helpful donation reminder » to the front page so that we all remember to support purchases of new games and hardware to dump the ROMs.

Ce site liste le status de l’ensemble des jeux d’arcade sous MAME.

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